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Babylon The Great"'SATANIC JESUIT POPE FRANCIS' is FALLEN"New World Order is FALLEN":This is the 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message From Now February 7th, 2021 until February 7th, 2024-This is the 12thHour"180 Years"John11:9-11 of William Miller's Great Awakening Labeled as QANON"One Single Atonement Day" From October 22th,1844 is soon going to become completed on October 22nd, 2024 while Jesus Christ Our Lord of The 7th Day Holy SABBATH is coming during 7th Last Plagues on October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m.Repent, Repent, Remember The 7th Day Sabbath To Keep It Holy.AUSC Alive New Article Published on February 7th, 2021 at 5:59' P.M.Please Share.


The Church of SATAN is FALLEN:[ ].!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Babylon The Great"SATANIC JESUIT POPE FRANCIS is FALLEN"New World Order is FALLEN"-This is the 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message From Now February 7th, 2021 until February 7th, 2024-This is the 12thHour"180 Years"John11:9-11 of William Miller's Great Awakening Labeled as QANON"One Single Atonment Day" From October 22th,1844 is soon going to become completed on October 22nd, 2024 while Jesus Christ Our Lord of The 7th Day Holy SABBATH is coming during 7th Last Plagues on October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m.Repent, Repent, Remember The 7th Day Sabbath To Keep It Holy.AUSC Alive New Article Published on February 7th, 2021 at 5:59' P.M.Please Share.

Pope Francis is fallen, He is fallen, He is fallen, He is the Babylon Himself and He is Lost in His Brain, He Can now forget that He is a simple Human Being like Others, He created every evil ways to bring the Whole World Under His Encyclical Letters Both LaudatoSI'237' and Fratelli Tutti, finally Obtained the Leading Power of both the World's  Supper Power United States of America(USA) National Security Control through President Joe Biden since January 20th, 2021 when signed Paris Climate Agreement and on January 27th, 2021 when signed Climate Action Executive Orders to be brought on USA National Security Level , and Has through Antonio Guterres won the World's Nations put under Fratelli Tutti on February 4th, 2021 , thereafter He magnifies Himself as the Only Final Possible and Capable Human being who can decide and determine the Final Decisions of any other Human being while Daring to Say this Crazy Speech on February 7th, 2021"Pope Francis calls for fraternity: We are either brothers or enemies " calling the whole World to join His Encyclical Fratelli Tutti in order to become the Biblical Babylon otherwise refusing that Call makes whosoever will reject His Call an Enemy of His Babylonian One World Government "New World Order".

II. Babylon The Great"SATANIC JESUIT POPE FRANCIS" is FALLEN"Abortion and Contraception with Global Homosexuality and brotherhoods with Atheism in LaudatoSI'237'and Fratelli Tutti[ World Over - 2021-01-28 - Full Episode with Raymond Arroyo,Papa is Chaplain of UN,Divine Head of EU,Pastor of US.Remove Jesus,GMO Bible.We're Brethren or Enemy  ]

1.The best way Pope Francis should think He can be brought to the prominence of the whole world's Nation USA and United Nations(UN) and World Religions(WRA) should have been through obtaining the same agreement as that of All 144000 True 7th Day Adventists obtained from believing in the 1 Day of Atonment of The Great Awakening preached by William Miller on October 22nd, 1844 as it was conned to the Biblical Prophecy of Daniel 8:14 and Daniel 9:20-27 and Daniel 12:1-13 with the Earthly Sanctuary Highest Priesthood of Jesus Christ Our 7th Day Holy Sabbath being administrated in the Heavenly Sanctuary right now, while waiting for full 180 Years to become completed, alongside with the complete Fall of Babylon during the 3rd Angel's Loud Cry 3 Years Period from Today February 7th, 2021 until February 7th, 2024 which will be immediately followed by 1/2 Hour silence in Heave equivalent to 1 week and 12 hours from February 8th, 2024 until February 15th, 2024 ,thereafter to be immediately followed by 7Last Plagues from February 16th, 2024 until October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m while these 7 Last Plagues are unpreventable , were given name as the Wrath of Almighty God that will put an end to the Madnesses of Roman Catholic Church and Its Satanic Jesuit Pope Francis by Exterminating every human being who is from now going accept to join SATAN through joining Pope Francis's So Called Brothers in So Called Fraternity with Roman Catholic Church's SATAN' Political One World Government Policies which made it be cursed as the Biblical the Babylon The Great which is fallen, the Falling of this Great Babylon is based on Pope Francis who forgot that there is a company of 144000 True 7th Day Adventists worldwide whom He knows very well and very clearly that are fundamentalists and that they are actively working to make this SATANIC Lies become exposed accompanied by the Latter Rain from the Throne of Almighty God in Heaven in order to give Honor to Jesus Christ Our Lord of 7th Day Holy Sabbath, which at the nearest End of this Wrath History on October 15th, 2024 Jesus Christ comes on the Sky to heavily tying the Stupid Ignorant Falled Lucifer "SATAN" and His Fallen Dirty Angels" Demons" in this Earth for full 1000 Years from October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m until the Year October 22nd, 3024."Gates of Hell Won’t Prevail Against A.D.27 & October 22,1844. After 4 B.C Christ Comes.STUDY TO SHOW. ".

2.Unless Pope Francis should manage to lengthen the remaining shorten time of 42 Months of Revelation 13:5 therefore He could be able to exercise His Demonic Dream of exterminating those Milerites True 7th Day Adventists 144000 Saints of Almighty God whom the whole corrupted Media like CNN is calling QANON.

2.The Almighty God in His Holy Bible has clearly declared that The Time when We Shall See the Pope of Rome regained the Whole World's Nations put under His Knees "Fratelli Tutti" as happened on February 4th, 2021 and under"Laudato SI'237" as happened on January 20th -27th, 2021 in the USA White House, that His Leadership will only have to Last for 42 Months, and it is very well sated that during the 5th Last Plague His Throne will be cursed with darkness of 5 Months in Revelation 9:4-5, and finally The Nations which now forget to read the Holy Bible Clearly in order to dissociate themselves with this SATAN's Right Hand Man of SIN Pope Francis, they will realize that Pope Francis and Vatican deceived the whole World and therefore they will attack Him and destroy Vatican during Armageddon War of the 6th Last Plague from August 1st to 31st, 2024, then the 7th Last Plague will follow to complete the Falling of this World's Nations from September 1st, 2024 until October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m at the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ Our Lord of the 7th Day Holy Sabbath with His Brightness which will kill all sinners now combining their forces together to fight against the so called Fundamentalists 144000 True 7th Day Holy Sabbath Keepers"QAnon- explained by Walter Veith & Martin Smith - Final Persecution - What's Up Prof? 49".

3. Pope Francis forgot that Jesus Christ is also a Human being, who can not be brought under His knees! By forgetting that Jesus Christ was inherited the Kingdom of David and the whole world from His Father the Almighty God in Heaven , therefore, Pope Francis is playing Himself!Through YouTube CEO "SATAN's Corrupted CEO" was Frustrated until He Closed and deleted All Videos of LifeSiteNews YouTube Channel, which disseminated USA Roman Catholic Bishop Vigano's Destructive seriously Daily Critics which has Exposed All SATANIC Activities of Pope Francis on Daily Basis especially recently posted the Killing Agenda21 of Jesuit Pope Francis Having Promoted live Foetus Abortion Through Promoting Aborted Foetus Cells manufactured Covid19Vaccines to All Worldwide Citizens and Help by Joe Biden Administration.Repent, Remember The 7th Day Sabbath To Keep It Holy.Jesus Is Coming on 15/10/2024-1:59'a.m.Babylon is Fallen:Please John Henry Westen Editor In Chief & Co-Founder Of Lifesitenews and All Conscious USA Bishops get out of It,Leave LaudatoSI'237'Sundays worship to SATAN and Jesuit Pope Alone,Join 7th Day Sabbath and 7th Day Adventisists even if the Jesuits labeled US as QANON.Published on Thursday February 11th, 2021 by AUSC Alive Newspaper Online.Please Share.

4. There is only One remaining single way for every human being to save  Own' s Soul , by only rejecting every idea that has origin from the brain of a Sunday Keeping Roman Catholic Church Pope, from the 1st Pope to the Final Pope Francis. Popes have been bringing SATAN's deceptions in the whole world dressing like people who serve Jesus Christ but they did all those madness and evil plans to gratify themselves as the substitute of Son of God"VICARIOUS FILII DEI" with lies that they inherited the World's Nations Leaderships from Ancient Pagan Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, and recently, Vatican Popes were not able to declare that they are Greater than any other World Powerful Leaders publicly, until A SATANIC JESUIT POPE Francis was put on the Vatican Government Chair as the 1st Jesuit Pope, He tried His best to bring in the public His Jesuit Traditions of dreaming to Rule the Whole World as becoming the Supper Power like it was during the whole 1260 Years of the Dark Ages from 538-  until 1798 when Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte of French Empire Killed A Pope to Put an End on the Supremacy of Vatican Pontiffs over Politically settled Nations of this whole World.

III.New World Order is FALLEN

1.The term New World Order previous was being considered as a Conspiracy Theory, but today it is a reality which seems to have unstoppable negative effects on the Human Lives and especially on the Almighty God's Plan of Salvation against SATAN's Plans of Desecrating the Holy Laws of Almighty God especially the 4th Commandment of Remembering to Keep the 7th Day Sabbath Holy.

2. The New World is an ancient terminology used to name the current United States of America (USA). This tterm was chosen to give a distinct qualification of a World that was discovered by Christopher Columbus. The New World was discovered while the European considered the whole known world's Nations as part of the Old World, especially for the Eastern and Mediterranean and Northern World Nations.

3. The Order of Roman Catholic Church of exterminating those who opposed their Satanic doctines was fixed as Jesuit Order through a Spanish Soldier Ignatius Loyola and was given the determination to completely destroy every single thing that the Protestantism and Reformation has done.

4. The United States of America (USA) was founded by Purely Protestants refugees who were suffocated by the Roman Catholic Church Jesuits in the European Countries and by Almighty God's Grace they obtain refuge in the New World the Discovered American Land by Christopher Columbus, at arrival, they managed to construct a Purely Protestant Supper Power Federal Government by Almighty God's Grace.

5. Jesuits have many times failed to establish an possible way to completely destroy whatever Protestantism has established, until they decided to attack the USA and at least manage to fix an Oder of Jesuits in the USA "The New World", while that Order once fixed in the USA, it therefore could be the only possible Way Pope of Rome could regained the Lost Supremacy of Vatican over every world Nations before French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte Puts an End of the Global dominance of Vatican Roman Pontiffs above all other Nations' desired Supremacies.

6. On January 20th, 2021 A Jesuit Priest managed to make USA Protestant Nation as Ordered New World to become completely destroyed under President Joe Biden a Jesuit Convicted Roman Catholic Church member under the Pontiff of Rome Pope Francis' Laudato SI'237' Climate Change Agenda21.

7. The New World Order was settled between Hegelian Dialectic Thesis Donald Trump and Antithesis Joe Biden At Play In The American Political System to be able to destroy Fundamental Principles of Martin Luther's Protestantism based USA Constitution in an Oder that was fixed on January 6th, 2021 of Storming Capitol Hill during QANON Riots in order to bring the Synthesis" Jesuit Pope Francis' Paris Climate Agreement-Sunday Law- in the Oval Office of the White House under Joe Biden's 1st Day of His Administration. Hence the New World Order was successfully set up in this January 20th-27th, 2021.

8. The USA National Climate Sunday Registration on January 27th, 2021 Great Awakening was noted among the Final Last Days Events that raise the 144000 True 7th Day Adventists to move forwards in dissolving the consistence of using the words of Almighty God by Pope Francis while trying to enforce Sunday Rest by Law using LaudatoSI'237' in all Nations of this World, the 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message was reserved by Almighty God in Heaven to use it to destroy the New World Order in Revelation 14:9-12."Pope United Nations Chaplain. SDA Conference Put Science Above Bible Creationism Conspiracy Theorist.Jewish Sabbath is an Obstacle,Clashes w/Gov Rules. God’s Sabbath & PPl Made Prominent.Ring the Alarm ".

IV.This is the 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message From Now February 7th, 2021 until February 7th, 2024.

1. Only Almighty God is able to therefore reverse the achievements of Jesuits on this Earth, because Jesuits were so much determined to destroy whateverMartin Luther has done, so far USA Constitution was one of the Martin Luther's Achievements, and particularly Protestants Churches worldwide exhibiting the Martin Luther's 95 Protesting strategic plans , the Roman Catholic Church seemed to have no other possible way to dominate the World's Nations again unless the Jesuits could manage to destroy the USA Protestant Founded Federation based on the Martin Luther's Protestantism Principles.

2. Jesuits on October 31st, 2017 managed to corrupt Worldwide Global Leaders of the Global Protestants based International and National Organizations where they obtained 1457 signatures"A Reforming Catholic Confession " aimed to put an End on the Martin Luther's 95 Based Strategic Plans used to Maintain the Protest against the SATANIC Roman Catholic Church Pontiffs' falsehood Christianity, and some how gained victory over religious powerful Martin Luther based cold war against SATAN's Right Hand the Man of SIN Pope of Rome.

3. As happened on October 31st, 2017 and January 20th, 2021 also on February 4th, 2021 therefore, no way it seems to be possible to revive the True Protestantism against the SATAN'S Right Hand Man of SIN Mr Antichrist Pope Francis, as now daring to put everyone under his knees, He forgot that in the Heavenly Sanctuary there is still at Least One Commander in Chief of Earthly 144000 Biblical True 7th Day Adventists worldwide operating under Daniel 2: 37-44" At the Reigning of that 4th Last and final Kingdom the Stone will come from Mount Zion and hit the toes of the statue of the dream of King of Babylon "Nebuchadnezzar" to immediately give the whole World's Kingdom to the Saints of Almighty God, and those 144000 saints who were mentioned that stand on the Mount Zion in Revelation 14:1-4 were the Biblical Soldiers of Almighty God seen by prophet Daniel in Daniel 2:1-44 whose Final victory was discovered today enclosed in the 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message.

4. The 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message is Now combined from 144000 True 7th Day Adventists' Voices and handwritings and strategized ways of exposing the fallen Babylonian Kingship of Pope Francis who dared to think that He has now managed to come to the End point of finishing everything that Martin Luther's Protestantism has done since October 31st, 1517.

5. To protest against SATAN's Evil doings is the basic principal of True Christianity even from the early Christians who exposed the Paganism rituals and obtained may souls who left Roman Paganism and jointed the disciples of Jesus Christ from AD 27 until  AD 340. 

6. The successful Anointing of the Son of Almighty God Jesus Christ to be come the Messiah after His Baptism in deep water of River Jordan by John the Baptist in AD 27 brings the Prophet Daniel on the Prominence of the current Millerites delivered 144000 True 7th Day Adventists in Social Media as on October 15th, 2020 on CNN the term QANON was used to link domestic terrorists, extremists, fundamentalists , violent rioters to the Worldwide Security Threats even undeserving life, and that is also what Pope Francis the Jesuit thinks can help Him to permanently undo everything that Martin Luther's Protest has done from When He hanged 95 Thesis on the door of the Roman Catholic Church of Wittenberg in German to become the official manifesto of retrieving True Christians from the Hands of SATAN who worked in the fallen Roman Christian church Bishop during the 317-321-340 Constantine Resigns over the Roman Empire under the titles of Pontifex Maximus.

7. The Combined Title of Bishop of Rome and Pontifex Maximus in the Year 340 followed the death in ambush of Constantine II killed by His Young Brother of Empire of Byzantine which operated with Orthodox Bishops not with Roman Bishops. The True Christian Church Bishop of Rome should not Descarte the 7th Day Holy Sabbath until a Pagan Roman Emperor Constantine I was accepted to become a Christian member of the Roman Christian Church led by the 7th Day Sabbath Keeping Bishop who later turned over the True 7th Day Sabbath Worship to the 1st Day Sunday Worship under the power of Constantine the Great to honor His god the SUN god Apollo symbolically SATAN worship officially was set up in the Early Christian Church by the corrupted Roman Christian Bishop , it continued during the reign of Constantine II and after He died , in the Year 508 The Emperor Clovis of France gave his Global Supper Power Honor to the Bishop of Rome in order to be given sacraments as a converting Pagan emperor to a Christian Emperor, amazingly, that led to Emperor Justinian in the Year 538 to completely Submit his Power to the Bishops of Rome to become officially the Supreme Pontiffs over other Christian Church Bishops and over other religious denominations of the whole world.

8. In the post Martin Luther centuries , Almighty God guided Protestants to build United States of America (USA) under their Martin Luther fundamental Principles with a Constitution that prohibited any inflice of a Roman Catholic Church Pontiff to infiltrate Himself in mingling His Demagogues inside the Holy Protestant based principles used to give full liberty of consciousness to every American in order to give a Very wide free way to William Miller to initiate the Movement that upholded the True Principal of Prophecy in the whole World regarding the Promised 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ in John 14:1-4 and Revelation 14:6-20.

9. In the full absence of Roman Catholic Church Pontiffs' Satanic Influences , William Miller was discovering every truth about the 2300 Biblical Days in Daniel 8:14 and 70 Weeks in Daniel 9:20-27 linking them to the Day of beginning of Judgement of the dead souls and living souls in Revelation 14:6-8 entitled the "Great Awakening" the event which correlate with the Truth about the Earthly Sanctuary in Leviticus 23:1-44 about the Day of Atonement, where during the Atonement Day a Highest Priest who represented Jesus Christ had to enter the Holiest apartment of the Earthly Sanctuary according to the Moses Guided Ways taken as examples from the Heavenly Built Sanctuary to cleanse the Sins of Human Beings both Israel and Gentiles whom Almighty God was their Only Master and King during the wilderness in their way from Egypt to the Abraham's Land of Promise the Earthly Canaan.

10. The discovered Truth about cleansing the Sanctuary in the sense of Protestantism against SATAN's right Hand Pope of Rome was a shocking event that was bringing forth the Protestants in the other step far away of the rich of the Roman Catholic Jesuits who were unceasingly perusing the Protestant Churches to corrupt them all and to bring them all back to the Roman Catholic Church of SATAN as decided it to take place after 500 Years in its way alongside the infiltration in the worldwide governments Leaderships as Missionaries of the Roman Catholic Church creating schools and institutions finally on October 22nd, 1844 William Miller Managed to fix an accepted Day of Atonement by Almighty God, as happened on October 22nd, 1844 Jesus Christ Our Lord of the 7th Day Holy Sabbath Left the Holy apartment of Heavenly Sanctuary where He was mediating for living human beings as a Human Priest from AD 31 until October 22nd, 1844 when He shifted His Heavenly Sanctuary Duties to the Most Holy Apartment of the Heavenly Sanctuary to start Cleansing the Heavenly Sanctuary in the Day of Atonement, that Day until now has not yet ended, the whole World's is still being examined soul by soul and from October 22nd, 1844 Jesus Christ is judging every individual person about the daily recorded activities comparing them to the Holy Law of Almighty God and to the standards given in the Holy Bible , and scandalized activities of All Sunday believers must become judged during the 3 Years period of this 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message,from Today on February 7th, 2021 until February 7th, 2024 when the Global Probation will be closed From the Heavenly Sanctuary after the completed sealing of All People of Almighty God whom the whole world today is going to be considering as Enemies of Pope Francis' Fraternity as Pope Francis calls for fraternity: [We are either brothers or enemies]"This is the 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message From Now February 7th, 2021 until February 7th, 2024 against SATAN's right Hand Man of SIN Pope Francis the Satanic Jesuit Biblical 1st Beast of Revelation 13:1-18".

11. Daring to call individuals to join Him, Pope Francis is playing Himself, because He Knows those Who can never and never bow down for Him to prosper, they obtained the Biblical 7th Day Sabbath Right from the Heavenly Sanctuary on April 3rd, 1847. True 7th Day Adventists condemn the Leadership of the General Conference of the 7th Day Adventists(SDA) Global Churches whose President Pastor Ted Wilson a Satanic Jesuit malignantly deployed Pastor Ganoune Diop and other SDA wolves Pastors and intellectuals in every single department of the fundamental leadership of SDA churches allover the whole world in order to denounce the fundamental principles of True 7th Day Adventism inherited from the founders and pioneers of the 7th Day Adventists Home Churches, currently 7th Day Adventists Home Churches globally gained their revisiting to be able to prepare True 7th Day Adventists to overflow the New Word Sunday Climate Change Law-Order."Pastors Must Submit Sermons to Gov? Truth Must Be Confiscated.Brace Self for Crises.Christ-Centered. ".

12. The Holy Bible mentions everywhere that Pope Francis is the Antichrist, that helped Martin Luther to expose Popes of Roman Catholic Church forever , and William Miller a Protestant who did work againist Roman Catholic Church Sunday is being used by Jesuits to link QAnon to the 7th Day Adventists, probably because Jesuits forgot How much 1 Sunday Keeping Priest Martin Luther Bruised the one of 7 Heads of the Dragon given Power Beast of Revelation 13:1-3 now failing to calm Bishop Vigano and other conservative USA Catholic Bishops on Pope Francis' Pro-Abortion  Message on December 25th, 2020 calling all Catholic Church Members and the rest of human beings worldwide to adhere to the Aborted foetus cells vaccines of ST.CORONA'666'Messenger-RNA microchips, blindly Jesuits think they will have any possible way to stop the 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message from Today February 7th, 2021 until February 7th, 2024 which aims to warn even Roman Catholic Church Bishops to live alone Pope Francis' Fraternity and Climate Change Sunday Rest and worship by Law, before the falling of 7 Last Plagues from February 16th, 2024 until October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m at the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ Our Lord of the 7th Day Holy Sabbath during the 7th Last Plague.

13. The use of Holy Bible in combination with the Book the Great Controversy and the Book Early Writings and the Book  Last Days Events for Roman Catholic Church Bishops trying to oppose Man of SIN pope Francis is the only possible way their protest can be acknowledged by Almighty God in Heaven, otherwise, they are advocating for the same Devil SATAN who is blinding them to that extents of ignoring completely the 4th Commandment of Almighty God of Remembering to Keep the 7th Day Sabbath Holy and to promoted and preach that Holy 7th Day Sabbath to other Roman Catholic Church Bishops and so that they can overflow completely this Fallen Vatican Papal Power mingling its self within the matters of Abortionists Joe Biden publicly and in the Matters of Military based dimensionality of such dark sentences and speeches like that""Canada’s LGBT agenda is ‘harmful’ to same-sex attracted persons: Christian activist "Pope Francis accuses media of loving excrement, condemns 'fundamentalist' Catholics "Pope Francis Supporting Abortion through calling everyone to take Covid19 Vaccines ".

V.This is the 12thHour"180 Years"John11:9-11 of William Miller's Great Awakening Labeled as QANON"One Single Atonment Day" From October 22th,1844 is soon going to become completed on October 22nd, 2024 while Jesus Christ Our Lord of The 7th Day Holy SABBATH is coming during 7th Last Plagues on October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m.

1.The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ Our Lord of the 7th Day Holy Sabbath is unstoppable and is in Preventable at an existent that the current United Nations' Fratelli Tutti promotion and USA Joe Biden' LaudatoSI'237' Promotion must lead the whole world in a created ignited extreme final hate against Almighty God's Holy Law the 4th Commencement of Remembering to Keep the 7th Day Sabbath Holy by hating and trying to Kill All Extremely Conservative True 7th Day Adventists, during this 3 years of Proclaiming the 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message from February 7th, 2021 until February 7th, 2024 and after the falling of the 1st 4 Last Plagues by February 29th, 2024 in Revelation 16:1-9 and Revelation 8:1-13, with a Capital Punishment of St.Thomas Aquinas against violation of the Sunday Climate Law"Called the Universal Common Good" , while by Entering in this such horrific Time of Jacob's Trouble ,Prayers of the 144000 True 7th Day Adventists and all Sealed Saints of Almighty God will make it happen the 5 Full Months 5th Last Plague to fall on this earth until July 31st, 2024 putting an End to the Madnesses of Roman Catholic Church Pontiffs at the End of 1260 days equivalent 42 months of Revelation 13:5 during Revelation 16:10-11 and Revelation 9:4-12. From February 7th, 2021 + 1260 days of Daniel 12:7 Ending on July 31st, 2024.

2. The whole world's Nations which turned to Vatican deceived through signing both Paris Climate Agreement 2015-2021"LaudatoSI'237' and International Day of Fraternity 2020-2021"Fratelli Tutti" for Pope Francis ,they will later turn backwards to blame and make coalition to fight Against SATAN's right Hand Man of SIN Pope Francis and Vatican during Armageddon War between August 1st-31st, 2024 at the End of 1290 days in Revelation 16:12-16 and Revelation 9:12-21.From February 7th, 2021 +1290 days in Daniel 12: 11 will be Ending on August 31st, 2024.

3. The Great Awakening of the 2nd Coming of Our Savior  Jesus Christ Our Lord of the 7th Day Holy Sabbath is to be fulfilled according to His Promise He made in John 14:1-4 and as it has been prophesied through Daniel 8:1-14 and Daniel 9:1-27 also it is Linked to Matthew 24:1-51 ,Luke 12:1-59, Luke 17:1-37, Mark 13:1-37 and is strongly connected to the Ezra 7:1-28 at the issuance of the decree of rebuilding of Jerusalem Temple and city in the Year 457 BC connected to the 1st Coming of Jesus Christ in 4BC until the Anointing of the SON of Almighty God Jesus Christ the Messiah during His Baptism in AD 27 and to AD 31 during the crucifixion of Jesus Christ the Messiah and His resurrection and ascension to Heaven until AD 34 the probation closing Years of Jews after they decided to deny completely Jesus Christ and His Followers and His Disciples until when they were engaged in stoning of Steven the Follower Deacon of Jesus Christ.

4. The 1st Coming of Jesus until He becomes Christ the Messiah has every example meanings of the 12 disciples in Luke 9:1-6 and 70 disciples in Luke 10:1-16 as they were deployed to reach human beings individually in their homes a type of what must be happening from now on February 7th, 2021 until February 7th, 2024 during this proclamation of the 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message in full 3 Years ,by then ,Jesus Christ as well preached in 3 Years from AD 27 until AD 30 until His 1st Kingdom of Grace could take place in AD 31 when He was Crucified, and even in 3 Years ,His Disciples Preached the Good News of Resurrection of Jesus Christ and of His Ascension in Heaven and He eminent 2nd Coming from AD 31 until AD 34 the Type of Our Precious Same messages of Milerites of Great Awakening in 3 Years From 1841 until 1844 which was recorded as the Great Disappointment which was used in other hand to Proclaim the 1st and 2nd Angeles' message of Revelation 9:6-8 on October 22nd, 1844 , successfully it was the real Exact End of the 2300 Prophetic Days of Daniel 8:14 associated with 70 Weeks of Daniel 9:20-27 again used 1335 Days of Daniel 12:12-13 to bring the whole World on the  exact date of the Final Earth History Day of Atonement, while this also has been a Type of Our current 3 Years proclamation of of the 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message from Now today 2021 until 2024.

5. In the Holy Bible the Book of Hebrew the link between the Heavenly Sanctuary was created  as the apostle Paul declared that Jesus Christ is Our Highest Priest who once for all left this Earth in AD 31 entered in the Heavenly Sanctuary and as a human being now seating in the Heavenly Sanctuary following the cultural Priesthood ofAaron and His Descendants in Leviticus 23:1-44 a Holiest Apartment of the Sanctuary on this earth likewise in the Heavenly Sanctuary was to be administered in two different ways , 1 way of offering sacrifices sometimes ordinary way every priest was able to do the associated priesthoods during the whole one Year , and the 2nd Way as reserved only to the Highest Priest had to be exercised only one time every Year to take place in only One Day, beginning from morning with offering sacrifices and at the end of offering sacrifices, the Highest Priest  had to enter the Most Holy Apartment of the Sanctuary to cleanse the Sanctuary of the Sins of repented heartily sins and after action of cleaning the most holy apartment the Highest Priest had to get outside the whole two different apartments of the sanctuary to lay His Hands on the Goat symbolizing SATAN which a chooses Gentle Man had to carry it to the far away distance in the wilderness and returning to the Sanctuary to be cleansed until that Gentle Man was declared Clean then the Day of Atonement should be completed, likewise on October 22nd, 1844 it was the same One Day of Atonement Jesus Christ Our Highest Priest Began His final Day of Atonement activities, it is now revealed that One Day prophetically in John 11:9-11 is equivalent to 12 Hours ,when we talk about the Day of Atonement which do not comprise both Day light and Day night of counted 24 Hours, a One single Day of Atonement is a Day light Day of 12 Hours , as it is in it Activities were conducted on day light, this gives its sense now, Jesus has to come on October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m as to lay His Hands to SATAN by a send of tying Him for 1000 Years on this Earth alone without any human being to use in His deceptiveness and Will be in a such state of wilderness with His fallen Demons, and by ascending for full 7 Days until October 22nd, 2024 the full event of Day of Atonement will be completed, while this Day started on October 22nd, 1844 it is still in the same Day until October 22nd, 2024 because a Day has all 12 Hours to warm on day light in John 11:9-11 ,and 180 Years are equivalent to 12 Hours by the use of a year for 360 Days and as a Day for a Year also a day for 24 Hours, then 1 Hours equaling to 360:24=15days, if an 1 hour=15 Days ,while 1 day equals to 1 Year then 1hour=15 Years, and 12 Hours =15 YearsX12=180 Years.

6. Therefore, from QANON promoting Jesuits, You need to look after your lips and tongues which you are misusing to bring false blames on William Miller on His Bravely declaration of October 22nd, 1844 as a 1Day of Atonement , watch Out, this 1 Day You enjoyed to disseminate as it is a conspiracy theory as unrepentant Jesuits Killers hungry for drinking the bloods of the True 7th Day Adventists targeted from linking US to QAnon terrorists and extremists and domestic violence rioters it is because Almighty God wants to Use You to demonstrate this True 1 Day of Great Awakening You named Great Disappointment on October 22nd, 1844 it is a Biblical Prophetic wisely calculated 1 Day to be equivalent to full 180 Years until October 22nd, 2024.

7. In Order to have this 1 Day 180 Years of Atonement Day and 2nd coming of Jesus Christ to be completed as it is a judgement 1Day process, which comprises also a cleansing of Heavenly Sanctuary which must require Jesus Christ to come back in His 2nd Coming in 2024 to cast all Our Repented Sins Over Your Mast SATAN ,this will have to inevitably take place on October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m and resurrecting of All Died Saints of Almighty God together with lifting US with the soon going to reject Sunday Worship and COVID19 Vaccines and joining the 144000 True 7th Day Adventists in Proclaiming theis Urgent 3rd Angel' s Loud Cry Message From February 7th, 2021 until February 7th, 2024 ,therefore as You can see Yourselves, You need to heartily Repent from Your Evil doings of forging false accusations against True blessed 7th Day Adventists labeling Us as QAnon, You have no means to lengthen the remaining short period of 3 Years from February 7th, 2021 until February 7th, 2024, to have all 1st 4 Last Plagues start to fall on You , better you can turn your ways ,from Joining and working like slaves of SATAN's Right Hand Man of SIN Jesuit Satanic Gay Pope Francis Enemy of 7th Day Holy Sabbath Fundamentalists. Wait and You will see, Almighty God is the True God who inspired Martin Luther , William Miller, Ellen Gould White and Me and Us and All True 7th Day Adventists.

8. On October 23rd, 2024 it will be a Day of Presenting the Harvested Souls during the 3 Years period of 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message from February 7th, 2021 Until February 7th, 2024 as on October 22nd, 2024 every saints will be given a Crown and a Harp ,to be using in praising Our True Living everlasting Holy Father in Heaven on October 23rd, 2024 as the 1st Fruit Feast Day, We shall keep the joyfulness during the whole 1000 Years until October 22nd, 3024, for Jesus Christ to come back again wthe 3rd Coming to Burn Unrepentant and LGBTQ and Pro Abortionists and all Sunday Keepers in Isaiah 66:23-24, Revelation 20:1-15.

9. This is how therefore Almighty God declared the Jesuits to have committed Suicide on October 31st, 2017, trying to put an End to the Protestantism after 500 of Martin Luther Nailed 95 Thesis on the Cathedral of Wittenberg's Door on October 31st, 1517, now, Jesus ChriChrist needs to remind You that He has Us today to partake with the 1st Advent Luke 9:1-6 Disciples(12)' Proclaimed Message and Luke 10:1-16 Disciples (70)' Proclaimed Message that resulted in the same Way to the fulfilment of the Biblical Prophecy of Daniel 9:20-27 , now their work is calculated as 70X12=840, and From 340+500=840, therefore, You Wanted to End Protestantism on October 31ts, 2017 You Ended Up on Creating permanent End of World History in one week from October 31st, 2017 until October 31st, 2024 the fulfilling of Daniel 9:27 the associated End time unfulfilled part of 70 Weeks Prophecy of 1 final last Week which has two applications of different period of Centuries 1stly fulfilled between AD 27 to AD 31 until AD 34 now 2ndly is being fulfilling between October 31st, 2017 to February 7th, 2021 until October 31st, 2024, while  2017-840= 1177,


7: Is the representative of the 7th  Day Holy Sabbath which is the Seal of Almighty God Our True Holy Father in Heaven.


340+1177=1517, Martin Luther's Nailing of 95 Theses on the Wittenberg's Roman Catholic cathedral.

840+1177=2017, Attempt of SATAN' s Right MAN of SIN Pope Jesuit Francis to Kill the Martin Luther's Heavenly inspired Minds but for Veins(Jesuit Pope Francis' 1st Global Failure).

1844+177=2021, USA and Universal Sunday Climate Law  and Revival of True 7th Day Holy Sabbath based 3rd Angel's Message with Loud Cry.Attempt of SATAN' s Right MAN of SIN Pope Jesuit Francis to Kill the William Miller's Heavenly inspired Minds but for Veins(Jesuit Pope Francis' 2nd Global Failure).

1847+177=2024, 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ Our Lord of 7th Day Holy Sabbath.Attempt of SATAN' s Right MAN of SIN Pope Jesuit Francis to Kill the Ellen Gould White's Heavenly inspired Minds but for Veins(Jesuit Pope Francis' Final and Last Ever Global Failure).

1847+1177=3024,3rd Coming of Jesus Christ , Hell and New Earth: Isiah 66:23-24. SATAN's Permanent destruction and all Popes with All unrepented Singers final Destruction in the Hell Fire and Brimstones.

These are scaling Mathematics You can not afford to hinder Almighty God to show You What His Holy Spirit Does in his 144000 True Anointed 7th Day Adventists.

Conlusion: Only blinds can not see how many hours You Have to Repent, and Remember the 7th Day Sabbath to Keep It Holy, Reject 
Aborted Foetus Cells St.CORONA'666'm-RNA'666' Vaccines, Reject LaudatoSI'237' Climate Sunday, Reject Fratelli Tutti Unity with SATAN, Pray unceasingly to save Your Life from the soon Falling of 7 Last Plagues to finish human life on this planet  Earth in 2024.

.AdventHealth & The SDA General Conference Fallen Churches At The 2021 Super Bowl To See Miley Cyrus Live..
. Article Title: GreatControversy Application during Pope Francis’ Human Fraternity and New World Order Leadership from September 1st, 2020-Towel of Babel built on February 4th, 2021 to be Crushed From February 7th, 2021 by 144,000 True 7th Day Adventists3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message and 7 Last Plagues until the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ Our Lord of The 7th Day Holy Sabbath on October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m .Two More Billboards In The State Of Texas Between Dallas and HoustonProphecy Is Fulfilling

Publication Date: September 7th, 2020. 05h23’, a.m.



President and Founder of African Union Students’ Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve”.

 Two More Billboards In The State Of Texas Between Dallas and Houston - Prophecy Is Fulfilling

Free Book Offer, No Shipping or Handling Costs
The Great Controversy and the National Sunday Law are two fascinating, internationally bestselling books that describe exactly what we are seeing today. Our world has become a very scary place indeed! These books identify exactly why our world is plagued with violence, terrorism, pandemics and wars in these last days. They explain the truth of the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ and the Three Angels' Message of Revelation 14:6-12 and expose the last day deceptions. It is only by understanding the dangers that we can have any hope of avoiding them.

There are many books that are dedicated to exposing the New World Order that prophecy describes would exist in the last days. Unfortunately, there is so much misinformation that few people adequately identify who the key players are. These two books are dedicated to identifying those who are plotting to establish tyranny and terror throughout the world in an attempt to keep the masses deceived in a false security. The end will come as an overwhelming surprise. God's plan of salvation will ultimately triumph. Sin and death have not won. They will never win. God's love wins and will last forever! Call 800-770-7054 or email us today at to receive your free copies.
Please Read,copy,paste&Share This Link at lease to other different 7 people online on Social Media:[ ]
 :This is the Loud Cry Message,TheOnlyReason why Jesus Christ"The Lord of 7th Day Sabbath" Raised 144,000 True 7th Day Adventists is to Dissolve New World Order which is the modern Towel of Babel,to Expose&Defeat SATAN and His Man of SIN POPE FRANCIS"The Lord of 1st Day Sunday"in 3Years"February7,2021 until February7,2024".Repent,Remember The 7thDay Sabbath To Keep It Holy.Jesus Christ Our Lord of the 7th Day Holy Sabbath is returning On 15/10/2024at1:59'a.m.

Read this AUSC Alive Article-Thursday:February 4th, 2021a Day of Towel of Babel of United Nations' New World Order"International Jesuit Pope Francis' Fratelli Tutti Day" From Now being Destroyed by The Revelation 14:9-12:3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message From February 7th, 2021 until February 7th, 2024-Then Come 7 Last Plagues From February 15th, 2024 until 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ of October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m.Repent, Remember The 7th Day Sabbath to Keep It Holy

Table of Content:

Chapter 1: The 4th Commandment is made to never be dishonored by True God Fearing Human Beings (TGFHB).

Chapter 2: The Religious Sunday is the Mark of The Papacy whose Beast Identifying Number 666 qualifies the Vatican Government’s Church and State Satanic Union (VGCSSU).

Chapter 3: The Great Controversy’ s Final Battle engaged by Satan via Human beings “Pope Francis with His Followers” against Almighty God via Human Beings “ Jesus Christ with His Followers”.

Chapter 4: The Detailed Meaning of Prophetic Time Times and Half Time, 42 Months, 1260 Days, 1290 Days, 1335 Days, The 7 Last  Plagues (7LP) and Fulfilling of the Prophecy of  Revelation 14:1-20.

Chapter 5: The Hidden Truth About Paris Agreement, Its Impact on bringing The Sunday Law” Universal Common Good”, Persecution and Death Penalty against True 7th Day Holy Sabbath Keepers (T7DHSK)

Chapter 6: The Hidden Truth About COVID-19 Vaccine, Its Impact on Bringing the New World Order, Cashless Society ” ID 2020” and Fulfilling of the Prophecy of Daniel 12:1-13 and Revelation 13:1-18.

Chapter 7: The Invitation to Enter the Heaven and the New Earth.

Note: Article Title: Great Controversy Application during Pope Francis’ Human Fraternity  Encyclical Letter and New World Order Leadership from September 1st, 2020. Please Remember the 7th Day Sabbath to Keep It Holy.

Please copy and go paste to share this link below for the above article more dissemination at lease to 7 people via social media platforms 

I. Introduction

52 Climate Sundays during the upcoming 2021 Year are the main target for the Vatican leadership since September 1st, 2020, according to the program entitled "Season of Creation"(What is “Season of Creation” and why does Pope Francis support it?) calling Christians for planting trees on Saturday "7th Day holy Sabbath" which began on September 1st, 2020 to end on October 4th, 2020. In this Season of Creation, Pope Francis will be releasing his Satanic Encyclical Letter entitled human Fraternity(Pope Francis could launch new encyclical in September )  and by which pope Francis and His allies from all Religions and All Governments decided to unite together to introduce a Weekly Sunday Rest program called " Creation Sunday."  The aim of this introduction is to expose the hidden connection, between the introduced "Creation Sunday" and the "Sunday Law" with the Human Fraternity Satanic Encyclical letter of Pope Francis (Vatican confirms release of Pope Francis' new encyclical ) calling the World Religious and non believers Community to Unite together under a Satanic plan to dishonor the 4th Commandment of Almighty God of keeping the 7th day Sabbath Holy , with Target to keep Sunday 1st day by law as the religious and political day of Rest and Worship by Law , which is As well known As Universal "Common Good" in the Roman Catholic Church's Catechism as pope Francis mentioned in His Previous Satanic Encyclical letter Laudato SI urging the World Governments leaders and religious leaders to keep Sunday as a Day of Weekly Rest to give rest to the earth and rescue the Earth from Climate Change mass extension in the paragraph 237" (Laudato Si' animation | CAFOD ) to reduce the Earth temperature below 1.5oC through enforcing the "Laudato Si' 237 Universal Sunday Law"

1. In the Great controversy Chapter ( 35.[Chapter 35—Aims of The Papacy(Liberty of Conscience Threatened)/The Great Controversy-Audio in English],(in Kinyarwanda)=Madness of PAPACY. ) Ellen Gould White has exposed the hidden agenda of the Roman Catholic papacy , by its full and whole purse only to exterminate Protestants using Jesuits as mentioned in the Great Controversy Chapter (40.[Chapter 40—God's People Delivered/The Great Controversy-Audio in English],(in Kinyarwanda)=JESUITS, ), and the current situation with this Creation Sunday the Global Agenda of the papacy was exposed in the Great Controversy chapter (36.[Chapter 36—The Impending Conflict/The Great Controversy-Audio in English],(in Kinyarwanda), ), while the True protestants are formed by the small group of 7th Day Adventists Individuals whom today are prepared to proclaim the 3rd and 4th Angels' message of Revelation 14:9-11 and Revelation 18:1-4 as mentioned in the Great Controversy Chapter (38.[Chapter 38—The Final Warning/The Great Controversy-Audio in English],(in Kinyarwanda), ) seem and look as determined to never accept the lies of the Papacy in leading the Whole World in the Darkness of systematic weakly Breaking of the Almighty God's 4th Commandment of Keeping the 7th day Sabbath Holy in Exodus 20:1-7 and Exodus 31:12-18, while the Papacy is pushing to Introduce the Sunday Law to all Individuals by Force applied by World wide Governments in what they have called to put in practice the "Paris Agreement on Climate Change", while this United nations' Paris Agreement  has connection with the Creation Sunday through the Season of Creation Program and the pope's Encyclical Letter entitled " Laudato SI'".

2. This Creation Sunday , is meant to start a Final Jubilee Year for which an other Encyclical letter of Pope Francis entitled "Human Fraternity" calling the whole world to unite as one body in what He called Solidarity( Adventists Go Pass Out NSL At THE RETURN. Pope COMMON GOOD SUNday On The ROCK HEALS World SICKNESS )  all 52 weeks will be dedicated to the Climate Sunday weeks, giving birth to the Sunday Law, where every Sunday among all 52 Sundays is to be used as a day of rest and Worship in all nations Worldwide. However beginning with the the year 2021 , it will have  52 calendar weeks. 2021 begins on 01/01/2021 and ends on 31/12/2021. The first calendar week in 2021 begins on Monday, the 04/01/2021 and ends on Sunday, the 10/01/2021. The last calendar week in 2021 begins on Monday, the 27.12.

3. The remnant group of 7th day Adventists was called to proclaim a warning massage in Great Controversy Chapter(37.[Chapter 37—The Scriptures a Safeguard/The Great Controversy-Audio in English],(in Kinyarwanda),) to the whole world to awake the whole world to see what the next years will look like from systematic breaking of 4th Commandment of keeping the "7th Day Sabbath Holy" ,in order to keep the Ancient Romans pagan Satanic god "The Sun" worshiped on every 1st Day of the week "Sunday by Law" which is going to be introduced worldwide  from September 1st, 2020 "Creation Sunday" , according to the holy Bible and to the Roman Catholic Agenda of introducing the Common Good"Sunday Law".

4. The upcoming Worldwide conflict between the Almighty God's 4th Commandment"7th Day Holy Sabbath Keepers" and the Satan's Laudato SI' 1st Day Sunday Keepers , will give birth to a very dangerous hate from the papacy and all its allies willing to persecute and finally tending to kill all  "True 7th Day Holy Sabbath Keepers who as well keep all 10 commandments of Almighty God" by what they will call Death Penalty against breaking the weekly Sunday Law where Almighty God will make fall of 7 last Plagues of Revelation 16:1-20 on all individuals who will follow the Roman catholic Sunday programs , as exposed in the Great Controversy chapter(39.[Chapter 39—The Time of Trouble/The Great Controversy-Audio in English],(in Kinyarwanda), ).

5. The Roman Catholic Pope , the Case of a Jesuit Pope Francis  has been working in His two twin Jobs of Church and State Union: 1st to lead the Roman catholic Church as the Supreme Pontiff of Rome, the 2nd to lead the Government of Vatican as its Pontifex Maximus , which makes Him to be recognized by the United Nations(UN) as the President of the Republic of Vatican" Ancient European "Roman Holy Empire" , and this Republic of Vatican gives the Pope the Honor to become the Pontifex Maximus, while Pontifex Maximus is the Original Title of Ancient Roman Empire Kings  and Emperors , which therefore, makes it very clear that the Vatican Theocratic Republic is the prophesied Last Worldwide kingdom in the Holy bible book of Daniel 2, and Daniel 7,  which was called the 4th Beast or 4th Kingdom which is being working with SATAN es exposed in the great Controversy Chapter([Chapter 32—Snares of Satan/The Great Controversy-Audio in English],(in Kinyarwanda), ). The Ancient Roman Empire has conducted a very famous persecution of Jesus Christ's Church where the Roman Emperors ordered continuous Killing of all Jesus Christ Disciples and anyone who decided to become converted from Paganism to the Christianity by being Baptized in the name of Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, as exposed in the great Controversy Chapter (2.[Chapter 2—Persecution in the First Centuries/The Great Controversy-Audio in English],(in Kinyarwanda) ). 

6. Following the Destruction of the Jerusalem by Ancient Pagan Roman empire's Titus as mentioned in the Great Controversy Chapter ([(Chapter 1—The Destruction of Jerusalem /The Great Controversy-Audio in English],(in Kinyarwanda) ), the successor of the Pagan Roman Emperors Later decided to become converted from Pan god to Christianity ,the case of Roman Emperor Constantine , who led the Christian Church in an other form where the Bishop of Rome who claimed to be at the Head of the World Christian Church , accepted to mix the pagan rituals in the holy worshiping services of the early Christian Church to initiate the Universal Worldwide Roman Empire's Church named Roman catholic Church as exposed in the  Great Controversy Chapter(3.[Chapter 3—An Era of Spiritual Darkness/The Great Controversy-Audio in English],(in Kinyarwanda), ).

7. Thereafter, the leadership of the Pontifex maximum was shifted from Ancient  Roman Pagan Kings to the Ancient Roman Christian Bishops through a Document named "Donation of Constantine" where this document was said to inherit the Roman Bishops the power as "VICARIUS FILII DEI", or Vicar of Son of God, and while this title which add up to the Roman Number of The Beast "666"  mentioned in the Holy Bible Revelation 13:18, exposed the current Roman Catholic Church papacy as the Biblical Revelation Beast whose Mark of The Beast is Sunday Worship and Rest by Law . as exposed in the Great Controversy Chapter ([Chapter 25—God's Law Immutable/The Great Controversy-Audio in English],(in Kinyarwanda), ).

8. The Revelation 13:1-18 and Revelation 17:1-18 also were designed to expose the Vatican geographical appearance where its 7 hills on which Vatican Government is built also were exposed in the Great Controversy Chapter ([Chapter 7—Luther's Separation From Rome/The Great Controversy-Audio in English ],(in Kinyarwanda), ).

9. The false Theocratic Government  of Vatican has engineered the COVID-19 and as it is Linked to the Illuminati and the Roman Catholic Church's St Corona, therefore, Pope Francis has decided to secretary use the COVID-19(WATCH Pope Francis Calls For SOLIDARITY The CREATION Of A NEW MINDSET. Babylon ABOMINATION Safer SEX ) to inoculate the whole world with the COVID-19 Vaccine( ATTENTION: Your Sexual Behavior Is Being MONITORED. October BATTLE Begins. John MacArthur EVICTION) which will be containing a Microchip (Lucifer Fundamentalists FUN-VAX. Pope May 14 FASTING. Netanyahu Microchipping Kids.Church UnderSIEGE ) and the COVID-19 Vaccine Human Micro-Chip will benefit the New World Order leadership headed by the Pope to control all human being activities online as Robots are monitored by Computers. many Researchers declared that COVID-19 is not really a disease, however it is a global political tool to be used to introduce draconian measure in there nations despite a long period of centuries the World was being led with democratic measure that some times respected the Human Rights, while draconian measure such as Wearing COVID-19 Facial Masks or forcefully inoculating COVID-19 vaccines is the Draconian measure case demonstrating hate of Satan to Almighty God's human Beings as exposed in the Great Controversy Chapter([Chapter 30—Enmity Between Man and Satan/The Great Controversy-Audio in English],(in Kinyarwanda), ).

10. The End of the Revelation 13:5 and Daniel 12:7 New World Order leadership that will only last for 42 months , which is part o the Final 7 years that started from "October 31st, 2017 and October 15th, 2024" (A Reforming Catholic Confession 7 Years Period), will include a serious persecution time of Revelation 13:15-17 where the United States of America(USA) currently in this Year 2020 what it is doing was prophesied in the Holy Bible that it will help the Vatican false Theocratic Leadership in Controlling the Whole World's Economy  forbidding buying and selling to all human beings who will not be having the Mark of the Beast, Number 666 of the Beast or worshiping to the Image of the Beast which means Church and State Union in all nations during the New World Order"Sunday Law" Leadership, even leading to killing them., as exposed by the Great Controversy Chapter([Chapter 41—Desolation of the Earth/The Great Controversy-Audio in English],(in Kinyarwanda), ).

11. The 7 last plagues which are mentioned in Revelation 14:9-11 and Revelation 16:1-21, are the final punishments of the Almighty God , against the Whole world after the New World Order leadership of Pope Francis had decided to transgress the Holy Law of 10 Commandments , where by only casusing the Whole World to break the 4th Commandment of Keeping the 7th Day Sabbath Holy , instead Pope Francis and the Whole World via USA's Influences will cause the Whole World to Sin againist Almighty God's 7th Day Holy Sabbath by keeping the 1st Day of Roman pagan Satan's Apollo representative god's Sun-Day holy . These last 7 plagues are designed to put an end to the all earthly Kingdoms and Leaderships as exposed in the Great Controversy Chapter ([Chapter 42—The Controversy Ended/The Great Controversy-Audio in English],(in Kinyarwanda). ) and redeem the Living 7th Day Holy Sabbath keeping Saints of Almighty God on October 15th, 2024 at 01h59' as researched and published in the Article( Our King Jesus Christ is Coming in Spring of 2024 , and Article:Help To Tell the World about the SIGNS OF THE TIMES,2024,The Second Coming of Jesus Christ, Cleansing of Earth with Fire  in 3024 and The New Earth.Please Help To Spread This Word.) .

12. However, as some online Biblical researches exposed the rupture(Could The Rapture Be In 2020?:  ) that will be following the Apostasy of the Almighty God's Church, in this Case, the Almighty God's Last Chosen Church is the 7th day Adventist (SDA) Church which has its Global Church the General Conference of SDA was involved in the signing with the Satanic Roman Catholic Church a Reforming catholic Confession via a delegation of about (producing Total 1457 Signatures (Read more about signatories' names online from the main source) ) protestants Global Organizations Representatives including SDA Global NGOs and Churches Representatives . This prophesied Almighty God's Church falling away also known as Apostasy of the SDA General Conference( Seventh Day Adventist Leaders 2021 PILGRIMAGE To Worship RELIC Papacy gods. Pope Humanity CONVERSION), is the origin of the current research still going on that revealed the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ to be on October 15th, 2024, at 01h59' a.m.

Repetition Model application for 2300 Prophetic Days, as coupled to Historical 5 Strongest worldwide Empires from Babylon to Pagan Roman Empire till end of Early Christianity and Raise of Final Vatican Papacy 7th/2/2021 to 31st/7/2024.

You can Click Here to View our Alarm, set for You to Start Counting down for 2nd Coming of Our Lord Messiah Jesus Christ our King of 7th Day Holy Sabbath and of All Sealed 7th Day Holy Sabbath Keepers until Tuesday, 15 October 2024 (Chicago time).

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The Great Controversy

Home EGW Writings Books The Great Controversy


Listen, Read and Share Links of The Great Controversy Book Audio  All Chapters-English and in Kinyarwanda.

The Book Great Controversy in Audio: Igitabo Intambara Ikomeye mu majwi
0.[Chapter 00- Introduction/The Great Controversy-Audio],(Chap 0-IJAMBO RY'IBANZE in Kinyarwanda )


Copy and paste to share to 7 people /Sangiza n' abandi bantu 7,Yesu yaje twatashye:2020-06-06:14h41'51''Inama y' Agakiza Yesu i Getsemani itangiranye n' itariki ya 1Nzeri2020 kugeza kw' Itegeko ry' Icyumweru 15Gashyantare 2021,Yesu azagaruka 15 Ukwakira 2024,Isaha yageze,Mwiyeze Imbabazi Z'Imana Kubeza Isabato ni 22Ukwakira 2020. Imvura y'itumba n'ihembura rizamara amezi 3 n' iminsi 15, bizahuza na Gashyantare 7th-17th, 2020.Twatashye Yesu Yaje,Mwige Ikigisho cya 42 Intambara Ikomeye, musome Yesaya 12:1-6, Musome 1 Abami 81:66, Mubihuze na Yohana 17:1-26"17:17"Ubereshe Ukuri, Ijambo Ryawe niryo Kuri:1)Inyandiko:  ,2) Amajwi: , 3) YouTube updates on Sunday Law movements: 
Ijambo ry' Umwanditsi ku musomyi W' IGITABO INTAMBARA IKOMEYE"YouTube"(Isengesho):

"Uwiteka Imana yacu Uhabwe ikuzo n' Icyubahiro, dore aho iki gitabo kigeze , mumajwi, umuntu wese uje aha abasha nawe kumva ibice byose by'iki gitabo INTAMBARA IKOMEYE mu Kinyarwanda, kandi akanakanda ahanditse download, ibice byacyo byose uko ari 42 akabikura kuri interineti akabika amajwi y' iki gitabo hafi ye , bitewe n'akarengane kegereje abeza isabato yawe Data wa twese ,akazabasha kuba aho yabisangiza n'abandi bitamusabye kuba yasubiye kuri interneti.
kandi Mwami mana yanjye ,nkaba ngusaba kumvisha abasoma iby'iyi nyandiko kurararikirwa nayo gutakambira Uwiteka Imana yacu ngo tubashe guhabwa Imbabai z' Ibyaha , no gusukirwa Umwuka Wera Mu Mvura y'itumba.
Mbisabye byose mu Izina rya Yesu Kristo Umwami n'Umukza wacu.Amen."

Igitabo cy' Intambara Ikomeye mu majwi kuri interineti,Umva ibice byose , ubikurure ho ubibike ,ubisangize n' abandi;14/06/2020:

9.Chap 9-ZWINGLE
24.Chap 24-AHERA CYANE
32.Chap 32-IMITEGO YA SATANI:(Imyaka 6000)
42.Chap 42-IHEREZO RY'INTAMBARA:(Imyaka 6000)


Jesus Christ will come after 7th last plagues during the 7th plague at 01:59'a.m , on October 15th, 2024.

You can Click Here to View our Alarm, set for You to Start:Ecclesiastes 1:9

 Counting down for 2nd Coming of Our Lord Messiah Jesus Christ our King of 7th Day Holy Sabbath and of All Sealed 7th Day Holy Sabbath Keepers until Tuesday, 15 October 2024 (Chicago time).



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