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Friday, January 18, 2019

AUSC shares Announcement of the 2019 African Diaspora Investment Symposium Keynote Speakers

“ADN is pulling together and intellectual, social, and financial might of Africans in the diaspora to promote economic development on the African continent and cultivate a community that helps each member grow and prosper.”
Hugh Molotsi
CEO, Ujaama
ADN Board of Directors
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Announcing the 2019 ADIS Keynote Speakers

Osh. Agabi is the founder & CEO of an early stage synthetic neurobiology company based in Berkeley, California. His premise is as simple as its radical. “The merger of synthetic neurobiology/neuroscience and silicon technology into a coherent, sturdy and elegant device. A device which solves urgent real-world problems anywhere — the lab, industry, and street corner”. This century and beyond is the age of biology. This age will not only transform the fate of all industries and economies. It will do so in a massively profound way. Importantly, the ‘baseline’ manufacturing technologies for shepherding this revolution is already here. Economies must begin to invest in the infrastructure for the coming bio-economy. Osh. and his company - Koniku Inc. is leading the way. As a visiting scholar and during his Ph.D. studies at the Imperial College in London, he built and customized 2 photon microscopes for studying synaptic transmission in the mouse visual cortex.
Ime Archibong is the VP of Product Partnerships at Facebook. His organization builds and manages global partnerships in support of Facebook's mission by driving product and business strategy. For the past eight years, his team has led on a number of key corporate initiatives, including the developer platform, community leaders program, local business product integrations, music and video partnerships, messenger bot platform, connectivity efforts, and digital skills & education initiatives. Prior to Facebook, Ime was an Advanced Technology Business Development Professional at IBM. He started his career as a software engineer in the IBM Systems and Technology Group.
Aishetu’s passion for global finance began in the equities division of Goldman Sachs on the international desk in New York over 20 years ago. She went on to work for a USAID-funded project with the Nigerian government in its privatization program. She worked closely with President Olusegun Obasanjo and his economic team of cabinet ministers in crafting the National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy, which drove several successful reforms including the $18 billion Paris Club debt write-off. Her passion for demonstrable development impact and understanding the intersection of the public and private sectors ability to stimulate economic growth led her to the International Finance Corporation in Washington, DC.
Gretchen Sorensen is the principal of Sorensen Group,, a consulting practice focused in biotechnology and global health. She serves as senior strategic advisor to CEOs and organizations globally. Her expertise in strategic communications, reputation management, partnerships, philanthropy and advocacy helps her clients translate paradigm-shifting ideas and discoveries into tangible value for funders, policymakers and the marketplace -- bringing accelerated benefits and return on investment. She is also a member of Arivale's founding team, a groundbreaking company established to launch a new industry, scientific wellness.
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ADIS2019 Session Highlight: East Africa

East Africa: Amplifying Innovation – Investment – Entrepreneurship
According to the World Bank, the average GDP for the East African region increased by about 5.9 percent in 2017, with Ethiopia leading the growth by 8 percent followed by Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. These countries are enjoying growth as a result of strong local private consumption, investment in infrastructure, and manufacturing. Additionally, the region stands as a leader in disruptive Fintech, with mobile money led by Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. Yet, in many of the 13 East African Countries, poverty, inequality, and political uncertainty continues. This session will address two specific questions:
  • How can we sustain East African economic growth as we look forward to 2050?
  • What role can the diaspora play (or is playing) in human capital investment, innovation, and entrepreneurship to ensure sustainability?  
Zekarias Amsalu, Ibex Frontier

Zekarias Amsalu is the Founder & MD of IBEX Frontier / Financial Consultancy Ltd, with presence in Washington DC USA, London UK and Addis Ababa Ethiopia. Zekarias has been at the forefront of providing exposure of the emerging Tech sector in Ethiopia starting from coining the term ‘Sheba Valley’ for Ethiopia’s tech space and representing and speaking on behalf of flourishing Tech-start-ups’ in Ethiopia at various platforms and research papers. Zekarias started his career in the private Banking sector in Ethiopia followed by a regional Finance Treasury role at Shell Oil East Africa Hub leading Treasury & Credit operations, Change Management implementations in East African cluster.
Linda Kamau, AkiraChix

Linda Kamau is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of AkiraChix. For eight years working as a software engineer, she found herself being the only woman of color in a leadership position working with people from over ten different countries. With this inspiration, she co-founded AkiraChix. As a way to address poverty, AkiraChix’s mission is to provide hands-on technical training and mentorship to young women, girls, and children to increase the number of skilled women in tech and positively impact the community.  We believe that access to education and training is of paramount importance for young women.
Joachim Ewechu, SHONA Group

Joachim Ewechu is the Co-Founder and CEO of SHONA Group, a company that grows impact focused businesses in East Africa. Prior to this, he co-founded Angels Initiatives, a group of socially responsible businesses meeting unmet market needs and tackling critical challenges in Africa. SHONA is transforming East Africa's economies and societies by growing East African Good Businesses. SHONA selects high potential entrepreneurs and surrounds them with the knowledge, tools, capital and connections they need to grow their businesses.
Mel Negussie, Ethio-American Doctors Group, Inc.

Mel is COO and General Counsel of Ethio-American Doctors Group, Inc., a company established by 350+ healthcare professionals of primarily Ethiopian origin organized to build a state-of-the-art hospital in Ethiopia. He is also outside General Counsel for ECDC, Inc., an Arlington, VA—based organization that serves the immigrant and refugee community in the U.S. Mel serves on the board of Centennial Power International Corp., a holding company of fully integrated solar energy businesses with a dedicated team in Sub-Saharan Africa. Mel started his professional career as a Chemical Engineer for Dow Chemical Company. Mel obtained his JD from the University of Southern California Law School.
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Partial List of Registered Attendees

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The Camden Trust
Epic Africa
Step Up Capital
Global Fund for Women
Flame Tree Initiative
Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies
Ernst & Young
Dietel and Partners
Blended Value
Diasporas in America Fund
Segal Family Foundation
Hilton Foundation
Fife Avenue Partners
Distinguished Careers Institute, Stanford University
Koniku, Inc.
Sorensen Group
American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative
MCE Social Capital
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Global Catalyst Innovation, Inc.
U.S. African Development Foundation
AAR Africa for AAR
Draper Venture Network
Intel Corporation
DIA Fund
1847 Philanthropic
IDP Foundation, Inc.
The African Academy of Sciences
Omidyar Network
Goodwater Capital
King Baudouin Foundation United States
American Homebuilders West Africa
Global Catalyst Foundation
Moya Technologies, Inc.
Donor Circle for Africa
Cilker Family Foundation
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
African Enterprise Project
U.S.-Africa Housing Finance
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Approved on January 18th, 2019 , From Kigali-Rwanda, 



Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Miss MWISENEZA Josiane, The Project to tackle the challenge of stunting rates in Rwanda of 38% (2014-2015)"World Bank Report".

Please read and share.

1.English reviews :

The African Union Students' Council (AUSC) "For The Better Africa We Deserve" Supports the Project of Miss Mwiseneza Josiane, Contestant Number 30 , in the Miss Rwanda 2019 Competition.


KIGALI, June 21, 2018 – Although Rwanda has met or exceeded most of its development goals, chronic malnutrition, or stunting, remains a major challenge. ... Moreover, nearly 25% of children in the top two wealthiest quintiles also suffer from stunting.Jun 21, 2018 Tackling Stunting: Rwanda's Unfinished Business - World Bank ... https://www.worldbank.orgpublication Recent data. Please share to support the project of Mwiseneza Josiane ,contestant number 30 ,to vote for her Mwiseneza Josiane to win the Miss Rwanda 2019 competition from your heart inside please help  her as you load some money in your phone and send a SMS by writing "Miss"and write number" 30" in the SMS space then send it to 7333, Till Sunday 20 January 2019 Midnight  Rwanda-Local Time.


I am Dr. IRAGUHA BANDORA Yves, RN,MD, President and Founder of African Union Students'Council (AUSC) and based on our Mission, Vision and Objectives that aim to build the better Africa we deserve as the current generation as deserving our next generations in future ,  I totally support Mwiseneza Josiane, scientifically with facts as far as I am  also concerned with general health issues of stunting in young Rwandans for her to become the Miss Rwanda 2019 winner and put in immediate action her project that only focuses of fighting and preventing stunting in Rwanda 2019.

Mwiseneza Josiane is going to help not only Doctors and Nurses on this battle but also helping our Rwandan Health System to prevent more accumulation of Rwandan Stunting rates from 38% (2014-2015) World Bank reported challenge . I humbly request whoever willing to save children from this health problem including Rwanda Parliament both Chambers to assist for this opportunity for Mwiseneza Josiane to win the Miss Rwanda 2019 and realize her project depending on where she lives as she has much more information more than other contestants have on this global issue of stunting in Rwanda. We must have this number of Rwandan stunting be decreased as soon as possible , even at least from the affected concerned Miss Rwanda 2019 project invented by Miss Mwiseneza Josiane who is now the most probable Miss Rwanda 2019 's Miss popularity winner. God bless Rwanda ,and blesses its future generations from preventing and reducing stunting rate from 38% (2014-2015) to 0% 2019. 

2. Kinyarwanda Reviews

Kubera ko umushinga wa Miss Mwiseneza Josiane ufitiye akamaro kanini ejo heza h'urubyiruko hagamijwe kurandura burundu ikibazo cyígwingira mu bana , Tumwifurije gutsinda irushanwa rya Miss Rwanda 2019 nka Nyampinga w'u Rwanda 2019, no gukora ikizashimisha Imana atabare abana U Rwanda rw'ejo.

Turamushyigikiye ku bw' Umwuga wange na bajyenzi bange baba Ganga n'abandi bababazwa cyanee n'icyakwangiza ubuzima bw' abantu watekereje ho ukora umushinga wawe nokudufasha guhashya iri Gwingira rikabije gutya.38% (2014-2015), World bank report.(

Umushinga wa Mwiseneza Josiane ugamije kugabanya imirire mibi y'abana ibatera icyo twita kugwingira(STUNTING) nk'abaganga.( ), ( ). Urugero rwo kugwingira mu bushakashatsi mpuza mahanga Ku buryo ibihugu byose bya Afurika ndetse no kw'isi yose kubijyanye nokwesa imihigo mungingo zose zari zigize intego z'ikinyagihumbi (MDGs) kubijyanye n'ikibazo cy'igwingira ry'abana (STUNTING) aho ubukure mu gihagararo by'umwana biba biri munsi cyane yigipimo mpuzamahanga cya World Health Organization (OMS) cyabugenewe ukurikije imyaka ajyeze mo biterwa nuko imirire mibi ijyana abana muku rwaragurika cyanee indwara zimirire mibi cyane cyane abana bo mubyaro bitandukanye hirya no hino muri Afurika ndetse no kw'isi yose nkuko byagaragaye nanone hirya no hino mu Rwanda ,biteje ikibazo cyo kugabanyiriza igihugu cy'u Rwanda amanota kuri byinshi u Rwanda rwageze ho mukwesa imihigo rubera intanga rugero ibindi bihugu byose bya Afurika n'isi yose muntego z'icyinyagihumbi (MDGs) kurwego mpuzamahanga , ari naho hari harimo nkibyagabanutse kurwego rushimishije kandi rwatangaje cyane ibindi bihugu bya Afurika n'isi yose muri rusange nko kugabanya impfu zaba gore bapfa babyara ,n' ubukene muri rusange. Icyocyibazo cyo kugwingira kw'abana Mwiseneza Josiane yashyize ho imbaraga ategura umushinga we ubu uri mubiganza byabateguye nabashinzwe gutoresha Nyampinga w'u Rwanda 2019 ni kimwe mubibazo World Bank(Banki Y'Isi yose ) yashyize ahagaragara ubudashyikirwa bw'igihugu  cy'u Rwanda mukwesa Imihigo y'ikinyagihumbi Millennium Developments Goals(MDG) yerekanye ko nubwo u Rwanda rwabashije kwesa iyo mihigo yindi, ariko ikibazo cy'igwingira ry'abana bato kigihangayikishije cyane kurwego mpuzamahanga kubirebana n'u Rwanda. Umubare ushyira u Rwanda kumwanya wohejuru kuri iki kibazo k'igwingira ry'abana (STUNTING) baba nyarwanda 38% (2014-2015) ,Miss Mwiseneza Josiane agiye guhangana nacyo mugihe yaramuka atorewe kuba Miss Rwanda 2019 ahawe ayo mahirwe, nk'Uko ngewe ubwange nabyiyumviye abisobanura mu mushinga we ubu Kwugwingira kw'abana mu Rwanda umubare ukaba warugeze kuri purusa 38% kandi ninyinshi cyaneeeeee kurwego mpuzamahanga nanone kandi ujyereranije naho u Rwanda rwari rugeze rwanikira ibindi bihugu muzindi ntego z'ikinyagihumbi MDGs. Nkaba byumwihariko nk'umuganga ngewe nkoresheje ubuhanga nakuye m'ubushakashatsi nakoze nkurikije kandi n'ijambo rya Nyakubahwa Perezida wa Repubulika y'u Rwanda Paul KAGAME yabwiye ababishinzwe muminsi ishize ko bakwiye guhangana byimaze yo n'iki kibazo k'igwingira ry'abana b'u Rwanda kinahangayikisha abaganga cyanee kuruta ho ,cyane cyane ko kitanahesha isura nziza u Rwanda muri rusange muruhando rw'ayandi mahanga nk'Uko muri bubyisomere ababisobanukiwe neza mwese,nkaba nsaba aba Judges batoresha ndetse n'antu bose bari agutegura Miss Rwanda 2019 competition yahuruje Isi yose kujyeza ubu biturutse kumukobwa waje aturutse muntara y'uburengera zuba Mwiseneza Josiane, ko ababishinzwe bose bagenzura ikamba rya Miss Rwanda 2019 rikambikwa umukobwa Mwiseneza Josiane kubw'ubuhanga n'ubushishozi yatekerejanyije Umushinga we wokurandura imirire mibi mubana b'u Rwanda cyane cyane aho iki kibazo cyiganje hirya no hino mugihugu cyose cy'u Rwanda ,ugamije kugabanya igwingira ry'abana b'u Rwanda. Bityo byibuze n'isi yose izamenya ko kuri kino kibazo cya Stunting , Nyampinga utowe agiye kukiva Imuzi ,bityo azanagisabire aba terankunga babishoboye bashyigikira aba Nyampinga b'ibihugu bitandukanye n'u Rwanda rurimo,ubundi akure u Rwanda kuri uriya Mwanya ruriho uko ushoboye kose ,kandi atere ikirenge mu cy'abo Nyakubahwa Perezida wa Repubulika y'u Rwanda Paul KAGAME yasabye guhindura no kurandura burundu igwingira ry'abana bato, aribo mizero y'igihugu cy'u Rwanda cy'ejo hazaza. Niyo ayamakuru yagera mubiro by'umukuru w'iguhugu cy'u Rwanda mbere y'itoresha rya Nyampinga w'u Rwanda 2019 final ,azamenya ko Mwiseneza Josiane yarakwiye iri kamba rya Miss Rwanda 2019, kubera ko umushinga we uri mubyo yashyize ho igitsure gikomeye . Ubwo aba judges n'abateguye iri rushanwa nabari kurikurikirana bashobora gutora Mwiseneza Josiane bakoreshe SMS nabo bakeneye kureba niba uriya mushinga wa Mwiseneza Josiane utamuhesha ikamba ntayandi maranga mutima ashingiye kubindi byose , Atari ukwita kumagara y'abana bagwingira m'uburyo bugaragarira isi yose ,kandi yamaze nokumenya ko Mwiseneza Josiane yaraje kugikemura burundu. Musome neza iby' ubwo bushakashatsi bwa banki y'isi,mureke Mwiseneza Josiane yereke abanyarwanda ndetse n' isi yose ko icyo umukobwa w'umunyarwandakazi Mwiseneza Josiane yaje mu irushanwa rya Miss Rwanda 2019 watorewe kuba Miss Rwanda kuri iyi nshuro ya 2019 arusha abandi bose bahatanye nawe n'ibyo bari bafite byose mumishinga yabo .

The Miss Rwanda competition song says" Turashaka Nyampinga ufite ubwenge, Nyampinga ufitubuhanga,Nyampinga etc......" Abayizi bakomereza ho.

Murakoze Cyane.

Please Share: Inkino n'indirimbo níbiganiro  birimo Mwiseneza Josiane, n'abafana be .
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Call for Donations and Opportunities
Please if you have any other important opportunity to share to the African Union Students' Council (AUSC) International Communication Office, write to us from e-mail: ,
to be shared on the AUSC International Website to reach many Youth Across Africa and Worldwide.
Approved on January 16th, 2019 , From Kigali-Rwanda, 

Saturday, January 12, 2019

AUSC Founder and President's Office received and is sharing the Opportunities for Africans , January,2019



The MINDS Diamond Empowerment Fund Scholarships 2019 for young Africans

University of Dundee LLM International Energy Law and Policy (£5,000 scholarship Available)

Siemens Accounting Professional (SAICA) Trainee Program 2019 for recent South African college graduates

UNICAF Scholarship to study an online degree from the University of South Wales or UNICAF University

Next Einstein Initiative African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Master’s Program 2019/2020 Scholarships (Fully Funded)

Safaricom – Technology Academy Internship 2019 for young Kenyan Students

Dancing on the Edge Scholarship Programme 2019 for Dancers from Middle East and North Africa, The Netherlands (Fully Funded)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Installed Base Sales Internship 2019 for young South Africans

Sasol Foundation Undergraduate Bursary Scheme 2019 for young South Africans (Fully Funded)

2019 University of Nottingham Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship 

Meristem Analysts’ Trainee Programme (MATP) 2019 for young Nigerians

Henkel Graduate One year Graduate Development Program 2019/2020 for young South Africans

Abel Visiting Scholar Program 2019/2020 for Mathematicians from Developing Countries (Fully Funded & USD 5,000/Grantee)

Orascom Construction Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program 2019/2020 for Egyptians to Study in USA (Fully Funded)

Foskor Bursary Program 2019 for Graduate Engineering Studies in South Africa.

Mercedes-Benz South Africa Graduate Development Programme (GDP) 2019 for young South Africans

Nedbank Namibia Bursary Programme 2019 for young Namibians

Yale Young African Scholars Program 2019 for African secondary school Students (Fully Funded)


Global Changemakers Youth Summit 2019 for Change Agents – Switzerland ( Fully Funded)

International Court of Justice (ICJ) University Judicial Fellows Programme 2019/2020 for recent Law Graduates – Hague, Netherland.

YaLa Academy’s Aileen Getty School of Citizen Journalism 2019 for Middle Eastern & African youth

United Nations Information Service’s 57th Graduate Study Programme 2019 – Geneva, Switzerland

2019 IWMF Anja Niedringhaus Courage in Photojournalism Award for women photojournalists ( $USD 20,000 cash prize)

Rice University Business Plan Graduate-level Student Startup Competition 2019 ($1.5 million in Cash and Prizes).

UCLA Law – Sonke Health & Human Rights Fellowship 2019/2020 for African Legal Professionals & Law Graduates


The Alibaba Group Netpreneur Training program 2019 for young Entrepreneurs – Hangzhou, China (Funded)

Google Hash Code team-based Programming Competition 2019 for University Students & Industry Professionals ($8,000 USD prize money)

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Finance & Development (F&D) Essay Competition 2019 for graduate Students

Launch and Grow – Fellowship 2019 for Kenyan Women Entrepreneurs (Funded to Babson College Massachusetts, USA)

2019/2020 Knight-Bagehot Fellowship in Economics and Business Journalism at Colombia University ( $60,000 Stipend and Fully Funded)

Accountability Lab SDG 16 innovation challenge 2019

BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Awards 2019 for Scientific Research and Cultural Creation (400,000 euros prize)

Knight Science Journalism Fellowship 2019/2020 for Science Journalists – MIT, USA ($USD 70,000 Stipend)

Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute 2019 Fellowship Program for Journalists – University of Missouri, USA (Funded)

UNIDO Arab StarPack 2019 Competition for Arab University students

The Metcalf Institute Annual Science Immersion Workshop 2019 for Journalists – USA (Funded)

2019 Victor K. McElheny Award for local and regional science journalism ($5,000 prize)

Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation’s Science without Borders® Challenge 2019 International Art Competition (USD$ 1,000 prize)
Call for Donations and Opportunities: 
Please if you have any other important opportunity to share to the African Union Students' Council (AUSC) International Communication Office, write to us from e-mail: ,
to be shared on the AUSC International Website to reach many Youth Across Africa and Worldwide.
Approved on January 11th, 2019 , From Kigali-Rwanda, 


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