Friday, April 7, 2017

The African Union Students' Council (AUSC) International Committee joins the KWIBUKA 23 in Collaboration with All Rwandans During these hard moments of remembering our dearest all lost ones during 1994 Genocide Againist TUTSIS.

African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve "

Office of the President of AUSC
Kigali-Rwanda-East African Region.

Friday,April 7th,2017.

Object: AUSC President's Office in partnership with CYPAN-RWANDA, RNSSO and OHEO announces the AUSC participation on 23th Commemoration of Genocide Against the TUTSIS.

The AUSC President's office through the CYPAN-Rwanda Team collaborates with the Rwanda Nursing Sciences Students' Organization (RNSSO)" Arise and Shine" and Orphan's Hope Entertainment Organization (OHEO) from today will Participate in the Walk to Remember From Parliament to AMAHORO Stadium, and to The Night Vigil at AMAHORO Stadium , will participate in the activities at Nyanza-Kicukiro Memorial Site and Rebero Memorial Site.

Pictures and More Updates will be Shared Around in different Groups to easy online participation for this Special Event (KWIBUKA 23) .
On village level , CYPAN-Rwanda in partnerwhip with its Hosting NGO of the CYPAN-Rwanda which is the African Union Students' Council (AUSC) will participate in different joint Activities with the Population and administration of the Village of Kabagendwa in the Kamashashi Cell of the Nyarugunga Sector of the Kicukiro District in the Kigali City -Rwanda to maximize all planned activities that focussing on the Campaign against Genocide Denial as well as supportive activities to Genocide Survivors .

CYPAN-Rwanda Team will participate again in the different Conferences reserved for commemorative events during 100 days of remembrance.

Kwibuka 23 will be commemorated in the whole country during 100 days (3 months).

CYPAN-Rwanda will follow all the planned activities mentioned in this below  attached  Program for the Kwibuka 23 Event on National Level:

Brief on 23th Commemoration of Genocide Against the TUTSIS.

1.   On 07 April 2017,Rwanda will mark the 23rd Commemoration of Genocide against the Tutsis with a theme"TWIBUKE GENOCIDE YAKOREWE ABATUTSI TURWANYA INGENGABITEKEREZO YA GENOCIDE,DUSHYIGIKIRA IBYIZA TWAGEZEHO.

2.   The Event(KWIBUKA 23) will be commemorated at the village(Umudugudu) Level.Activities will focus on Campagn against Genocide Denial as well as supportive activities to Genocide Survivors.

3.   Kwibuka 23 will include a range of commemorative Events including lighting the Flame of Remembrance at Kigali Genocide Memorial Site,Walks to Remember,Night Vigils and Conferences during 100 days of remembrance.

4.   This is the Road Map of the Major Events in CoK.

a) 07.04.2017 Gisozi Memorial Site

b) 07.04.2017: Walk to Remember from Parliament to AMAHORO Stadium.

c) 07.04.2017 Night Vigil at AMAHORO Stadium

d)11.04.2017 Nyanza-Kicukiro Memorial Site

e)13.04.2017 Rebero Memorial Site.

NB: Kwibuka 23 will be commemorated in the whole country  during 100 days(3 months).

5.  Respectfully

Program Of the 1st Day of Kwibuka 23 on Friday April 7th, 2017

Venue: Kigali Genocide Memorial

11h00:                     Arrival of the President of the Republic

11h05:                     Introductory remarks by the director of ceremonies

11h10:                     Prayer by Bishop Onesphore Rwaje

11h15:                                 Laying wreaths
·        Proceed to the Amphitheatre for the lighting of the Flame

11h35:                     Lighting of the Flame
·        Proceed to the tent for the address

11h40:                     Messages from Uruhongore – GAERG

11h45:                     “Remembering the Genocide against the Tutsi, fighting Genocide Ideology and sustaining our achievements”, Prof. Anastase Shyaka

12h00:                     Minute of silence
12h01:                     Remarks by H.E. Moussa Faki Mahamat, AUC Chairperson

12h06:                     Keynote address by the President of the Republic
·        Kwibuka song

Venue: Parliament Building

17h30:                     Start of walk to remember      

18h00:                                 Arrival at Amahoro Stadium

Venue: Amahoro Stadium

18h30:                     Welcome remarks by the MC

18h35:                     Candle lighting: Urumuri rw’icyizere

18h45:                     Kwibuka songs

18h50:                     Reading of names and message of hope

19h10:                     Testimony: Mr. Alain Ngirinshuti, Genocide survivor

19h20:                     Testimony: Umurinzi w’Igihango

19h30:                     Kwibuka songs

19h40:                     Remarks by Prof. Jean Pierre Dusingizemungu, President of Ibuka

19h45:                     Remarks by Hon. Julienne Uwacu, Minister of Sports & Culture
·        Kwibuka songs

Quote of today :Promoting Peace is a success of implementing love;"Mr. IRAGUHA Bandora Yves a proudly Rwandan Young Leader".

Best wishes .

Tel & Whatsapp:+250736196204
Rwanda Coordinator for Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network (CYPAN-RWANDA).
Kigali-Rwanda-East African Region.


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