Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Announcing a two day successive meeting for Executive leaders of AUSC President's Office.

AKARERE KA KICUKIRO                                                             

                                                                                                              February 26th, 2017.

To: The AUSC President's Office Leaders All

Re: Announcing a two day successive meeting for Executive leaders of AUSC President's Office.

Dear All AUSC President's Office Leaders, 

The office of the President of AUSC would like to announce a two day successive meeting for Executive leaders of AUSC President's Office. 
The meeting will cover the date of 27th and 28th, February, 2017.
The starting time is from 12h00 to 14h00, at Kigali City Market, Bar and Restaurant, the last Floor. 
1.Writing AUSC Presidency' s Executive Committee Board Meeting Resolution document to be Notarized for Opening the 1st and all AUSC International Official Bank Accounts in ECOBANK "The Pan-African Bank " and other Banks and its associated sub accounts across the whole continent of Africa and in African Diaspora wherever AUSC has its Chapters and Clubs.
2. Deciding 1principal Signatory and 2 associate signatories of AUSC International Account supported by the AUSC Notarized Constitution.
3. Preparing the World Kidney Day celebration campaign for the 2nd time in Rwanda from March 6th, to March 13th, 2017.
4. Preparing the Delegation to participate in the Trevo-Rwanda Conference at Kigali Convention Center on March 9th, 2017.
5.Preparing activities for the Official Launching of African Union Students' Council (AUSC) Financial Development Projects that compose the AUSC International Action Plan 2016-2019 :  African Students' International Development Fund (ASIDF), African Students' International Development Bank (ASIDB), African Students' International Critical Thinkers Board (ASICTB), African Students' International Newsletters and Media Board (ASINMB), 1st All Afrikana First Youth Congress  2017 (1st AAFYC 2017) , International African Students' Education Loans Board (IASELB) activities to be implemented from March 30th, 2017 to December 31st, 2017.
5. Diverts.
NB: Other AUSC leaders who are not in executive committee of the AUSC President's Office can as well attend this meeting.

Thank You For excellent Attention to this Meeting.

Done on the 26th, February 2017 

President of African Union Students' Council (AUSC) "For The Better Africa We Deserve ".


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