Organizational Structure, Duties and Responsibilities and THE POSITIONS TO BE APPLIED FOR inside AUSC
1. International Committee, composed of 5 Presidential team members, 5 regional representatives team and 5 different Affairs Representatives, are 15 determined hard workers (green Pen Leaders)
2. AUSC National Representatives, each African Country must have more than one Successful Applications and only one Successful Candidate will be selected for each given AUSC Organizational Structure Levels as given below:
With only One National Representative per each Country among the African Country according to the specific African Regions:
1. Eastern Africa Region, 2. Northern Africa Region,3. Western Africa Region, 4. Middle Africa Region, 5. Southern Africa Region .
1. Eastern Africa Region :
1.Burundi, 2.Comoros, 3.Djibouti, 4.Eritrea, 5.Ethiopia, 6.Kenya, 7.Madagascar, 8.Malawi, 9.Mauritius, 10.Mayotte, 11.Mozambique,12.Reunion, 13.Rwanda, 14.Seychelles, 15.Somalia, 16. South Sudan,14.Uganda, 18.United Republic of Tanzania, 19.Zambia, 20.Zimbabwe.
2. Middle Africa Region :
1. Angola, 2.Cameroon, 3.Central African Republic, 4.Chad, 5.Congo, 6.Democratic Republic of the Congo, 7.Equatorial Guinea, 8.Gabon, 9.Sao Tome and Principe.
3. Northern Africa Region :
1.Algeria, 2.Egypt, 3.Libya, 4.Morocco, 5. Sudan, 6.Tunisia7.Western Sahara.
4. Southern Africa Region :
1. Botswana, 2.Lesotho, 3.Namibia, 4.South Africa, 5.Swaziland.
5. Western Africa Region :
1.Benin, 2.Burkina Faso, 3.Cabo Verde, 4.Cote d’Ivoire, 5.Gambia, 6.Ghana, 7.Guinea,8.Guinea-Bissau,
9.Liberia, 10.Mali, 11.Mauritania, 12.Niger, 13.Nigeria, 14.Saint Helena, 15.Senegal, 16.Sierra Leone,
3. AUSC Five National Zones Representatives,
With only One Representative per each Zone among the 5 Zones in each African Country’s specified Five
1. Eastern National Zone, 2. Northern National Zone, 3. Western National Zone, 4. Middle National Zone, and5. Southern National Zone,
4. AUSC Districts Representatives,
With only one Representative per each District according to the 5 National Zones from the specific African Country allocated in different 5 African Regions as mentioned below:
NB1: All interested African Students Leaders applying as AUSC Representatives in their different African Countries, different National Zones, different Districts must apply online sending all application materials to the African Union Students’ Council Presidential Team Communication Office Via E-mail: ausc.communication.office@gmail.com,
With Mandatory Copying system to the :
-rnsso.representative@gmail.com, and to the :
Also Copying to the African Union Students’ Council 5 Regional Representatives according to the candidate’s African Region and Organizational Structure Levels :
1. E-mail :ausc.east.representative@gmail.com,
2 E-mail :ausc.north.representative@gmail.com,
4.E-mail :ausc.middle.representative@gmail.com,
5. E-mail:ausc.south.representative@gmail.com.
And to Regional Communication Office :
1. E-mail :ausc.east.communication.office@gmail.com ,
2 E-mail :ausc.north.communication.office@gmail.com
4.E-mail :ausc.middle.communication.office@gmail.com,
5. E-mail:ausc.south.communication.office@gmail.com
NB2: Application Process follows Inclusion criteria required attachments designed as Word documents
below :
1. The Candidate’s Brief Profile /Biography /CV including Telephone number used on what’s App.
2. The Candidate’s Blog of at least 5 points explaining the Reasons why a candidate thinks the African
Union Students’ Council must exist.
NB3: AUSC Duties and Responsibilities Voluntary Engagement Form must be filled and signed with Mandatory a green pen by All New AUSC Leaders. The AUSC Voluntary Engagement Confirmation Form will be provided only to the Successful Candidates from all the AUSC Organizational Structure given Levels. Successive arrival of applications will be considered from the date of Calling for Applications, March 17th, 2016 to the earlier deadline by April 15th, 2016, 00:00′ GMT and the later deadline by April 30th, 2016 00:00′ GMT.
Hoping to receive your Applications to be involved in shaping the Better Africa we Deserve, representing and advocating for Our African Students Voices about Academic and Political related issues, challenges, deserves and Rights from our different African Students living in the different African Regions, Countries, Zones and Districts.

Call for Donations and Opportunities
Please if you have any other important opportunity to share to the African Union Students' Council (AUSC) International Communication Office, write to us from e-mail: ausc.communication.office@gmail.com ,
to be shared on the AUSC International Website to reach many Youth Across Africa and Worldwide.

Approved by

President and Founder of
P.O.Box: 6998 Kigali-Rwanda
E-mail: ausc.president.office@gmail.com


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