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NEWS No10:
“XENOPHOBIA IN SA” - A Brief Attempt to Explain What is Going on in South Afrika at the Moment
“South Africa (SA) is often portrayed internationally as a success-story where the ghosts of the past have been put to rest and where most people now have a more stable income and can enjoy a relatively functional democracy. WRONG!” - Baba Amani Olubanjo Buntu, Executive Director, Johannesburg, South Africa

From: [] On Behalf Of BabaBuntu
Sent: 01 March 2017 04:49
Subject: “XENOPHOBIA IN SA” - A Brief Attempt to Explain What is Going on in South Afrika at the Moment

“XENOPHOBIA IN SA” - A Brief Attempt to Explain What is Going on in South Afrika at the Moment
By Baba Amani Olubanjo Buntu
To Afrikans outside South Afrika - I’m sure you are asking yourself: What is happening in SA right now? You probably hear/see reports about violent clashes, burning of houses and attacks on innocent people. Black South Afrikans attacking Afrikans from other countries.

Our family and close friends have not been directly affected, but it is are literally taking place just few blocks down from our house. And in certain areas this increases and decreases in intensity all around the year. Media is not doing us justice.
They decide when (and when not) to make this "trend". Actually, this nightmare is with us every single day (in different ways), and then it escalates to higher levels at times, like now. This is a devastating time. And it’s a long and complicated story.

 There are no excuses or valid explanations for this. But it has a lot to do with SA's unresolved past, the extreme inequalities that exist and the boiling anger that is under the skin of many S.Afrikans.

SA is often portrayed internationally as a success-story where the ghosts of the past have been put to rest and where most people now have a more stable income and can enjoy a relatively functional democracy. WRONG!
The basic scenario is as follows: For the majority of South Afrikans, life is a constant fight of impossibilities, having VERY little to sustain life. And, having been promised for 25 years that everything will change. The exploited masses have been underpaid and over-enslaved for such a long time that it is "normal".
The government has promised major improvements in regards to employment, housing and public services. Some has been done, but many communities are still in desperate needs. The disparities between have’s and have-not’s are The psyche of many S'Afrikans have been corrupted and lack the necessary entrepreneurial vision and energy to create a functional "sub-economy" of self determination. There is a high level of violence in the communities - as part of daily life.
Many people are moving to South Afrika from other countries (attracted by the notion that in SA everyone can make a living….), and mostly the big cities - Johannesburg and Pretoria are seen to be places to find a source of income and send money back home.

Due to the cultural legacy of Apartheid, most S'Afrikans have an inborn skepticism to other Black "foreigners" (this was well internalized as Apartheid-regime set one Black language group up against another Black language group within S'Afrika over many decades – serving now as a separation template between S’Afrikans and non-S’Afrikan Black people).
People who come from other Afrikan countries with little finance, can only find a place to live in communities that are already impoverished. And, here, the battle for survival is HARSH.

As people who do not speak a S'Afrikan language and mostly rely on linking up with their own nationality/language group when they arrive, become "foreigners" - i.e. seen as a threat and a danger.
People who come with the intention of living in SA for a few years (to raise finance) have a completely different motivation and energy than SA's who have been at the bottom of society for generations.

So, when poor SA's see "foreigners" who are getting richer, are able to buy houses, drive cars and sustain businesses - they become even MORE of a threat. Now, next to all of this, there are also criminal elements (as we know, crime lives nicely in already impoverished and "lawless" communities).
We also know that crime is big business and is orchestrated by people on higher level using people on the ground, so that they will never be caught themselves.

The people on higher level, obviously, are looking for street-soldiers who are brave, fearless and innovative in how to maximize profit from drugs, prostitution and other criminal activities.
And, when crime pays, we know that many of our people will be "attracted" to it, as it actually offers big money - which again gives access to big lifestyles (although nowhere near the riches pulled by those who are actually pulling the strings).

Some people from other Afrikan countries (mixed with some SA's) will take the risk and create a career within crime.

If you don’t know the bigger story, you can then go through certain sections of town and observe "many Nigerians" or "many Zimbabweans" involved in drugs and prostitution. Naturally, Nigerians employ other Nigerans and Zimbabweans employ other Zimbabweans.

This makes it look solely like a Nigerian problem or as if Zimbabweans are the worst criminals (of course, the truth is that only few in the Nigerian community, the Zimbabwean community etc etc are actually involved in crime).

Since many non-SA feel unsafe with SA's (due to violent attacks mounted against “foreigners”), they set up shops next to people of their own nationality, stay close to each other and operate support networks with each other. This is what is meant when SA's claim that "Nigerians are taking our jobs" etc. Of course, it is not true.

Also, the allegations that "all these foreigners are here illegally" has another side; getting papers in SA is an absolute night mare. Systems are incredibly slow and people queue for years on years, as regulations change and the service stations are messed up. This means that many people do not have official papers, due to slow systems.
Back to the point that to some non-South Afrikans, crime becomes the only option. Now, many "regular South Afrikans", who do not take into account what I have explained here, face living conditions where they (on top of struggling with housing, water, sanitation etc) now also see their own children and youth being lured into criminal lifestyles that seem to be run by "foreigners".
Remember what I said about the SA psyche. With these scenarios added, rage starts to build up due to the powerlessness experienced. And, often, when people are powerless, they need a scapegoat. And they need an outlet. Being upset at government doesn’t really work (although there are many protest rallies against non-existing government services, too).

Being upset with other people who are equally powerless appears to work. So hysteria develops and what has started as legitimate concerns develop to devastating thirst for blood. Reason is erased and marches take the form of hooliganism. People agitate and a spirit of craziness erupts where outcries like "kill them" and "get them out" becomes choruses.

This is how some shops of "foreigners" are burnt (some may have been used for criminal activities, but many innocent people are harmed in such raids too). In addition to what may have been started by incensed SA community residents, there are SA criminals and "lose elements" who join these marches and escalates the levels of disgruntlement and anger to insane proportions. Such rallies end up being unbelievably violent and meaningless. It is actually scary.
I insist to call this AFRIPHOBIC violence, not Xenophobia. Xenophobia is fear of those that are actual “strangers”. Afrikans cannot be strangers or “foreigners” in Afrika. What we see here is an extreme form of an element we can trace in all Black societies across the world; variations of self-hatred expressed as rage against our own.

This is the same Black-on-Black violence we can see in many places across the Afrikan world. White Supremacy has disempowered the Afrikan being to such levels that it only reacts with violence.

And instead of directing this violence towards those who actually represent an enemy (in South Afrika it would “make sense” if such rage was expressed against whites who own most of the land, the economy and the production), it is meted out against representations of “The Black Other”.

It is a twisted and dark psychology that expresses itself in many sick ways. In this instance, it ties in with the generations of pain, silence, denial, oppression, looting and dehumanization that Black SA’s have accumulated and never resolved.

I repeat, this is NOT an excuse or an explanation that justifies what is going on. It just gives a rational. Without us resolving these issues, we will continue to have outbreaks of this – and even worse – scenarios.

I believe - in addition to everything mentioned above - there are outside instigations, white interests working in the shadows and corruption with state organs involved in this, too. The only relief is that this is NOT the mentality of the majority of S.Afrikans.

Most S.A's are against such violence (although I charge that not enough SA’s are voicing their disgust strongly enough). The devastating part is that not enough is being done to prevent and stop such violent outbreaks, from the side of state organs and government.
This paralyzes society. And the institutions that could help to stop this seem part bewildered, part ignorant and part wanting this to happen. It is devastating.
There are human rights groups and community organizations involved in creating dialogue, calm the tensions and trying to resolve conflicts. But, issues of this nature need a STRONG involvement from state organs; a clear and resolute intervention to put a complete stop to this ridiculous violence. Secondly, poverty MUST be addressed.

At the root of all this are issues of grave inequality and inhuman living conditions. Thirdly, once this is addressed, dialogues and entrepreneurial exchange/collaboration must be infused into every community. Not just talks, but practical experiences of co-existence.
Our company have several modules that we have infused in a number of communities on such issues. But, we are helpless when insane flames of violence are towering above us.
I hope this gives a bit of a picture of what is happening to those who are outside the country.

The struggle continues!
Baba Buntu is a Pan-Afrikan activist-scholar and community-teacher hailing from Anguilla. Went to Azania/SA first in 1993 and repatriated permanently in 2000 - now living and operating the company eBukhosini Solutions in Johannesburg.

Executive Director

My Skype: baba.buntu


African Avatars and the Third Secret of Fatima 
Christian churches and colonial governments tried to eradicate African spiritual masters even into the late 20th century but never destroyed their influence. ...

... Few Westerners are aware of the spectacular religious activity that has been thundering with incalculable exuberance through the hearts of millions of Africans in our just-passed century. Men and women have been seeing vision after vision, sign after sign, and wonder after wonder. There are national holidays commemorating miracles--not from centuries ago by some old saint whose paint has long since peeled, but within the last few decades and witnessed by thousands of ordinary citizens still walking among us. Religious scholars whom I have contacted as independent sources have been recording the activity with intense fascination. Relatively little is known, and scholars are quite eager to learn more. They may be gathering information that could eventually form a "new" New Testament. It may well be that we are viewing the beginnings of a new civilisation formed around a new Christ, which, like the occasion that started our present one 20 centuries ago, remains relatively unknown in the world until some time after the events that then inspire so many millions for centuries to come. ...

Luther E. Brooks Jr.

'The Universal Prisoner Makes Their Own Bars'!!!!

If you are not your own reality then who's illusion are you?"When all the trees have been cut down,
When all the animals have been hunted,
When all the waters have been polluted,
The 2nd Edition East Africa Education Conference
The 2nd East Africa Education Conference 2017, CLIK HERE: theme: “Matching Capabilities to Society’s needs: Exploring technological developments that will harmonize educational strategies and teaching methods within the region” couldn’t be timelier. Education systems in the region must seek ways to harmonize the educational strategies and teaching methods to match the societal changes, more so as the geographical boundaries become more blurred.

Objective EAEC 2017
The objective of this flagship 2017 event is to sharpen the focus of thinking on how education value chain can be harmonized by focusing on promoting new teaching and learning strategies as a core part of the institutional developments strategies while at the same providing centred products for the students and the educators. The conference will also look at new and innovative technology solutions that will make this possible and sustainable.

The event will be a catalyst for debate, best practice, knowledge exchange and partnerships among the practitioners, policy-makers and other stakeholders seeking to achieve significantly greater harmony within the region.

AFRICAN TRADITIONAL GODS: "Lesser Gods On Earth Are Angels

The African religion and spiritualities have never been recognized by our slave masters. They had tried to suppressed it by taxation and other hostile activities that they will not do with their fake Christianity and Islam.
These two Abraham religions have caused too much human sufferings and they continue to do so while they have no healing powers like the African religion. Only our freedom may bring the Native religions to world recognition.
But the real practitioners of our native religions do not care a dime about what these foreign invaders do. They do not know how hostile the Abraham religions have been to our native ones. Presently, in Ghana, Nigeria and other places, The Christians and Muslims are going to the native people to get the powers of healing.
Goggle Nana Kwaku Bonsam and find out what is happening in the black Africa. In Nigeria, Prophet J.B. Joshua is doing miracles in his church in both Ghana and Nigeria.
 All these so called miracles which none of the Churches in  Europe and South and North America have been able to do in my 77 years of living are from the Juju powers. 
In the mean time the Christians and Muslims have assumed that their religions are from God which may not be true but nobody can disprove it. We live to see.
Kofi Agyapong

 NEWS No6:

Aspires West, Pasadena

Organizer of Aspires West 2017 Role Models for Youth Luncheon & Silent Auction
A non-profit community service organization located in Pasadena, California. In partnership with other local community-based, faith-based, and academic organizations, AWP is dedicated to providing students and parents with services and opportunities that provide the knowledge and fundamental skills required to enable students to succeed in their academic and personal lives.
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01 March 2017 13:43

SOUTH AFRICA: Pan Africanist Congress of Azania Welcomes The Release Of Bonginkosi Khanyie, Student Activist,

“Students should not be used or abused... Bonginkosi is one of many heroes who are fighting for a noble cause on earth, he is in a better side of history unlike charlatans,” Pan Africanist Congress of Azania

Dear Reporter

Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) welcomes the release of an innocent student activist who have been incarcerated Robben-Island-style.

This innocent student have been illegally incarcerated just like PAC political prisoners who had been in prison since the white rule.

The release of this students is welcomed in a heroic fashion, he is a Robben Islander of our times. We must also highlight that political parties should not become opportunistic by claiming that Cde Bonginkosi belongs to them. Students should not be used or abused.

The current government shares similar features with that of the white rule, the only difference is that the incumbents are black like us which makes it difficult because you cannot attack your brothers and sisters as it is very difficult also to identify from us what is the perpetrator because sometimes the evil parade as victims.

The other difference is that the current government does not use Robben Island but uses facilities which are near us. Bonginkosi is one of many heroes who are fighting for a noble cause on earth, he is in a better side of history unlike charlatans.

Kind regards
Kenneth Mokgathe
PAC Spokesman
011 3313 414
078 9754 182  

NEWS No 4:

A Tour of A Life Time - Join Us From July 22 - 30, 2017 - All Inclusive!

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SOUTH AFRICA: Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe University. Rational For The Demand

Eastern Cape -King Williams Town -Mclean Square
-Theater buHding - 3ro floor- Office no3.
Email-!!,1_~_k1_,',:::~\_·rt1_11!.,rti\.,c!',/L\ cell-0833782387 fax- 0862603030
Office of Prm.indal Scc.rctar)'
Memorandum of Demands to the University of Fort Hare
From: Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC)
Date: 27 February 2017
Whereas, Azania /South Africa, has suffered ceffnturies of colonial conquest and
plunder perpetuated by the direct British colonialists, and thus paving way for settler
colonialism called apartheid, and later on the current neo-colonialism.

Whereas, in robbing the African people of their land and in overcoming their
resistance, forts had to be built as bastions of white supremacy, and badges of
humiliation to the African people, and Captain Hare was an agent of that brutality
and his Fort Hare was the outcome.

Whereas, a university built on the ruins of Fort Hare, which became a symbol of
African resistance, and produced great leaders who worked to remove the yoke of
oppression from their people's necks, still embraced the colonial name, Fort hare.

Whereas, Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe who was the institution's SRC President for
the years 1948- 1949, graduated from the institution and became known worldwide
as a symbol of African Resistance, a great thinker, a revolutionary and an Africanist.

Whereas, Mangaliso Sobukwe was the only person in the land who was kept in
Robben island through the passing of a special law, specifically meant for him, which
determined that the continuation of his incarceration must be annually decided
through a vote of the apartheid parliament.

Whereas, Sobukwe declared in his 1949 address as the SRC President, that, Fort
Hare " must be a barometer of African thought".
The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania, which Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe led as its
founding President, therefore, demands that:-

1. The name of the University of Fort Hare must be changed as it continues to
glorify the genocide and plunder of colonialism carried out against the African

2. The University must be called Mangaliso Sobukwe University as recognition
of the contribution played by this great son of the soil in the liberation of this
country and the entire African continent.

3. The University must embrace and lead the call for decolonisation of
education, and for Higher Education specifically.

4. The University must reflect the values embodied by Mangaliso Sobukwe when
he said "True leadership demands complete subjugation of self, absolute
honesty, integrity and uprightness of character, courage and fearlessness,
and above all, a consuming love for one's people."

We give the University a period of 30 Calendar days to positively respond to these

We are determined to ensure that these just demands are met, and any failure by
the University to accede, will be met with continued escalation of our actions until
victory is attained.
Submitted by

Date Accepted by Date

From: Kenneth Moeng Mokgatlhe []
Sent: 27 February 2017 14:08
Subject: Demands to the University of Fort Hare

Dear Reporter

Please receive the attached memorandum submitted to the institution in demanding the institution to be renamed after Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe.

There are also moments in a form of pictures which are attached to this Email.

The march was attended by approximately 400 people.

Kind regards
Kenneth Mokgatlhe
PAC Spokesman
011 3313 414
078 9754 182


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