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Reading by Pieh Samuel, AUSC Presidency's Special Advisor For AUSC Congress and Conferences Fundraising Focal Point:

Reading by Pieh Samuel, AUSC Presidency's Special Advisor For AUSC Congress and Conferences Fundraising  Focal Point:

The world's 1st Internet based coalition for the formation of aUnited States of Africa 

Samuel Pieh
6:53 PM (7 minutes ago)

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Dear Brothers and Sisters:
I hope that your weekend has been pleasant and peaceful even during this festive weekend of Easter. May God's blessings multiply in your life.
Please spend some time to review this backgroun information on Strategy for a UNITED AFRICAN STATE for be added value of the Africa we DESERVE.
This is a movement worthy of your Knowledge and understanding because the outcome will definitely benefit you and your significant others. Let us be on ONE ACCORD for the Africa we all deserve, in the shortest possible time.
Samuel Hingha Pieh
Mid-South Africa Link, Inc.

"African wealth matters! Join efforts to help manage our wealth to make more sense-  Our lack of Consciousness and willingness to sacrifice for and support one another is adding the heaviest burden on OUR PROSPERITY" by S. H. Pieh

The United States of Africa will be the World's 1st "Green Super Power". 
Follow the Link:

The Smoke-stack industries that Carbon Pollute the world and recently discussed in Paris will never factor in the USAfrica as they were never fully developed anyway in Africa.

The Solar Array of The Sahara Desert will light the entire continent and provide income to the newly formed national reserves selling the excess power to the Euro, China and India markets.

The generation of Hydro electric power using the world's largest national coastline will provide further natural energy to power Africa's solar powered continental highways traversing north to south Cairo to Capetown and Accra to Mogudishu going east to west.

Employing all within commuting distance to work site areas of the transcontinental highway that allows for animal migrations and enhances tourist travel throughout the newly formed United States of Africa by worldwide tourists and citizens of the USAfrica discovering their new continental nation.

Hear the song about the United States of Africa in the year 2026.
IF we make it happen

Do we Stand up for a United States of Africa? 
Or FALL for Anything?

AFRICA! Are You READY: To Become The United States of Africa, No Borders, No Wars, PEACE and Opportunity for all throughout your New
Continental Nation! As You Discover and Explore your New Nation, So Will The World.
As You BUILD your New Nation, So Will The World.

Many people have been under the impression that the most recent attemps to form a United States of Africa were the Idea of the late Libyan Leader Ghaddaffi - 

The Nephew of Ghadaffi who was editor of the Libyan Newspaper, confided to me Ghadaffi got his USAfrica Idea from our 1997 version of this same "United States of Africa web portal series in it's various incarnation you can see throughout our pages. .

CNN 1st reporter this in 1997 the 1st year after our coalition sites started.

The United States of Africa Daily

The United States of Africa will give Birth, to The United States of Earth.

And in the words of John Lennon's "World Anthem" Imagine....

( Sing It With Me... )  "And The World Will Live As One...."

Hear a song about the United States of Africa from 10 years in the future after it united at

The United States of Africa 2026
By The Big Island Reporter | Why LIVE a LIFE unless you save a Billion others......See More

The only answer for Africa is a United States of Africa, anything else is just idle talk waiting for Real Action.

If Not Now, It's NEVER!

Take The United States of Africa Poll

From Marcus Garvey to Bob Marley, see leading figures who championed a United States of Africa.
Nelson Mandela wanted to see a USAfrica in his lifetime.
So Did Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as well Bob Marley's Last Lifetime Request, "Africa Unite!" 
Maya Angelou wanted a United States of Africa and was there at the beginning of the OAU....
The journalist and black nationalist leader Marcus Garvey wrote a poem about it. The reggae great Bob Marley sang about it. And the Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi poured his oil wealth into it. But none lived to see a United States of Africa.
This history of disappointed hopes will provide the backdrop in early August when President Barack Obama hosts the inaugural U.S.-Africa summit in Washington. Only a few of Africa's 54 leaders—including Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe, who is still the target of U.S. sanctions—haven't been invited.
"The Mission" ( If you choose to accept it... ) is The Creation of a United States of Africa in World Champion Muhammad Ali's Lifetime ( On The Target Date of July 4th 2015 )
since HE gave me the Idea for THIS United States of Africa Coalition, USA4USAfrica in our 1984 Interview.

The vision of an impoverished continent of countries coming together as one, flexing its muscle in geopolitics and the global economy, has long enticed activists, poets and politicians. But today's Africa remains divided, largely along hastily drawn colonial-era borders. The question now is whether the still-remote idea of political unity can find new life in the more modest goal of an integrated economic community.

A United States of Africa: If not Now It's NEVER!

Let's all pull together and Make It Happen in 2016.

Historically, a united Africa has been more of an imaginative leap than a realistic prospect. Africa is larger than the U.S., China, India, Japan and Europe combined. The 5,000 miles of territory stretching from Tangier in the north to Cape Town in the south are home to more than a billion people, speaking more than 2,000 languages.

We Owe it to his Memory and Legacy. We Owe it to The People of African Continent. They Owe it to Themselves.
Just LOOK at It! The United States of Africa, The World's Largest New Nation.
The World's 1st GREEN Super-Power that will lead The World for the Next Thousand Years.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, the leading advocates for a united Africa have been romantics, visionaries or both. In his 1924 poem, "Hail! United States of Africa," Marcus Garvey saw unity as a way to liberate Africans from foreign repression. He tapped himself as "Provisional President of Africa," according to Colin Grant, the author of a biography of Garvey. That dream was still alive in 1979, when Bob Marley released "Africa Unite," singing, "How good and how pleasant it would be before God and man/ To see the unification of all Africans."

Even Ghadaffi got his USAfrica aspirations from our early United States of Africa site back in 1996.

It was our USA4USAfrica coaltion, that moved us as close as we ever have gotten to a USAfrica when we lobbied the AU for the single item agenda 2008 AU summit with the specific goal of signing the documents at that AU summit session to create the official United States of Africa.

PROOF? There is not ONE documented comment from Ghadaffi on a USAfrica prior to USA4USAfrica's debut in 1996.

Check out The United States of Africa by USA4USAfrica at

Why was there to be a United States of Africa? Let me remind by quoting three African leaders on this important subject of deep concern to Pan-Africanists. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the first President of Ghana wrote, ‘If we [Africa’s people], are to remain free, if we are to enjoy the full benefit of Africa’s resources, we must be united to plan for our total defence and the full exploitation of our material and human means in the full interest of all our people. To go it alone will limit our horizons, curtail our expectations and threaten our liberty.’ 

As colonialism came to an end after World War II, many of Africa's new leaders argued that the continent's economic and social development required political unity. At a 1963 summit of African leaders, Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of newly independent Ghana, warned that if they "let this grand and historic opportunity slip by, then we shall give way to greater dissension and division among us, for which the people of Africa will never forgive us."
The United States of Africa Daily
Published by
Mark K. Wood
Society Politics Environment World Education Stories #africa #news
"The United States of Africa" may become a reality on July 4th, 2016
Mark Wood
Founder - USA4USAfrica: The World's 1st Internet based Coalition for the formation of a United States of Africa
The Big Island Reporter
The United States Of Earth
Say Yes To A New & Better World & NO To NWO

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Yours in a United Africa,
Mark Wood

Founder USA4USAfrica: Est 1996
The world's 1st Internet based coalition for the formation of a United States of Africa
The Big Island Reporter
 " I Have Not Failed - I've Just found 10,000 ways that won't Work..."
- Thomas A. Edison...

Donations Via PayPal would be appreciated and applied to the effort.

AUSC"For The Better Africa we Deserve" is supporting Stopping of Slavery in AFRICAN Young Generation
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