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The Office of President and Founder of African Union Students' Council (AUSC) in Kigali Rwanda is Proud of Africa Innovation Summit 2018(#AIS2018) at Kigali Convention Center from06 - 08 June, 2018

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African Union Students' council (AUSC) Office of the President and Founder,Kigali-Rwanda has Appointed Miss Hashimwimana Marcella Delice on position of AUSC Presidency's Office Commonwealth Students' Association (CSA) Affairs Representative.

Previously , Miss Hashimwimana Marcella Delice (Rwanda) has been working as AUSC President's Assistant to The AUSC International Coordinator For The 2ndAAFYC 2018, and Appointed AUSC Rwanda High School Clubs Coordinator.

This new appointment will allow the partnership between AUSC and CSA to represent the activities of CSA in Rwanda and to benefit Rwanda youth on the Commonwealth Students' Association Activities concerning Africa and Europe Region of the commonwealth as concerning all Students in this region.

This appointment from CSA is being finalized by the Representative of the Africa and europe region in the CSA Honorable Mr Marwan Umar Gwamba -Africa and Europe Regional Representative of CSA.

1. Introduction
The various CSA Regional Working Groups have been set up to assist the CSA fulfil its mandate of "representing, advocating and building capacities of students across the Commonwealth."
The central role of a regional body is to co-ordinate regional initiatives and networks to further the work and impact of the Commonwealth Students’ Association (CSA).
 2. Functions of the Committee
The Commonwealth Students’ Association (CSA)-Rwanda Working Group(RWG) will carry out the above through:
(a) Maintaining the records and contact details of the Student and Youth Organisations located in the region;
(b) Further develop and sustain a network of student organizations in the region;
(c) Raise the profile of CSA by promoting activities, acting as an official ambassador of the CSA, engaging with students and student organisations within their region, writing articles and publishing them via various media channels to help realize the CSA object to be visible and credible;
(d) Identify potential partner organizations that share similar aims and objectives as the CSA and develop strategic partnerships;
(e) Provide technical advice to Students in Commonwealth Members States to assist in the development of national student bodies in their countries
(f) Raise awareness on major issues in their regions to the Commonwealth Students’ Association Steering Committee
(g) Support the development of the Commonwealth Students’ Association Campaigns
3. Accountability
The Regional Working Groups of the Commonwealth Students’ Association will report to the Commonwealth Students’ Association Steering Committee through the Regional Representatives, who will act as co-chairs of the respective groups.

4. Membership
Each member of the Commonwealth Students’ Association Regional Working Group must be aged 15-30; they must not exceed 30 years of age during their term.  Members of the Commonwealth Students’ Association Regional Working Group must also be active student leaders in their countries and/or Region. 
5. Duration of Term
The term of the Commonwealth Students’ Association Regional Working Group shall begin from the receipt of the confirmation letter and end at 21st Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers. The date of this meeting is tbc but will take place during the first half of 2020.
5. Meetings
The Regional Bodies will meet at least bi-monthly; additional meetings may be called but will be decided by the Commonwealth Students’ Association Steering Committee Regional Representative in conjunction with the Working Group members.
The Regional Working Groups will meet virtually.
6. Nature of Engagement:
Members of the Regional Working Group will work on voluntary basis.
7. Removal or Resignation:
One can resign from the position on any justifiable reason subject to the approval of the CSA Steering Committee.
One can be removed for abuse of office subject to the review of the Steering Committee.

Approved by

President and Founder of African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve"
P.O.Box: 6998 Kigali-Rwanda
Whatsapp: +250736196204

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