Thursday, September 7, 2017

AUSC President's Office shares A Concept Note to Fix-It Strategy, By Samuel Hingha Pieh, MPH, RSand Co-author Johnny Sumner, September 7th, 2017,Kigali-Rwanda.

AUSC President's Office shares A Concept Note to Fix-It Strategy, By Samuel Hingha Pieh, MPH, RSand Co-author Johnny Sumner, September 7th, 2017,Kigali-Rwanda.

A Concept Note to Fix-It Strategy
Africa’s GPS towards liberation from the Chains and Masks of Slavery, Tribalism and Racism.
Objectives: To help remove the burden of Psychological programing and Injustice of AFRICA & AFRICANS. To facilitate sharing the Plate of rice to feed all kith and Kin! To lay a foundation for stronger National Cohesion, Security and Solidarity and be in better position to harvest crucial harvest of the goods 7 services for appropriate public good!
Background: According to Wikipedia, the Africa Continent is the World's second-largest based on land area and population just after Asia. It has a population of around one billion people (as of 2009) and covers 20.4% of the Earth's land area. Africa has a list of over 60 States & Territories so far. The list includes both fully recognized states, states with limited recognition, and dependent territories of both African and non-African states. It lists 54 sovereign states and 10 non-sovereign territories.
The Africa Continent is weak politically but very wealthy with human and other Natural Resources that have been continuously exploited, mismanaged, wasted and abused by very few selfish individuals and groups! An enhanced Democratic Governance through broad education and accountability of its Citizens and their Respective Political Parties will invariably ensure Free & Fair Elections, rule of law and Constitutional Integrity!
It is the conviction of the proposers of this Concept Note (Johnny Sawba Sumner and Samuel Hingha Pieh) that innate Tribalistic and Racist tendencies can be domesticated via a “FIX-IT STRATEGY IN POLITICS AND ORGANIZATIONAL DEMOCRATIC SYSTEMS”. We believe that application of such Strategy will provide a sustainable foundation for more Democratic Governance and Prosperity in Africa –starting in Sierra Leone as a model.
The FIX-IT STRATEGY: The Strategy will focus on:
*       Laying a solid foundation for networking and public education about/of the fix-it strategy to reduce the burden of Tribalism and Regionalism in Sierra Leone.
*       Creating enhanced awareness of the tremendous benefits of good Democratic Governance for the Nation and her People’s dignity, health and wealth;
*       Awareness building and advocate for decompressing the minds, attitudes and practices that demonstrate psychological programing of the African before Independence and Post- Independence
*       Creating enhanced awareness of the ultimate value of making “Intentional and deliberate efforts to ensure tolerance & value of our Diversity” as prescribed in a Constitution of  any National Government;
*       Advocating for intentional and deliberate actions to ensure FREE & FAIR ELECTIONS in every political structure/System;
*       Advocating for Separation of Powers in every effort to ensure FREEDOM of expression by all Citizens, PEACE & JUSTICE for all in the Nation, and a Sustainable atmosphere for the RULE OR LAW; Enforce “NO Intimidation or Disruption of other Parties Public Assemblies and Operations;
*       Agreement on a charter of collective Action in defense of Constitutional Government by Political Parties in collaboration with the National Electoral Commission. Members must sign an ethics & behavioral code guiding their ongoing support of their respective employers/Government;
*       Commitment of all Political Parties to Public declaration of “Zero TOLERANCE FOR TERRORISM IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM!”


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