The AUSC- ASIDF Organizational Structure from International Level to School Level with ruling team set according to the AUSC Economic Sciences  Division Structure below:

The Teams are set with usual AUSC Offices Leaders.

[1) ASIDF International Coordinator: Honorable Mr Georges NDAYISHIMIYE (with 5 additional staffs in  ASIDF International Office: those are listed below and must be from same Country 1) ASIDF International Administrative Assistant: 2) ASIDF International Secretary:3) ASIDF International Treasurer:4) ASIDF International Communication Officer: 5) ASIDF International Mobilizer ]
ASIDF International Office (Team) works in collaboration with ASIDF Regional, Diaspora, and National Offices)
It means:
2) ASIDF Regional Coordinators (5 with 4 additional Staffs per Regional Office)
3) ASIDF Diaspora Coordinators (Many with 4 additional Staffs per Office)
4) ASIDF National Coordinators (Many with 4additional Staff per Office)

Therefore, in respect to the AUSC International Action Plan 2016-2019 the AUSC President's Office leaders met on Friday March 31st, 2017 everyone confirmed own basic contribution to the ASIDF and fundraising 2 million Rwandan Francs with 1USD=830 Rwandan Francs to fund-raise the initial fund to open the 1st Bank Account inside the ECOBANK "The Pan African Bank" Named "African Union Students ' Council (AUSC)" and finally allowing the AUSC President's Office to proceed with opening two different Sub Accounts connected to the  Main Account and those sub accounts are the 1st named African Students' International Development Fund (ASIDF)  and the 2nd Named African Students' International Critical Thinkers Board (ASICTB) which will be used in all possible transactions reserved for AUSC Congresses, Conferences, Workshops, Training, Donations for different Academic and Leadership Purposes.

While ASIDF Account will be reserved for transactions reserved for opening different businesses to generate money that will keep increasing the ASIDF capacity to finally becoming capable of initiating the 1st Ever existed Young People Pan African Bank named African Students' International Development Bank (ASIDB) "For The Sustainable Developed Africa We Deserve " not later than December 31st,  2017.

Following the AUSC President's Office announced distribution of the AUSC International Action Plan 2016-2019 published online following this link : ,
Every AUSC Appointed Leader must read and memorize the ASIDF  three categories and decide in which category will be getting and for heads of all AUSC Chapters across the Continent of Africa and Worldwide must choose which Category they will register their Current AUSC Chapter Office and obtain final Appointment Certificate based on their AUSC National Office Completed Contribution inside ASIDF International Board by Submitting funds mentioned for a chosen ASIDF Category among the below three Categories not later than April 30th,  2017:

The 1st category of ASIDF allows you to become member of International Board of the ASIDF and will be able to get benefits based on your contributions in two years. Basic contribution is 120USD to be completed in one year only. 

The 2nd category allows you to become member of International Board of the ASIDF and African Students International Development Bank (ASIDB) benefits continue in 3 years. Basic contribution is 240USD to be completed in one year only. 

The 3rd category of ASIDF allows you to become member of the International Board of ASIDF, ASIDB and International African Students' Education Loan Board (IASELB). Basic contribution is 480USD to be completed in One year only. This is called Business class. 

Therefore,  if there will be Any new person asking how to join AUSC as member besides being appointed for any AUSC Leadership position inside AUSC, through the ASIDF categories is the only possible way non AUSC Leaders from March 31st, 2017 will be able to join AUSC, whoever will be added to any list as AUSC as AUSC Leader or AUSC non Leader Members will be considered only after joining at least one of the ASIDF Categories from the 1st category of the ASIDF to the 3rd category of the ASIDF. 

Therefore this is given to all AUSC Leaders as warning and instruction regarding any AUSC appointed Leader officially by the AUSC President's Office from Kigali-Rwanda East African Region that the only allowed AUSC Leaders to offer any Appointment permitting any individual person to become officially an AUSC Member must be made by AUSC Regional Representative, Diaspora Representative and AUSC National Representative.

While All Officially Appointed AUSC National Representatives are going soon to be redirected all their duties from AUSC National Representatives to the AUSC National Chapters Coordinators basing on their Commitments in completing the initial contribution for any Country joining AUSC must complete the ASIDF International Board Membership contribution with submitting the basic Contribution of 120USD not later than April 30th, 2017 fund raised from  committed  AUSC Leaders and AUSC Clubs Members of their Countries .

The new AUSC Leaders appointment done for free in any country where AUSC President has appointed AUSC Regional, Diaspora and National Representatives are no longer accepted inside AUSC since the Official Launching of the ASIDF on Friday 31st March, 2017 .

Therefore all AUSC Memberships from National and African Diaspora Level will be obtained through completing basic contribution to the ASIDF National or African Diaspora membership. Thus allowing new ASIDF Members admitted from current AUSC Offices to become automatically AUSC members to the AUSC International Level and all AUSC International Members will be given matriculation to identify them from Feke and falsified AUSC Memberships in upcoming years. 

Therefore, there is no more possibilities reserved to allow any AUSC Appointed Leader by the Office of the President of AUSC in Kigali -Rwanda -East Africa to appoint any new member inside AUSC without presenting a written report of that person's completely paid contribution to the ASIDF Account (Bank slip) in that Country in Africa or African Diaspora.
Finally, AUSC free membership became a closed system from March 31st, 2017 in order to promote ASIDF.
Thus, AUSC President's Office has limited all new appointments for only opening ASIDF memberships to be followed by automatic AUSC Membership.
Best regards.  
Iraguha Bandora Yves, 
AUSC President.
Kigali-Rwanda -East African Region. 
Tel&whatsapp: +250787384244.

Nationality of Burundi and resident in Burundi
is a 28 years old, a man with physical disabilities using crutches to move background in information and communication, and now, student in Economy and in management, worked as volunteer in position of  communication manager in NGO   fighting for rights of people with disabilities(u can and currently  serving as Ambassador of UN Convention of Rights of People with Disabilities in Burundi(handicap international Burundi).Am a Christian and single, passionate for Human rights, deeply stuck on rights  of people with disabilities and *pan African theory*.(UPHONDO( COMMUNITY, SAA) within All the objectives which are being worked on being related to SDG, and always keeping attention of each and every one on fourth SDG about social, political and economic  inclusion, with believe that the world will never reach SDG when there is any community of people left behind, whose vision will be realized when people with disabilities will be represented everywhere and in  everything concerning  all aspects of life, including Public life, and enjoying all SDG achievements.
About Leadership experiences He performed as:
1) General Representative of Students at university of wisdom of Africa (2014-2016)
2) President and legal representative of ANAPHIDI (nonprofit organization)
3) Communication manager in UPHB (Burundian network of associations of people with disabilities)
4) Founder of 4 small businesses.
About Economic experiences He had:
1) A strong collaboration with 2banks of Burundi (CRDB, INTERBANK BURUNDI) since 2004.
2) Collaboration with microfinance institutions of Burundi (hope fund Burundi, Mutec)
3) Management of 4 small organized businesses
4) Academic experience in faculty of management control
5) Accountant in IBE GLOBAL BUSINESS.
Keep strong to this great appointment inside the AUSC International Decentralized Leadership as you are from now appointed a special Position inside AUSC as Honorable Mr Georges NDAYISHIMIYE , the ASIDF International Coordinator .
Thank you and Congratulations to You for being interested in joining African Union Students' Council (AUSC) International Decentralized Leadership with an extraordinary

And the whole ASIDF Leading Team from ASIDF International Level to National Level will be your Team to coordinate its all Activities and to appoint its Leaders is The AUSC President's Office Duties as well as to receive Reports.
ASIDF International Office assisted by AUSC International Committee are definitely allowed to create ASIDF school Clubs on National Level.
Therefore you are advised to mobilize the 5 additional ASIDF International Office Leaders to complete your Office as instructed above as quickly as possible).
To be able to Start your Regional, Diaspora, National, mobilization of other ASIDF Offices all, .
Do your Job as much as possible; with this above structure to be fully completed with all Offices physical leaders all completed.
Congratulations and courage with your hard work is the Africans all and as well our pleasure to have you appointed for International Leadership of this strong Team to lead with success this AUSC Economic Sciences Division. Congratulations.
We shall launch officially the ASIDF on February 7th, 2017 and your International   Committee i.e: Yourself+5 additional staffs must be available in the AUSC International Communication Office Database, with all their names, tells, E-mails, motivation Letters all sent to the AUSC International Communication Office via:
Follow this link to join the African Union Students' Development Fund Only Group, where you will be sharing your strong brain and lead the Africa to a Self-reliant Africa We Deserve.
Follow this link to join ASIDF Whats App group:
Please design a beautiful announcement that includes all the ASIDF Organizational Structure above finish the Announcement and immediately paste it in your Main Whats App Group shared above ,and give a call for Application for people who will occupy those vacant positions ,
Assign some body to become the ASIDF International Office Communication Officer, then Assign him/her all the duties you need to make to complete an online office including Strong Twitter Account, Google Plus account, Soon a Website, and will be generating hashtag for ASIDF to circulate to the Whole Globe, We are transforming Africa, to make it a better place we deserve as young generation as deserving our next generations on this continent of Africa.
Thank you for applying to join AUSC and Congratulations for this new AUSC Appointment following the AUSC International Action Plan 2016-2019. Good luck in this new Appointment for these Attributions, Duties and Responsibilities offered as accountable assignments to practically and positively Change this Continent of AFRICA.
Signed on January 9th, 2017...🏿
Approved on January 25th, 2017, .
Mr IRAGUHA BANDORA Yves, RN,MD in Training ,Year 5, University of Rwanda
President of African Union Students ' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve"



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