Saturday, May 18, 2019

African Union Students' Council(AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve" Participating in the Transform Africa Summit 2019 (TAS2019).

Re: International Communication

It is with great pleasure that the Office of the President and Founder of African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve " is announcing its fully participation in the Transform Africa Summit (TAS2019) that is taking place in Kigali Convention Center (KCC) in Kigali-Rwanda .

In fact , AUSC has been invited as a Group from the Smart Africa through its Top Leadership and its Secretariat among other International Non Governmental Organizations , that has clear Vision with mission to bring particular to common Changes in the Continent of Africa , aiming to build the better future of the Continent of Africa .

Since its creation on January 6th ,2016 from Paje Beach on the Zanzibar Island inside the Indian Ocean , AUSC was  created with aim of being the most inclusive young academic leadership training Organization.

AUSC since then has opened its doors to the whole individual youths of Africa and diaspora from different academic leadership and backgrounds to participate in building the better Africa we deserve as young people of today , as deserving our next generations on this continent and in diaspora by welcoming them with their generated opinions; where each AUSC single leaders and individual international Members and partners have put together a very considerable wealth of opinions and recommendations that are filed inside the AUSC International Communication Center databases . 

Thus, extended programs are consistently being innovated from AUSC International Committee 2016 - 2019 to create the 2nd AUSC International Action Plan 2019 - 20202 , with which implementation will be involving different partners in this great summit -Transform Africa Summit 2019.

Therefore, the Office of the President and Founder of African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve " congratulates the Organizers of the Transform Africa Summit 2019 (TAS2019) , with considering the best offered Opportunity to its AUSC International Leaders, Members and Partners to Register as AUSC Group invitees , under free of charge Tokens and Invitation Letters that allowed most of AUSC Group Members delegates to access accreditation services and obtain their individual Badges .

In between the best offered opportunities from Smart Africa Top  Leadership and Smart Africa Secretariat , AUSC International Committee represented by its AUSC President and Founder H.E.Dr.Iraguha Bandora Yves, MD ,delivers this Acknowledgement International Communication not only for this year's Summit but also for the previous Years' Transform Africa Summits that marked their interest in involving Young Academicians.

Best Regards .

Signed on May 15th ,2019 at 11:00' a.m 


AUSC President's Office.
P.O.Box: 6998


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