The African Union Students‟ Council (AUSC) “For The Better Africa We Deserve” was Founded with the Mission to have the African students Voice be fully included in the African Union Leadership and Development Decision Makings, and make together a better Leadership and Development of our African Continent basing on not only Old people Leaders’ minds but also basing on its proper Youth and Students empowered Leaders as the hope for a strong Africa of our next Generations which will live a Non Corruption Leadership independently to Western Countries ,and Other Individual Developed Countries Worldwide, in order to develop our African Continent Academically, Economically and Politically, basing on its proper Youth and Students‟ empowered Leaders by the African Governments, African Union and United Nations.
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  1. je pense quele leadership doit déjà à la bas être inculquer aux enfants avant de regrouper la jeunesse. Si déjà à la base on arrive a donné, ou bien à amener l enfant à développer en soi le leadership cela éviterait de nos jours d avoir des enfants qui abandonnent leur études au profil de la delinqance. Merci



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