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New AUSC Article On December 22nd, 2020 at 7:20'a.m: Cardinal in Rwanda who was Appointed to Vatican’s Propaganda Fide December 16th, 2020,The Propaganda Fide will be the Only Satanic Way to Disseminate Roman Catholic Babylonian Sunday Ecumenical Vademecum teachings to those Who will be Bowing to SATAN"COVID-19 Vaccine".Revelation 13:11-18 as Today USA President Joe Biden Bowed to 666 Vatican St Corona Vaccine,to fulfil Revelation 13:1-18.Repent, Remember The 7th Day Sabbath To Keep It Holy.

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This Article uses the Holy Bible to describe the two different events that are matched to fulfil the Prophecy of Revelation 13:1-18 ,as the Satanic Roman Catholic Church Beast Pope Francis has received the Honor from the United States of America (USA) President Joe Biden bowed to His Number of the Beast "CORONAVIRUS=add Up to 666" by Receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine on December 22nd, 2020, Just 6 Days after a Cardinal from a Landlocked Rwanda East African Country is appointed on December 16th, 2020 by Satan of Rome "Pontifex Maximus Jesuit Mario " to a Satanic Congregation that will be working hand in hand with USA Roman Catholic President elect Joe Biden to enforce the Mark of The Beast, Image of the Beast and Number of the Beast."Pope Jon Paul II"Author of New World Order=Vatican Council 2", Pope Benedict XVI" appointed by Pope John Paul II whom He made a So called Saint'Deamon' and still Benedic is alive as Principal advidor to Jesuit Pope Francis about what He Know from Pope John Paul II on New World Order theorist and as a Head of Satanic Roman Catholic Church Inquisition Court that persecuted and reserved to persecute True Protestants-7th Day Adventists ", and Satanic Gay Pope Francis the Jesuit who is executing the New World Order Theories of Satan himself a so called Saint Pope John Paul II" and has involved a little Rwandan Native citizen Kambanda ,If there was a True 7th Day Adventist in the same Family of Kambanda either closer or friend should tell Kambanda to reject the Position as a warning to don't be blindly involved in the Heavenly matters of finishing the work of Satan himself and it is going to bring Disasters and Plagues to Rwandans and to all other Worldwide communities bowing to COVID-19 '666' Vaccine as soon as Jesus Christ finishes His Heavenly Priesthood as Highest Priester administering in front of Our Almighty God's Ark of Covenant inside of Which 10 Commandments of Almighty God are deposited and by which the 4th Commandment of Keeping the 7th Day Sabbath Holy is the most shinning as was shown to Ellen Gould White, and which is the Mark "Seal " of the Living Almighty God, the Real True Holy Father.Watch Out,Dear Kambanda,this Heaven will be surprised if Rwanda Fulfils the Bible Prophecy of Revelation 13:1-18 and raise persecution to True 7th Day Day Sabbath Keeping Families and individuals who decided to never bow for Satan"COVID-19 Vaccine-666- Number of Pope Francis  the Jesuit who has decided to Enforce Sunday By Law to Exterminate Protestants World Over"True Protestants are those who keep seriously the 4th Commandment of Almighty God "Remember the Sabbath Day to Keep it Holy" and the 7th Day Sabbath is the True Sabbath and Seal of The Real Holy Father in Heaven and with Which His only begotten Son Jesus Christ said He is the Lord "King" of the 7th Day Sabbath".
However, President Kagame of Rwanda congratulated Archbishop Antoine Kambanda upon his recent appointment as Cardinal who will soon be blindly involved in persecuting True 7th Day Sabbath Keepers not only in Rwanda but also worldwide by not bowing to COVID-19"666" Vaccination and Paris Agreement Sunday Rest and Worship by Law. President Paul Kagame has said alot on helping the New World Order Leadership of a New Reset of Pope Francis in the Worldwide Christianity and via their Thanksgiving Mass honoring Cardinal Antoine Kambanda a Pause to Enforce Roman Catholic Church doctrines to whatever will pope Francis will have from President of Republic of Rwanda will be quickly executed, suppose a Jesuit Pope asks the President of Republic of Rwanda to isolate and persecute True 7th Day Adventists who completely decided to never bow to the Roman Catholic Church once in life they choose death before dishonor, is that then Christianity A Jesuit will be working for together with Kambanda and President or all Presidents of Worldwide Countries ? Purely Satanic agendas of Pope Francis must be exposed before they can take place ,to be saved by Grace of 7th Day Sabbath Lord Jesus Christ and His Truth only will win and wins and has sinned and will never fail to win eternally.Revelation 14:1-20.3rd Angel's Message in Loud Cry in Revelation 18:1-21 fulfilling in very near future from USA Joe Biden and Kambanda from Rwanda "Ijambo rya Perezida Kagame mu Misa y’umuganura ya Cardinal Kambanda".

President of USA Mr Joe Biden is a Roman Catholic and 2nd Roman Catholic Church USA President in History AUSC website has published articles about it, and in obeying to the Orders of the Roman Catholic Church Head Pope Francis a Jesuit will not disobey Archbishop Of Kigali in forcing the Whole World to Bow to the Beast Pope Francis and this is what Almighty God has said before in Revelation 13:1-18 that USA will give power to Vatican to Rule the Whole World and as Archbishop Quigley of USA predicted in 170 Years ago, now the Whole World is being led by the Roman Catholic Church Head Pope Francis a Jesuit.

December 22nd, 2020: Biden gets Covid-19 vaccine as US inoculation effort mounts []  ;

Read,copy,paste and Share this link to 7 people: [] This is the Only Reason why Jesus Christ"The Lord of 7th Day Sabbath" has Raised the 7th Day Adventists"144000" to Defeat and Expose SATAN"COVID-19 Vaccine" and His Man of SIN POPE FRANCIS"The Lord of 1st Day Sunday" a Satanic Jesuit Gay and His already Coming Demons companions "Advent of Aliens December 2020-2021".Remember The 7th Day Sabbath To Keep It Holy.

Jesuits have a very Satanic Oath to exterminate Protestants World Over by initiating the New World Order"Sunday Law" and this is hidden in Paris Climate Change Agreement which Elect President of USA Joe Biden is soon going to Sign as He has promised after His Inauguration in January 20th, 2021.

Jesus is the Lord of the 7th Day Sabbath not the Lord of 1st Day Sunday ,and in a simple Mathematic logical implications, Both Pope Francis and Archbishop of Kigali Rwanda are Standing not for the Lord of 7th Day Sabbath Jesus Christ ,but standing for someone else,who is the Author of Sunday Rest and Worship by Law and is Emperor Constantine the Great by whom on March 3rd, 321 till March 3rd, 2021 all 1700 will be completed to have the 1st ever Universal Anniversary of 1700 Years of Sunday Rest and Worship by Law"A Purely Satanic Church and State Mark of Satan" Sunday is not for Jesus Christ in termed of Worship and Obeying Almighty God's 10 Full Commandments, it is for Sana and Deamons "Aliens" and Thus, Let everyone who is going to see Joe Biden receiving this '666' Covid-19 "Vaccine" and New Appointed Archbishop of Kigali working together to enforce Paris Agreement via their National Government Leadership will not be surprised, it is the Work of Satan himself and Almighty God soon will poor all 7 Last Plagues to whosoever will bow to the Roman Catholic Church by Covid-19 '666' Vaccine and Paris Agreement Sunday Law to rest and Worship on Sunday and New Satanic introduced Ecumenical Vademecum Lifestyle ,which United Nations (UN) and Pope Francis a Jesuit agreed to enforce to the Whole World this New Year 2021 till 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ on October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m.

Repent Repent ,Repent ,Almighty God is the Owner of the 7th Day Sabbath"Genesis2:1-4,Remember the 7th Day Sabbath to Keep It Holy. The 7th Day Sabbath is not for Jewishness as it was not honored or created the same day when Jewish existed after the Flood in the Noah's Time,Genesis 16:1-35,James 2:10-13, Matthew 23:8-12" Never call anything or anyone Holy Father or Pope" in terms honoring a human being like you about  Rabbi or Holy Father the titles of Jesus Christ and Our Father in heaven, not for this Satanic Pontifex Maximus Francis a Jesuit of Rome.

The Gethsemane Great Controversy Application from 1st/9/2020 to 15th/2/2021:"SATAN's Creation Sunday during Season of Creation from 1st September, 2020 'the Global Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation 'to 4th October,2020 becomes a Judas' betrayal period when JESUS' 3 times in 3 Hours Prayer in "Mark 14:1-72 is giving the Saints' 4 Months and 15 Days consecutive Prayers warning Until February 7th to 15th, 2021 the week of Enactment of Universal Sunday Law" Please share this article to 7 People .

The Great Controversy Application " COVID-19 " with St CORONA Pandemic Now is Linked to ROMAN CATHOLIC "VATICAN" PAPACY and St. Cyprian Pandemic;While Almighty God is Against the New World Order as Jesus Christ Comes soonest possible: At 01:59' on October 15th, 2024.

Article title:The Raise of Jesuit POPE Francis as linked to 1177 Principal Repetition Number(PRN) and 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ, during the current VATICAN's Climate Change Crisis, Coronavirus Crisis and Sunday Law Crisis from up coming 7th February 2021 until the End of 1335 Days[Daniel 12:7,11,12,13] at 01:59'a.m,October 15th, 2024;[Chapter 42—The Controversy Ended/The Great Controversy-Audio].

Malachi Martin on Liberation Theology, The Jesuits' New Religion of The NEW WORLD ORDER of POPE FRANCIS (Holy Bible Anti-Christ) read Personal WARNINGS for 2019-2024.

Article Title: AUSC Endorses that Tanzania President becomes a Hero for the Africans Who values Their Ancestors' Fights for Independence from Europeans Colonizers; Dr Pombe Magufuri Bans FACIAL MASKS After PAPAYA, Goat & Car Oil Tested Positive for Covid-19; Today's Sick-Fake-Evil African and Global Leaderships must take Dr. Pombe Magufuri Example and follow Him about COVID-19 Planned-Ndemic from 24/5/2020.

Jesus Christ Our 7th Day Sabbath Lord is very very very soon coming at the End of 70 Years on October15th, 2024 at 1h59'a.m from 1954 when the King of Babylon Pope Jean Paul II"Nebucadinezzar" Begun His Sunday Law Satanic Teachings at the Fall of His Son Pope Francis"Belshazzar" from the New World Order Presidency Predicted by Roman Catholic Archbishop James E. Quigley at His 170 Years of existence from October 15th, 1854: After The Writing on the Wall due to "Laudato Si 237-Sunday Law 7/2/2021" is going to be explained in Loud Cry by All Anointed 7th Day Adventists"144000 Saints" till 7/2/2024, Jeremiah 29:10-14, Jeremiah 30:1-24.Repent-Remember the 7th Day Sabbath To keep It Holy.

SATANIC Common prayer for the 5th anniversary of Laudato si" The Whole World of 7th Day Sabbath Deniers All now on  24th May 2020 is Against the Almighty God, for Promoting the Common Good which means Sunday Rest by Law in the Laudato SI' paragraph 237.

The Great Controversy Application in May 14th, 2020[False Theocracy of SATAN through POPE FRANCIS the Lord of SUND-DAY engaged in a Final Battle with The True Theocracy of Almighty God the Holy Father through Jesus Christ the Lord of SABBATH"Mark Seal of the living God ] versus St Thomas Aquinas' Satanism Capital Punishment "Death Penalty" for 7th Day Keeping and Rejection of 1st Day Sundays Rests and Satanic Ecumenical Vademecum worship & Mark of Satan of the Catholic Record-Canada.

The 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message from February 7th, 2021 is coming Following the Latter Rain Pentecostal Event on December 13th, 2020 to Neutralize the Satanic Vademecum' spiritual ecumenism through celebration of 1700 Years Anniversary of Sunday Rest and Worship by Law  on March 3rd, 2021 connected with Roman Catholic Church's Advent and Lent seasons.Repent-Remember The 7th Day Sabbath To Keep It Holy.

Article Title: The Year of 2019 and The Call of Isaiah A Preacher of Righteousness to Denounce Satan's Jesuit Gay Pope Francis' 2020-2021 COVID-19 Vaccine&Sunday Law"New World Order in Common Good" to announce the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ: Jesus is coming very very soon,15/10/2024 at 1h59'a,m.Prophets and Kings. Remember the 7th Day Sabbath to Keep It Holy.

Pope: NO ONE IS SAVED ALONE. Ganoune Diop NEW HUMANITY. Seventh Day Adventists Are Cult Extremists?QAnon!!CNN said on October 15th, 2020, While Jesus Christ the Lord of 7th Day Holy Sabbath is going to come on the Sky of this Earth on October 15th, 2024 at 01:59' a.m .

AUSC exposes the SATANIC Agenda21 hidden in this published VIDEO MESSAGE OF SATANIC JESUIT POPE FRANCIS AKA ANTI-CHRIST in 2 Thessalonian 2:1-6 ON THE OCCASION OF THE MEETING ORGANISED BY THE CONGREGATION FOR CATHOLIC EDUCATION: "GLOBAL COMPACT ON EDUCATION. TOGETHER TO LOOK BEYOND"  [Pontifical Lateran University - Thursday, 15 October 2020] by October 19th, 2020 at 1:59' p.m. Jesus Christ will come back very very soon on October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m. Remember The 7th Day Sabbath to Keep It Holy.

Vatican's Satanic Leader Jesuit Pope Francis(Lord of the 1st Day"Sunday " false sabbath) President of so called Holy See - in Addressing the General Debate of UN 75th Session on Sep 25, 2020 ,confirmed His latest Ratification Status of the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer,Climate Change and Sunday Law coupled together in Paris Agreement and Laudato SI'.Please Humans Accept Jesus Christ(Lord of 7th Day Sabbath) by Remembering The 7th Day Sabbath to Keep It Holy; It is Agenda 21 as explained very well in this below YouTube Video.

Our Almighty God through Jesus Christ as He did in John 2:12-25 now used Corona-virus (COVID-19) to Clean His Church through temperance true 7th Day Adventists will not bow to take Satan's 666 Vaccines of Fake St CORONA'VIRUS'2019,While SATAN through POPE Francis benefits from COVID-19 for initiating Ecumenical Vademecum 666 Vaccinated Covid19 Universal Common Good"Common Devil's Global Sunday Law" to start a One Global Satanic Kovid19 '666'  vaccinated Church that rests and worships on Sundays leading to Irreversible Permanent Global financial crisis severe than that one of the 2008 to Initiate The Physical New World Order :By Three Satan's Incarnated  demonic flogs like spirits possessed humans 1. Pope Francis a Satanic Jesuit Gay Protestants' blood shedder a Killer 'Vatican President' with Joe Biden a Roman Catholic Church elected slave 'USA President' and Antonio Guterress a Jesuit pope servant 'United Nations-UN-Chief' to start the New World Order One Global Governement in this up coming New Year 2021 aiming to achieve together their Roman Catholic Church One Humanity and Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 with None single individual True 7th Day Adventist 'True Protestants' survived by the Year 2024 predicted in the Holy Bible in Revelation 16:13-14. Jesus will be immediately coming to rescue Us during the Quick succeeding Last 7 Plagues from February 16th, 2024 Till 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ the Lord of Our lovely Holly 7th Day Sabbath on October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m, Unless they will be able to apply Sunday Rest and Worship Death Penalty by the next Three Years 2021,2022,2023 ,otherwise, the Year of 2024 will surprise every COVID-19'666'Vaccinated Deniers of Jesus Christ' 4th Commandment of Keeping the 7th Day Sabbath Holly. Don't Take COVID-19 Vaccine and Reject Sunday Rest and Worship by Law accept to Honor the 7th Day Sabbath of Our Savior Jesus Christ and wait for Him to take You with Us in Heaven on October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m. Fear Almighty God, don't fear any Human being like You who once was born naked and grown fearful and perishable just like You!Fear Almighty God only who created You and who Owns Your Last Breath also who can resurrect You from the dead once this happens during this final earth history battle of mind and faith in Jesus Christ the Lord of 7th Day Holly Sabbath. 

The MARK of the BEAST Links A Never to Repent POPE Francis King of New Word Order with Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babilon before He repented.Almighty God wins with His SON Jesus Christ the Lord of 7th Day Holy Sabbath, defeating SATAN with His POPE Francis the Lord of SUNDAY "1st Day False sabbath" Failure is with CORONA VIRUS the Laudato Si' International SUN-DAY LAW meeting on May 14th 2020 at VATICAN for Global Education Pact failed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Jesus Christ the Lord of 7th Day Sabbath in Luke 6:1-5 ,will soon come on the sky and all individual who rejected the 7th Day Sabbath to accept the COVID-19" 666" Vaccine and Paris Agreement Sunday Rest by Law and Satanic Vademecum ecumenical Sunday Worship will perish all.

What people on this World should think if Jesuit Pope Francis a Satanic Gay Pontifex Maximus has appointed a Rwandan Citizen to fulfil His Satanic Protestants extermination Agenda21 versus Jesus Christ the Lord Of The 7th Day Sabbath has Raised True 7th Day Adventists in Rwanda with the same Citizenship of being Rwandan Protestants, this is to mean that Pope Francis wants the fire to start in Rwanda and that is the Truth about Persecution and Biblical Last 7 Plagues ,Is Satan whom A Jesuit Sunday Pope Francis working for will win the Battle He really Failed in Heaven on this Earth especially the Ground of The Country of Rwanda where A Jesuit Pope Francis fixes His Chair through Archbishop Of Kigali  Kambanda expecting to silent the Lord of the 7th Day Sabbath Jesus Christ proclaimed in the 3rd Angel's Message by all seriously converted True 7th Day Adventists Rwandan Citizens? Jesus Christ will win this Sunday Satanic introduced Roman Catholic Church battle against the 7th Day Sabbath of Almighty God by Killing Pope Francis  in the Last 7th Plague of Last 7 plagues from February 16th,2024 till 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ on October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m, once Archbishop A.Kambanda starts Sunday Rest and Worship by Paris Agreement Sunday Law of the Pope Francis Laudatory SI'237 through Rwandan Government for Satan's Sunday of Pope Francis  the Jesuit, on the behalf of that Man of SIN , a Jesuit Sunday Worshiping Pope Francis, that same day Jesus Christ the Lord of the 7th Day Sabbath will also Reveal Himself to Conquer Satan's Agent Pope Francis a Jesuit.

Repetition Model application for 2300 Prophetic Days, as coupled to Historical 5 Strongest worldwide Empires from Babylon to Pagan Roman Empire till end of Early Christianity and Raise of Final Vatican Papacy 7th/2/2021 to 31st/7/2024.

You can Click Here to View our Alarm, set for You to Start Counting down for 2nd Coming of Our Lord Messiah Jesus Christ our King of 7th Day Holy Sabbath and of All Sealed 7th Day Holy Sabbath Keepers until Tuesday, 15 October 2024 (Chicago time).

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The Great Controversy

Home EGW Writings Books The Great Controversy


The Book Great Controversy in Audio: Igitabo Intambara Ikomeye mu majwi
0.[Chapter 00- Introduction/The Great Controversy-Audio],(Chap 0-IJAMBO RY'IBANZE in Kinyarwanda )

Copy and paste to share to 7 people /Sangiza n' abandi bantu 7,Yesu yaje twatashye:2020-06-06:14h41'51''Inama y' Agakiza Yesu i Getsemani itangiranye n' itariki ya 1Nzeri2020 kugeza kw' Itegeko ry' Icyumweru 15Gashyantare 2021,Yesu azagaruka 15 Ukwakira 2024,Isaha yageze,Mwiyeze Imbabazi Z'Imana Kubeza Isabato ni 22Ukwakira 2020. Imvura y'itumba n'ihembura rizamara amezi 3 n' iminsi 15, bizahuza na Gashyantare 7th-17th, 2020.Twatashye Yesu Yaje,Mwige Ikigisho cya 42 Intambara Ikomeye, musome Yesaya 12:1-6, Musome 1 Abami 81:66, Mubihuze na Yohana 17:1-26"17:17"Ubereshe Ukuri, Ijambo Ryawe niryo Kuri:1)Inyandiko:  ,2) Amajwi: , 3) YouTube updates on Sunday Law movements: 
Ijambo ry' Umwanditsi ku musomyi W' IGITABO INTAMBARA IKOMEYE"YouTube"(Isengesho):
"Uwiteka Imana yacu Uhabwe ikuzo n' Icyubahiro, dore aho iki gitabo kigeze , mumajwi, umuntu wese uje aha abasha nawe kumva ibice byose by'iki gitabo INTAMBARA IKOMEYE mu Kinyarwanda, kandi akanakanda ahanditse download, ibice byacyo byose uko ari 42 akabikura kuri interineti akabika amajwi y' iki gitabo hafi ye , bitewe n'akarengane kegereje abeza isabato yawe Data wa twese ,akazabasha kuba aho yabisangiza n'abandi bitamusabye kuba yasubiye kuri interneti.
kandi Mwami mana yanjye ,nkaba ngusaba kumvisha abasoma iby'iyi nyandiko kurararikirwa nayo gutakambira Uwiteka Imana yacu ngo tubashe guhabwa Imbabai z' Ibyaha , no gusukirwa Umwuka Wera Mu Mvura y'itumba.
Mbisabye byose mu Izina rya Yesu Kristo Umwami n'Umukza wacu.Amen."

Igitabo cy' Intambara Ikomeye mu majwi kuri interineti,Umva ibice byose , ubikurure ho ubibike ,ubisangize n' abandi;14/06/2020:
9.Chap 9-ZWINGLE
24.Chap 24-AHERA CYANE
32.Chap 32-IMITEGO YA SATANI:(Imyaka 6000)
42.Chap 42-IHEREZO RY'INTAMBARA:(Imyaka 6000)



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