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The 1st ALL AFRIKANA YOUTH CONGRESS 2017 (AAYFC) HILLTOP KIGALI, RWANDA 15th - 18th OCTOBER, 2017;A brief Declaration statement on the outcome of the 1st AAFYC 2017.

15th - 18th OCTOBER, 2017

A brief declaration statement on the outcome of the 1st AAFYC 2017.

            1st ALL AFRIKANA YOUTH CONGRESS was successfully held in Kigali, Rwanda at Hilltop Hotel between 15th - 18th, October 2017. October 15th was the time when the historic 5th pan African congress was held. We chose this moment to recall the decisive actions that Africans took to fully decolonize Africa. The time has come for the entire African youths (between the ages of 5-35 years) to shape Africa’s future by employing creativity, inventions, innovations, startups; incubations, entrepreneurship, job creators and building sustainable new networks and trustful relationships. Delegates came from all regions of Africa and some of the creative demonstrations or exhibitions were made. In this full declarations we are very delighted to share some of the innovative demonstrations that were presented in the First All Afrikana Youth Congress as follows:

.The office of President and Founder of African Union Students' Council(AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve" in Kigali-Rwanda declared the Initial Administration of INTERNATIONAL AFRICAN STUDENTS' SCHOOL(IASS)in KIGALI-RWANDA , under AUSC Education Division managed by International African Students ‘Education Loan Board - (IASELB).

The INTERNATIONAL AFRICAN STUDENTS' SCHOOL(IASS) has been endorsed during the 1st All Afrikana First Youth Congess (1stAAFYC2017) which took place at Hilltop Hotel and Country Club Kigali-Rwanda from 15th to 18th October, 2017. Click to view the 1stAAFYC2017 Declaration online

The 1st AAFYC 2017 in its second day reassembled the AUSC International Members for the 1st   African Union Students' Council (AUSC) International General Assembly and has approved many developmental projects depending on each division of AUSC including the INTERNATIONAL AFRICAN STUDENTS' SCHOOL(IASS).

The 1st AUSC International General Assembly has therefore endorsed the project of executive committee of the African Union Students' Council (AUSC) designed during the meeting on 1st October , 2017 aimed to establishing the INTERNATIONAL AFRICAN STUDENTS' SCHOOL(IASS) as the 1st School innovated from the African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve" , to be under its education division of International African Students' Education Loan Board (IASELB) headed by Mrs KAMAYIRESE Adele ; whereas the school had target to operate firstly in Rwanda, and thereafter be able to open different branches all over the continent of Africa and Diaspora with time.

a) IASS School Motto: Being Positive, Social & hard working for better future.

b) IASS School Values: i. Respect and tolerance, ii. Honesty  and integrity, iii. Being responsible, iv. Creativity, v. Being positive.

c) IASS School for real choice: i. The Classroom size is wide enough, ii. Offering made in Rwanda instructional materials, iii. Having courageous and loving teachers, iv. Having modern toys that children play harmoniously with teacher's assistance, v. children develop their basic skills in modelling , drawing and others using appropriate materials, vi. Children study from Bible, pray and praise God, vii. Children learn pre-sciences from their beautiful natural environment.

d) IASS School being there for any parents, offering pre-primary education just meeting the needs of parents' cherished kids.

e) IASS School  teach both French and English , as well as Kinyarwanda letting  all kids being highly fluent in these three languages.

f) IASS School beginning with Excellent Foundation Lessons : i. BABY CLASS, ii. MIDDLE CLASS, iii. TOP CLASS

g) The fixed initial administration of INTERNATIONAL AFRICAN STUDENTS' SCHOOL(IASS)  has started registration process of INTERNATIONAL AFRICAN STUDENTS' SCHOOL(IASS) in the Government of Rwanda with its Rwanda Education Board (REB) through the Local Administration of Kicukiro District in Kigali-Rwanda, to officially replace the names of former Life Nursery School after MVCP Administration closed its activities and after obtaining an official agreement  letter on 12th December , 2017 to rend and take over the fundamental properties  and names of the Life Nursery School from the Legal Representation of MVCP by Pastor Ngeyen Yinkfu the National Overseer of the Ministere de la Vie Chrestienne Profonde also known as Deeper Christian Life Ministry to the administration of INTERNATIONAL AFRICAN STUDENTS' SCHOOL(IASS). 

j) For more information please contact Legal Representative of INTERNATIONAL AFRICAN STUDENTS' SCHOOL(IASS) Mrs KAMAYIRESE Adele  on Tel: +250788496893 , E-mail:

k) Declaration Updated, on Monday July 9th, 2018.

1.  We also declared that African youths should join hands to save Africa and the time to unite Africa is long overdue: The youth must take the responsibility to build the integrated Africa with sustainable development by promoting without fail African unity for renaissance
2.      It has been highly inspiring to learn from, the youth coming from different parts of Africa presenting innovative creations that made us all believe the African youth is true change, makers and game changers.
One of the presentations I has been on Youth role in the Afrikana Creative industry, art and music: The inventor presented on Boneza Ball as a game where two teams of six players, compete on any flat surface, be it synthetic grass, concrete or tarmac court (28m x 14m) which is divided into two sides with a straight line. On this line, there are two vertical posts standing at the edge of Urutavogerwa, connected by two parallel, horizontal ropes. Imbonezo is mounted in the center of the ropes, into which a ball is targeted to score goals. Boneza Ball also came to contribute in prevention and reduction of non-communicable diseases such as depression, diabetes, heart attack, etc. through its sport and entertainment services.
The other was on GOORA as a new android application that has been innovated for advertisement and marketing of local products in Rwanda but currently it is used in other neighboring countries. The application is used in understanding market needs with its an application for the local producers to know to sell their producer and buy. The advantage of this technology is that the products are sold from homes and no need to access market
3.      Environment and sustainable development by using new technologies and innovation for water management;
There is also innovation for developing small and micro enterprises for youth to develop green Business:
4.      RICAD Rwanda is an initiative for Culture and Arts Development. It includes environmental sustainability like justice, health and climate change, peace education programs, food for people and so on.
5.      Benefit of Blockchain technology to benefit Africa by creating innovation that creates a system that can be used to fight against poverty by using technology like android
6.      The importance   of using indigenous knowledge by relying more to use traditional medicine in order to treat different diseases as our people know a lot of traditional medicine.
The youth should be learning and appreciating Ubuntu philosophy.  All the youth from, kindergarten to tertiary level must learn the African Knowledge; spiritual and struggle contributions: Everything original from, humanity to the sciences came out of Africa but our youth do not know this because the education system has not been fully decolonized: There is an urgent need to decolonize the whole education system, across the Africana world to wean generations of African youth to grow with confidence, independence, freedom; dignity and self-worth. The general purpose of this discussion was what Africans youth should do to so that the future generation should be better;
The 1st AAFYC congratulated H E President Paul Kagame for leading the African union reform and getting African state to start funding the African Union. This is a great inspiration for the youth to see Africans taking their ownership to fund the Africa Union and stopping to rely on donners.
Finally, there will be a full declaration of 1st AAFYC 2017 in next few weeks. 
This is the pre-declaration, brief statement to highlight some of the activities that were presented by delegates from different parts from Africa. We expect all the youth to share the outcome that we briefly outlined here with all the youth in Africa. 
We ask you to prepare to join us in the 2nd AAFYC.
Africa has to move from resource curse to innovation blessing by removing the current unfortunate challenges of leadership, governance, institution and system curses. 
The youth of Africa will suffer if the prevailing curse continues. 
There is thus an urgent need for the entire youth of Africa to unite and make a big difference to Africa. 
If Africans learn how to own Africa; there is no doubt all will have their wellbeing fully taken care of. 
Let the youth of Africa make a difference to make up where the leadership failed. 
Let all the youth make Africa a great success. Let all the youth make our lives the struggle for Africa by appreciating and relearning all the rich values and heritage that originated from Africa.

Approved by

Dr.Iraguha Bandora Yves, MD
President and Founder


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