Welcome to the page of all AUSC Different Affairs Representatives  Team Members.
AUSC Different Affairs Representatives are those high level thinkers who design and present their Projects of development of African based on its young generation and aiming to build a better Africa We all deserve.

To get appointed as AUSC Different Affairs Representative, an individual must be a registered AUSC International Member who either contacts voluntarily current specific Appointed AUSC Team 2 Members made of AUSC Different Affairs  Representatives , AUSC Team 3  Members made of AUSC Africa-Diaspora Representatives , AUSC Team 5 Members made of AUSC Presidency's Special Advisors and Observers or You can immediately contact the AUSC International Communication Office in Kigali-Rwanda via E-mail: and copy to the office of AUSC President and Founder in Kigali-Rwanda via E-mail:

All 5 AUSC Different Affairs Representatives Team Members All: 
1. Mr Andrew Tangan (Cameroon), United Nations, European Union, Fracophonie and other Non -Students’ organizations, Title: AUSC (UN) Affairs Representative.

2. Mr Oboth Julius (Uganda), International Development Students’ Society Title: AUSC (IDSS) Affairs Representative.

3. Mr RUHUZA Hubert (Tanzania), Commonwealth Students‘ Associations Title: AUSC (CSA) Affairs Representative.

4. Mr Nyikirize Pius, ( Uganda), African Universities Guild Councils Title: AUSC (AUGC) Affairs Representative.

5. Mr Macdonald Sayed (Botswana), African National Students’ Associations Title: AUSC (ANSA) Affairs Representative.


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