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The Film"The Tomorrow War" General Overview:

I.The Film"The Tomorrow War" General Overview:

1.A war Against the 10 Commandments of Almighty God:

a)In this film, all 10 commandments were broken by the writer and all His players based on their intended imaginations which demonstrate the Jesuit ideology of delusions of their Oaths that intends to deny the Truth completely as it was declared in the 10 Commandments divided into two very important messages including the 1st One of Loving Almighty God with the wholeheart, whole life, whole intelligence and whole power, the 2nd One of Loving One's neighbour.

b)In this Film, the Love of Almighty God is completely destroyed where the writer called it The Tomorrow War and was involved in fighting the 7th Day Sabbath Keeping Aliens created by imagination of the writer which do not really naturally and physically exist on this earth or in the whole universe, while this is to deny completely the Word of Almighty God that specified in Genesis 1 the only Creator is Almighty God who can create living creatures that function under Almighty God's given Power of Life, a human being can not create such living Aliens as well as Almighty God have never created such offensive Aliens whose characteristics fitted SATAN' s Hateful Characters against the 10 Commandments of Almighty God especially the 2nd and 4th Commandments forbidding to create images and make them linked with the divine significance such as animating those Aliens in a way to keep the 7th Day of the Heavenly Holy Father devaluating the 4th Commandment by giving those Aliens the Offensiveness of predators with aim to wipe human beings from the earth as if Almighty God is not the owner of all powers that can wipe humanity on this earth ,like in the upcoming case of falling of the 7th Last plagues on this Earth from February 15th, 2024 to October 15th, 2024 to wipe all human beings who will dare to unit with Pope Francis and Joe Biden in worshiping SATAN through voluntary rejection of the Seal of Almighty God which is the 7th Day Holy Sabbath by replacing it with adherence to the Soon coming Sunday Rest and worship by Law under Climate Sundays Lockdowns globally which will be considered by Almighty God as rejecting the Seal of Almighty God and Accepting the Mark of the Beast as explained in Revelation 13:1-18 and Revelation 14:9-12.


1-The 1st Commandment Says"Thou shalt have no other gods before me. ":The writer of this film has broken the 1st commandment as He trusted Himself to play a role of the Creator to appear before Almighty God as someone intelligent who has created the White Spikes but as seen in the movie it is a fake imagination that is based on delusions of willing to become like Almighty God!!

2-The 2nd Commandment says"Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images.": The writer of this film has spread these demonic designed Aliens images on all social medias and worsening His previous desire to act like a Creator of living animals, then given a unusual shape and structures to these aliens of tge number 666 designed with 6 limbs of hands having 6 fingers with two tails having 6 Starts like triangles worshiping SATAN counting down from 3-2-1prior to jump from the Year 2021+2022+2023(2+2+2=6,0+0+0=0,2+2+2=6,1+2+3=6 giving 6,0,6,6=666 praising this Number of the Beast Jesuit Pope Francis) and tried to convince people that were or are possibly existing on the natural and physical world or to be existing in the future,while these are created images to worship the devil who inspired Him to write this fake delusive Jesuit ideological film.

3-The 3rd Commandment says"Thou shalt not take the Lord's name in vein ": The writer of this film misused Luke 6:5 which Says Jesus Christ is also the Lord of the 7th Day Holy Sabbath, by attributing those imagined predators which never exist and linking their day of attacking them on the 7th Day Holy Sabbath ,is an abomination and it is a very serious Sin of taking the Lord's name in vein, where they gave the Satanical Characterized Aliens a homage of resting of the 7th Day which is the Sabbath Day Blessed by the Almighty God in Heaven after He finished the Works of Creation in 6 Days and rested on the 7th Day calling it the Sabbath Day in Genesis 2:1-3.

4-The 4th Commandment says"Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it Holy": The writer of this satanic film hates very obviously the 7th Day Holy Sabbath which is the Seal of the Living Almighty God in Heaven as mentioned in Exodus 32:12-18 Ezekiel 20:12-20, as He has played out his whole brain and mind showing his Jesuit position on the Sabbath Day of The Almighty God, like Jesuit Pope Francis who called the 7th Day Sabbath a Jewish Traditional Day of Rest demeaning it in favor of the SUN worshiping day Sunday in His Satanic Encyclical LaudatoSI' in its Paragraph 237 He tended to spread His ill thinking that Sunday is a Day that heals the relationship between Almighty God and the humanity and the environment, like that it shows His very low level of thinking on which value the Book of Genesis 2:1-3 attributed to the Sabbath Day ,which thereby Jews Nationality was not yet existing on this earth, and the same was , attacking the True 7th Day Sabbath of Almighty God in Heaven, a very sick powerless ignorant film maker and film writer who imagined to attack his so called enemies on the 7th Day Holy Sabbath even if the enemies He pretends to attack from the Year 2022 after the Jesuit Pope Francis finishing to obtain His COP26 Climate Sunday covenant signed with Religious Leaders globally and Governments Leaders globally ,thinking that they will be successful in waging their Satanic delusive final war against the 7th Day Holy Sabbath, it is demonstrating immaturity of the Jesuit writer of this film in terms of recalling Himself on what happened to the King of Siria in the Era of the reign of the Jewish King Hezekiah! 

5-The 5th Commandment Says"Honor thy Father and thy Mother":The writer of this film dishonored Almighty God by misusing the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ in Luke 6:5 as Jesus Christ is thelordvof 7th Day Sabbath. The writer of this film has made himself a creator on so called living White Spikes , while the 2nd commandment forbids to create images like these He created in his purely Satanic delusive imaginations.

6-The 6th Commandment Says"Thou shalt not kill": The writer of this film dishonored Almighty God 's 6th Commandment where his created White Spikes seem to be killing humans and human soldiers killing those White Spikes with using Killing as an official acceptable act which is not condemned by Almighty God, while attributed Killing offensively to the 7th Day Sabbath Keeping White Spikes, He screenplayed them killing Humans as Predators, trying to imagine such demonic killers linking them to Mr.James White and Mrs Ellen Gould White's descendants True 7th Day Adventists Sabbath Keepers devine behavior of honoring the 4th Commandment of Our Lord of the 7th Day Sabbath Jesus Christ.

7-The 7th Commandment Says"Thou shalt not commit adultery ": The writer of this film dishonored Almighty God 's 7th Commandment where He partakes with spiritual adultery of the Babylonian Wine of Its Formication of Revelation 18:1-24 and Revelation 17:1-18 condemned by the Holy Bible in Isaiah 5:1-30 while being given to all Nations of Hating the 4th Commandment of Almighty God completely waging a War against the imagined 7th Day Holy Sabbath Keeping White Spikes which seems to be more triggering the unification of the whole world's human beings to help him to wage that So Called July 2nd, 2021 Tomorrow War on the Sabbath through enforcement of the COP26 Climate Sunday Worship by Law globally by the upcoming Year of 2022.

8-The 8th Commandment Says"Thou shalt not steal":The writer of this film dishonored Almighty God 's 8th Commandment where He desires to have such ability of creating new creatures in this universe ,He created the White Spikes giving them mixed structures such as White color of fungus and tentacles of termites those which are copyrighted from Genesis 1:1-31 and Genesis 2:1-25 and used those Biblical copyrighted animals plating the Natural Living Animals of Almighty God using them on His White Spikes Screenwriten Satanic modern graven forbidden images.As well Stealing the Copyrighted Day of Rest the 7th Day Holy Sabbath misusing it to give a Religious Component to His White Spikes Screenwriten Satanic modern graven forbidden images.

9-The 9th Commandment Says"Thou shalt not bear false witness":The writer of this film dishonored Almighty God 's 9th Commandment where He falsely attributed the 7th Day Holy Sabbath to the offensively White Spikes Screenwriten Satanic modern graven forbidden images of Isaiah 44:9-28 and Isaiah 46:1-13, while the 7th Day Sabbath is a Copyrighted Holy Day of Rest created by Almighty God in Heaven who declared in the whole Holy Bible that He is Love, and His Love which was revealed through offering His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ to be Crucified on the Cross as killed by Ancient Pagan Romans also the current modern Roman Army of Jesuit vowed to terminate Protestants True 7th Day Adventists descendants of family of Mr James White and Mrs Ellen Gould White , attributing the Demonic imagined Aliens renamed White Spikes to Recall White's Descendants who are still honoring the Almighty God's 7th Day Holy Sabbath as threatening the Papacy of last final Satanic Catholic fake prophets Mr.Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, and Mr.Jorge Mario Bergoglio those two Satanic Illuminati Skull and Bones Freemasons of Vatican City State house of the Dragon SATAN fallen Lucifer stubborn ignorant fallen Start of Morning- Isaiah 47:1-15.

10-The 10th Commandment Says"Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor' s house, wife or possessions":The writer of this film dishonored Almighty God 's 10th Commandment where He coveted to own the name of Almighty God like the Creator of imagined screenwriten abominable white spikes, He pretends to be a Creator as well, on screen giving the so called Aliens a living space in the Universe , while the whole universe is the property of One Creator alone who is Our Almighty God in Heaven, while Zach Dean coveted to own an online universe which contains so called 7th Day Holy Sabbath Keeping Offensive Aliens, by which in order to reach their future existing in the Year 2051 He used a figurative lifting technology that seems like the used technology by Our Almighty God to lift Elijah and Jesus Christ in the Sky to Heaven, making a counterfeit online screenplayed lifting of His Satanic Anti-7thDay Holy Sabbath Soldiers, clarifies the Craziness of this ignorant Man Mr. Zach Dean who ignorantly wrote this Satanic movie The Tomorrow War.Proverbs 1:17-19.

2.The whole world is approaching an unpreventable mass extinction of all human beings in 2024 from this planet earth ,as it was prophesied in the Holy Bible in Ezekiel 28:1-26, this mass extinction will be followed by an other total burning of sinful humanity and Satan with all His Allies in the Lake of Fire and Brimstones in the Year 3024 after 1000 Years of full Cosmic Sabbath which is going to begin on October 22nd, 2024 at the Heavenly Canaan at the Seal of Glass.

V. A War that starts on Friday as a Preparation Day in Luke 23:50-56.

1.This War that was launched on July 2nd, 2021 targeted this day which was Friday, and on Friday, God's Lovers and obedient human beings use this day to prepare for the upcoming 7th Day Holy Sabbath in tomorrow, as it was done after the death of Jesus Christ the Lord of the 7th Day Holy Sabbath who died on the Cross, the Lovers of Almighty God decided to take the body of our Savior removing it from the cross, they layer it in the Tomb ,Thus Jesus Christ Rested His Holy Day of Rest in the Tomb on Saturday, and this gave as well a real reason why the Galilean women who accompanied Jesus Christ to Jerusalem returned home to prepare the 7th Day Holy Sabbath and rested it in tomorrow ,until they came back on Sunday morning to visit the Tomb of Jesus Christ , they could not therefore find Him in the Tomb, which means that this film The Tomorrow War disrespects the Salvation of humanity that took place on the Calvary Mountain where Jesus Christ was Crucified to give thewhole humanity His Best Gift of His blood and fresh.

2.In planning to release this Satanic Film The Tomorrow War on July 2nd, 2021 which will end during the falling of the 7 Last Plagues from February 15th, 2024 to October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m, the whole world must draw this lesson of which spirit was pushing the Film Makers to use Friday as a day on which Jesus Christ Our Lord of the Sabbath was Crucified on, this is the same spirit like that one which was in the Pagan Roman Soldiers who crucified the Lord of the Sabbath on Friday, and it is the Same spirit which pushed the Climate Change young Jesuits Activists during the Friday For Future Movements and protests in the Year 2019, this similar spirit is from SATAN himself and currently contains All Jesuits especially Jesuit Pope Francis the Biblical 1st Beast of Revelation 13:1-18 and Revelation 17:1-18.

#A War that uses Jesuit Principal of Secret Rupture and Biblical 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ with supernatural horrible lighting in images used to fall and departure  in the future 2051:

1.In this film "The Tomorrow War", the players pretend to come from a very horrible lighting and comes within  features such as supernatural beings and similarly to the secret rupture principal.

2.The Jesuits have invented the secret rupture principal to deny the truth about the end of Earth history when Jesus Christ will finish His Heavenly Sanctuary work of Atonement ,judgement and cleansing the Heavenly Sanctuary.

3.In this Film, images are displayed such as are people being lighted in Air and others being observing the phenomenon while staying on the ground,watching the uplifted people such as what will happen similarly when Jesus Christ will come to appear on the Clouds, however, there will be no such phenomenon for Jesus Christ to come and touch on the ground, Jesus Christ and His All Angels will appear in Air will not be seen standing on this earth, therefore, in this Film The Tomorrow War, the players are counterfeiting the way Jesus Christ appeared to Saul when He was going to prosecute and persecute Early Christians living in Damascus. Acts of Apostles 26:12-23.

4.In this counterfeiting the phenomenon that happened to Saul in the way to Damascus, this phenomenon of appearing to a Human being in a very horrible lighting of a supernatural being seemed to be a very convincing scene created to strength the message that must be fixed in the mind of that human being, as it happened to Saul, when He saw Jesus Christ whom He was thinking to be not alive as He was not yet believing in His Resurrection after His crucifixion, then using that created supernatural scene, Jesus Christ managed to ask Saul the reason why He persecutes Him, and Saul was unable to resist that lighting and His eyes became immediately blinded, as a result of seeing Jesus Christ face to face, while His persecuting mind was immediately changed when He heard that Jesus Christ was having peaceful meeting with Him, Saul decided to confess His hate against Jesus Christ and against His Followers, which became His initiating Power of His followed Strong Testimonial Preachings from Damascus after His Baptism continued until He died beheaded due to His irresistible testimonies about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ who was denied  by Jews of His Nation and crucified Romans intentionally Saul who became Paul was finally beheaded by Caesar Nero in ROME due to His Christian based convictions which turned many Ancient Pagan Greeks and Romans into Early Christians building thereby many many Christian Churches in Europe, Asia and Africa as a result of Conversion of Saul from Judaism to Christianity following the supernatural appearance of Jesus Christ to Saul in His way to Damascus where He was targeting to persecute Jesus Christ's followers.

5.In this film "Thee Tomorrow War", the screenwriter, counterfeited the supernatural lighting scene, which was seen by people both in the stadium and those watching on television, all were excited by hearing the counterfeited supernatural beings urging all individuals young and old ones to pay attention on their concerns about fighting Aliens 30 Years in the future, however, as it happened to Saul, the Screenwriter of The Tomorrow War understood the effects of His created supernatural scene in convincing earthly human beings in that case of recruiting many individuals who are being sensitized and mobilized to hate the 7th Day Holy Sabbath Keeping Aliens called White spikes, otherwise, trying to gain the whole ground of this earth using similar supernatural beings and similarly supernatural lighting created scene, the Screenwriter of this Film" The Tomorrow War" is expecting similar counterfeited anti7thDayHolySabbath enmity results determined such as those determined results from Saul's conversion from Judaism to Christianity which reached the whole World from then until now and forever will remain incomparable.

6.In this Film"The Tomorrow War", players managed to convince a father of young girl resulted in leaving the family to go register in that Satanic military of imagination counterfeiting the second coming of Jesus Christ ,the father was seen being uplifted with many other players, which in this context physically can not happened due to irresistible Atmospheric variety of Air composition without Oxygen reservoirs physically a human being can not manage to resist in air at high altitude and on When Jesus Christ will come, We will be transformed being given such supernatural capability of being physically lifted in Air without carrying individual Oxygen reservoirs during our 7 days journey towards the Heavenly Canaan from Tuesday-October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m until Tuesday-October 22nd, 2024.

7.Nevertheless The Tomorrow War counterfeits, Jesus Christ The Lord of The 7th Day Holy Sabbath of Luke 6:5 and Our only Highest Priest is right now administering His final Judgement work in the most Holy apartment in the Heavenly Sanctuary, at the End of His work after the Closing of Global Probation of all individuals at the finishing of Proclamation of this ongoing 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message from February 7th, 2021 until February 7th, 2024, then there will follow ½Hour of Revelation 8:1-6 equivalent to 7 Days and 12 Hours leading to February 15th, 2024 the beginning day of the 7 Last Plagues that will fall on this earth until Tuesday-October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m at the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ during that same morning of resurrection from 00:01' to 01:59' a.m, All True7th Day Holy Sabbath Keepers together with Jesus Christ and All Angels and all resurrected Saints We will be taken to the Holy City of Our Almighty Holy Father in the Heavenly Canaan to begin the 1000 Years Cosmic Sabbath of Hebrews 4:1-16 to begin from Tuesday to Friday October 22nd, 2024 until the Year 3024 in Which the New Jerusalem will be descended from Our Holy Father in Heaven to this Earth and the Lake of Fire and Brimstones of Revelation 20:1-15 is therefore reserved to be used by Our Holy Father in Heaven to destroy SATAN and His All Demons and His All Human followers that existed during this full period of 6000 Cosmic Days of Working applied by SATAN trying to defeat Jesus Christ for vein that Satan will eternally be destroyed permanently at the end of this 7000 Years Cosmic Week that will completed in 3024 after completing this upcoming 1000 Years Cosmic Sabbath in Heaven beginning with the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ Our Lord of the 7th Day Holy Sabbath on Tuesday-October 15th, 2024at the end of 6000 Years Cosmic Days of Working in which Satan's Failure will be completed through Our ongoing 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message of Revelation 14:9-12&Revelation 18:1-5 against the Pope of Rome Jesuit Pope Francis and U.S.A Catholic President Joe Biden and their Global Government Allies and Sunday Resting & Worshiping &Keeping Covid-19Tested&Vaccinated individuals All.

#A War with application of Last Final Week of Daniel 9:27 and Last Final Week of Jesus Christ's History on this Earth and Final Last Week of this Whole Earth History from 2017 to 2024:

1. The Film "The Tomorrow War" is Anti7thDayHolySabbath, comparing to the last week of Jesus Christ's History on this earth, this Satanic Film "The Tomorrow War" was released on July 2nd, 2021 which was Friday as the Preparation Day of Luke 23:54 as Day 6, while on July 3rd, 2021 was to be the 7th Day Holy Sabbath of Luke 23:56 as Day 7, and While Jesus Christ was resurrected on Day 8, which symbolically represent indirectly the Day 8 of Resurrection of All died Saints during the Year 2024 which represents the final Year of the Last Final Week of this Earth History that started from October 31st, 2017 at the signing of A Reforming Catholic Confession by All Protestants Global Leaders to put an End of Martin Luther's Protestantism submitting their full Global Religious Power to SATAN through Jesuit Pope Francis rejecting Jesus Christ the Messiah, this Week started on October 31st, 2017 will end on October 31st, 2024, while Jesus Christ will return on Tuesday-October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m.

2.In this regard of Friday July 2nd,as Day 6, it leads to July 3rd as Day 7,  and July 4th as Day 8, therefore, Day 8 which represents the Year 2024, brings us to Day 7 representing the Year 2023 in which the Tomorrow War mentioned the Year 2023 as a next Year following the World Cup Interruption in Day 6 in December 2022 by the counterfeit Supernatural beings showing up to the world urging individuals to join them to fight on their sides to engage themselves in a War of Tomorrow, while a Day in Holy Bible Ezekiel 4:6 is equivalent to a Year, which means that the next day biblical from July 2nd, 2021 will be The Year 2022 and the Tomorrow of the Month of December 2020 means the Year of 2023 while this Year of 2023 is represented As Day 7 in this Last Final Week of Daniel 9:27 which started on October 31st, 2017 as Day 1, 2018 as Day 2, 2019 as Day 3, 2020 as Day 4, Hence having  the July 2nd, 2021 being represented as Day 5 and 2022 represented as Day 6.

3.In comparing the Final Last Week of Jesus Christ History on this Earth during Final Events will repeat in this last Fine Week , shows that on Thursday it was Passover on Day 5 ,then tomorrow was Day 6 on Friday when He was crucified followed by Day 7 in which He rested the 7th Day Holy Sabbath in the Tomb from which He was resurrected on Day 8 on Sunday, therefore, similar events must take place during the indirect represented Years standing for the same Days and appropriate Events on each Day, the Passover Day 5 is considered as Betrayal Day represented by year 2021 in which the General Conference of 7th Day Adventists urged 7th Day Adventists to Take the Satanic Covid-19 Poisons"Vaccines" to betray the Truth about Temperance that lead the deceived one to worship the Image of the Beast and to Obtain the Number of the Beast"SARS-CoV-2-mRNA'666'Vaccines" just on similar Day 5 which represents the Year 2021 in this Last Week of Daniel 9:27 featuring Acts of Apostles 27:17-24 as Explaining verse 21 as the Year 2021 of beginning of the Proclamation of the 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message that will end after 3 Years including the Year 2021, 2022, 2023 featuring verses  of Acts of Apostles 27:21-22-23 while in verse 23 the Angel from Heaven stands beside Apostle Paul while in the Year 2024 fearuring the verse 24 represents the Angel from Heaven calling Paul by name for resurrection to be seen by Caesar Nero who beheaded Him while Paul who represents all Saints was told by that Angel to look upwards to see Jesus Christ uplifting Paul with All His companions of brethren in Jesus Christ being lifted to the Air to meet Jesus Christ in the Year 2024 featured by verse 24 of Acts of Apostles 27:17-24 representing events to transpear in these final years 2017-2018-2019-2020-2021-2022-2023-2024, and for each Year standing for it's appropriate verse of Acts of Apostles 27 on its appropriate Day: As 2017 for Day 1and verse 17-2018 for Day 2and verse 18-2019 for Day 3and verse 19-2020 for Day 4and verse 20-2021 for Day 5and verse 21-2022 for Day 6and verse 22-2023 for Day 7and verse 23- and 2024 for Day 8 and verse 24.

4.In the similar events such as the last week of Jesus Christ's Final History on this Earth, Day 5 was Thursday and betrayal Day when Judas betrayed Him ,likewise Day 5 standing for the Year 2021 in which SDA General Conference betraying Jesus Christ by urging 7th Day individual Adventists to accept Covid-19 Vaccines "Poisons" against the Ellen Gould White's Temperance Obligations regarding not using Vaccines such Covid-19 Vaccines in preventing diseases instead of using natural herbal medicines.

5.In the similar events such as the last week of Jesus Christ's Final History on this Earth, Day 6 was Friday and crucifixion Day when Jews and Romans Crucified Him ,likewise Day 6 standing for the Year 2022 in which SDA General Conference that used to play a role of a Boat that carried the Church of Jesus Christ in Acts of Apostles 27:22 the Boat must be broken by the Predicted The Tomorrow War Climate Sunday of U.S Climate Act of 2021 known as U.S National Sunday Law Enforcement urging True 7th Day individual Adventists twho have completely rejected Covid-19 Vaccines "Poisons" according to the Ellen Gould White's Temperance Obligations regarding not using Vaccines such Covid-19 Vaccines in preventing diseases but being using natural herbal medicines only those True 7th Day Adventists represented by Apostle Paul proclaiming the 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message from February 7th, 2021 will actively be spared in the next Year 2022 and even the following Year 2023 while SDA G.C will loose its 7th Day Sabbath based Church programs potency completely by the Year 2022 standing for Day 6 as Friday of Crucifixion of Jesus Christ in His Final Last Week on this Earth in the Year 31 A.D.

6.In the similar events such as the last week of Jesus Christ's Final History on this Earth, Day 7 was Saturday and resting Day  in the Tomb where Nicodemus and Joseph buried Him the previous Day6 Friday ,likewise Day 7 standing for the Year 2023 in which The Screenwriter of the Film "The Tomorrow War" mentioned that the insertion of their recruited troops who were to be recruited by December 2022 to have a full 1 Year program of military formation covering as well a 7 Days battle with persecution in that same next Year of 2023 where they failed in the Tomorrow War Film's battle against 7th Day Keeping Aliens after all 7 Days operation this reflects that Recruitment of New Soldier that took place in December 2022 was programming a War in Tomorrow Biblically meaning in the following Year of 2023 prepared to wage a definitive War against Jesus Christ the Lord of the 7th Day Holy Sabbath by urging 7th Day individual Adventists to accept not only Covid-19 Vaccines "Poisons" but also to adhere to the Mark of the Beast of Revelation 13:3-18 against the Ellen Gould White's Prophesied 7th Day Holy Sabbath impending Conflict originated from Roman Catholic Church's Sunday Mark of the Papacy the Bible Beast enforced by U.S Catholic Presidency making the 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message more aggressively proclaimed by All 144,000 True 7th Day Adventists worldwide in this 11th Hour bringing 1000s of God's People in one day getting Out of Babylonian Sunday Keeping Churches and Atheists joining the 144,000 Saints receiving as well the Seal of Almighty God in their forehead before the closing of Probation Globally for every human being that will be followed by Outpouring of The 7 Last Plagues from February 15th, 2024 until the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ on Tuesday-October 15th, 2024 in that morning of resurrection from 00:01' to 01:59' a.m.

7.In the similar events such as the last week of Jesus Christ's Final History on this Earth, Day 8 was Sunday and resurrection Day when Our Almighty God resurrected Him and the Women and disciples saw Him ,likewise Day 8 standing for the Year 2024 in which True SDA individuals and died Saints will be resurrected by the Voice of the Trumpet of Jesus Christ urging All of them both living Saints and resurrected Saints to be lifted in their to see Our Lord of the 7th Day Holy Sabbath Jesus Christ meeting Him in the Sky and continuing to Head to the Sea of Glass in the Heavenly Canaan from Tuesday-October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m in a special event that was counterfeited by the screenwriter of this Satanic Film "The Tomorrow War" in which before uplifting the recruited soldiers required their commending woman "representing Roman Catholic Church Jesuit Pope Francis" to count from 3-2-1 as when She pounced Three Two One the the recruited soldiers were uplifted in the air and considering that counting started from the Number 3 and ended to the Number 1 this shows that after pronouncing the Number 1 there is no other remaining possibility of numbers to count except 0 and 0 is not countable, therefore, the counting is very significant that from the releasing Year July 2nd, 2021 counting 3 Numbers begin from counting  pronouncing Number 3 respectively for recruitment Year 2022, counting pronouncing Number 2 respectively for Persecution Year 2023, then counting pronouncing Number 1 respectively for Resurrection and lifting All Saints in Air by Jesus Christ on His 2nd Coming in the End Film Year 2024 during the outpouring of the 7 Last Plagues from February 7th, 2024 until Tuesday-October 15th, 2024 in that morning of resurrection at 00:01' to 01:59' a.m, All human beings will be killed completely by the 7 Last Plagues ,except these who will be lifted in the Air to meet Jesus Christ Our Lord of the 7th Day Holy Sabbath. 

Man deceiving

Deceived Jesuits and All deceivable Men.


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