Sunday, October 30, 2016

AFRICA Must become Industrialized more than any other Worldwide Continent , AUSC Presidency's Special Advisor, Hon Prof Mammo Muchie has given the framework.

 An African  Person is telling this reality :"My Africa, I will make you the better place to live more than any other place in the World" Start with Agriculture to industrialization of the Whole Africa,while saving and using  the natural resources of our Continent .
All African Youth including Inventors, Innovators, Artists are invited to get prepared to attend this extraordinary work for "The  First All Afrikana First Youth Congress(1st AAFYC)" Organized by AUSC, in Kigali, Rwanda Date: October 15-18, 2017.
The African Union Students' Council has been set as the first ever inclusive leadership training family of the youth of Africa , creating the first Pan-African Youth Congress,, to make all African Students and Young Educated generations to seat dawn and converse on deepest ways to keep shaping a better Africa We Deserve , as Deserving our next Generation, to become more independent and grow up with deep struggle heritage, great struggle for our precolonial , Colonial, and post colonial History.
AUSC International Committee involved All African Youth including Inventors, Innovators, Artists to get prepared to attend an extraordinary work for "The  First All Afrikana First Youth Congress(1st AAFYC)" Organized by AUSC, in Kigali, Rwanda Date: October 15-18, 2017.


The First ALL-Afrikana Youth Congress

     A.   Panels
  1. Presentations by the African Federal Congress
  2. The Africa Unity for Renaissance
  3. THE Pan-African Talent Initiative
  4. The Afrikana Post-Graduate Academy
  5. THE AUSC VISION, MISSION and Action Plan
  6. Revisiting the Pan-African Congresses
     B.   Conference

  1. Youth education in the current education it real education?
  2. Does youth know African knowledge heritage
  3. Does the youth know African spiritual Heritage
  4. Does the youth know the African struggle heritage
  5. The Youth learning Afrikana languages
  6. Youth Entrepreneurship both economic and social entrepreneurship
  7. Youth creators, inventors and innovators
  8. Youth role in the African creative industry, arts and music
  9. Youth and gender roles in uniting Africa
  10. Agenda 63: Is it too late to postpone African unity?
  11. Removing leadership curse, state curse, institution curse
  12. How to create predictable and sustainable African unity anchored system
Abstracts should include:

During the October 15-18, 2017, there will be also time for doing the following:


  1. Re Congratulations!! Prof.Mammo Muchie
    Africa UNIT.

  2. Such Congress is very TIMELY & DYNAMIC in the dire process of truly transforming AFRICA & AFRICANS in more positive ways. Prof. Muchie, your coaching and mentorship are greatly appreciated.

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