AUSC President's Office Announcement to AUSC International Members for AUSC International Membership Card and Matriculation Number.

Presidential Seal of AUSC
"La Nuit Culturelle Panafricaine" by AUSC-UEE Niger Republic May 22nd, 2019.
Common Good:

NOTE:While Using this  ONLINE BIBLE "New International Version (NIV)" Please make sure you Verify in Your Hard Copy HOLY BIBLES as more changes were done in fever of ECUMENISM(SATANIC WILL): SDA AU & General Conference Are Licensed By Babylon HarperCollins To Publish Satanic Gay Bible NIV

African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve" Office of Niger Republic produced this Video in collaboration  with UEE (AUSC-UEE) to prepare the Pan-African Event Entitled "La Nuit Culturelle Panafricaine". 

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African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve" stands for Pan-Africanism with its All Pan-African and Diaspora Offices & Representatives.

Best Regards.

AUSC International Communication Office
1) AUSC Booklet .
Know AUSC Bank Details: 
Account Number: 0010093812905901 in ECOBANK-RWANDA.
Ecobank Rwanda Swift Code : ECOCRWRW
Join other delegates on whatsapp group to easily access your invitation and get your registration fees sracture; You will be added after writing to the administrator's Whatsapp number :+250736196204.

Welcome to Kigali-Rwanda

Read a letter from AUSC president’s office of approval for AUSC Sponsors MOU.

African Union Students’ Council(AUSC)”For The Better Africa We Deserve”
AUSC President’ s Office.
Wednesday, 3rd August ,2016.

Object: Approval for AUSC Sponsors MOU.

The Office of the President of African Union Students’ Council[] takes this official approval declaration for any AUSC Office seeking for any sponsor or Partner to provide financial sponsorship to the AUSC Office on any level ,to use these guidelines below:
1. This published African Union Students’ Council Official Sponsors Memorandum of Understanding will be kept online on the AUSC International Website for all willing AUSC Offices to use it in establishing financially based partnership .
2. Any AUSC Office having negotiated for sponsorship from their regions,Countries,Zones ,Districts ,Universities ,Schools and Academic Institutions ,will be allowed  to use this MOU  are requested to be AUSC officially witnessed by the AUSC National Representatives as witnesses and the Sponsoring Organization representative or individual sponsor both  will have to  attach hard copy photo , sign and stamp in the provided spaces on the MOU and a well signed and well filled Form from the AUSC Office requesting  Sponsorship will be Scanned in color and submitted as attachment online to the  AUSC International Communication office.
3. Any sponsor who agrees to sponsor any office, will deal with the AUSC  representative and download the form,print it in color  ,fill it and scan in color to be uploaded and sent as PDF Document attached to the AUSC International Communication Office E-mail .
4. The AUSC President’s Office takes final responsibility  to provide an approval of this MOU after investigating who is the sponsor online, provide the Stamp and AUSC President’s Signature and attach AUSC President’s Photo .
5. The Office of the President will have to Scan in color the stamped and signed Final MOU and send it as a printable soft copy MOU to the Office of requesting Representative’ s e-mail .
6. A final Signed and stamped Hard copy of the MOU will be kept as hard copy in the AUSC International Communication Office Data bases.
7. All AUSC Offices are requested to attach the MOU with an official Letter Requesting the AUSC President’ s Office to Approve the MOU between requesting AUSC Office and available Sponsor as a signed PDF document including the sponsors electronic addresses including the websites.
Note: To get your MOU to become a regular Sponsor of AUSC please send a request to: E-mail:
approved by
The President of African Union Students’ Council (AUSC)”For The Better Africa We Deserve” ,

5) Read about the previous AUSC Congress in 2017 via the link here:(1st AAFYC 2017)


We are , H.E Mr Iraguha Bandora Yves, the President of African Union Students' Council(AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve" for more information on my experience in the AUSC from January 1st,2016 until today ,as including AUSC Vision,Mission,Activities,Objectives,International Action Plan, we are grateful to share with you the AUSC online, this site will help you understand on which extent AUSC has taken time on SDGs giving experience to my leadership in the AUSC with massive recruitment and applications received from across the African continent young academicians wishing to participate in this achievement as concerning this Continent of Africa, and by having determination to be involved inside the African Union Leadership and Development Daily Decisions Making ,by involving all African Students Voices in African Union Daily Meetings and thus allowing Youth Academicians to participate in shaping the better Africa we deserve as young people as deserving our next generation ,by contributing as young leaders in building the Continent of Africa without depending on only old people leaders decisions ,as we are in a modern period where Youth has proved that are the basic to every Nation development politically,economically academically and in any other sectors.Experienced AUSC leadership will for all the times request for invitations and concept notes of different events to the AUSC to have delegations from AUSC leaders who will be representing African Youth Academicians in all possible African and worldwide events,conferences,workshops,involving Young People to Power the SDGs as concerning Youth in 2030 via AUSC.

For all AUSC New Leaders will need to learn more on AUSC Existence from the AUSC International website ( and previous posted information on AUSC International Facebook Page, by reading every thing,, Instagram:@africanusc,Twitter:@AUStudentsCoun1,What's App:+250736196204

African Students' International Development Fund (ASIDF) was innovated from the African Union Students' Council (AUSC) to become the only possible fund of African Youth and Academicians to create the first Students' International Bank named African Students' International Development Bank (ASIDB) and to obtain the ASIDB International Board Membership the participant must be a registered AUSC member from any Recognized AUSC Office approved by an officially Appointed AUSC Representative by the Office of the Founder and President of AUSC in Kigali-Rwanda -East African Community(EAC).

To be admitted in the AUSC 's African Students' International Development Fund (ASIDF) for International  Board Membership , individual AUSC member must transfert the annual contribution fees to the ASIDF of initial amount of 120USD on the ASIDF International Account  in ECOBANK RWANDA below:

The following are new AUSC sub accounts opened in the ECOBANK-Rwanda and will be used to transfer any Contribution for your membership in the International Board of  African Students'  International Development Fund(ASIDF) whenever the person can be the ASIDF  account number is : 0010093812905902 in ECOBANK-RWANDA.

Every current AUSC Adherent Member must pay the initial ASIDF International Board Membership fees of 120USD as mentioned above which makes it possible to be added to the 1st List of Adherent and members of honor of AUSC who initiates the ASIDF International Board which will be notarized  at the Office of notary of the Headquarters of the AUSC in the Country of RWANDA  and be given the certificate for completion of Payment of the initial funds to the ASIDF Account mentioned above by the AUSC Founder and President's Office From Kigali.

Note: For other all transactions reserved for AUSC conferences ,workshops ,training and other academic purposes, the deposit must be done by using the following Account Number:  0010093812905903 of ASICTB in ECOBANK-RWANDA.

Approved by

H.E Mr Iraguha Bandora Yves, RN,BScN(Hons)’
Medical Doctor in Training Year 5.
University of Rwanda,
Nyarugenge Campus.
Office of the President of AUSC ,

Mr Eustache NDAYISABA, President of Rwanda National Students' Association(Itorero Intagamburuzwa).Contacts


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