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AUSC President's Office Announcement to AUSC International Members for AUSC International Membership Card and Matriculation Number.

AUSC Offices outside AFRICA.

You’re all set!
You can use this username @AUSC.AppointedOffices.OutsideAFRICA created for your regular visit to the updated activities of AUSC African Diaspora Representatives Team.
It's now easier for people to find  AUSC African Diaspora Representatives Team Page on FACABOOK in search. People can also visit this Page at and send related Page messages at
Appointed AUSC Offices Outside AFRICA:
2.UK-AUSC United Kingdom (UK)-AFRICA DIASPORA Chapter Office[Appointed AUSC-UK Chapter Representative Honorable Mr Kingsley]
3.FRANCE-AUSC France-AFRICA DIASPORA Chapter Office[Appointed AUSC-France Chapter Representative Honorable Mr Saa Bobo LENO]
4.BELARUS-AUSC Belarus-AFRICA DIASPORA Office[Appointed AUSC-Belarus Chapter Representative ,New Representative will be published when an other application will be made and become confirmed.
5.CHINA-AUSC China-AFRICA DIASPORA Office[Appointed AUSC-China Chapter Representative Honorable Mr Pisso Nseke]
6.INDIA-AUSC India-AFRICA DIASPORA Office[Appointed AUSC-India Chapter Representative Honorable Mr Isaac Biwott Samoei]

Note: To apply to become AUSC Diaspora Representative in your current resident country outside AFRICA:
Please send your application motivation letter to AUSC President's Office via
And follow the application process via this link:


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