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Conference Details

The 1st FANSSO International congress and Academic Research Symposium is set to take place from the 19th to the 21st of December 2016 in Kigali, Rwanda. The conference will see nursing students from across Africa convene at the University of Rwanda for a three-day convention designed to encourage networking, sharing of research, and inclusive decision making towards the future of nursing students in Africa.
Academic Research Day (19 December 2016)
The event will open up with an Academic Re-search Day (ARD) on the 19th of December which will provide platform for nursing students, groups, bodies, associations and organisations to present abstracts on projects and research from within their countries under the theme “Together in Nursing”. The opening day will give the opportunity for delegates to the congress to get to know one another and enjoy sharing expe-riences in nursing from their individual countries.
The academic research day will be followed by a Cultural Night where countries will get the opportunity to share aspects in song, dance, and dress or otherwise that make their individual country’s culture unique. The Cultural Night will provide a unique opportunity to foster friendship and cultural understanding between nations of the African continent.
Congress Meeting (20-21 December 2016)
The Congress meeting will begin on Tuesday the 20th of December 2016 and proceed into Wednesday the 21st of December 2016. The first day of the congress meeting will begin with discussions on FANSSO, its mission and vision, statutes and structure, followed by deliberation on the FANSSO International Action Plan. This day shall provide the framework for FANSSO’s future and be the guiding blue-print that the 1st elected FANSSO International Com-mittee shall use in taking the organisation forward. At the end of the 1st Day, nomina-tions for the delegates who will serve in the 1st FANSSO International Committee will be taken, and prospective candidates notified.
The second day of the congress meeting will be used to finalise any outstanding issues from Day 1’s agenda. Elections will then be conducted and the 1st elected FANSSO Inter-national Committee will be announced. The congress will then be officially closed by the 1st elected FANSSO International President and delegates will be free to either tour the beautiful Kigali or return to their individual home countries.

Officials, Authority and Accreditation
The event will be held at the University of Rwanda (UR) under the auspices of Guest of Honour to the event the University of Rwanda Vice Chancellor Professor Phillip Cotton (MD). The lecturers and faculty of the University of Rwanda will therefore serve as guiding officials towards the successful completion of the event. In addition the conference will engage the support of the International Council of Nurses, the Rwandan Ministry of Health, the Rwandan Nurses and Midwifes Council, Ministries of Health and national professional nursing councils and bodies across Africa. Through engagement with these authorities, the conference and the organisation will receive accreditation and be recognised as the official representative body of nursing students across Africa.

Partnership, Sponsorship, Donation and Conference engagement

 The conference offers a number of packages for corporates across Africa to engage in partnership and sponsorship of the 1st FANSSO International Congress and Academic Research Symposium. Potential sponsors are encouraged to contact the conference Finance Team at highlighting the nature of engagement that they would be most interested in. Conference packages are highlighted in the table below.

The 1st FANSSO International Congress and Academic Research Symposium will therefore serve as a unique opportunity to engage students in the nursing profession across Africa towards effectively bolstering and changing the health status of people across the continent. It highlights a chance to engage the youth in making positive advances towards achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in low resource settings and recognises the pivotal role nurses play in health systems across Africa. The 1st FANSSO International Congress and Academic Research Symposium will serve as an opportunity to show that people in Africa are together as one towards achievement of a better society for all. FANSSO—Together in Nursing

Conference Directors 

1. Iraguha Bandora Yves 
Rwanda Country
(+250) 736 196 204
2. Vanessa Dapeu 
Cameroon Country Representative
 (+237) 767 505 65

3. Phillip Muhindo 
Uganda Country Representative 

(+256) 705 692 364 

4. Munashe Livion Nyika
Zimbabwe Country Representative
 (+263) 782 801 085


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