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AUSC Presidency's Special Adviser For African Union Focal Point, Honorable Professor Mammo Muchie has contributed a lot in offering Condolence to the Cuban people and all oppressed people of the world on the passing away of President Fidel Castro

President Fidele Castro , Rest in Peace 
The Office of the President of African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve" has recognized All AUSC Leaders  with all AUSC Presidency's Special Advisory Team , AUSC President and Observers have mentioned deepest sympathy to the family of the President of Cuba and to the rest of the World ,especially the whole continent of Africa, for loosing the great Achiever Mr President Fidel Castro , managing to give respect to him for what  he deserves  from the whole world .
 AUSC has involved the voice of the whole youth of Africa, and the Pan-Africanists  at all ages  to offer condolences to the CUBA People.
In this line, the AUSC Presidency's Special Adviser For African Union Focal Point, Honorable Professor Mammo Muchie has contributed a lot in  offering Condolence in a special way  to the Cuban people and all oppressed people of the world on the passing away of  President Fidel Castro.
Bellow is the whole condolence message:
Photo of the African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve" Presidency's Special Advisor for African Union Focal Point ,Honorable Professor Mammo Muchie,with President  Fidele Catro remind himbest moments and excellent Love President Fidele Castro Showed him,and the whole African Continent,this making the African Union Commission also delivering the condolences to this friend of Africa President Fidele Castro.Rest In Peace.

Photo of Archive of the President of African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve" Mr IRAGUHA BANDORA Yves (Right) with the AUSC Presidency's Special Advisor For African Union Focal Point Honorable Professor Mammo Muchie,(Left).

I believe it is a learning experience to  all of us for me to share how deeply touching it was to have the opportunity to spend 5 days in an academic conference with president Fidel Castro in Havana , Cuba in 2001. I share this to all of you so you know the humane, humorous and humble side of Fidel Castro that  I witnessed directly spending time being face to face with him in the same conference room. How I wish we have a few leaders in the world like Fidel Castro and Che Guvera  who are totally committed to uplift those who are suffering from all forms of oppression, starvation, diseases, unemployment, inequality , poverty and all forms of social and economic injustices. We need leaders who validate their success by the  public service they provide, the decent work they generate and the quality of life they create being game changers and change-makers. All we have are elites who value their pockets more than the lives of the people. Whatever mistake Fidel Castro may have made, there is evidence he lived his life constantly under threat for the wellbeing of not only the Cuban people but also for all the oppressed people particularly the most affected region- Africa to this day. 

I  share my deep sadness to hear that  the leader who stands above all else for the people,   the dedicated and consistent Fidel Castro has passed away on Friday 26 of November, 2016.
My Recollections

 I had the opportunity to spend 5 days with president Fidel Castro at a conference held in Havana  in 2001. I also as you see the pictures below chaired a panel  at a Globelics Conference held in Havana two years back where one of the speakers was  Fidel Castros's son who is a nuclear engineer. It was good for me to have met both the father and the son. What I will always remember about the father Fidel  Castro is his humility in the intellectual debates where he participated without fail throughout the 5 days . There were  4 nobel laureates , Joseph Stiglitz and others that also attended this special conference. Fidel Castro agreed with my  contribution  giving explanation  related to trends that we need to focus  upon the challenges facing  our world and time. 

The other was  the way he closed the 5 days gathering.  He was sitting the whole time in the audience as one of us; when the gathering had to be closed; he went to the podium and the organisers brought him expresso  coffee to drink.

After he finished, he identified one  of the persons in the audience and asked his hi to please come up to the podium. The person went up and joined him and  Fidel Castro put  his hand on  the shoulder of the person and asked him.. how was my speech? I do not remember now the name of the person  but he came from Ecuador and he replied by saying that he found Fidel's speech excellent. Then Castro made the joke about the person from Ecuador  by saying he was not only sleeping,  but also  he said he saw him  actually snoring.. and Fidel Castro  made us all laugh and wished us a great gala dinner that the organizers prepared and said goodbye to all of us after spending 5 days fully engaged with the debates as an ordinary participant accepting criticism and critiquing himself and  also some of the presentations with ease and as one of the participants normally and naturally, and also remarkably accepting humbly in  the  debates saying I am learning and I will find out about your criticisms related to  issues on Cuba.

 What still remains in my memory also  is how Cuba is even ahead of USA in supporting research in science, engineering and medicine. I had the opportunity to visit  their biotechnology laboratories and was sincerely moved by their achievement.  Cuba sends so many doctors to Africa. Cuba with Fidel Castro's leadership has joined the struggles in much of Africa specially in the  Congo,  South Africa, Angola and Ethiopia.There is a lot we can learn from the Cuban experience.

1961: Members of Castro's militia pose in the Escambry Mountain area of Cuba during the ill-fated US-backed Bay of Pigs invasion

Approved by

AUSC President.
Iraguha Bandora Yves.


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