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Heifer International is a nonprofit, humanitarian organization dedicated to ending hunger and poverty and caring for the Earth. Heifer currently provides livestock, trees, seeds and training in environmentally sound agriculture to families in 30 countries, including the United States. We work with smallholder farming families and communities because we believe they are key to feeding us all.
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Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19NDXgsykb-SuB7aVX9k6Esoq1Wp8K412

OUR APPROACH Our holistic approach is designed to help communities become the drivers of their own change by cultivating the following:
Income and Nutrition Increasing farmers’ production allows them to feed themselves and offers a source of income.
Improving the Environment Conservation and restoration efforts allow farmers to not only make efficient use of resources but also actively improve the environment and mitigate the effects of climate change.
Women’s Empowerment Research shows that there is no development strategy more effective than one involving women as central players while
encouraging men to welcome women’s participation.
Social Capital  The critical element present in project communities is the energizing spark that motivates and empowers community members to take action. In order to enable true transformative change, we help communities self-direct their development and take advantage of inputs available from development organizations, government agencies and other sources.
Passing on the Gift The hallmark of our approach, each farming family passes on animals or time and knowledge. The act transforms recipients into donors and produces a profound sense of accomplishment. This practice, at a minimum, doubles the impact
of the original gift. It’s proof that small actions can lead to big results.
OUR IMPACT Since 1944, we have helped more than  22.6 million families, in more than 125 countries. One of the most important aspects of our model is building the capacity of project groups to envision, plan and manage their own futures. We monitor project data, track our progress and then evaluate our overall impact. These evaluations ensure that our work to place livestock and pass on knowledge and training in sustainable farming practices will benefit communities for generations.
OUR FUTURE By 2020, we aim to end hunger and poverty for 4 million families in the communities where we work.
OUR FOUNDER As a relief worker, Dan West was unsatisfied with the temporary nature of aid as he saw the same faces returning day after day for rations. He returned home to his dairy farm determined to help those in need achieve self-reliance. He formed what would become Heifer International, and in 1944, the first shipment of dairy cattle embarked on a campaign that would change the lives of millions.

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OUR FOUNDER As a relief worker, Dan West was unsatisfied with the temporary nature of aid as he saw the same faces returning day after day for rations. He returned home to his dairy farm determined to help those in need achieve self-reliance. He formed what would become Heifer International, and in 1944, the first shipment of dairy cattle embarked on a campaign that would change the lives of millions.
EDUCATION More than 70,000 people a year visit Heifer’s learning centers in Rutland, Massachusetts, and in Perryville and Little Rock, Arkansas. They participate in seminars, service-learning projects and in-depth learning experiences. Heifer also provides educational resources for teachers and faith communities so our message can be passed on to future generations.
LEADERS IN THE FIELD We have received numerous awards and  recognition for our work, including  the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian  Prize, the world’s largest humanitarian  award. In 2012, the 600,000-member Kiwanis International organization recognized us with the World Service Medal, the highest award they give. We’ve been recognized by former presidents George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, and we also have been ranked in the top four most trusted nonprofit organizations in the past four years by Harris Poll Equitrend™.
The Americas Africa Asia
Bolivia Ecuador Guatemala Haiti Honduras Mexico Nicaragua Peru United States
Cameroon Ghana Kenya Malawi Rwanda Senegal South Africa Tanzania Uganda Zambia Zimbabwe
Bangladesh Cambodia China India Nepal Philippines Vietnam
Armenia Romania Ukraine
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African Union Students' Council (AUSC) shares African Diaspora Network (ADN) 's Nominations for the Second Builders of Africa's Future Awards Now Open

African Union Students' Council (AUSC) shares African Diaspora Network (ADN) 's Nominations for the Second Builders of Africa's Future Awards Now Open,Kigali-Rwanda.
The Africa will never miss its intellectuals sitting down any time to discuss about what can be done to keep its potential on intercontinental perspective .
It is in this context that in collaboration with African Diaspora and Home  Private sector institutions and Organizations , the call above is made to nominate those you know that are making their daily dedications to the building the better Africa We All Deserve.
Therefore, African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve" has taken special moment to connect to the organizers of this "Second Builders of Africa's Future Awards" The African Diaspora Network (ADN) in disseminating this exceptional news.
In the meantime, African Diaspora Network (ADN) has been making its potential contribution in constructing sustainable Business partnerships with all willing International Investors and entrepreneurs from Across Africa and worldwide,in what they called Fourth Annual African Diaspora Investment Symposium in January 2019 (4th ADIS 2019),
While willing to deliver these Second Builders of Africa's Future Awards, a record of their great work is still available online from African Union Students' Council (AUSC) International Website for evidence based consultations and references:

On behalf of African Union Students' Council (AUSC) International Community , we would like to share this nomination announcement to make the 4th ADNIS 2019 so special with your name mentioning your work done to shape the better Africa We All Deserve today as deserving our next generations.

Nominations for the Second Builders of Africa's Future Awards Now Open

Recipients of the Inaugural Builders of Africa's Future Awards at the Third Annual African Diaspora Investment Symposium 2018 in Mountain View, CA.
A message from Twum Djin,
Chairman of Board of the African Diaspora Network,

We are delighted to announce the Second Builders of Africa's Future (BAF) Awards. Builders of Africa’s Future is developed to celebrate innovation and impact in early-stage African enterprise. Nominations for the second BAF Awards are now open.

The BAF Awards serves to showcase and award entrepreneurs who are running early-stage for-profit and not-for-profits that are addressing Africa’s unique needs through technology or differentiated business models. These needs are in health, education, energy, financial inclusion, gender inclusion, nutrition, commerce, industrial development, and other socioeconomic good.

Nominate leaders of an early-stage African enterprise for the second annual Builders of Africa's Future Awards today. A selection of nominees will showcase their startups at the Fourth Annual African Diaspora Investment Symposium in January 2019. Start-ups will be selected based on the criteria of innovation, uniqueness, growth potential, and impact potential on the continent. The ADIS platform provides an unprecedented stage for entrepreneurs to promote their venture, attract potential customers, drum up investor and partner interests, and be connected to experienced mentors in the field.

Twum Djin,
CTO, Goodwater Capital and Chairman of the Board, African Diaspora Network

Nominate an Early-Stage African Enterprise for the BAF Awards

The 2018 Builders of Africa’s Future brought together 2 investors and 10 startups based on the criteria of innovation, uniqueness, growth potential, and impact potential on the Continent.

We look forward to welcoming the 2019 awardees. 

Innovation & Impact Awards on Finance & Investment
Marsha Wulff
Founder & Managing Partner, LoftyInc Afropreneurs Fund

Marsha Wulff is capital raising for the Loftyinc Afropreneurs Fund, which she co-established with a distinguished Nigerian team. Having worked twenty years with African diaspora and impact investments, her background includes portfolio management, board governance, corporate communications and private equity investments. 
Maya Horgan Famadou
Founder & Managing Partner, Ingressive Capital

Maya Horgan Famodu is a venture capital investor and entrepreneur. She founded Ingressive Capital, a $5 Million venture fund focused on early stage African tech, and Ingressive, a tech integration company that provides market entry services and tech research for corporates and investors, and operates their Africa strategy over time. 
The  Inaugural 2018 Builders of Africa's Future Awardees
Akin Jones
Co-Founder & CEO, Aella Credit

Akin Jones held key investment banking roles in Africa & North America. Working with Technology/M&A Investment Banking Teams at Primera Africa, Wachovia Securities, BGL Investment Bank, SunTrust Robinson Humphrey and UBS.
Louison Mbombo
Co-Founder & President, 
Louison was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and  studied Entrepreneurship in Stiftung Entrepreneurship (Germany).  He has been active in helping youth-led startups around the world.  Mr. Louison Mbombo lives in Brazil where he works as Global Partnership Manager at the Afro-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce AFROCHAMBER
Belinda Ilenge Lofone
Belinda was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  She has over a decade of experience advising executives and business leaders in auditing, risk management, compliance, and corporate governance.  Belinda earned her MBA from Dallas Baptist University and resides in Irving, Texas.
Wawira Njiru
Founder & Executive Director, 
Food for Education
Wawira founded Food for Education in 2012 while doing her Nutrition and food sciences degree at the University of South Australia. She has been recognized as a Spark* International Changemaker 2012, Transform Nutrition  'Nutrition champion' 2013 and a Hunger Free Ambassador.
Yasmin Kumi
Founder & Managing Director,  Africa Foresight Group

Yasmin Kumi founded AFG in 2015 to follow her passion of fostering local economic value creation in Africa. She is a Ghanaian/German senior business consultant with extensive working experience in the consumer goods  and financial services sector, the research of family business groups and agriculture in African markets. 
Abolade Lawal (Bola)
Co-Founder & CEO, ScholarX

Bola is a Social Entrepreneur who co-founded ScholarX due to his passion for human capital development in Africa. The ScholarX app was recently nominated by Apps Africa as Best App in West Africa. Prior to ScholarX, he worked as a Business Analyst with companies such as ConocoPhillips, Accenture and Shell.
Peter Kegode
CEO, Nishati Koffee

Peter is an international agribusiness consultant with over 25 years of experience with Africa coffee value chain, coffee retail and institutional development initiatives. Peter has consulted for Coffee Research foundation, Kenya, coffee Board of Kenya, Kenya Coffee Producers Association, Kenya Cooperative Coffee Exporters Ltd, African Fine Coffee Association.  
Curtis Vanderpuije
Co-Founder & CEO, expressPay

Curtis is co-founder and CEO of expressPay, a leading fintech company in Ghana enabling real-time money transfer and seamless consumer – merchant payments. Curtis has a wealth of payments and management experience having spent several years at Visa Inc. and Bain & Company prior to starting expressPay.
Ugwem Eneyo
Co-Founder & CEO, Solstice Energy Solutions

Ugwem I. Eneyo is the co-founder and CEO of Solstice Energy Solutions, a start-up company specializing IoT and software to connect & intelligently manage distributed energy resources in emerging markets. Ms. Eneyo’s Nigerian heritage created a strong passion for addressing the challenges and opportunities across the African continent..  
Dena Montague
Co-Founder, Energie Rich

Dena Montague is the Co-Founder of ÉnergieRich a social enterprise working with engineers and entrepreneurs in Africa and the African Diaspora to develop sustainable, innovative clean energy solutions for low-income communities.  ÉnergieRich was launched with Burkina Faso based co-founder, Boureima Kabre, who is a leader in advancing solar access for rural communities in West Africa.  
Impact & Innovation in Africa Forums and Speaker Series
(L) to (R): James A. Newlands, Almaz Negash, Twum Djin, Innocent Shumba, Immaculate Nantale at the Frugal Innovation Hub, Santa Clara University
2018 African Impact & Innovation Series: "Lessons from Growth Leaders"
Presented by the African Diaspora Network
Co-sponsored by The Frugal Innovation Hub at Santa Clara University

On Saturday, April 28, the African Diaspora Network launched the first of the 2018 Africa Impact & Innovation Series with a presentation by James A. Newlands and Immaculate Nantale of Ernst & Young on "Why Africa and Lessons from Growth Leaders." The conversation, facilitated by Chairman of the Board Twum Djin, began by engaging the audience in recognizing existing, prevalent assumptions often made about the business landscape of Africa. Newlands dove into a two-hour conversation and Q&A that highlighted the complexity of navigating investment opportunities in 54 countries, concluding with effective growth strategies that illuminate the possibilities of creating profitable business ventures, known as the 7P's.

We thank James and Immaculate for an informative and engaging discussion that provides tangible takeaways on investment opportunities in Africa. The official EY presentation "Perspectives on Executing Growth in Africa" is now available on our website.
Watch the Facebook Livestream of "Lessons from Growth Leaders"
Why Africa? This forum provides a balanced perspective on the Africa growth story, current developments, and an outlook focused on opportunities and challenges for investors. The forum will include lessons from Growth Leaders on a practical approach to executing a growth strategy in Africa, based on E/Y's own experience and that of multinationals that have been successful in executing growth strategies on the continent.
View the Full EY Presentation: "Perspectives on Executing Growth in Africa"
Upcoming Community Events

The Institute of Certified Investment and Financial Analysts (ICIFA) Presents Alternative Investments Workshops | May 22-24, 2018, Kenya School of Monetary Studies

RSVP at info@ icifa.co.ke or 254 (0) 726 498 698

The Institute of Certified Investment and Financial Analysts (ICIFA) will hold a three-day Workshop on Alternative Investments (with some Focus on Crypto-currencies and Forex Online Trading). The workshop will be held at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies (KSMS) from May 22nd to 24th, 2018. The Objectives of the Workshop is to expose participants to the increasingly growing significance of Alternative Investments in the region’s financial markets and to discuss emerging and contemporary financial issues.

Facilitators and participants will have opportunity to explore what roles alternative investments can play in the enhancement of investment return and risk management. This being one of the first such workshop in the region, participants will also be exposed to the wide choice that the regional markets provides outside the established investment asset classes and how it is possible to optimize investment risk and return outcomes for the benefit of investors and investment managers. Among the alternative investments to be discussed by the experts include some of the controversial financial instruments such as crypto-currencies and Fx Online trading that seem to have taken the market by storm at times tom.

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President and Founder
African Union Students" Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve"
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African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa we Deserve" shares African Union Master and Doctoral Scholarships for African Students in China, 2018/2019 African Union Application Deadline: June 29, 2018

The Government of The People’s Republic of China has made scholarship offers to the African Union Commission, through the Department of Human Resources, Science and Technology, to enable African students study in China in the 2018/2019 Academic Year. The scholarships are intended for studies leading to the award of Master’s and Doctoral Degrees in the following Programmes.




(Web Address)

Peking University

Public Policy

Public Administration of

Peking University

National Development

Tsinghua University

Public Administration

Public Administration in

Tsinghua University

International Development

and Governance

Public Administration

Sun Yat-sen University

Chinese Economy
Renmin University of China

Management of Rural
China Agricultural University

Development and

Management Studies

Public Health
Southern Medical University

Communication University of China



Engineering of Railway
Beijing Jiaotong University

Operation and


Central South University


Professional Accounting
Shanghai National Accounting Institute

Website: www.snai.edu

Nanjing Audit University

Website: www.nau.edu.cn

Program in Environmental
Tongji University

Management and

Sustainable Development

Information and
Huazhong University of Science and Technology



Electrical Engineering
Xi’an Jiaotong University

Electrification &
Southeast Jiaotong University

Information Technology in

Rail Transit

International Law and
Wuhan University

Chinese Law

Public Diplomacy
Jilin University

International Relations
China Foreign Affairs University



(Web Address)

1.         Theoretical  Economics  in  Peking University

National Development

The scholarships are open to all qualified African Nationals who meet the admission requirements set forth below.
The Language of Instruction will be in English.
Candidates with potential, motivation and desire to play transformative leadership roles in Africa are particularly encouraged to apply.
Admission Requirements Candidates applying must satisfy the following requirements:

i. Undergraduate degree from a recognized university, with at least a second class upper division or its equivalent, in a relevant field. For Doctoral Candidates (Master’s degree in a relevant field is required)
ii. Maximum age of 35 years
iii. Fluency in the English language, as it is the teaching language Candidates may be required for a written or oral examination after pre-selection.
Application Procedure Applications must be submitted with a cover letter stating motivation for applying and how the qualification will enable you to serve the continent.

Applications must also be accompanied with the following:
1) Curriculum Vitae including education, work experience and publications if any;
2) Certified copies of relevant certificates, transcripts, and personal details page of national passport (at least six month validity)
3) Clear colored passport size photograph (3*4)
4) Recommendations from two academic referees
5) Health Certificate.


1. Theoretical Economics in National Development Peking University Website: www.isscad.pku.edu.cn

Note: Interested applicants can access the requirement through the link www.au.int

All applicants must apply directly through the respective University website and send copies by email to Caseley Olabode Stephens : StephensC@africa-union.org.

The Closing date for the submission of applications with all supporting documents is: 29TH June 2018.
Applications received after this deadline will NOT be considered.

Signed on May 11th, 2018
from the Office of President and Founder of African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve"

Medical Student, Doc IV, University of Rwanda,
President African Union Students’ Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve"
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