Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Call for papers: "REVISITING ADWA.."

I am glad to share this call for a forthcoming book on: 
"Revisiting Adwa 
A Pan-Africanist Perspective on the First of Many Victories against the

Imperial and Colonial Invasion of Africa"

(see attached flyer with more info).

Caros colegas passo-vos a seguinte call for papers para um livro a publicar sobre:

"Revisitar Adwa: 

Uma perspetiva pan-africana sobre a 1º de muitas vitórias 
contra a invasão imperial e colonial de África" ( Ver mais infos no flyer em anexo)

Kindly do all you can for the Patron to join us and contribute a paper and help also share the call:
The Ethiopian  Adwa Battle has been recognised as the great African victory against European colonialism reinforcing the Ethiopianism movement's iconic recognition that all non-European peoples are Ethiopians. Adwa Victory provided the proof  for Ethiopia  to have been the spiritual public good provider of the world. We sincerely ask you to send us well-researched papers to publish in the forthcoming book.. The editors will be Mammo Muchie and Adey Muchie in collaboration with Africa World Press.


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