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AUSC shares Application of the First 4 Commandments of Almighty God for explaining this Final Last Generation preserved to face the Final Population Mass Extinction during the Outpouring of the 7 Last Plagues in the Year 2024.Jesus is coming on October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m.Please share.

0.Introduction:Note:{This is African Union Students' Council(AUSC)" For The Better Africa We Deserve" Special Dedication to Our United States of America(U.S.A)based Amazing Word Ministries International YouTube Channel deleted by YouTube Team to please Allow You All Globally To Read, Analyze,Copy,Paste and Share this Link to At Least 7 Peoples online and offline:[ ].

May Almighty God bless You All.}

1.AUSC shares Application of the First 4 Commandments of Almighty God for explaining this Final Last Generation preserved to face the Final Population Mass Extinction during the Outpouring of the 7 Last Plagues in the Year 2024.Jesus is coming on October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m.Please share.

2.You are advised to firstly listen and watch download and share the below YouTube Videos which give You an explanation of the current Final and Last Generation for Your better understanding of the following Mathematical Calculations to reveal in which exact Year the Final Generation will be visited by Almighty God for one Group of 4th Last Generation of the 4 Last Generations perishing during the Falling of 7 Last Plagues while an other Group of 6000 Years of 150th Generation will be lifted up to meet Jesus Christ in Air and be rewarded, during the 7th Last Plague on His 2nd Coming on Tuesday-October 22nd, 2024 at 1:59' a.m:

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I.The Promises of Almighty God are true and unmistakable deserving full trust and faithful people testify them all as based on His Full 10 Commandments among which the Roman Catholic Church Papacy led and keep leading deceived people to partake with Satan to desecrating the 1st, 2nd , 3rd and 4th Commandments which implyin Love People have towards their Creator Almighty God in Heaven Leading to formation of two Groups of Different Generations at the End of Earth History one inheriting rewards from Adam and Seth dating from 6000 Years ago and other one inheriting punishment God Visitation and perdition in a 4 Generationally cycle for the last one delivered from deniers of Millerites' Advent and Great Awakening Movements which marked the End of 2300 Prophetic Days of Daniel 8:1-14 on October 22nd, 1844 up to the falling of the 7 Last Plagues in the Year 2024 during which the 7th Last Plague will mark the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ on Tuesday-October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m:

1.Almighty God's 1st,2nd, 3rd and 4th Commandments contain a prepared Punishment of people with disobediences at 4th Generation and a Prepared rewarding of people with obedience up to the thousands Generation. Exodus 20:1-11.

2. Almighty God reserved both punishment and rewarding at the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ during the 7 Last Plagues as He will come during the 7th Last Plague. Revelation 22:12-15.

3. When Jesus was born it was in the 4000 Years and it was recorded that on His Baptism also was in the 4000 Years and as well as when He was crucified in AD 31 there was during 4000 Years after the sin came to this Earth, it revealed that it was recorded for the whole Generation , this Generation which has to count full 40 Years therefore started in 9BC.

Therefore, 4000 Years :40 Years= 100th Generally Generation.

4. Almighty God reserved to put an end on the whole Earthly Satanic Deceptive Kingdom for the 6000 Years accomplishing Almighty God's Plan for Salvation, which count for 6000:40=150 Generations, and rewarding will be at the 150th Generation.

5. Punishment therefore will be at the 150th Generation but comprising the Last Earthly 4 Successive Generation, which means 4X40=160, 4thGeneration.

6.To find the exact Year of falling of 7Last Plague which will take place during the Last Final Generation will be obtained by having an intersection of both 150th Generation completed after 6000 Years and the 4th Generation which was born from the Parents who denied and rejected the William Miller's Great Awakening Massage which was given to prepare the whole world for the ending of prophetic 2300 Years in Daniel 8:1-14, on October 22/10/1844.

7. From22/10/1844+160 Years= 22/10/2004.

This Last 4 Generations that have the 4th Generation to be visited by Almighty God during the 7 Last Plagues, will be counted from 22/10/1844+40Years=22/10/2044.

8. Therefore from 100th Generation to the the 150th Generation to reward there is also the 4 Successive Generations to be punished, which means 150-4=146Generations remaining to understand the Year when the 4 Last Generation started to be calculated, and it help us to identify the beginning and end point of the generation that will be rewarded at the full completed 6000 Years, by taking 146th Generation-100th Generation= 46th Generation, 46 GenerationsX40 Years= 1840.

9. Therefore while at the 100th Generation, Jesus was born in the Year -9 B.C and Crucified in the Year 31 A.D, the 146th Generation will be counted from years -9+1840=1831 and Years 31+1840=1871, this will allow to add the 4 Generations counted for 160 Years, from 1831+160=1991, and 1871+160=2031.

10. It is now easier than calculating 1+1=2:2=1!, which will help to calculate the intersection of the two obtained Generational Croups, One for Rewarding at end of 6000 Years from 1991 to 2031, and an other for punishment from 22/10/2004 to 22/10/2044,

II. Finding Intersection of 150th Generation of 6000 Years for rewarding and 4 Last Generations' Final 4th Generation for punishment according to Exodus 20:5-6 and Revelation 22:12-15:

We are expected to find at least 6 ways to determine in which Year the two Generations are meet in their intersection Year by which all 7 Last Plagues will be outpoured according to Revelation 18:8" All Plagues of Babylon will fall in one Day, a Day for a Year in Ezekiel 4:6 and Numbers 14:34 explaing punishment coming for the 4th Generation of final Last 40 Years, while in 2 Peter 3:8 a Year for 1000 Years applied for the 4th Commandment to understand 6 Days of Labouring equivalent to 6000 Years when the 150th Generation who kept all commandments of Almighty God will be rewarded:

1st Intersection

Identifying the Limit of Almighty God's Plan of Salvation in 6000 Years becomes the principal Generation of people who will be rewarded at its 150th Generation of 40 Years ranging from 1991 to 2031, then from 22/10/2004 to 22/10/2044, today we are in the intersection of Year 2021, from 1991 to 2021 is finished 30 Years, and remains 10 Years to have the full 40 Years be completed in the Year 2031, and from 22/10/2004 up to now in 2021 it is finished 17 Years, and remains 23 Years for 40 Years to be completed in the Year 22/10/2044, which gives the way to obtained the sum of remaining Years for each Generation to calculate the middle Year, taking 40 Years from principal Generation of people who will be rewarded started from 1991 to 2031 adding the remaining 27 Years from 22/10/2004 to 2031, considering also 23 Years from 2021 to 22/10/2044 to complete 40 Years from 22/10/2004 for the Generation of people who will be punished, the intersection is obtained by adding rewarding Generation's 

40 Years + 27 Years=67, 

and the intersection will be counted by dividing 


it will be calculated taking 1991+33.5=2024.5,

which means 2024 and 6 Months marked as intersection Year of both two Final Generations.

2nd Way uses:

2044-2031=13 Years,

2044-2021=23 Years,

2044-2004=40 Years,


2031-2004=27 Years,


2004-1991=13 Years,

2021-1991=30 Years,

2021-2004=17 Years.

Taking the intersection from 2004 to 2021 of 17 Years, and from 2031 to 2044 of 13 Years, the intersection Year will be obtained from taking 

17 Years-13 Years=4 Years,

giving the 2021 involved in the 4 Years obtained, therefore it remains 2022, 2023, 2024,

to have four Years completed in the Year 2024,

 which marks the Intersection Year of 7 Last Plagues falling to punish people of the 4th Generation counted from 22/10/2004 expected to be completed on 22/10/2004 and cut short for 20 Years until 22/10/2024 ,while it will not be allowed to pass the principal Generation for rewarding that started in 1991 expected to finish in 2031 also which was cut short to meet the generation for punishment in the Year 2024 in June.

3rd way, from above Calculations

2031-2004=27 Years having crossed this current Year 2021 and from 2021-1991=30 Years ,  the Year of intersection is obtained from taking 30 Years-27 Years=3 Years, and from this Year 2021 not included adding,

 3 Years= 2021+3 Years=2024 ,

being the intersection Year of both Two Final Last Generations both 150th Generation and the 4th Generation revealing that the Rewarding will be during the 7th Last Plague in which will take place the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ in the Year 2024.

4th way, from above Calculations,

2031-2004=27 Years, and 2044-2021=23 Years, and 2044-2031=13 Years, and 2004-1991=13 Years,

27+13=40 Years,

23+13=36 Years, and 40 Years-36 Years=3 Years, then 2021+3 Years=2024,

which intersection Year of both two final Generations.

5th Way, from above Calculations,

2031-2004=27 Years, and 2044-2021=23 Years,

27 Years-23 Years=4 Years, including 2021 the intersection is 2021 adding 4 Years until the Year 2024.

6th Way, from above Calculations,

2044-2021=23 Years, and 2031-2021=10 Years, 23 Years+ 10 Years= 33 Years, then 1991+33 Years= 2024,

which is intersectional Year 2024 of both two final Generations.

7th Way, from above Calculations,

Determining the Year from which the 4 Last Generations will have to be counted is obtained by taking the Intersection Year 2024-160 Years=1864, the 4 Last Generations had to start from 1864!

From October 22nd, 1844+20 Year=22/10/1864, the Intersection of both Two final Generations at the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ will be exactly obtained by October 22nd, 1864+160 Years=22/10/2024 at rewarding will take palace on the Heavenly Canaan receiving Crowns of Gold, Palm Tree Leaves, Harps for gold and be welcomed in the Holy City. Having to ascend to Heaven requests taking 7 Full Journey Days, then 22/10/1014-7 Days=October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m!


1)The 1st Rewarding Generation during the ends of 6000 Years from Descendants of Adam and Seth will have 33 Years Old counted from the Year 1991 up to the Intersectional Year of both two final Generations in the very soon coming Year of 2024 in which the 7th Last Plague will be exactly marking the 2nd coming of Our Savior Lord of 7th Day Holy Sabbath Jesus Christ on Tuesday-October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m,

2) The 2nd Generation which is the Final Last Reserved for  the Punishment during the ends of 4 Last Iniquitous bound Generations from Descendants of Deniers of the William Miller's Great Awakening as saw in vision by Madam Ellen Gould White in the Book of Early Writings on the Title of the End of 2300 Years composing the Groups which She Saw was bowing in front of the Throne of Almighty God on besides which Satan poured over them the counterfeit holy ghost missing Love and Peace and Truth headed currently by Jesuit Pope Francis its 4th Generation people will perish at Age of 20 Years Old counted from October 22nd, 2004 to the Year 2024 during the 8 Months and 2 Days period of falling of the 7 Last Plagues  from February 16th, 2024 until October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m at the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ Our Savior King of Kings son of King David.

Please share.

Remember the 7th Day Sabbath to keep It.Repent,repent.


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