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Tanzanian Archbishop Isaac Amani is Preaching to Convert Tanzanians into Pope Francis' St.Corona-Citizens.Thursday,February 18th, 2021 at 8:45'a.m.Jesus Christ is Coming of October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m.Babylon is Fallen-Repent, Remember The 7th Day Sabbath To Keep It Holy.


"QAnon Gematria Decode: US MARINES SING DAYS OF ELIJAH, IMPOSSIBLE COINCIDENCES, LAST CALL": Open Letter to H.E President of Republic of Rwanda on Covid19 Vaccination Program by Dr. Iraguha Bandora Yves, MD, MG, RN,BScN(Hons).Wednesday-February 17th, 2021 at 7:59' a.m: Link 

CoronaVirus is a Virus of CORONA, it is understandable that it was created for a purpose to give homage to Roman Catholic Church, as St.CORONA exists as a devil ghost in Vaticanism it is believed that died persons can be canonized by a living Pope to make that demon be worshiped in the deception of a Canonized dead person some times ago who lived and died Years ago ,but Roman Catholic Church Pope used a sinful life like others but without any Biblical Permission to canonize deads Pope of Rome use their Satanic Traditional Powers to used human beings names to attribute them to demons whom they refereed to as Saints, while the Holy Bible calls a Saint somebody who respect the full 10 commandments of Almighty God including the 7th Day Holy Sabbath and Saints must have an other special characteristic of having Faith of Jesus Christ which is the Spirit of Prophecy in Revelation 14:12 and Revelation 12:17 and Revelation 19:10. 

1. The Biblical Saint is determined to follow Jesus Christ doing even as He used to do when He was still on this earth, Jesus Christ Used to attend the 7th Day Sabbath Preaching to all people who fear Almighty God and Jesus Christ trusted in the Biblical Spirit of Prophecy where in Matthew 24:15-22 declared that amm His followers who are Christians must at any cost Review and analyse the Prophecy of Daniel, as in Last times at the End of this World Jesus Christ New that Antichrist Pope Francis will Compose A Satanic Encyclical Letter Laudato SI' in its paragraph 237 to urge blinded human beings to desacrate the 4th Commandment of Almighty God, where Pope Francis urged globally to keep the 1st Day False Sabbath of Sunday to protect the environment and United Nations accepted it they magnified it into a Paris Climate Agreement where the Supper Power Nation of USA at Donald Trump's Presidency rejected that Sunday Rest of Pope Francis of Laudato SI'237' but on January 20th, 2021 Joe Biden signed this Paris Agreement and on January 27th, 2021 the USA Congress Registered this USA National LaudatoSI'237' expressed Law as Green New Deal Bill which senator Alexandria Occasio Cortex Launched on February 7th, 2019 ,and St.CORONA Lockdowns were on February 11th, 2021 demonstrated in their main objectives when Cortez publicly Said ,USA will very soon shift from St.CORONA Lockdowns to Climate Lockdowns while Pope Francis has advised climate change solution to rest of all Sundays to be able to achieve the Universal Common Good Climate Sunday Lockdowns will become a global Sunday Rest by Law and this is what will cause all True 7th Day Holy Sabbath Keepers to flee and Jesus Christ in Matthew 24:15-22 that the Roman Catholic Church Pontifex Maximus will repeat what Titus did to surround Jerusalem and current Jerusalem seemed to the the USA Protestant Constitution surrounded by Current Roman Jesuits since the inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20th, 2021 ,this will become more significant as longer as USA President declare the Climate Emergency to urge all USA National Citizens to begin to rest every Sunday with typical form of Covid19 Lockdown to be used for Climate Sunday Lockdwons ,they will be dictated to All Nations Worldwide by Joe Biden and Antonio Guterress very very soon ,I hope H.E President of United Republic of Tanzania will also reject this Pope Francis' Sunday Laudato SI'237' Law, it will help the Whole world to maintain this culture of Spiritual Revolution against SATAN' s Right Hand Man of Sin Pope Francis, and remember this because Jesus Christ who Pope Francis is using as Serving Him He is the very extremist enemy of the Laws of Almighty God, He breaks One to break All 10 Commandments of Almighty God, He breaks the 4th Commandment of remembering to keep the 7th Day Sabbath Holy, He composed LaudatoSI'237' put it in UN's Paris Climate Agreement as a global trapping to avert blinded individuals tomake them as well break the 7th Day Holy Sabbath, while Jesus Christ urged that We need to pray so that Our Flights in 2021-2024 be not on 7th Day Holy Sabbath Days.And Jesus Christ instructions to study deeply the Book of Daniel resulted in Martin Luther's 95 These that demonstrated that Pope Francis is the 4th Final Beast and Antichrist as well as William Miller' Great Awakening on October 22nd, 1844 of 1Day of Atonement which has to be fully used to cleanse the Heavenly Sanctuary by Jesus Christ in 12 Day Hours with each 1 Hour equals to 15 Years in Revelation 17:9-18 from John 11:9-11 therefore 12 Hours equal to 180 Years and cleansing will be completed on October 22nd, 2024, while Jesus Christ Our Lord of 7th Day Holy Sabbath will come on October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' .a.m. Associated Link: [  ].

2.Therefore, having a so called Died Female CORONA canonized as St.CORONA Demon in the Roman Catholic Church has to make eyes of all living people on this world to open very much to link the so called St. Mary they refereed to Mother of Jesus Christ as Virgin Mary is the same devil ghost and is SATAN himself being given synonymous names as Roman Catholic Church knows that it will be possible for all persons worldwide to worship SATAN through their Virgin Mary they used St.CORONA to obtain more non Roman Catholic Church Members to worship the same SATAN synonymously called St.Virgin Mary now also know as St.CORONA, which by help of  World Health Organization (WHO) 's Teddross fight to bring the whole World under the Roman Catholic Church on March 11th, 2020, it was declared that Coronavirus"Covid19" is a pandemic, this being reffered to an escaped virus from Hwan laboratory in China it has to open eyes of every human being to question on that Name "CORONA"  and then "Saint CORONA" and then Epidemic, Roman Catholic Church gave the Demonic Power to a died Person CORONA to be canonized as a Saint of Epidemics and by WHO declaring that Coronavirus from Hwan became a global concern on March 11th, 2020 then declared it as a Pendemic. The Roman Catholic Church worship is totally a Pagan Satanic Worship with evidence of having connections to speaking to the deads as falsely believing that deads can hear them,is spirituality and give homage to SATAN not to Jesus Christ the Author and Founder of Christianity. Associated Link: [  ]

3. S.t CORONA is one of many other evidences which can help every person to protest against Popes of Rome as did Martin Luther, because  In the years of Jesus Christ habiting this Earth , there was no such thing like canonizing Christians to become Saints after they have died. Associated Link:[ ]

4. The event of canonizing died persons can be seen clearly as antichristian, because, even after Jesus Christ's crucifixion and resurrection and ascension to the Heavenly Sanctuary in the Year 31 , the Early Christian Church's Leaders Couldn't canonize any Christian to make Saints from died persons, as the plan for SATAN failed to exterminate Christians in the Years before Constantine Emperor of Pagan Roman Empire decided to cease to Kill Christians in the Year 317 then a mixed Pagan Roman Rituals with some Christian Truths at Rome resulted in a birth of a Satanic Church of universal acceptance of all evil and demonic behaviors and was named the Roman Catholic Church whose Bishops in 340 seized the title of Pontifex Maximus from died elder son of Emperor Constantine ,therefore they became named Bishop of Rome + Pontifex Maximus to gether to form the current names they bear as Pontiff of Rome also Known as Pope and by a donation of constinite document they named themselves Vicar of Jesus Christ.tVicar of Jesus Christ which adds up to Vicarius Filii Dei means the Roman Number 666 of Revelation 13:18.

5. Therefore, whosoever has to understand very well what Jesus Christ was crucified for in 1 John 3:8 is to finish the works of SATAN on this earth such as Pope's trying to give raise to a Demon which The Pope wanted to launche on this World later after the death of Mr.CORONA they called that demon St.CORONA. That Demon named St.CORONA now has his advocates form every Nation from Vatican to Tanzania, all Roman Catholic Church Bishops , Archbishops, Priests and Members who didn't see things like John Western and other Bishops like Vigano of USA ,they are preaching to make every person a global citizen of Demon St.CORONA via making sure that people accept their deceptive Christian based falsehood of promoting demons as Saints whom Coronavirus is bringing those blinded individuals to worship the number of the beast 666 especially by receiving the messenger RNA St.CORONA 666 aborted foetus cells vaccines.

6. This is a very Satanic deception which the Roman Catholic Church uses to deceive Human Beings in bringing to them the Demons to worship in the names of lived human beings.

Countries in Africa that are not interested in distributing Covid19 aborted foetus cells m-RNA Vaccines even if the Hypocrite Jesuit Pope Says No reason to Kill but Pushes the Whole World to be vaccinated with aborted foetus cells Covid19 m-RNA Vaccines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. The Bible itsself mentions that a died person has no thing to deal with living persons, it is many many times mentioned in the Bible and even Jesus Christ died but could not tell the disciples any experience He has experienced in the Tomb as He was buried for 3 days and nights ,it was as well what King David in Psalm He said He will not remain forever in the grave as He will be resurrected to see His King, referring to the King Jesus Christ the Lord of the 7th Day Holy Sabbath.

8. This Demon who is a named St.CORONA by Pope of Roma uses the figure of a man called CORONA after His Death, and the Popes are by Biblical Name the Beast whose number is 666 in Revelation 13:18, Pope Francis and All His Bishops and archbishops and Priests Are the Owners of Coronavirus'666' and Coronavirus Vaccines Messenger RNA is the Microchip to turn everybody into Pope's Coronavirus Global Citizens and Mental Slaves.

9. Tanzanian Archbishop Isaac Amani is Preaching to Covert Tanzanians into Pope Francis' St.Corona-Citizens.Thursday,February 18th, 2021 at 8:45'a.m.Babylon is Fallen-Repent, Remember The 7th Day Sabbath To Keep It Holy. Associated Link[  ]

10. Pope Francis at Vatican is determined to take jobs and still money of human beings who live in Vatican City State and it is a big shame that Pope Francis thinks that human beings who live in Vatican City States are His Township and His own creatures, Almighty God is the Owner of those Human beings who as well are living on the ground He Created not as Stupidity thinking of Pope Francis that being a human being living on the ground of Vatican City State makes Even Bodies of living people there to become his own property, why to enjoy to still money from people who worked for them can't be exposed in its proper ways such as Life Site News is doing ? It has demonstrated the demonic plans of Abortion and killings of Lockdowns and facil masking the whole world for just a very fake disease named Coronavirus to give homage to demon St.CORONA , while YouTube corrupted CEO decided to delete all Videos which were being used as references to demonstrate and expose the SATAN's works carried out by Vatican Pope Francis. Martin Luther also was a Roman Catholic Church Priest and He become exhausted by bearing in secret all demonic doings of Roman Catholic Church Popes He decided to expose everything and Pope was from them revealed to be the Antichrist whose Holy Bible says He oppose the Word of Almighty God in Heaven, as Bishop Vigano and Henry Jon Western and other Catholics are doing to expose Pope Francis' Covid19 deceptions, They still need however to use the Great Controversy Book to understand the good way to combat against Pope Francis and unite with Jesus Christ the Lord of 7th Day Holy Sabbath by honoring the 4th Commandment of Almighty God to as well study the Heavenly Sanctuary Message from  Ellen Gould White ,then we can stumble down this fake build new world oder  which is built on a foundation of lies and demonic testimonies of abortion and family planning with Aborted Human foetus Cells messenger RNA COVID19 Vaccines. Without covid19 aborted fetus cells vaccines no buy no sell and Revelation 13:15-8 is therefore fulfilled.Associated Link[  ].

11. H.E President Pombe Magufuri makes exception like a Protestant Reformer Martin Luther , He exposed the lies of World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11th, 2020 that demon St.Corona has his engineered virus spread a lover the glob and declared it a pendemic and this world to open eyes very well has no meaning heavier than that of an African Patriotic President H.E Pombe Magufuri who disqualified Covid19 with its whole weaponized draconian measures ,He deserves a great acknowledgement from Young African Leaders ,Thus AUSC is not closing its eyes to make TANZANIN be its sensitive role model as its origin of foundation in Zanzibar has also a particular significance on this point. Fear not white men , during independence and decolonization fights by our ancestors, White men understood the fact that it is not an African land they need it rule Just minds of Heavy strong African Patriots like H.E Pombe Magufuri and Nelson Mandelaand others which they failed ,they failed at Adwa with African Victory and this is not a single way to expose Pope Francis who is dreaming to rule the Whole World' s Human beings by injecting in them Covid19 aborted foetus cells m-RNA vaccines which is a Biblical Number of the Beast '6666' prophesied that whosoever will not be having it will not be able to buy or sell, let that be happening in other nations not In Africa, if they'd Presidents do not take example of H.E President Pombe Magufuri to Reject Pope Francis' St.Coronavirus Global Citizenship of New World Order. Associated Link: [ ].

12. All African Nations and worldwide Nations whose Presidents and Governments use Money borrowed from the World Bank(Not any Nation can say no to this) and that Has no other alternative to deal with their inside countries economies, fear so much to expose the SATAN's Right Hand Man of Sin Pope Francis' Illuminati relationship with Coronavirus, because they know that they can be either over flown from their Thrones(Not the Case of United Republic of Tanzania whose leadership transitions have no thing to do with military attacks or influence) and be replaced by their in opposition Parts and it is very much seen with this influence Roman Catholic Church Bishops and Archbishops are pushing to force the human beingsvthey think they have like their properties due to having registered them as their Churches Members, while Every human being is not a property of any Government on this world ,blinded human beings are not raising their divine origin to claim for their innate Right for freedom of minds and lives, as the Whole World Leaders are killing their citizens with using Pope Francis the Jesuit Killer's Bioweapons of St.CORONA SATAN himself, this is the reason why Almighty God has raised 144,000 True 7th Day Adventists to dissolve this Satanic New World Order, it seems that a Genocide of True 7th Day Adventists will be inevitable due to the Frustration of Pope Francis ordering all His Slaves Presidents of Worldwide Governments who Killed Their Own Citizens with this So Called COVID19 with Lockdowns , facial masks , privating people to attend churches and keep saving Souls from Vatican's SATAN bondages, now the Only thing to do is Almighty God to bring All 7 Last Plagues  in the Year 2024 as written in Isaiah 24:1-23 and every world Government Leader considering themselves assupper individuals who can kill or save lives of human beings within Isaiah 47 they will soon perish, The Creator of Heavens is seeing all of these madness linked to St.CORON, Pope Francis used Coronavirus to compose His Fratelli Tutti to make SATAN bring Islam and so called Christianity together under POPE Francis the Enemy of Christ the Antichrist who Hayes extremely the 7th Day Holy Sabbath, Hence His Order of Jesuit whose Oath is to exterminate True Protesting individuals against Roman Catholic Church of SATAN and those are found only among the 144000 Biblical Living Saints of Almighty God who obey His All 10 Commandments including the 7th Day Holy Sabbath, You can Join Us with this Planned Biblical Way to dissolve New World Oder of SATAN and POPe Francis built on Lies and Abortion within Vaccines of St.CORONA's Virus"SATAN's Covid19" Fake disease of lies and killings of lives of people with Lockdowns and facial masked and aborted foetus cells messenger RNA.

Pope Laudato Si Climate SUNday Racial Justice. UN Global Hate Groups Blacklist. No More Conversion:[ ]


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