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The Concept Paper for the 3rd All Afrikana First Youth Congress (3rd AAFYC 2019) from 27th to 30th October , 2019 at KIGALI HillTop Hotel &Country Club.2

1.  Introduction
The African Union Students' Council has been set as the first ever inclusive leadership training family of the youth of Africa, creating the first Pan-African Youth Congress,, to make all African Students and Young Educated generations to seat dawn and converse on deepest ways to keep shaping a better Africa We Deserve , as Deserving our next Generation, to become more independent and grow up with deep struggle heritage, great struggle for our pre-colonial , Colonial, and post-colonial History.
AUSC International Committee involved All African Youth including Inventors, Innovators, Artists to get prepared to attend an extraordinary work for "The  Third All Afrikana First Youth Congress(3rd AAFYC 2019)" Organized by AUSC, in Kigali, Rwanda Date: October 27th-30th, 2019.
The first Pan -African youth Congress is extremely important where the pan-African intellectuals join their physical and Mental forces together and as an outcome; there is practical ways to integrate and network our youth to contribute intellectually in making the African Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) be achieved before the expected years 2030 throughout the African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve" as being invited to visit the AUSC online. The project consultation was attributed to the AUSC President’s Office with AUSC Presidency Special Advisors and Observers Team Members.

2.  Background
Do our African youth know where they have been; do they also know where they are now and indeed where they are going?  If they want to know, they should look back and revive the neglected positive history to draw lessons to facilitate their journey to unite Africa now. Such historical moments, provide the opportunity to reflect, on how they can re-educate themselves, to move forwards and upwards by avoiding embarking on the wrong journey towards making a free and well-being anchored Africa future for all.
The Male and Female genders between 05 - 35 years are defined as youth in Africa. The youths in Africa are the majority and constitute about 65 % of the African population. About 70% of the African youth are said to be living in the rural areas. Studies attest that a rich supply and source of Africa’s labour force are the youths. According to the African Economic Outlook, approximately 72 % of African youth subsist daily on less than $ 2.00 a day.  As a whole, in Africa 60% of the unemployed population are the youths. Unemployment rates vary regionally.  In Sub-Sahara Africa, unemployed youth constitute 40%. Youth unemployment rates are twice the number of adult unemployment in most African countries. Even in South Africa, a country that is perceived to be the leading African country economically, youth unemployment is estimated as high as 54 %. Instead of all the youths in Africa being educated, we are on the contrary faced with a high number of uneducated youths. Majority of the graduates in Africa do not get jobs. There is a skills mismatch in getting job, because the skills attained by graduates do not relate to the employer’s needs. So, the education systems need to evolve a skills matching with job creation and job filling directions.
The African Union Student Council (AUSC) has a definite role by reaching all youths and creating the ways to make sure all African youth are educated. With the proper education they can have a decent, free, independent, well anchored and promising livelihood wherever they are in Africa. The African youths should live sustainably by achieving a life full of productive employment, decent work. This process requires the fostering of inter-African collaboration amongst all the stakeholders including governments, education institutions, businesses, investors, industries, civil society and communities. The power of the African youth must be unlocked to create an Africa that can use its rich resources to make all its inhabitants have descent work throughout their lives.
Justas the African liberation effort started with the series of Pan-African congresses, the AUCS has resolved to start a new journey to create a vibrant African youth that is inspired and driven by creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. So to realize this vision, like food and water, all African youth must be educated. The African continent must appreciate education is not just a means to life, but it is life itself. AUSC aimed to reach African youths by initiating the First ALL-AFRIKANA FIRST YOUTH CONGRESS. The main mission is to bring youths to know each other, network and learn to be “Africans first”. AUSC aims to  create a strong Africa that is full of agency to make the wellbeing of all its people a priority of priorities and Africa’s natural environment as sustainable, a clean climate and friendly forever.  

The First ALL-Afrikana First Youth Congress has given birth to all the followed and others to follow AUSC Congresses including the 3rd All Afrikana First Youth Congress (3rd AAFYC 2019) from 27th to 30th October , 2019 at KIGALI HillTop Hotel &Country Club.
This congress will come again on the same topics that will keep magnifying the points shared in this concept note.
The 5th Pan-African Congress on October 15-21 in 1945, created a “paradigm shift” to resist colonialism by any necessary means. Similarly, we at AUSC would like to organize the 3rd All Afrikana First Youth Congress to be held in October 27th to 30th, 2019 in Kigali, Rwanda. Together with the partners, including stakeholders such as Governments, universities, businesses, civil society and communities will make the African youth forever vibrant, highly educated, productive, spirited and energetic force to contribute in the making of Africa strong, proud, free and independent.
All the African youth without exception must be educated. Education is for all Africans and no different from food and water. The youths must grow by learning and behaving as “Africans first and foremost”. They must not degrade themselves to ethnicity and tribes that colonialists cynically established to divide and rule. The colonial division still plagues Africa for her resources and continues to be robbed. Every year, six times more resources go out of Africa than it gets. It is to be remembered that Africa is a donator not a beggar. Africa is casted as caged in a loan, dependent on aid, debt ridden, and donation dependent and in the begging trap. This situation has to be changed by stopping the resources that flow out with illicit financing and corruption. Moreover, the returned resources should be used to help African youths to be fully employed and productive.  It is said earlier, that the youths are still the primary labour force in Africa. So, every young person must be educated without exception, so that energetic, creative, innovative, entrepreneurial, committed youths can be built and nurtured to transform Africa once and for all. This youth population will make Africa as a continent to contribute towards saving humanity with its deep and rich philosophy of “Ubuntu” and the humane associational values and principles.
The youths must re-imagine Africa with the capacity to innovate, sense of unity and renaissance.  The youth must promote pan-African unity that means African agency will not be delayed.  Without unity, no African agency, no African renaissance will happen. African unity is critical to realize the full synergy of political and economic independence.  This unity must have been yesterday; but let the failure to unite yesterday be a commitment to stop delaying African unity and renaissance anymore. Let’s do it today. The youth have to be the unifier game changers and change-makers. The Pan-African Federation hopes to realize this unity in the next 30 years and not as the AU hopes in 2063.The AUSC may be able to mobilize the youth to accelerate African unity without fail every day.
There have been a few recent efforts in this regards. In South Africa, the African Unity for renaissance conferences was initiated in 2010. ( Beside this, we also have initiated the Pan-African Talent initiative (PATI). Its main purpose is to turn Africa as the talent and innovation hub of the world. Africa should be the talent destination, and not as the talent departure zone of the world. Talent retention, talent gain, talent reverse migration must be promoted. This process will become effectively successful incorporating with all the stakeholders, particularly the private and corporate world. They must contribute substantially to raise funds to promote employable talented graduates in the training process to avoid the current unacceptable skills mismatch. The PATI Returning Talent Fund (RTF) is established to raise funds.   The first inaugural conference for PATI-RTF was held in Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria ( with the participation of private sector, students, professors and government. The conference aimed to create sustainable collaboration to promote talent gain in and for Africa. Now The Africa Talent Hub Community Interest Company has been established to mobilize resources to enable, empower and entitle the African education to become creators, innovators and entrepreneurs.
We have also started the Afrikana post-graduate academy (AGPA) to create high quality post-graduates across Africa. The academy held twice a year invited masters and doctoral researchers on the research methodology and quality writing skills.
There is the African Entrepreneurship Award (AEA) transcending borders and getting the young people to create in the uncharted ideas and new solutions by creating new firms. The Award is a pan-African, stimulating in the 54 states over 2000 entrepreneurial businesses. AEA is a true motivator and inter-African youth mobility generator. (
We have also opened an education platform for African unity and renaissance (AUR) for an integrated development. ( The AUR conference aimed to make the world aware that the contribution of Africa to the world is rich. This platform advocates the education of Africans using the current e-learning outlets to reach all.
A new approach to generate positive understanding of Africa by challenging the current dominance of portraying Africa as a passive participant in the creation of knowledge is much needed. Africa has contributed a lot though not recognized and appreciated and will no doubt continue to contribute hugely to the rest of the world. The knowledge, struggle and spiritual narratives that are negative must be surpassed and the excavation of Africa’s rich contributions from the past to the present as the foundation for the future must be done without fail. There is a need to spread education using a variety of e-learning platforms. Let the African youth, learn the power of networking and togetherness with trust and confidence to overcome all the problems Africa has now. The youth are the problem solvers today and should make sure there is no problem for Africa tomorrow.
     A.   Panels
1.     1) The Presentations by Different delegations of African Union Students' Council (AUSC) chapters from across the Continent of Africa and Diaspora.
2.      2) The the future Generation Challenges for Africa Unity
3.      3) The Pan-African Innovations and  Initiatives
4.      4) The Review on the African Academic challenges in 18th and 21st century
5.      5) The AUSC International Action Plan 2019-2022
6.      6) The overview on the most 7 famous Pan-African Congresses since 18th till 21st century.
   B.   Conference
TITLE: Challenges to overcome in mobilizing the Afrikana youth to create the Africa united and renascent
1     1) African Youth knowledge on education in the current education system
2     2) African Youth knowledge on African Political heritage
        3) African Youth knowledge on African Spiritual Heritage
        4) African Youth knowledge on African Struggle Heritage
        5) African Youth knowledge on learning Afrikana languages
         6) African Youth knowledge on Entrepreneurship both economic and social entrepreneurship
         7) African Youth knowledge on creations, inventions and innovations   
        8) African Youth knowledge on their role in the African creative industry, arts and music
       9) African Youth knowledge on their gender roles in uniting Africa
    10) African Youth knowledge on Agenda 63: for  African unity
    11) African Youth knowledge on Removing leadership curse, state curse, institution curse
    12) African Youth knowledge on creating predictable and sustainable African unity anchored system
Conference abstracts and papers must be attached via:
The Congress and Conference, AUSC Online Application
Link: and it will continue until June 30th, 2019.
Abstracts should include:
1.      1) The title in a concise form
2.     2) Intended Conference theme
3.      3) Name of authors
4.      4) Affiliation of Authors
5.      5) Corresponding e-mail address
6.      6) The abstract should not be more than 1000 words,
7) The scientific Committee will review all submitted abstracts and authors will be notified within two weeks after the deadline for submission.
Important dates
1.      1) Deadline for submission of abstracts   January 30, 2019
2.      2) Submission of full papers August 30, 2019
3.      3) Registration will close on 30 September, 2019
During the October 27th -30th, 2019 there will be also time for doing the following:
·         1) Exhibitions in Afrikana arts
·         2) Cultural shows
·         3) Youth invention demonstrations
·         4) Opportunity for youth to join together to do inter-African entrepreneurship
·         5) The African Entrepreneurship award
·         6) Poster presentations
·         7) Brain storming on the Hosting Country and continent and forming the organizing Committee of the Fourth ALL-AFRIKANA YOUTH CONGRESS (4th AAFYC 2020).

AUSC International Executive Committee 2019-2022 Members invited to receive the African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve"Presidency announcement for the 3rd AUSC International General Assembly 2019 on the 2nd day of the 3rd All Afrikana First Youth Congress (3rd AAFYC 2019) from 27th to 30th October , 2019 at KIGALI HillTop&Country Club Hotel. 
During the 2nd All Afrikana First Youth Congress (2ndAAFYC2018) in its 2nd International General Assembly of African Union Students' Council (AUSC), it was approved that the former AUSC International Transitional Committee 2016-2019 ,will lead the AUSC International Executive Committee 2019-2022 with aim to keep important updates to the current leadership of African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve".

Small modifications that will be made will focus on completion of still pending  important projects that were designed to complete the AUSC International Action Plan 2016-2019.

The current AUSC International Action Plan 2019-2022 will be published online on 1st July 2019, and this will be officially endorsed during the 3rd AUSC International General Assembly 2019 on the 2nd day of the 3rd All Afrikana First Youth Congress (3rd AAFYC 2019) from 27th to 30th October , 2019.

African Union Students’ Council International Executive Committee on the International Level Members 2019-2022 Names and Attributions:

I. All AUSC Presidential Team Members All:

1. Dr. Iraguha Bandora Yves, MD (Rwanda), Title: AUSC President and Founder, Staying in Kigali-Rwanda.

2. Mr Jomo Eric (Kenya), Title: AUSC Vice President for Democracy and Participation, Staying in Nairobi-Kenya.

3. Mr SAA Bobo LENO (Guinea), Title: AUSC Vice President for Advocacy and Partnership, Staying in Conakry-Guinea.

4. Mr Eliezel Habineza (Rwanda), Title: AUSC Vice President For AUSC President's Office Internal Affairs, Staying in Kigali-Rwanda.

5. Mr Rutayisire Francois Xavier (Rwanda), Title: AUSC International Communication Officer, Staying in Kigali-Rwanda.

6. Mr Prosper Dzitse (Ghana), Title: 1st AUSC International Committee Senior Adviser, Staying in Accra-Ghana

7. Proffesor Mammo Muchie (Re-appointment May 20th, 2018), Title: AUSC Presidency's Special Adviser For African Union Focal Point.

8. Mr Niyonsenga Norbert (Rwanda), Title: AUSC Executive Secretary For The AUSC President's Office.

9. Miss Nyiribambe Odile Bandora (Rwanda), Title: AUSC President For Conflict Resolution Committee, AUSC President's Offic, Staying in Kigali-Rwanda. 

10. Mrs Bateta Henriette (Rwanda),Vice president to the AUSC President For Conflict Resolution Committee, AUSC President's Office,  Staying in Kigali-Rwanda.

11. Mr Hategekimana Emmanuel (Rwanda), Title:Treasurer, AUSC President's Office,  Staying in Kigali-Rwanda.

12. Mr Munezero Jean de Dieu (Rwanda), Title:ASIDB Advisor, AUSC President's Office,  Staying in Kigali-Rwanda.

13. Miss Uwambayinema Grace (Rwanda), Title: ASICTB Advisor, AUSC President's Office,  Staying in Kigali-Rwanda.

14. Miss  Twizere Aimee Pascaline (Rwanda), Title: IASELB Advisor, AUSC President's Office,  Staying in Kigali-Rwanda. 

15. Mr  Maniriho Sylvere (Rwanda), Title: ASINMB Advisor, AUSC President's Office,  Staying in Kigali-Rwanda.

16. Miss Uwineza Josiane (Rwanda), AUSC International Coordinator For 2nd All Afrikana First Youth Congress(2nd AAFYC 2018).

17. Miss Uwineza Odile , AUSC International Vice Coordinator For 2nd All Afrikana First Youth Congress(2nd AAFYC 2018).

18. Miss Uwantege Leontine AUSC International Secretary For 2nd All Afrikana First Youth Congress(2nd AAFYC 2018).

19. Mr  Nteziyaremye Balinda Vicky Oni (Rwanda), AUSC International Treasurer For 2nd All Afrikana First Youth Congress(2nd AAFYC 2018). 

20. Miss Alimatu Jalloh (Conakry Guinea), AUSC Presidency's Special Advisor For AUSC New International Leaders Recruitment Focal Point.

21. Miss Uwase Marie Ange (Rwanda), Title: ASIDF Advisor, AUSC President's Office,  Staying in Kigali-Rwanda. 

22. Miss Hashimwimana Marcella Delice (Rwanda), AUSC President's Assistant to The AUSC International Coordinator For The 2ndAAFYC 2018, and Appointed AUSC Rwanda High School Clubs Coordinator, and AUSC-Rwanda Commonwealth Students' Association(CSA) Coordinator.

23. Mr Jimmy Omal (Uganda), AUSC international Action Plan Innovative and Creative Manager.

II. All 5 AUSC African Regions Representatives Team Members All :

1. Mr Daniel Maithya (Kenya), Title: AUSC East Africa Regional Representative., Staying in Nairobi -Kenya.

2. Mr Frankson Thuva Charo, (Sudan), Title: AUSC Northern Africa Regional Representative.

3. Mr Daniel Emeka Nwachukwu (Nigeria), Title: AUSC Western Africa Regional Representative.

4. Mr EnowAwah Georges Stevens (Cameroon), Title: AUSC Middle Africa Regional Representative.

5. Miss Simangele Mbali Msweli (South Africa), Title: AUSC Southern Africa Regional Representative.

III. All 5 AUSC Different Affairs Representatives Team Members All: 

1. Mr Andrew Tangan (Cameroon), United Nations, European Union, Fracophonie and other Non -Students’ organizations, Title: AUSC (UN) Affairs Representative.

2. Mr Oboth Julius (Uganda), International Development Students’ Society Title: AUSC (IDSS) Affairs Representative.

3. Mr RUHUZA Hubert (Tanzania), Commonwealth Students‘ Associations Title: AUSC (CSA) Affairs Representative.

4. Mr Nyikirize Pius, ( Uganda), African Universities Guild Councils Title: AUSC (AUGC) Affairs Representative.

5. Mr Macdonald Sayed (Botswana), African National Students’ Associations Title: AUSC (ANSA) Affairs Representative.

Follow this Link:  to apply to attend the 3rd All Afrikana First Youth Congress organized by the AUSC President ' Office
Congratulations to all Young People of Africa to come together with heart to fully decolonize our Continent and build a better Africa we deserve as deserving our next generations.

READ IMPORTANT ARTICLE  FROM AUSC PRESIDENT Updated for  September 1st up to October 4th, 2019.

Approved on March 2nd, 2019 , From Kigali-Rwanda, 
THE COMMEMORATION OF THE BERLIN CONFERENCE   April 23, 2019, at the Wilhelm Streets (Allemagne Berlin)

AUSC participates in the African History Month March ,2019 with celebrating ADWA Great African VICTORY


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