Sunday, September 2, 2018

The AUSC Presidential Invitation For Abstracts Submission and participation in the 2nd All Afrikana First Youth Congress (2nd AAFYC2018) In Kigali-Rwanda At Dove Hotel From 14th To 17th October 2018

Dear invitees to the 2nd All Afrikana First Youth Congress (2nd AAFYC2018) In Kigali-Rwanda At Dove Hotel From 14th To 17th October 2018,

It is our pleasure to remind you to keep preparing your effective participation in this coming congress 2nd AAFYC2018. Click Here see How to obtain an official Individual Invitation

Congress concept note is available online , for your review and encouraging you to submit your abstracts in case you wish to share your experiences with other delegates during this congress and appearing in the  2nd AAFYC2018   Declaration.

The registration is continued online for other  delegates who are not registered in the AUSC Congresses delegates databases and you are as well invited to keep sharing this link (

The AUSC congress divides its activities into three particular days with every day having its specific program , and finally produce the declaration that contains the overview of the whole congress activities where the 1st day is reserved from AUSC International Conference with AUSC members, leaders and non AUSC leaders and members as all delegates to the AUSC Congress participate  with aim to discuss on different congress points as published in the concept note; the second day is reserved for AUSC International General Assembly where Only AUSC Appointed leaders are allowed to participate and discuss on the AUSC International Action Plan and share experiences from different AUSC Offices on International Level and plan for the next AUSC International General Assembly; and the 3rd day which is the last day of the congress is reserved for Touring for sight seeing and socializing with all delegates of the AUSC Congress and departure of delegates.
We would like to share the link ( ) to the 1st All Afrikana First Youth Congress (1st AAFYC2017)  that took place at Kigali Hill Top Hotel and Country Club from October 15th to 18th , 2017.

Registration fees transfer details: You will be able to transfer your registration  fee for 2nd AAFYC2018 on this account below:
Bank Account Name: AFRICAN UNION STUDENTS COUNCIL Account Number: 0010093812905901 in ECOBANK-RWANDA. Ecobank Rwanda Swift Code : ECOCRWRW

In order to make easier the process to register for participation to 2nd AAFYC 2018 , all registration fess for the congress delegates will be waived to all who will not need to be hosted by the organizing committee of the congress. Thus, delegates will independently find accommodations, meals and transportation means during the congress period while attendance to the congress activities will be free of charge and no granted accommodations, meal and transportation facilities will be available for delegates who have not submitted the structured registration fee in the concept note as published online via the link : .

Therefore, We welcome you all in this upcoming 2nd AAFYC2018 Kigali-Rwanda .

Best regards.

AUSC Congress Organization Committee Team.
Whatsapp: +250736196204

The African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve"

International Communication Office(ICO).

P.O.Box: 6998 Kigali-Rwanda.


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