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1. List of AUSC International Partners Organizations and Institutions Officially Registered by 28th April, 2018

 List of AUSC International Partners Organizations and Institutions Officially Registered by 28th April, 2018:
1)      Rwanda Nursing Sciences Students' Organization (RNSSO)"Arise and Shine"
2)      National Association of Building Students
3)      Rwanda Nursing Science Students Organization
4)      Hecleadoritaci University Foundation
5)      Liberia National Students Union (LINSU)
6)      Ur Cavm
7)      Limpopo Youth Community Development Programs Coalition(LYCDPC)
8)      National Association of Building students, Nigeria
9)      Walden International Students
10)   African Union Students' Council USA-Africa Diaspora
11)   Sons and Daughters of Africa
13)   African Cultural Embassy Association
14)   none
15)   Climate and Sustainable Development Network
16)   Gateway Social Education and Health Sciences Institute
17)   Sons And Daughters Of Africa (SADA) (Africanization Society)
19)   Unesco youth forum kenya
20)   Rwanda Pharmaceutical Students Association, International Pharmaceutical Students Federation
21)   youth peer association
22)   African Dental Students Association
23)   ITAAL Youth Development Organization
24)   National African Student Association
25)   ethiopian biotechnology institute
26)   Global African Migrants Professional Association
27)   youth neccesities on transition uganda
28)   GHARBI Sif El Hak
29)   African Scholars and Knowledge Consortium
30)   Greater Nigeria Initiative
31)   Pan Africa University

2.       Their AUSC Representatives:
1)      Iraguha Bandora Yves
2)      Lawal Abdulhamid
3)      KWIZERA Leon Clement
4)      Jean Claude Kamwenubusa
5)      Mohammed Kamara
6)      Hagenimana Jean de Dieu
7)      Ntabane Kopedi Alfred
8)      Ocheje Friday
9)      Mulumba Mathias Ssuuna
10)   Daria Imbukwa
11)   Philemon Opoku Tontoh
12)   Gerard Mporananayo
13)   Ambassador Colpas Kari Numfor
14)   momanyi mandege
16)   Daniel Monta Mulenga
17)   Dr. Kofi Agyapong
18)   ousmane doumbia
19)   Ibrahim mohamed bulle
21)   Remaz Mohamed Hussein Hammad
22)   Abanob Yosry Naguib Sherif
23)   Mohamed Abukar Jim'ale
24)   Kenneth Kungania
25)   sandokan debebe jemaneh
26)   Ayalew Asfaw Shebeshi
27)   mugisha haffiizu
28)   Gharbi Sif
29)   Walter Shosanya
30)   Isagbah Chinedu Jesse
31)   Akinade Mary Oluwabunmi

3.       Mission, vision and objectives of each of the Partners Organizations from top to downwards:
1)      Promote Health Sciences in Rwanda and out side Rwanda.
Bring all Nursing Sciences Students in the ways to be come more professionals .
1. Research Promotion
2. Out reach the community
3. Networking
4. Empowerment of Members
5. Scholarship for members
2)      To Provide Self Development Opportunities that Empowers Student Builders to be Productive in their Field of Specialization and Encourage Professional Practice.
To create a mind-set that will confine with the professional ethics in order to be productive in achieving buildability and economical product (construction) that will be of great benefit to the construction industry and society at large.
1. To promote the Science and Practice of Building Technology, Building Maintenance, Building Surveying, Building Production/Construction Management and Project Management including all research and publication of the results for public benefit.
2. To establish and maintain a high standard of competence and Conduct of those about to be engaged in the said Science and practice of Building and the education and research connected therewith.
3. To provide a forum for meeting and discussing matters of mutual interest to student Builders in Nigeria and to preserve and further the interest of those within.
4. To promote and stimulate the improvement of the technical and general knowledge of persons training to be engaged in the Building profession.
5. To create awareness of the public in engaging the services of Builders fpr site execution of Building projects by managing its production process.
6. To ensure adequate training and utilization of student Builders in the progress of the Institute.
3)      To help nursing sciences students to bridge the way from student’s role to
professional nursing and midwifery roles in Rwanda and Worldwide.
Building the better future of nursing and midwifery profession in Rwanda by leading
our nursing sciences students in the way to achieve it.
1. Improving Nursing and Midwifery Research capacity.

2. Advocate for main
health issues in and outside our country .

3. Improving Quality of Care,

4. Improving Ethical Standards in our profession, and

5. Improving Scholarships opportunities to our
members and out side correspondence with internationally nominated excellent Nursing
Sciences training Universities.
4)      Affronting barriers generations face on accessing to vocational training, quality education, further training and research.
To be a constructed campus network across the continents way to easy access to university infrastructure, leading the nurturing, safe and student-centered teaching, research and learning environment that stimulates everybody for long-life learning in a rigorous academic and co-curricular that prepares and qualifies students of diverse background to succeed and grow intellectually, socially, morally and physically to their fullest individual potential, for leadership and service as global citizens.
(HU) Foundation pursues the following objectives

1. To promote a lifestyle and vision centered on human values of respect, dignity, and equality;

2. To propose a rich, solid, and useful education for the human beings and their environment;

3. To encourage scientific research to meet needs of this and future generation to come;

4. To confer academic titles according to Burundi laws, policies and international standards

5. To develop inter-university cooperation both in Burundi and abroad,

6. To organize short-term professional trainings;

7. To confer merit and excellence awards as decided by the university foundation.
5)      Built the delivery capacity of students and seek legal redress whenever these rights are trampled upon
To protect the rights of students and formulate educational programs to impact Liberian students and the word at large.
1. Academic freedom
2. Social Justice
3. Pan Africanism
4. Victory through struggle
5. Advocacy
6)      Edication
Sustainable edication
Valuable education,ethical,sustainable
7)      Address the diverse social issues faced with youth in African rural communities.
Restore the identity, dignity, humanity and cultures of Africans through access to education.
The LYCDPC Objective are:
1. Lobbying funds (settling Monetary) for student issues which includes fees for: application, registration, accommodation, transport, nutritional security.
2. Facilitating and providing advisory when applying for both the financial support and institutional admission.
3. Morally and academically support students from different walks of life by offering mentorship.
4. To have a pad drive every months for the benefit and emancipation of the girl-child in the community.
5. Create and promote voluntary programs (Cleaning, Recycling and planting plants/flowers on streets, shopping complex, towns).
6. Re-establishing the peer support groups through creating community, regional, provincial and national youth parliament to conscioutise, engage and find new scheme, strategies and tactics of reconstructive development and solving youth issues in South African communities.
7. Discover, expose and nurture talent that lead to accountable and responsible leadership.
8)      Promoting and stimulating the improvement of the technical and general knowledge of Building Students
To engage our members in becoming a professional Builder

1. To heighten the spirit of solidarity among building students nationally and to create a forum for interaction.
2. To encourage students registration and participation in professional bodies of relevance in the building industry.
3. To provide a forum for meeting and discussing matters of mutual interest to student Builders in Nigeria and to preserve and further the interest of those within.
4. To encourage the advancement of building education in Nigeria.
5. To promote public awareness of the role, functions and scope of services of the Building profession by publications, lectures, exhibitions and any other public enlightenment programmes considered appropriate.
9)      To organize students internationally to contribute to emotional and logistical support to benefit from carrier development
Sustainable livelihoods
To mobilise students to be unified
To encourage each other in time of need
To connect each other to opportunities
To support promote education carriers
To support sustainable development
10)   The mission of this council is to help empower youth of African diaspora in the USA, and help create strong leadership skills of aspiring future African and world organisations. As well as other various organisations.
Vision: USA. U is for unite S is for Support and A is for Afrikans. unite and support Africans. This is the vision for the USA branch here in America. First unite all divided groups of Africans and support then in becoming stronger as one. As the youth. As the future of tomorrow  l
1. Unite
2. Support one another
3. Empower youth and lead by examples
4. Take good advantage of resources given to us here in America
5. Grow as individuals and move into the real world with superior leadership skills.
11)   SADA seeks to restore and develop a new breed of who are purpose-driven, creative and innovative, highly moralized and well equipped to cause a personal, national and a continental transformation. We are poised with the desire to transform lives by inculcating in our generation the desire to restore our cultural values, norms and promote cultural education, as well as formal and higher education.
To to restore and promote the Pan African culture, promote education, as well as investment and entrepreneurship. This can be achieved through the formulation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of policies and plans in partnership with the necessary stakeholders.
• We seek to restore, preserve, promote and exhibit the historical, cultural, customs, moral principles and natural heritage of Africa.

• We will mobilize all Africans for the purpose of becoming producers of goods and services and to improve the physical and spiritual conditions of all African people through the study and the restoration of African personality, values, culture and history.

• To research, compile, teach and disseminate the traditional songs-social, cultural rites, religious, war, peace and other songs; proverbs, stories, and others so as to preserve what we inherited from our ancestors.

• To foster the spirit of CONTINENTAL PRIDE IN ALL AFRICANS-those at home and those abroad.

• To encourage and promote cultural education in schools, churches and communities.
12)   IGIHANGO investment group' mission is to create jobs, more specifically to the youth and solve the the problem of job seeking by both graduates and non graduates in Africa
We are targeting to reduce unemployment by financing different projects initiated by the members with in a period of 4 years
1. To reduce unemployment in Rwanda
2. To facilitate quick access to finances institutions by the youths
3. To extend company services to other schools in UR and other colleges
4. Facilitate easly startup of business by youths.
5. To participate in developing of our country
13)   Working to foster African cultural and public diplomacy in and out of Africa as well to educate and inform the underserved population about our culture, identity, image and reputation .also to serve as a protection and assistance hub for every African Indigene in any parts of the world.

To promote , preserve ,protect and diversify Africans identity and their culture through socio-cultural cooperation with the entire world for diplomatic ends
1)To promote every African states culture within Africa and the rest of the world through cultural diplomacy.
2) To protect the African man’s image irrespective of their color or background
3) To promote  Africa’s socio cultural and economic development
4) To promote peace and conflict resolution through cultural exchange
5) To establish cultural promotion centers in and out of Africa
6) To teach the undeserved and be a reference center for African culture
7) To promote and ease the movement of people, their culture and goods within Africa and the rest of the world
8) To foster and developed African cultural diplomacy within international community
9) To serve as African cultural ambassador beyond the continent
10) To award and recognize peace setters, developers and promoters of our African culture
14)   None
15)   To initiate and promote pro-poor development and equity based
positions from the local, state and national levels on various
environmental, sustainable development and other international
conventions that Nigeria is a signatory
An environment free from the adverse impacts of climate change with sustainable development, equity and justice for all
1. To embark on advocacy, research and public education on
varied issues relating climate change and sustainable
2. To optimise the utilisation of local structures, experts and
resources for climate change and sustainable development in
Nigeria through cross-fertilisation of experiences.
3. To collaborate with experts in the area of research and
documentation in the field of climate change and sustainable
development as it affects and relates to communities in Nigeria.
4. To empower and strengthen, the capacity and capability of
members and other similar institutions in Nigeria, by offering
technical support in order to enhance the effectiveness of
engagement in climate and sustainable development issues.
5. To liaise with similar bodies, local and international, with a view
to coordinating efforts in pursuit of similar objectives
16)   Committed to quality, comprehensive, practical value addition learning programs, research and consultancy, through cooperating partners, and using endorsed regulated traditional and innovative curricula that inculcates intellectual competencies
Become the Center of Excellence in Capacity Building, Professional and Skills Development, reactive to the needs of individuals, corporate and communities within the region
1. To establish and operationalize faculties of full time learning education: open and distance learning education, with academic program directorates and other amenities that enhance conducive learning environment by 2021

2. To effectively prepare and graduate at least 50 professional competent students per annum

3. To provided in-service tailored short course programs that shall inculcate professional and skill development to at least 50 persons, enabling service delivery

4. To strengthen at least 25 academic, 25 professionals, 25 adult literacy per annum through institutionalised tuitions, research and consultancy

5. To inculcate and equip at least 25 orphans and vulnerable children, and, disadvantaged excluded youths per annum with vocational, entrepreneurship knowledge and skills
17)   Promote African culture, history, religion, ways of life, stories, traditional dancing
To assist Africans students and workers in need of help
18)   Is to offer young African a chance to improve their skills and develop understanding for public policy, community issues and engage them in career development with leadership and entrepreneurial strategies
is to provide opportunities for young Africans to engage in career development through different programs such as internships, training facilities, jobs and volunteer activities.
• Advance critical thinking and reasoning skills.
• Foster unity and peace among learners, mentors, employers, the common populace and the authority to be in an atmosphere in which education identity of all will take precedents over political, religious and ethnic differences.
• Assist professionally, morally and economically disfavored learners and support the reinforcement of a peace institutional capacities.
• Learn to overcome and calm speaking anxieties and receive valuable training for future careers and develop improved study habit and research skills.
• Partake in volunteer activities: if it is apolitical.
• Be more aware of a wider range of people, personalities and cultures
19)   The aim of the Kenya National Commission for UNESCO Youth Forum is to perpetuate UNESCO’s mandate of building peace in the minds of men and women through youth participation in interdisciplinary and multiplicative approaches to national problems.
The purpose of the KNATCOM-UNESCO Youth Forum is to contribute to the peace and security of Kenya through education, science and culture in order to further respect for justice, human rights, fundamental freedoms and also to help empower the youth of Kenya. The organization endeavors to promote collaboration amongst youths from all nations
Promote and embrace the concept of peace amongst the youths in Kenya.
Promote human rights awareness amongst the youth in Kenya.
Implement creative ideas and strategies in the form of projects and activities in Kenya.
Represent the youth in Kenya.
Develop and implement leadership programmes to help empower the youth.
20)   Promotion of sustainable Health Care through Pharmacy practice and research as well as empower the Rwandan youth community about their reproductive, Social and Civic education through advocacy, information sharing and trans formative education while nurturing the culture of Human Rights
We envision a youthful leadership that is analytical, enlightened, reflective, and responsive dedicated        to service of humanity
Encouragement of Research  and education
Improving Leadership skills among the members
Humanitarian activities
Health promotion among the people

Providing internship through students exchange program

Improving partnership with other organizations
21)   Spreading informations about reproductive health between youth
Exchange tha knowledge among youth at the same age the knowledge and skills between youth at the same age.
2.spreading the knowledge of reproductive health and sexual transmitted diseases among youth.
3.advise the youth how to choosing his the best partner.
4.give them knowledge and methods of family planning and safe abortion.
5.enhancing the concept of gender and equalities and woman rights among youth.
22)   AfroDSA is a NGO that serves regional interests of dental students all over Africa and creates a platform for intercontinental cooperation
To improve dental education conditions among African continent through exchange various experiences.
The objectives of the association are:
- Promote the welfare of dental students by educating and involving them in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of dentistry.
- Provision of oral healthcare to all people.
- To promote, encourage and maintain a cohesive relationship with other dental students’ organizations across the African continent and other continents.
- To promote and maintain programs which enhance the quality of oral healthcare delivery in individual participating countries.
- Advocate just treatment for dental students and assist them in the event that such treatment is not afforded.
- To increase knowledge of dental health information among members and the general public.
- Promote and encourage dental research work at student level.
- Provide platform where dental students in African can share ideas on how to improve dental services in Africa, for the African setup.
23)   Community Development
Have a fair justice in the youth community
to help the youth,
to practice justice in the community,
to develop the community,
to educate the young people,
to encourage the youth to take part the development of the continent
24)   Our mission is to function as a governing body for collegiate African student organizations and to provide knowledge and resources for the academic, professional and cultural advancement of African students in their academic and professional endeavors.
The vision of NAFSA is be an organization that fosters the development of African leaders who contribute to the economic, social, and cultural advancement of Africa and its people.
Function as a governing body to help guide and develop collegiate membership at the chapter level
Stimulate and develop a professional network to foster collaboration
Provide resources for incoming African students to help navigate the difficulties of transitioning to a new country
Provide resources to members who seek career opportunities post graduation
Educate members on opportunities to positively impact the community
Partner with other professional organizations and government agencies to enhance the academic and professional development of members
25)   to provide worldclass research, innovation and community service ignorer to improve citizens' quality of life to significantly contribute the national economic development via the synergic endeavor of biotechnology and emerging technologies.
to see product and services of biotechnology and emerging technologies utilized by our citizens as effective tools and innovative  solution in their daily life.
1. conduct research and development
2. policy and strategy development
3. human resource capacity building
4. national coordination
5. research grant support 
26)   The Global African Migrants Professionals Association (GAMPA) advocates on behalf of all African Migrant communities resettled in the Country where they choose to live. As the first contact point for agencies aiming to liaise with the wider community or individuals of Migrant background, we work to disseminate relevant information, community skills, and knowledge through a grassroots approach shuch as mentoring and training to consultative communication. GAMPA aims to bridge the gap between the Migrants background people of all ages by creating a more harmonious, more welcoming, inclusive environment through building a shared respect, by connecting our common experiences and celebrating our differences.
To create healthy, dynamic and connected African Migrants background families participating in a country where they settled and live.
Community: We work harmoniously with all ethnic communities; local and central Government and non-profit organisations in the best interest of migrants resettlement.
Youth: We advocate and support migrants background youths in their daily lives. We believe that youth are at the forefront of change, therefore, we strengthen the capacity of the youth in order to mentor them to be participate fully in a country where they settle in future life.
27)   enterprenuership,career guidance,talent boosting and health issues concerning youth in uganda
an empowered healthy youth
an equal financially balanced world,better living health enviroment,talent boosting as a form of employment
28)   Improve my skills
See the world
Be professional,
29)   ASKCON Africa will promote, advance Knowledge, Research and Innovation through partnership with the universities scholars, African leaders and religious leader for achieving African Renaissance socio-economic, scientific, spiritual and cultural renewal. While we identify, integrate, recognize and celebrate African Leaders, Universities Scholars, Scientists, Inventors, and Innovators that have excellently contributed their wealth of knowledge to the actualization of Africa Renaissance.
ASKCON Africa envision to build an African Renaissance Academy for the Fatherless and Orphan’s in five regions of Africa and to be a leading Basic and higher Education Scholarships provider and be known as the African Unity and knowledge advocator in Africa.
• To promote and advance Basic-higher education and Research, Knowledge and Innovation in achieving Africa renaissance agenda.
• To establish African Renaissance Academy with 50% Primary and Secondary admission, while we provide higher education scholarship to African postgraduate students for research to mobilise intellectual resources to tackle the developmental problems of Africa by African.
• To identify areas of problem confronting the development of Africa in meeting its aspirations of developed continent in 21st century.
• To integrate and encourage African Scholars and Philosophers, Scientists, Inventors and Innovators to promote African renaissance ideology.
• To promote and further encourage more quality research and researchers. And establish a consortium of African Scholars and knowledge for Africa development.
30)   To help Nigeria youths become globally competitive and productive
To reach at least 20,000 youths every year
*To make all
31)   The PAU shall undertake training, research and innovation focused on priority issues in order to attain its 7 points Objectives.
The strategic vision of the Pan African University is to develop institutions of excellence in science, technology, innovation, social sciences and governance, which would constitute the bedrock for an African pool of higher education and research. This would usher in a new generation of leaders properly trained to take the best advantage of African human and material resources, imbued with a common vision of a peaceful, prosperous and integrated Africa.
1. develop continent-wide and world-class graduate study programmes in science, technology, innovation, humanities, social sciences and governance;
2. stimulate collaborative, internationally competitive, cutting-edge fundamental and applied research, in areas having a direct bearing on the scientific, technological, economic and social development of Africa;
3. enhance the mobility of students and academic staff among African universities to improve on training, research and innovation;
4. contribute to the capacity building needs of present and future stakeholders of the African Union;
5. improve on the attractiveness of African higher education and research institutions to attract and retain talented young professionals on the African continent;
6. initiate and invigorate mutually beneficial partnerships with public and private sectors within Africa and the Diaspora as well as internationally; and
7. facilitate the emergence and strengthening of an African higher education and research platform.

Opportunity for African Academicians and Students from African Union Commission provided by the Government of China:

AFRICAN UNION                                                                                                   UNION AFRICAINE



2018 Call for Applications for Master’s Scholarship Tenable at Universities in the People’s Republic of China

CLOSING DATE: 29th June 2018

The Government of The People’s Republic of China has made scholarship offers to the African Union Commission, through the Department of Human Resources, Science and Technology, to enable African students study in China in the 2018/2019 Academic Year. The scholarships are intended for studies leading to the award of Master’s and Doctoral Degrees in the following Programmes.




(Web Address)

Peking University

Public Policy

Public Administration of

Peking University

National Development

Tsinghua University

Public Administration

Public Administration in

Tsinghua University

International Development

and Governance

Public Administration

Sun Yat-sen University

Chinese Economy
Renmin University of China

Management of Rural
China Agricultural University

Development and

Management Studies

Public Health
Southern Medical University

Communication University of China



Engineering of Railway
Beijing Jiaotong University

Operation and


Central South University


Professional Accounting
Shanghai National Accounting Institute


Nanjing Audit University


Program in Environmental
Tongji University

Management and

Sustainable Development

Information and
Huazhong University of Science and Technology



Electrical Engineering
Xi’an Jiaotong University

Electrification &
Southeast Jiaotong University

Information Technology in

Rail Transit

International Law and
Wuhan University

Chinese Law

Public Diplomacy
Jilin University

International Relations
China Foreign Affairs University



(Web Address)

1.         Theoretical  Economics  in  Peking University

National Development

The scholarships are open to all qualified African Nationals who meet the admission requirements set forth below. The Language of Instruction will be in English.

Candidates with potential, motivation and desire to play transformative leadership roles in Africa are particularly encouraged to apply.

Admission Requirements

Candidates applying must satisfy the following requirements:

i.Undergraduate degree from a recognized university, with at least a second class upper division or its equivalent, in a relevant field.

For Doctoral Candidates (Master’s degree in a relevant field is required)

ii.Maximum age of 35 years

iii.Fluency in the English language, as it is the teaching language

Candidates may be required for a written or oral examination after pre-selection.

Application Procedure

Applications must be submitted with a cover letter stating motivation for applying and how the qualification will enable you to serve the continent.

Applications must also be accompanied with the following:

1)    Curriculum Vitae including education, work experience and publications if any;

2)    Certified copies of relevant certificates, transcripts, and personal details page of national passport (at least six month validity)

3)    Clear colored passport size photograph (3*4)

4)    Recommendations from two academic referees

5)    Health Certificate.

Note: Interested applicants can access the requirement through the link

All applicants must apply directly through the respective University website and send copies by email to Caseley Olabode Stephens

The Closing date for the submission of applications with all supporting documents is:

29TH June 2018. Applications received after this deadline will NOT be considered.


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