Monday, May 6, 2019

New AUSC delegates message for Transform Africa Summit. 1st,2nd and 3rd Group Invite

LogoFollow this link to join  WhatsApp group for AUSC Delegates to the Transform Africa Summit 2019:

Reserved only for AUSC leaders and Members ,by registering under AUSC Group free tokens and be given invoices of zero cost for silver passes .
Inside the group you will get more information on the registration process .

Dear All AUSC Delegates to the Transform Africa Summit, this is to inform you all that due to Payment issues you have received registration letters that still informing you that your Payments has been not yet made and that you are not yet allowed to collect your badges until you will finish to pay , thus ,this is to inform everyone here and there to register once again , and use this Generated Automatic  AUSC to Smart Africa Summit Group Token (cemsYa) in the Token request place in order to continue Registering .
1) Remember to write ,AUSC in full names: African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve" ,
2) Where requested , make sure to mention AUSC is a International Non Governmental Organization ,
3) when requested , make sure to mention AUSC is working for Education ,not anything else.
4) when requested, make sure to mention ,AUSC position ,write your AUSC Appointed Position inside AUSC in your Country or in any position you were assigned ,or at least if you don't have any Title for AUSC International Members, mention that you are AUSC International Member ,it will be enough for you .
5) Don't share the Token to non AUSC International Members, or AUSC Leaders people because, if you do it and that name is not in our AUSC Leaders or International members databases, You will bear your Consequences of calcifications of AUSC Delegates Fees waive we negotiated with organizers of the Transform Africa Summit 2019.
6) Deadline for our AUSC Group Delegates registration is 2 days from now .
I wish you to register as quick as possible and be back here sharing your Invoices where cost and payments pending is zero(0).

7) Where you will be asked to register mentioning your AUSC Group Leader ,Iraguha Bandora Yves, email:,
8) where after getting your free token go to register link and register again as single delegate ,use all given details above with that token; For example: cemsYa

Use this system above :
1. Check your email for the Invitation Letter from Transform Africa Summit. Copy the Token Number given. 
2. Open the registration link and select *Single Attendees*
3. Type or Paste the Token Number from your invitation letter by Transform Africa Summit. 
4. Proceed with answering all questions as directed by Hon. Jimmy.
5. Submit or click Register and the bottom right corner of the page and wait for confirmation emails (one for Visa processing to non-residents and another email with your *Zero Payment Invoice*

This is the link below to go register online and click to  Group,Write "AUSC", write details of Group Leader as shared above and , about Group numbers put number 1,
And fill in the next members ,your full details with your email, country , and click to register ,wait for invoice that shows you have no dept .

Link to register on silver section

Best regards .

AUSC President's Office.

AUSC President's Office is Preparing your welcome in the 3rd AAFYC 2019.Please share this invite link.


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