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Saturday, September 22, 2018


17th September 2018
EAClogo                      cid:image032.png@01D44B5C.D875F2F0                            Coat of arms of Uganda
3rd East African Business & Entrepreneurship Conference & Exhibition cid:image038.jpg@01D44B5C.D875F2F0
This year, the 3rd East African Business & Entrepreneurship Conference & Exhibition themed “Towards a Digital Economy in East Africa – Getting ready for Industrialization 4.0” will take place from 30th -31st October 2018 in Kampala, Uganda. See:
With a massive trend towards digitalization and online services, physical geographical borders become increasingly irrelevant. This is a chance for the EAC to ease and increase trade and investments. The conference will discuss the potential impact of Digital Economy and evaluate how the EAC vision, policies, strategies and regulatory frameworks are currently set to spur growth, industrialization as well as enhance the regional Integration process.
It will offer the opportunity to discuss, identify missing links and chart out appropriate recommendations to promote a conducive business environment for true innovation, economies of scale and leap to the full actualization the EAC Industrialization strategy 2012-2032.

The conference and exhibition will showcase investment opportunities in the region as well as innovative market developments in the areas of IoT (Internet of Things), energy, agri-business, health, mobility, fin-tech and e-commerce. Partner States will demonstrate their efforts in digitalization in regards to digital infrastructure, e-government among other areas. Register Now

Plenary Sessions & Key Participants

By convening a unique mix of innovative people from diverse entrepreneurial sectors in the region, the East African Business & Entrepreneurship Conference & Exhibition provides a platform for creative thinking “out of the box” on innovative strategies to attract investment in to the EAC.

High-level government decision makers, top business executives, industry experts, academia, entrepreneurs, international investors and top-notch financial institutions from Africa and beyond are expected to engage in informative plenary sessions on:
  • The 4th Industrial Revolution – insights from the World Economic Forum in Davosand what it means for the Industrialization Strategy in East Africa
  • The private sector perspective: Challenges and opportunities arising from
  • industrialization 4.0 in East Africa
  • Governments going digital: “e-government, block chain, trade in services ”
  • Disruptive technology vs. old-school governance – Positioning East Africa as a digital economy
  • Digital infrastructure – connect the unconnected
  • Connectivity and hardware – constituent stepping stones to partake in the 4th
industrial revolution
Sector Sessions  Highlights cid:image038.jpg@01D44B5C.D875F2F0
The conference sector sessions aim to highlight different opportunities and create a common understanding of future environmental and regulatory requirements for East Africa in the global context in order to pave the way for modern and innovative business models.


ICT e-services & Internet of Things



Mobility- Virtual and Physical Connectivity, Transport and Logistics

Speaker Highlights
Amb.Libérat Mfumukeko, Secretary General of the East African Community
Mr. Nicholas Nesbitt Chairman, East African Business Council
Prof. Gibson Kibiki, Executive Secretary, East Africa Health Research Commission (EAHRC)
Matthias Wachter, Head of Department Security, Raw Materials and Africa, Federation of German Industries (BDI)


Why Attend


       Build your professional network
       Present your products & services at the parallel exhibition
       Meet innovative start-ups during the pitching cocktail
       Get insights, new ideas & be inspired
       Learn about the latest developments and innovations
       Meet high level policy decision makers and business leaders from the East Africa region and beyond
       Get Informed about business opportunities and projects
       Meet potential business partners and investors
       Influence Policy Reforms and Implementation to improve the business environment in the EAC

Register online at: and get 10% discount on your participation for payments done by 15th September 2018. 
Benefits of Exhibiting

  • Meet business leaders with purchasing power enabling you to access new market opportunities
  • Grow your company’s visibility and profile and showcase your products and services to new buyers
  • Strengthen your market position, stand out and develop new business relationships with face-to-face networking
  • Gather market insights to make informed business decisions by hearing from industry experts and policy decision makers

Book Your Stand  Today by registering online at

Participation Fees


Participation fees per participant
USD ($)
Corporates, Institutions and NGOs
EABC members
Exhibition Fees ( 2 days) Includes free participation of two delegates
USD ($)
Corporates, Institutions and NGOs
EABC Members
Register online at: and get 10% discount on your participation for payments done by 20th September 2018.

For Advertising, Sponsorship or Corporate Partner Information Contact.
Angelika Farhan-Reimpell, East African Business Council, Business Development Manager Email:  Cell: +255 683 151 909 
Phone: +255 27 254 30 47


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Find Attachments(Concept Note, Flyer and Program): Click Here to Download

With Kind Regards,
Patrick Moshi| Communication PR Advocacy|East African Business Council (EABC)
Location: Plot No. 01| Oloirien House| Perfect Printers Street| Arusha | Tanzania
P. O. Box 2617 | Tel: +255 (27) 2543047| Fax: +255 272543047| Cell+255 758 489761
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EABC - The Voice of the Private Sector in East Africa

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Celebrating 20 Years of Advocacy for the Private Sector in East Africa

Approved On 21st September , 2018.


President and Founder of African Union Students' Council (AUSC)" For The Better Africa We Deserve".
AUSC President's Office. 
P.O.Box: 6998 Kigali-Rwanda.
AUSC President and Founder's Office in Kigali-Rwanda  is organizing its 2nd All Afrikana First Youth Congress (2nd AAFYC 2018) and would like to invite interested ATJ Team members to find More details online via the link:

AUSC International Communication Office in Kigali-Rwanda shares the Invitation for AUSC Leaders to Save the Date to participate - Africa Talks Jobs – 30- 31, October 2018

Dear beloved Africa Talks Jobs(ATJ) Team,

Thank You  for writing to the office of African Union Students' Council (AUSC) International Communication Office in Kigali-Rwanda.
It is our AUSC Pleasure to have received your invitation to participate in this upcoming experts and  practitioners conference focusing on the theme of Youth Entrepreneurship promotion in Africa at the  African Union Commission (AUC)  in  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on  October 30-31.

Therefore, AUSC International Communication Office would like to confirm our  availability  to fully participate in this event as usual and as well waiting for an official invitation addressed to the AUSC President and Founder H.E Dr IRAGUHA BANDORA Yves who will be physically  present to represent AUSC International Committee and be able to share experience on the AUSC International Action Plan 2016-2019 ,also available online via the Link:

AUSC appreciated the organization and inclusiveness from the previous ATJ Team and wishes the best to the current Africa Talks Jobs(ATJ) Team.

Below is our AUSC International Communication Office records for the previous ATJ conference to read and share: 

AUSC is organizing its 2nd All Afrikana First Youth Congress (2nd AAFYC 2018) and would like to invite interested ATJ Team members to find More details online via the link:

Best Regards.

P.O.Box:6998 Kigali-Rwanda.
Original Invitation:

On Fri, Sep 21, 2018 at 7:34 AM <> wrote:
Dear Sir/Madam,

On behalf of African Union Commission, the New Partnership for Africa’s
Development (NEPAD), Business Africa and GiZ – partners for the Africa
Talks Jobs conference, we would lie to invite you to an experts and
practitioners conference focusing on the theme of Youth Entrepreneurship
promotion in Africa. The event will take place, on October 30-31, at the
African Union Commission, in
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Join us for a great opportunity to network with more than 200
practitioners from the private sector, policy makers, entrepreneurship
networks, investors, the education sector from higher education and TVET
and civil society sectors as well as experts on the theme of
entrepreneurship promotion and private sector development, and youth
entrepreneurs are expected to attend this event.

As places are limited, please RSVP your availability by replying to this

Official invitation and additional information will follow shortly.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us should you have any question,
and we hope to see you there.

ATJ Organising Team
Approved by
On 21st September , 2018.
AUSC President's Office. 
P.O.Box: 6998 Kigali-Rwanda.

Delegates' confirmation request for physical presence at the 2nd All Afrikana First Youth Congress (2nd AAFYC2018).

Dear beloved leaders and friends of African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve" ,
We are reminding you that our  2nd All Afrikana First Youth Congress (2ndAAFYC2018) will take place at the DOVE HOTEL in Kigali-Rwanda from 14th October to 17th October, 2018.
Therefore, it is a pleasure for AUSC to ask each delegate to submit  a confirmation e-mail back here to e-mail: , to help the organizing Committee of 2ndAAFYC2018 to make the provisional list of those who will be physically present in the congress in order prepare and send them their individual official Invitation before the end of this September, 2018.

For revising registration fees structures, the concept note and congress activities you can visit the link:

Keep sharing this Hash tag: #2ndAAFYC2018

View the Concept Note via the link:
Best regards.

2ndAAFYC2018 Organizing Committee (O.C).

Sunday, September 2, 2018

The AUSC Presidential Invitation For Abstracts Submission and participation in the 2nd All Afrikana First Youth Congress (2nd AAFYC2018) In Kigali-Rwanda At Dove Hotel From 14th To 17th October 2018

Dear invitees to the 2nd All Afrikana First Youth Congress (2nd AAFYC2018) In Kigali-Rwanda At Dove Hotel From 14th To 17th October 2018,

It is our pleasure to remind you to keep preparing your effective participation in this coming congress 2nd AAFYC2018. Click Here see How to obtain an official Individual Invitation

Congress concept note is available online , for your review and encouraging you to submit your abstracts in case you wish to share your experiences with other delegates during this congress and appearing in the  2nd AAFYC2018   Declaration.

The registration is continued online for other  delegates who are not registered in the AUSC Congresses delegates databases and you are as well invited to keep sharing this link (

The AUSC congress divides its activities into three particular days with every day having its specific program , and finally produce the declaration that contains the overview of the whole congress activities where the 1st day is reserved from AUSC International Conference with AUSC members, leaders and non AUSC leaders and members as all delegates to the AUSC Congress participate  with aim to discuss on different congress points as published in the concept note; the second day is reserved for AUSC International General Assembly where Only AUSC Appointed leaders are allowed to participate and discuss on the AUSC International Action Plan and share experiences from different AUSC Offices on International Level and plan for the next AUSC International General Assembly; and the 3rd day which is the last day of the congress is reserved for Touring for sight seeing and socializing with all delegates of the AUSC Congress and departure of delegates.
We would like to share the link ( ) to the 1st All Afrikana First Youth Congress (1st AAFYC2017)  that took place at Kigali Hill Top Hotel and Country Club from October 15th to 18th , 2017.

Registration fees transfer details: You will be able to transfer your registration  fee for 2nd AAFYC2018 on this account below:
Bank Account Name: AFRICAN UNION STUDENTS COUNCIL Account Number: 0010093812905901 in ECOBANK-RWANDA. Ecobank Rwanda Swift Code : ECOCRWRW

In order to make easier the process to register for participation to 2nd AAFYC 2018 , all registration fess for the congress delegates will be waived to all who will not need to be hosted by the organizing committee of the congress. Thus, delegates will independently find accommodations, meals and transportation means during the congress period while attendance to the congress activities will be free of charge and no granted accommodations, meal and transportation facilities will be available for delegates who have not submitted the structured registration fee in the concept note as published online via the link : .

Therefore, We welcome you all in this upcoming 2nd AAFYC2018 Kigali-Rwanda .

Best regards.

AUSC Congress Organization Committee Team.
Whatsapp: +250736196204

The African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve"

International Communication Office(ICO).

P.O.Box: 6998 Kigali-Rwanda.


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