1.BurundiAppointed AUSC Burundi Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable Mr Paul Girukwishaka,Tel:+25779 61134 388]
2.ComorosAppointed AUSC Comoros Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable Mohamed ADINANE SAID:Tel +2693600122 and +269 4320122]
3.DjiboutiAppointed AUSC Djibouti Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable Miss Fathia Souraya]
4.EritreaAppointed AUSC Eritrea Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable Mr Biniam Kiflemariam]
5.EthiopiaAppointed AUSC Ethiopia Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable Mr Elias Hailemariam; E-mail:auscethiopia@gmail.com]
6.KenyaAppointed AUSC Kenya Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable Miss Christine Muthoni Muchiri]
7.MadagascarAppointed AUSC Madagascar Chapter National Office [Representative,Honorable ........]
8.MalawiAppointed AUSC Malawi Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable Mr Davies Jiva, AUSC Malawi National Representative,]
9.Mauritius, Appointed AUSC Mauritius, Chapter National Office [Representative,Honorable ........]
10.MayotteAppointed AUSC Mayotte Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable ........]
11.MozambiqueAppointed AUSC Mozambique Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable Mr Arsenio Penga]
12.RéunionAppointed AUSC Reunion Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable ........]
13.RwandaAppointed AUSC Rwanda Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable Mr Niyonsenga Norbert]
14.SeychellesAppointed AUSC Seychelles Chapter National Office [Representative,Honorable ........]
15.SomaliaAppointed AUSC Somalia Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable ........]
16. South SudanAppointed AUSC South Sudan Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable ........]
17.UgandaAppointed AUSC Uganda Chapter National Office [Representative,
18.United Republic of TanzaniaAppointed AUSC Tanzania Chapter National Office [Representative,Honorable Mr Peter Peter Samson]
19.ZambiaAppointed AUSC Zambia Chapter National Office [Representative,
Honorable Mr Clement Chipili]
20.ZimbabweAppointed AUSC Zimbabwe Chapter National Office [Representative,Honorable Mr nyika Munashe Livion]


African Students' International Development Fund (ASIDF) was innovated from the African Union Students' Council (AUSC) to become the only possible fund of African Youth and Academicians to create the first Students' International Bank named African Students' International Development Bank (ASIDB) and to obtain the ASIDB International Board Membership the participant must be a registered AUSC member from any Recognized AUSC Office approved by an officially Appointed AUSC Representative by the Office of the Founder and President of AUSC in Kigali-Rwanda -East African Community(EAC).

To be admitted in the AUSC 's African Students' International Development Fund (ASIDF) for International  Board Membership , individual AUSC member must transfert the annual contribution fees to the ASIDF of initial amount of 120USD on the ASIDF International Account  in ECOBANK RWANDA below:

The following are new AUSC sub accounts opened in the ECOBANK-Rwanda and will be used to transfer any Contribution for your membership in the International Board of  African Students'  International Development Fund(ASIDF) whenever the person can be the ASIDF  account number is : 0010093812905902 in ECOBANK-RWANDA.

Every current AUSC Adherent Member must pay the initial ASIDF International Board Membership fees of 120USD as mentioned above which makes it possible to be added to the 1st List of Adherent and members of honor of AUSC who initiates the ASIDF International Board which will be notarized  at the Office of notary of the Headquarters of the AUSC in the Country of RWANDA  and be given the certificate for completion of Payment of the initial funds to the ASIDF Account mentioned above by the AUSC Founder and President's Office From Kigali.

Note: For other all transactions reserved for AUSC conferences ,workshops ,training and other academic purposes, the deposit must be done by using the following Account Number:  0010093812905903 of ASICTB in ECOBANK-RWANDA.

Call for Donations and Opportunities
Please if you have any other important opportunity to share to the African Union Students' Council (AUSC) International Communication Office, write to us from e-mail: ausc.communication.office@gmail.com ,
to be shared on the AUSC International Website to reach many Youth Across Africa and Worldwide.

Approved by

President and Founder of
P.O.Box: 6998 Kigali-Rwanda
E-mail: ausc.president.office@gmail.com


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