Programs and Activities during Transitional Period 2016-2019

I. 1st Period: January 1st 2016-2016, December 31st.

-Broad Activities:
1. 1st Half Year, Creation of Africa Union Students’ Council Strong Leadership inside the whole African Continent from January 1st to June 30th:
a) Establishment of AUSC Transitional Committee 2016-2019 recruitment and inclusion process of all Interested African Students Leaders in all African Countries.
b) Establishment of effective Online Management System and International Leadership System inside the AUSC, All possible Social Media including Extraordinary International AUSC Website.
c) Following Up the African Union Commission networking and Establishment of collaboration framework among 3 possible ways, 1st Total Dependence, 2nd Partial Dependence, 3rd Total Independence.
2. 2nd Half Year, Effective mass Registration from July1st to December 31st:
a) All African National Students‟ Organizations/Associations,
b) All African National Guild Councils/Unions and Clubs.
c) All interested Non Students Organizations/Private and Public All.
d) Establishment effective online meeting and Conference System.

II. 2nd Period: January 1st 2017-2017, December 31st.

-Broad Activities:
1. 1st Half Year, Establishment of the African Students ‘ International Development Fund (ASIDF) “For the Self-reliant Africa We Deserve” From January 1st to June 30th.
a) Establishment of ASIDF Contribution Collection Branches in all African Countries, Zones, and Districts.
b) Other activities none specified.2. 2nd Half Year,
Establishment of the African Students’ International Development Bank (ASIDB) “For the Sustainable Economic Africa We Deserve” From July1st to December 31st.
a) Establishment of ASIDB branches in all African Countries and Zones.
b) Establishment of International African Students ‘Education Loan Board (IASELB).
c) Other non-specified Activities.

III. 3rd Period: January 1st 2018-2019, January 31st.

-Broad Activities:
1.1st Half Year, Establishment of regular System of African Self Reliant Promoting International Students’ Conferences /Scientific, Social, entrepreneurship , Leadership, Education, Technology, Economic, Development, And Others) From January 1st, June 30th.
a) Involvement of concerned African Governmental and Private Institutions All.
b) Other non-specified Activities.
2. 2nd Half Year, Evolution and maintenance Period, From July1st to December 31st
a) All AUSC Projects Auditing and Maintenance.
b) Establishment of Official Call for Application AUSC Executive Representatives International Level, National Level, Zones Level, Districts and Confirmation of Successful New Leaders All.
c) Other non-specified Activities.
3. 1st 6 Months, of the Half Year, 2019: Official Handover from Transitional Period 2016-2019 to Executive Period 2019-2022. From January 1st to June 30th,
a) AUSC International Executive Committee 2019-2022 and AUSC International Transitional Committee 2016-2019 Leaders Conference, General Assembly and Official Handover,
b) Establishment of AUSC Advisory and Mentorship Board,
c) Other non-specified Activities.

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  1. Bonjour, Je suis Burundais étudiant en France et je trouve cette organisation comme un remède en ce qui concerne la représentation de la jeunesse( pilier du développement économique) dans l'Union Africaine.



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