Wednesday, June 6, 2018

AUSC President's Office in Kigali Rwanda has Appointed a New Chapter of African Union Student's Council- AUSC Libya. With Honorable Miss Kefah Ahmed Ibrahim, under AUSC Northern Africa Regional Office.

Appointment of  New Chapter of African Union Students' Council- AUSC Libya
To be initiated by Honorable Miss Kefah Ahmed Ibrahim, under AUSC Northern Africa Regional Office.

Message from the AUSC Libya National Representative:


Dear all AUSC leaders, members, advisors and visitors,,
Im glad to be part of this big family, and i'd always known that Africa can be served only by africans and by power of youth.
Today as a medical student and a sudanese girl who raised and born in Libya , i found it a big challenge to represent my both identities as im representing my residence country Libya while im originaly from Sudan, this if could add something; it would add the spirit of union of all africans and this could shed lights on the fact that we are the same no matter what our origin are, neither our race or identity or color.
Feeling home in any part of africa make us serve this continent with all what we have and be loyal to, it doesnt have to contribute with our own beliefs or sights of view, it does contribute if we refuse to serve this place without being or feel different, and remeber all time that diversity make us special and proud.
Im today deciding to take this time out to serve my countries all over the Africa continent with all my effort and all my loyality.
For the better Africa we deserve

We therefore Welcome you to our African Union Students Council chapter in Libya, a non governmental youth organization based in Rwanda-Kigali and has its branches all over the continent of Africa.
Read the History of Creation of AUSC via the link:
🔵 We aim to connect all African students inside and outside our continent Africa to give them a voice to play their role in their communities and help Africa be better place to acheive our dreams.
⚫️ Our mission is to bring together the forces of all African union academicians and students to participate in the development of Africa basing on the sustainable development goals
🔴 Our objectives focus in several areas of interest :
🔺Improve African youth research capacity
🔺 Reinforce the culture of Africa
🔺 Fight against communicable and non communicable diseases
🔺 Fight against drugs
🔺 Fight against Violence
🔺 Improve ehtical standards in delivering international services
🔺 Advocate for young African challenges
🔺 Improve scholarships opportunities to the members inside and outside our continent

We are looking for students and academicians from all over the country to get involved in this wide network and have the opportunity to be a member of a big family aims to make Africa one united nation.
▪️ Join us by filling down the member forum linked below…/1PS0xnDAgWup5yYGUL7U-ydFWUnm…/edit
Open and fill the African Union Students’ Council (AUSC) Individual AUSC International Membership Registration form 2017-2018-2019:

(For the better Africa we deserve)
Kefah Ahmed Ibrahim
National Representative |AUSC Libya

AUSC Northern Africa Regional Office: 
Honorable Mr Frankson Thuva Charo,
The African Union Students' Council Northern Africa Regional Representative 
Whatsapp: +254 727386789 Mob.: +249 907041817  
<<Imagination is a Faculty of the Mind which can be Cultivated, Developed, Extended and Broadened by Use>> By Napoleon Hill
Founder & President, AYESO  
AUSC North Africa E-mail:

Approved by

President and Founder of African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve"
P.O.Box: 6998 Kigali-Rwanda
Whatsapp: +250736196204
Join the 2nd All Afrikana First Youth Congress(2ndAAFYC 2018).


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