Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Education debate to recurriculate the whole education system to re-root and re-found it in the African rich knowledge heritage!ETHEOPIA-INDIA: 'Framework for Africa's Agricultural Industrialisation" By Professor Mammo Muchie

The Education debate to recurriculate the whole education system to re-root and re-found  it in the African rich knowledge heritage!
Discussants: Dr. Kwame Amuha, Son in Law of Former President Mandela; Prof. Mammo Muchie, DST/NRF REsearch Professor, Tshwane University of Technology, Pusch Commey, Lawyer , Journalist and Founder of Real African Publishers

In a video link  during November 2016, at the CDEIS Punjabi University Patiala, India, Prof Mammo Muchie from Ethiopia addressed the Conference on the matter of innovations in agriculture and the Digital Age.
Professor Muchie said that the world’s Digital Age was impacting Agriculture in Africa and elsewhere. That  we needed to change. We needed to create co-evolutionary paths, whereby modern agricultural practices beneficial to urban and rural people.  
That there were a number of developmental theories coming from various parts of the world, dealing with transforming agriculture for better productive power capabilities and empowerment of the people for freedom and benefits.
Any new theory must be critiqued for its differences and added value to  current systems. Green, social entrepreneurships combined with innovations and creativities must be important considerations as to our way forward. That approach should bring hope to Africa, said Professor Muchie, who wanted to write a book on that topic.

More of Professor Muchie’s talk can be viewed here -

 was amazing ,over 2000 delegates.. at the CSIR was the UN...
Previologifislisten to this interesting dialogue: Dr Kwame Amuha is the son in law of former President Mandela.
Push Commey is a lawyer and journalist
Mammo Muchie is a Pan-Africanist working to root out  colonialism  for good from Africa

Please listen


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