Friday, December 24, 2021

*24/12/2021-21/09/2=15/10/2024 on Tuesday at 1:59' a.m. The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ's waiting Prayers and Fasting Days on Day -21/09/2 of 1025 Days remaining from the 1335 Days of Daniel 12:1-13 ending on Tuesday-October 22nd, 2024.Friday Fasting Day.

*24/12/2021-21/09/2=15/10/2024 on Tuesday at 1:59' a.m. The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ's waiting Prayers and Fasting Days on Day -21/09/2 of 1025  Days remaining from the 1335 Days of Daniel 12:1-13 ending on Tuesday-October 22nd, 2024.Friday Fasting Day.

The Tomorrow War using Omicron Covid-19 Variant Pressure of Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccines and Related Draconian Rules began in the Republic of Rwanda ,many are being forced to give their Should for injecting the the Number of the Beast Covid-19 Vaccines poisons, and Militarized Forced are being applied together with local government leaders and military veterans to night violate homes and meet True 7th Day Holy Sabbath Keepers inside their Houses and taking them by forces and inject immediately the Covid-19 Poisonous Vaccines and some are surprisingly being beaten and taken in prisons to imprisonment of 2 Years until they say they reject their Temperance based convictions as enlightened from Madam Ellen Gould White's writings about this end time prophetic Number of the Beast exposed in the Covid-19 Vaccines and other related draconian measures.

It is worsening at the extent that all boards from The Republic of Rwanda to the foreign nearing neighbouring countries are supervised by the trained community spies who are very dangerously hindering possibilities for True 7th Day Adventist Individuals and families to escape and free from that bandage of a Pure Satanic Automated Vaccinated National Powers against Jesus Christ's Determined True 7th Day Holy Sabbath Keepers who have completely decided to never accept to bow down for the Pope of Rome Jesuit Pope Francis' Fratelli Tutti(Covid-19-SARS-CoV2 Microchip Vaccines because this is the Prophesied Number of the Beast We should have to defeat together with the image of the Beast and the Beast its shelf in Revelation 15:1-2 in order to escape from becoming permanently destroyed by the 7 Last Plagues of Revelation 16:1-21 in the very soon coming Year of 2024. :

Persecution of 3 Years from February 7th, 2021 until February 7th, 2024 continues in all Countries against those who refused to receive the Number of the Beast of Revelation 13:3-18 explained in the Covid-19 Vaccines, and Mark of the Beast explained in the LaudatoSI'237' Action Platform Climate Sun-worship Sunday rest by Law:

Adventist Dismissed For Refusing To Work On Sabbath. SUNday Blue Laws Harsh Punishment For Offenders

Link: Click Here.

II.SERMON:ReadTheHolyBible:Genesis2:1-3&Exodus20:1-17&James2:10-13:1Day=1000Years Psalms90:4&2Peter3:8Giving6000Years+1000YearsCosmicSABBATH=7000YearsFor1FullCosmicWeek&2ndComingOfJesusChristForEndOfEarthIsIn6000Years&IsHappeningIn2024:ToBegin1000YearsCosmicSABBATHof#Hebrews4:1-16,Revelation12:17,Revelation13:3-18,Revelation14:9-12,Revelation15:1-8,Revelation18:1-5,Revelation20:1-15&JesusWillComeOnTuesdayOctober15th,2024+1000YearsCosmicSABBATH=3024inHell ComesAt7000YearsFull.
III.SOURCE:Take,Read&ShareThisLink&Screenshot[OpenLetterToAllBeloved PresentTruthPreachersWorldwide:( )].
IV.PRAYER:DearMy#AlmightyGodTheOnlyOneTrueHolyFatherInHeaven&InEarth(Matthew23:8-12):ForgiveThisPerson:GiveYourHolySpiritToThisYourChild:AsAPersonIn1John3:1-24:InOrderToUnderstand#ThisYourLast3rdAngel'sLoudCryMessageFinalWarning:ToNeverDareToRestOnSundayAsItIsToWorshipTheSUNgod"SATAN":SundayRestByClimateChangeLAWinLaudatoSi'237'#MarkOfTheBeastJesuitPOPEFrancis=ClimateSundaysLockdowns:ButToAccept&BelieveInThe Luke6:5&BLOODOfJESUS CHRIST&ToRefuse&reject SATAN's#Image&NumberOfThePAPACY'sFratelliTutti:[SARS-CoV-2-mRNA"666"'Microchip'Poison(Covid-19Mask,Test&Vaccines)]:InOrderToBecomeFree&ToRepent&#ToRememberThe 7thDaySabbathToKeepItHoly:InOrderToDivorceFrom#AllDemons.AsTheEnd ofEveryLifeOnThisDyingOldEarth isNear:In2024;ThroughThe7LastPlagues=(February15th,2024UntilOctober15th,2024 at1:59'a.m)InRevelation16:1-21ToDoNotDieInSIN#ButToQuit SATAN(Luke15:1-10)TodayToLiveTogetherWith#JESUSCHRIST#InYourSoonComingEternalLifeInHEAVEN2024&NEW EARTH3024#InCHRISTJESUSNAME,I PRAY,AMEN.Isaiah28:1-29&Romans12:1-21&Matthew24:15-31. 


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