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I am Juliet Rogers, A young female Sierra Leone Philosopheress, A student in the Public Health Department at Africa Graduate University, Nation Builder, Youth Activist and a Philanthropist.

For the past years, I have worked relentlessly with plenty Youth and Child advocacy organization like Child Forum Network (CFN), Association of Future Icons (AFI), and many more on ADVOCATE for Youths and Children Nationwide through the media and podia of diverse ways. At present, over months now, I have been working with Sierra Leone Youth Alliance for Nation Building (SLYANB) coorperatively to achieve a common goal with the  slogan 'IMPERIUM LEONE'. 

I have written a lot of philosophic inspirations and essays which I believe would help change and mold the negative mentality of youths in Africa and the world over towards nation building, integrity maintainace to list but a few. I am a Youth Activist with magnificient vision; I will love to see Sierra Leone and the world over a better place on earth than it was, as history and governance unfolds before I was born into it. 


My patriotic and fellow Sierra Leoneans, education is all important in determining the growth and stability of our nation, Sierra Leone. I clearly narrate here that, education is not an option, but, it is a requirement that would guarantee the productivity of our *Nation And Help Prepare Us For The Near Tomorrow*. *_Au fond_* , "education is a weapon against exploitation, and an instrument for progress; the power of the pen can inspire a people to nationalism; the youths of any nation can change the course of history by using sheer talents and enriching knowledge and skills in the service of their nation and people." ( *Dr. Jose Rizal*)

• The population of Sierra Leone at the last census taken in 2015  stands then at 7,092,113 people, with a growth rate of 3.2%. It reflects the demographic profile of a young population, whereby 40.9 percent are less than 15 years, and 3.5 percent are 65 years and above. ( *Statistic Sierra Leone*)

There is, this demographic reality that,  Sierra Leone as a country, is one amongst nations that, has the youngest populations in the world. Taking this into consideration, I suppose, it is *sine qua non* for her leaders to resuscitate values in order to develop the faculties of her human resources. For the simple reason that, human beings nowadays stand in want of specific *set of skills* to survive in this competitive world,  as well as to make  progress. Noticeably, this sets of skills can be referred to as *Education.*

“Everyone should understand the profound importance of education in the civilizational development of a nation,” said *Manipur governor Dr. Najma Heptulla*

In regards to Manipur governor Dr. Najama Heptulla mentioned quote, I opine, it is high time, we put firm strategies in place, as a nation, to help realizes the benefits that we would derive from such strategies, because, real education at most times is the catalyst in creating  leaders, that ended up being successful in their endeavours.

 Additionally, it is imperative we🇸🇱  acknowledge as a nation that, we can merely survive in this *competitive world*;   when, we push to action sensory systems to procure  forward-looking education which is perceptive. *The more knowledge we get, the more we procreate and  expand*.

*In the meantime, reflect on these words:*

“If We as a country really value education, what are we going to do to make the profession of teaching attractive?"

*Admonition:* A nation like ours needs an educated population, in order to be productive, stable and competitive. In essence, without such strategic undertaking, there is hardly going to be growth and development.

© *Juliet Rogers*

® *All Rights Reserved*

       *22nd May, 2017*

AUSC President's Invitation to Students of Rwanda to Apply for a UNICAF Scholarship To Earn a Recognised Unicaf University Degree!Available for Applicants in Rwanda.Apply for an up to 80% Scholarship* Unicaf Scholarships
Apply now for this Great Opportunity for Students in Rwanda
Dear Beloved students from my beautiful native country of RWANDA.

On behalf of the African Union Students' Council (AUSC) International Committee President's Office ,
I am very interested on sharing this educational message to each and every beloved Rwandan Student either studying in this country of Rwanda or abroad.
The AUSC Leadership  has intention for RWANDA this moment and is to strengthen the degree of meaning of Education for a Nation to keep its potentials , for the case of our Nation of Rwanda, with a very strong Leadership by  His Excellency Paul KAGAME, President of the Republic of RWANDA who is the Most Youth Inspiring President in this World .
We as Young Rwandans can only provide our patriotism contribution as young generation of Rwanda by investing in a successful education while the Education was proven to be the only source of effective National Development and currently much more revealed by Information Communication Technology (ICT) which guides all other pure sciences and social sciences and humanities to achieve the highest level of knowledge and skills that we need to graduate at any level of education.
Look on Google, Internet Journals and evidence based disseminated research discussed results online which are accessible easily and contribute to successful Education through "ICT" and Excellent Leadership with Peace everywhere across the Country of RWANDA.

My dearest Students, We have been blessed to have this Country of Rwanda and its Leadership that promotes ICT and Education for All.

Therefore, let us all try our best to support the great vision of our Best friend , our Parent who is making the history in Educating Young Generation of this Country of Rwanda and making us all deciding to keep his plans and protection of our National Dignity and International credibility , Rwanda in harms of Young generations and within this visionary Leadership that makes us a well excellently educated strong Nation.

By opening this link: , keep sharing opportunity to others to apply for the scholarships and in your names with RWANDAN Nationality , as we have been given this opportunity following values of being supported by our Government and our Visionary Leadership.

Best Regards to every Young Person especially academic population all.
Below is Slides shared by Prof Mammo Muchie The AUSC President's Special Advisor For African Union Focal Point:
Please listen to this interview on SAFM Morning Talk by Prof Mammo Muchie on

AUR MEETING PROGRAMME FINALISATION 7th African Unity for Renaissance International Conference and Africa Day Expo

Medical Student,Doc IV Medical Interne Year 6 candidate May 26th, 2017,University of Rwanda,
President African Union Students’ Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve"
Rwanda Country Coordinator,Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors' Network(CYPAN),
"A proudly Rwandan Young Leader and Commonwealth Young Achiever 2015",Book Page45,p51:
Twitter: @AfricanUnionSC,
"A winner is a dreamer who never gives up" Nelson Mandela.
"Education is the key to Success" Nelson Mandela.
Africans can unite/Les Africains peuvent s'unir. 
Stop the new scramble for Africa by uniting the African  States.
Arretons la nouvelle ruee vers l'Afrique en unifiant les etats africains.


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