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WHSS 2017 - Rwandan Students Scholarships (for Students in Rwanda Only)&[SelfHelpNews] FW: You are Invited: NAARC Meets in New Orleans, NOV 30 - DEC 2, 2017

AUSC President and Founder was invited to attend the WHSS 2017, and below is his reasons to attend this symposium:
I should be selected for this scholarship due to different reasons including that I am a Rwandan Local Participant, Student in Health Sciences and have time to join all sessions of this symposium , and I am very interested to participate in this World Health Students' Symposium (WHSS 2017) as a Medical Student and a graduated Nursing Sciences Student from 2014.
I contributed to the advertisement of the registration of the Local Participants to the WHSS 2017 from our different social media , and I am sure this symposium organized by the colleagues Pharmacist Students from the same school of Medicine and Pharmacy who invited me from last year 2016 including those from organizing committee.
I gained more networking experiences and have been able to gain Continuous Professional Development (CPD) scores from National and International Conferences I attended organized by the Rwandan and International Pharmaceutical students from this Organizing Team of WHSS 2017.
I also think  I should be selected as President and Founder of the African Union Students’ Council (AUSC)”For The Better Africa We Deserve” ,  Commonwealth Students’ Association (CSA)-Rwanda, and Rwanda Nursing Sciences Students’ Organization (RNSSO)”Arise and Shine”.
I also submitted Abstract for Oral Presentation during this Symposium.

The scholarship targets local healthcare students (students in Rwanda), to be able to cover their registration fee and be able to attend the WHSS 2017.Eligibility Criteria;
Open to all students in any health field, studying in Rwanda
Priority will be given to students who were not able to pay for the conference. Limited spots available.
Do not apply if you already received a scholarship or have already paid, refunds are not applicable.
The scholarship was made possible by the support of the Rwanda Biomedical Center and the Ministry of Education.
Deadline for application 12th November 2017
* Required
Email address *

Full names *

University/ Institution *

Course of Study *





Biomedical Sciences

Allied Health sciences

Public Health

We shall be having 4 badge pick-up points, select the one that is suitable for you. *

UR Remera campus/Former KIE

UR Nyarungenge campus/former KHI

UR Huye campus

Why should you be selected for this scholarship? (200 words Max) *

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Message For Members of the Rwanda Nursing Sciences Students' Organization (RNSSO)"Arise and Shine"In partnership with African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve".
Organizing Team of the WHSS 2017 is interested in inviting all our AUSC and RNSSO members to take part in the WHSS 2017.

Re: WHSS 2017 Pre-Symposium Booklet

We hope this email finds you well and in a smooth preparation to attend the 7th WHSS.
We are glad to share with you the pre-symposium  booklet with essential information about the symposium and Rwanda that we hope will be of great help. Follow this link to access it
Kind Regards,

From Secretariat WHSS 2017 <>

4:03 PM (18 hours ago)

to AUSC President and Founder African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve".
Scholarship Opportunity for AUSC , and RNSSO Rwandan Students to attend WHSS2017*

By the Support of Rwanda Biomedical Center and Ministry of Education it has been made possible to have scholarship for local students who are not able to pay the Registration Fee for WHSS

All healthcare students in Rwanda are eligible to apply for the scholarship, those who are not able to pay the Registration fee *no refund for those who have already paid*

Deadline is 12th November
Approved by 
AUSC President's Office.
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