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AUSC International Communication Office has pleasure to deliver this INVITATION TO COMMEMORATE THE ETHIOPIAN-AFRICAN STRUGGLES HERITAGE!

AUSC International Communication Office has pleasure to deliver this INVITATION TO COMMEMORATE THE  ETHIOPIAN-AFRICAN STRUGGLES HERITAGE!

Uniting Africa's history of struggles heritage :

1.  The African History Month 1915-26,

2. The 80th Anniversary of the Italian  fascist genocide  against Ethiopia,

3. The 121 Years of the Great Adwa African victory-

Together you are invited to join   at Kara Heritage Institute, Pretoria, South Africa on 27 February, 2017 ( on  Monday)

"Better to continue learning our history to know ourselves to make a  positive  difference to the Africana world's bright future" Mammo Muchie

Please receive this
Opportunity &
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1) Quickly Fill the Online Registration Form to Attend the First All Afrikana First Youth Congress(1st AAFYC)" Organized by the African Union Students' Council (AUSC)" For The Better Africa We Deserve",Date: October 15th-18th, 2017 at Hotel Hilltop & Country Club,Kigali-RWANDA/East African Community(EAC).

Follow this link below to register:

AUSC President requests any Donor or interested Fund Raising Team to raise funds to be able to support this congress , whoever,individual or NGOs with any special offer will have to contact the AUSC President's Office via, and TelWhatsApp:+250736196204.

Congratulations for Loving Africa.

2) AUSC President's Office Supports the Tour to  CUBA invitation:

“In addition to the voluntary work, participants will visit places of historical and social interest, receive lectures on our reality, and will have the opportunity to exchange with representatives of different social and political organizations, with Cuban workers and unionists and the visit to the province of Cienfuegos, as part of the program prepared.

“The Brigade [Tour] will take place from the 24 of April to 8 of May 2017 in the provinces of Havana, Artemisa, Villa Clara and Cienfuegos. The brigade will allow the participants a better understanding of the present Cuban reality, in the midst of transformations that are carried out in Cuba, as part of the update of the economic model of our Socialist project” - CUBAN INSTITUTE OF FRIENDSHIP WITH THE PEOPLES

Call to the XII Brigade International May Day (From April 24 to May 8, 2017)

Registration will be open until March 30, 2017. It is an essential requirement to receive all personal data of the participants; as well as the details of the itinerary of arrival and departure from Cuba, including date, time and number of flight.
With this Call we invite you cordially to participate in the XII Brigade International May 1st.
CONTACTS AND CONFIRMATIONS: - Asia-Pacific Division. ICAP E-mail:;
- Travel Agency Amistur Cuba S.A.
Services offered through the AMISTUR CUBA, S.A. Travel Agency
• Accommodation - Julio Antonio Mella International Camp (CIJAM) 12 nights.
- Pasacaballo Hotel in Cienfuegos: 3 nights.
• Other services - Direct permanent assistance by tour guides.
- Visits and activities according to program.
- Travel Insurance.
- Extra meals.
- Domestic and / or
international flights.
- Airport taxes.
- Luggage excess.
- Alcoholic beverages, soft drink or mineral bottled water.
- National or international personal phone calls.
ACLARATORY NOTES As part of the brigade, Amistur Cuba, S.A. Travel Agency will promote several touristic excursions, in schedules that do not interfere the activities of the organized program.
To confirm your participation in the brigade it is necessary to receive your complete names, passport number, all details of your flight with date of arrival and departure date. This information should be sent to Asia-Pacific Division and also to Amistur Cuba, S.A. Travel Agency.
It is compulsory for all travelers, foreigners and Cubans, who live abroad, to have with them previous arrival to Cuba, the updated travel insurance, which must be issued by any Insurance Company recognized in Cuba.
4) Read This:

240-417-0299, 3001-710-4842
April 29. 20016
I can best describe the function of the Gods by using principally the Gods in my house. Generally, the general public do not have to be a member of any of the Gods in my family or town; freedom of religion is in African traditional religion, but they can consult them when a need arises. Also, a person can travel to a distant land to seek the help of the Gods as my grandfather and I did before beginning my elementary school:
I was born to a family that knew no other religion than The African Traditional Religion. That was only in August 29, 1939, when I was born. At the age of seven years, a white man came to my town Adum-Afrantwo, Kumase, Asante, Ghana, West Africa. The white man had an interpreter who translated all that the white man said in our language, Akan-Two. The white man came to tell the elders at my town that they were to send their children to Konkori at the beginning of the month to attend a Methodist elementary school.
The next day, my maternal grandfather took me to Faade, a town about 20 miles to my town  far across Kumase, on the Tamale Road. My grandfather told me that we were going to consult a God whose name I have forgotten. We arrived at the town when all the people had not come from their farms.
We waited for about two hours until the occupant of the house in which the God lived arrived. They were about six of them. A male and five women with children ranging between 6 to 18. I sat as my grandfather narrated  to them our mission..
My grandfather told them the story as I have said and concluded that we were before the God to see if schooling is my destiny. As we sat, one of the women sent for another  woman. The second woman  came and our mission was repeated to her in Twi. The second woman went into a room and brought some gungun and other instruments.
The second woman sat down in a traditional chair and started to beat one instrument with a stick. The first woman went about her business as usual for a woman who had come from a farm. She started to cook her dinner. As the second woman started to beat a stick with the instrument she brought from the room  in which apparently, the God was situated, other women came.
Those women who came also sat behind the second woman who was beating the instrument with a stick. Then a four male came. The women had increased to 8 and four men in all about 12 people came. While the second woman was beating the instrument with the stick, she started to sing. All the women join in the singing.
The men went into another room not where the instrument were obtained by the second woman but in a different room. They came with four drums. Two large drums one I later leant was a male and the other a female. They all started to drum and with  the women singing,  I could hardly prevent myself from jumping in and dancing.
The drums and the singing reached a high pitch and the first woman was going on his daily domestic chores. She almost finished boiling her food when suddenly she screamed and a man standing by not one of the drummers, rushed towards her and grabbed  her. The first woman was shaking violently at first and later the shaking subsided. All her body was shaking.
The man and a woman rushed her into the room where the God was. The man came out. Then in about ten to twenty minutes, the woman and the first woman who was possessed by the spirit of the God came out. The woman who was shaking was obviously the priestess. 
She sat down in a chair and started to shout why they were calling her. Obviously, the drumming and singing were used to call the spirit who said she was miles away in the sky near God and we disturbed her. She finally asked the linguist the mission for calling her. The linguist said we; my grandfather and me had come  to consult her on my future. She demanded what future.
The story of me going to school was told her and she called me before her and she put the "bodua" whiskers on  my head and put some  power on my head and looked in a small mirror and said. No schooling is not for him but since the whole country is going to go into schooling, I had no choice but to go to school
She added that she had not power over destiny but she would go to the almighty God and ask him what I had to do to turn my destiny to going to school. She said carpentry was my destiny. She requested that we return the following week to hear what Almighty God had to say.
The following week we went to Faade and at this time to spirit had been invoked and the spirit was on the woman. When the spirit comes she greets with her left hand. As soon as we entered the house, the goddess called my grandfather through the linguist
and said that God had told her to tell us to perform certain rites. One of the rites was to stand in a stream and my grandfather dug a whole under me with his hand and put cola, egg and a 7 palm nuts in the hole and cover it before I walk out. 
We returned to out town and during the week before Friday, my grandfather performed all that was told us by the God. We had some difficulties in digging the whole at the place where I was standing. But after some try and error we succeeded and we left the stream Aponapon and returned home.
Friday was the appointed day and we went to Faade for the fourth time. When we reached there, there were lots of people who had traveled to Faade to seek the advise of the God. But as soon as we  entered the house. the God called my grandfather and myself and she told my grandfather that Almight God had accepted the change and I can go to school and she discharged us to  go back to our town Adum Afrantwo.
Sooner or later the opening of the school came. I went to Konkori with Akwasi Adu, a neighbor who was much older than me and who took care of me while we journey to Konkori, a distance of about a mile to attend the Methodist elementary school
That first day,we assembled on a park and the teacher were five.  One for each class. At the class room, I was named Joseph. I was also to recite "unto thee do I put my trust". I have never forgotten this sentence. They taught us numbers: 1, 2, 3 to 100. When I returned to Afrantwo, I took a charcoal and wrote 1 to 100 and went and called my friend Yaw Bio to come and see.
Whey Yaw Bio came, my mother had just come from farm and she was very curious what we had learnt in the school. I showed her the numbers on her door and she was impressed. But Yaw Bio taught I had brought the teacher who taught us the numbers on our first day in school to write them for me.  
From my elementary school, to secondary school, I had no problems in learning. I became the catechize of Afrantwo Roman Catholic Elementary School. It was easy for me to go to school. I was a Methodist, a Catholic and a Presbyterian before I completed my elementary education. 
As I grew, I worshipped Tegare with my father. My father had a God and as the only son, I had to go to the shrine to worship the God. Usually, I will be ringing a bell in front of my father who carried the God. This exposed me to the Ways Tegare works. I  learnt a  lot from  my father. I began to comprehend the ways the Gods in my town works. There were many Gods in my town.
The oldest according to my father was Ntinanko. This God is the same as the first woman's  God. It is carried on the head in a small copper pan that is wrapped with white cloth. The priest carried the pan and as drums and singing continue, the spirit they were calling came upon the woman. 
So, I asked my grandfather, how many Gods do we have in our town.  He responded by saying that every town has a God; in our town, the following Gods exist:
A. All the following Gods follow strictly, the principles of Ma'at. They also follow strictly the Third Book of the Bible-LEVITICUS. All the sins in the book of Leviticus are sins against all the Gods.
The method of sacrificing fowl, sheep, goat or cow to appease the God in the Bible are also the same method used by the Gods in my town following Gods and I hereby incorporate by reference the Leviticus and Ma'at as part of this presentation.
1. Ntinanko
2.  Dokosu
3. Tegare
4. Akroma.
5. Bonsam
5. Kyinaman
6. Pasa
7. Aburatia
1. Ntinanko: Ntinanko is a male God. His function is diverse. He can serve as a consultant and also as a predictor of events to come. He is invoked by singing and drumming. When He descends into the priest, the priest, then the priest can be consulted. If a disease is coming into the community, he predicts and give out what must be done to avert the disease. When the spirit descends unto the priest he also becomes a consultant. The public can go to the God and whatever is wrong can be seen and He will prescribe a remedy for it. He goes strictly by the principles of MA AT. Any violation of the principles of Maat will subject the violator to apprehension. He was born on  Tuesday and so, He is called Kwabenabena. Ntinanko Kwabenabena. He is worshipped on Tuesday and Friday and on emergency occasions.
2. Dokosu: Dokosu is a membership God and is a non talking but a consulting God. A member is subject strictly to the principles of Maat. God. He is worshipped on Fridays and Sunday. He appears as consultant and predictor. Non members cannot come to it but in emergency, He can see a sick person and help.
Any violation os the principles of Maat will subject the person to be apprehended, caught and punished.
3. Tegare: This God belongs to my father at Afrantwo and I still carried Him in my house. Ordinarily, the nephew or a relative of my father's maternal family should own this God. But the home of my father became a Christian and the male whose name is Kwame Amoah threw this God away and defecated on it. My mother went and fetched it and brought it to our house, we purified it and kept it. The family of my father is almost all dead because of the sin committed by Kwame Amoah. Tegare is a non talking God unless the spirit has descendant on the priest. The priest can be female or male and the God descends on the priest after invocation. He has special days for worshipping: Fridays and Sundays.He is a membership God. A person must be a member to eat any of his meat. The principles of Ma'at is repeated to each member and a cola on the God is given to a new member  to chew. When the spirit descends on the priest, He can predict, cure by prescribing medicines and can forgive all sins.
4. Akroma: This God has a priest and is a carrying God, meaning the spirit is invoked when the priest is prepared to sit down and all the apparel is put on Him, the pan of silver or copper with white calico wrapped around it placed on the head of the priest and then invocation is done through singing and drumming. The God descends on the priest. He is a consultant.
5. Kyinaman: This is a non talking God unless the spirit is invoked in the priest.
All these are Gods. None but Pasa is a consulting God unless the spirit of the Gods is invoked and He/She descends on his/her priest or priestess.
6. Pasa: Consulting God: Is a God that a person can go and consult. No membership is required. A person with a problem goes to the priest and request the priest to invoke the God to tell him/her what is wrong. The priest after invoking the God will tell the sick or injured or troubled person what is wrong. If any of the above God has apprehended the person, the person will have to tell what he/she has done wrong or what sin he/she has committed against the laws of the above Gods or  against any of the commandments of the Almighty God. When the person confesses his/her sin, the priest will tell the person which of the Gods the person has offended. The person will then proceed to the God and confess his/her sin in public.
Note: I am sending this write up to you because, I was raised in the house of Tegare. I am very much moved for your efforts has brought my father into my mind and I can see nothing but him.
As you can tell, I am hurriedly sending this email to you because the Gods of Africa has a special role for me to play in your effort. I am the President and CEO to the Sons And Daughters of Africa (SADA) (Africanization Sociey) Inc. a 501 C 3 membership non profit, Washington, DC Corporation formed in 1970; Thank you .
Kofi Agyapong


Mr Iraguha Bandora Yves
AUSC President.
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