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5. Western Africa Regional Office:

1) Appointed AUSC Western Africa Regional Representative;
Honorable Mr Ahmadou Tidjani Dan Nouhi Baoua

Nationality of NIGER.

Mobile/WhatsApp: +227 (0)96014214

2)Appointed AUSC Western Africa Regional Deputy Representative; Honorable Mr ABDULLAHI SALIM, Nationality of NIGERIA.

Western Africa Region National Offices: 

1.Benin, Appointed AUSC Benin Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable Mr John DARI]
2.Burkina Faso, Appointed AUSC Burkina Faso Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable Mr Stanislas KOUDOUGOU ]

3.Cabo Verde, Appointed AUSC Cabo Verde Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable Mr Samora Moreira]

4.Cote d' Ivoire, Appointed AUSC Ivory Coast Chapter National Office [Representative, Honorable Mr PALE Sassan Anicet] 

5.Gambia, Appointed AUSC Gambia Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable Mr Assan Sowe]

6.Ghana, Appointed AUSC Ghana Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable Mr Isaac Abugri Azumah ]

7.Guinea, Appointed AUSC Conakry Guinea Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable Mr Daba Keita]

8.Guinea-Bissau, Appointed AUSC Guinea-Bissau Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable Mr ................]

9.Liberia, Appointed AUSC Liberia Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable Mr Mohammed V Kamara Jr ,AUSC Liberia National Representative]

10.Mali, Appointed AUSC Mali Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable Mr Mahamady Togola]

11.Mauritania, Appointed AUSC Mauritania Chapter National Office [Representative,

12.Niger, Appointed AUSC Niger Chapter National Office [Representative,Honorable Mr M. ABOUBACAR HASSAOU Samaila

13.Nigeria, Appointed AUSC Nigeria Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable Mr Muhammad Ahmad Janyau:]Articles:1)An Open Letter to The Nigerians.

14.Saint Helena, Appointed AUSC Saint Helena Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable Mr ................]

15.Senegal, Appointed AUSC Senegal Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable Mr Mamadou Samba Bâ]

16.Sierra Leone, Appointed AUSC Sierra Leone Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable Mr Mucktarr Raschid ]

17.Togo, Appointed AUSC Togo Chapter National Office [National Representative,
Honorable Mr EKLU Alphonse]


African Students' International Development Fund (ASIDF) was innovated from the African Union Students' Council (AUSC) to become the only possible fund of African Youth and Academicians to create the first Students' International Bank named African Students' International Development Bank (ASIDB) and to obtain the ASIDB International Board Membership the participant must be a registered AUSC member from any Recognized AUSC Office approved by an officially Appointed AUSC Representative by the Office of the Founder and President of AUSC in Kigali-Rwanda -East African Community(EAC).

To be admitted in the AUSC 's African Students' International Development Fund (ASIDF) for International  Board Membership , individual AUSC member must transfert the annual contribution fees to the ASIDF of initial amount of 120USD on the ASIDF International Account  in ECOBANK RWANDA below:

The following are new AUSC sub accounts opened in the ECOBANK-Rwanda and will be used to transfer any Contribution for your membership in the International Board of  African Students'  International Development Fund(ASIDF) whenever the person can be the ASIDF  account number is : 0010093812905902 in ECOBANK-RWANDA.

Every current AUSC Adherent Member must pay the initial ASIDF International Board Membership fees of 120USD as mentioned above which makes it possible to be added to the 1st List of Adherent and members of honor of AUSC who initiates the ASIDF International Board which will be notarized  at the Office of notary of the Headquarters of the AUSC in the Country of RWANDA  and be given the certificate for completion of Payment of the initial funds to the ASIDF Account mentioned above by the AUSC Founder and President's Office From Kigali.

Note: For other all transactions reserved for AUSC conferences ,workshops ,training and other academic purposes, the deposit must be done by using the following Account Number:  0010093812905903 of ASICTB in ECOBANK-RWANDA.

Call for Donations and Opportunities
Please if you have any other important opportunity to share to the African Union Students' Council (AUSC) International Communication Office, write to us from e-mail: ausc.communication.office@gmail.com ,
to be shared on the AUSC International Website to reach many Youth Across Africa and Worldwide.

Approved by

President and Founder of
P.O.Box: 6998 Kigali-Rwanda
E-mail: ausc.president.office@gmail.com


  1. Multidisciplinary Congress -- May 2017 -- abstract submission deadline Friday 7th April -- English / Anglais (traduction simultanee)

    Appel d’abstracts
    Le Comité d'organisation du Consortium sous régional de recherche de l'Afrique de l'Ouest a le plaisir d'annoncer l'appel d’abstracts de la 3e Conférence annuelle sur Ebola : les vaccins, les thérapeutiques, les diagnostics et les soins aux survivants. La conférence se tiendra du 11 au 13 mai 2017 à Conakry, Guinée.
    Le thème de la conférence est «Les défis de la santé post-Ebola en Afrique de l'Ouest».
    Les sous-thèmes de la conférence sont :
    1. Amélioration des soins cliniques, la lutte contre la stigmatisation et les questions liées aux politiques relatives aux survivants.
    2. Faire progresser les vaccins, la thérapeutique et le diagnostic des maladies infectieuses émergentes.
    3. Renforcement de la collaboration en recherche, renforcement des capacités et engagement des communautés.
    4. Renforcement de la collaboration sur la stratégie "Une seule santé ou one Heath" de la sécurité sanitaire mondiale dans la sous-région.
    Les objectifs généraux non exhaustifs de la conférence sont :
    1. Faire progresser la préparation régionale à la sécurité sanitaire mondiale au respect du règlement sanitaire international (RSI).
    2. Tirer parti des avantages comparatifs et partager la recherche régionale, les meilleures pratiques et les données probantes pour éclairer la politique en matière de maladies infectieuses.
    3. Discuter des recherches en cours et faire progresser les nouvelles études et politiques de santé dans la région.
    Publics visés : chercheurs, cliniciens, éthiciens, leaders communautaires et politiques, experts en santé publique, vétérinaires, biologistes, chercheurs en sciences sociales et psychosociologie.
    Soumissions des abstracts
    Date limite: 7 avril 2017
    Abstract: 300 mots maximum
    Format: Titre, contexte, méthodes, résultats, conclusions.
    Veuillez envoyer vos abstracts, en français ou Anglais, aux deux adresses ci-dessous :
    1. Pr. Mandy Kader Konde, Email : kaderkonde@gmail.com
    2. Dr Stephen B. Kennedy, Email: sbkennedy4@aol.com

    Call for Abstracts

    The Organizing Committee of the West Africa Sub-Regional Research Consortium is pleased to announce the Call for abstracts for the 3rd Annual Conference on Ebola Vaccines, Therapeutics, Diagnostics and Survivors Care. The conference will be held from 11-13 May 2017 in Conakry, Guinea.

    The Conference theme is “Post-Ebola Health Challenges in West Africa”.

    The Sub-Themes are:

    1. Improving Clinical Care, Addressing Stigma and Policy-Related Issues of Survivors.
    2. Advancing Vaccines, Therapeutics and Diagnostics for Emerging Infectious Diseases.
    3. Strengthening Research Collaboration, Capacity Building and Community Empowerment.
    4. Strengthening Collaboration on “One Health” Strategy on the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) in the Sub-Region.

    The overall goals of the conference are, but not limited to the following:

    1. To advance regional preparedness for global health security and compliance with International Health Regulations (IHR).
    2. To leverage comparative advantages and share regional research, best practices, and evidence to inform infectious disease policy.
    3. To discuss ongoing research and advance new studies and policies in the region.

    Targeted Audience.

    Researchers, Clinicians, Ethicists, Community and Policy Leaders, Public Health and Psychosocial Experts, Veterinarians, Social Scientists, and Biologists.

    Abstract Submission Guidelines.

    Deadline: 7 April 2017
    Abstract: 300 words maximum
    Format: Title, Background, Methods, Results, Conclusions.

    Please send your abstracts, in English or French, to both email addresses:

    1. Pr. Mandy Kader Konde, kaderkonde@gmail.com
    2. Dr. Stephen B. Kennedy, sbkennedy4@aol.com

  2. Send this call to :ausc.communication.office@gmail.com



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