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Spirit of Prophecy Day / Heritage Sabbath

Suggested Program

October 17, 2020

Scripture Reading: Revelation 1:1–3

“The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto Him, to shew unto His servants things which must shortly come to pass; and He sent and signified it by His angel unto His servant John: Who bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and of all things that He saw. Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.”


Prisons around the world house many criminals who have committed serious offenses. Sometimes they try to escape. While planning their escape, they know that they can only attempt it when few people are watching. They usually wait until night when most of the prisoners and staff are asleep and there is little movement. But even if they were to try their escape at night, most prisons have guard towers, so the chances of being successful are quite low. Security guards serve as watchmen in these towers and they continually survey the grounds looking for anyone trying to escape. Huge floodlights shine from the towers to illumine all the premises of the prison. As long as the light shines brightly, a prisoner has little chance of making his way across the prison yard unnoticed. If a prisoner wanted to make a successful escape, his or her best chance would be to somehow put out the lights shining from the towers. 

I. The revelation of Jesus comes through the testimony of Jesus

Just like the light shining from the guard tower, God gave us light that would expose the devil as he tries to make his move across the yard of planet earth. Jesus said, “I am the Light of the world.” In the light of Jesus, the devil is exposed. When we look at the lovely and matchless character of Jesus, the devil stands in stark contrast to all that Jesus is. The devil tried to get rid of Christ Jesus and thought he succeeded on Calvary’s hill one Friday afternoon. But on Sunday morning, that Light shone brightly from the grave, brighter than it shined before the grave! 

In Revelation 1:2 we read that the revelation of Jesus came through the word of God. The Psalmist David wrote: “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” At one point Satan tried to get rid of the Holy Scriptures. There was a time in the history of the church when only the learned clergy had access to the sacred oracles of God. Lay persons were left in darkness, ignorant of God’s Word until reformers such as John Wycliffe and Martin Luther translated the Bible into the common language of the people. History records that the “papacy succeeded to a great extent in preventing the circulation of the Scriptures so that the light of Bible knowledge, with its elevating influences, was almost wholly excluded.” Today, not only are printed Bibles widely available in many parts of the world, but millions have electronic access to a variety of versions of it. Having a Bible currently is a privilege that many past Christians paid for with their lives!  

That said, Revelation 1:2 states that the revelation of Jesus also comes through the testimony of Jesus Christ. Let’s see what else the Bible tells us about the testimony of Jesus Christ. Revelation 12:17 records, “And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and he went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” According to the Greek, the “testimony of Jesus Christ” is not someone else’s testimony of Jesus. It’s not like when we leave church today we will have a testimony about Jesus. No, the testimony of Jesus is the testimony given by Jesus Himself. And the devil is mad about this testimony because it testifies against him. As we just read, Satan wars against those who have the testimony of Jesus Christ. The devil is trying to get rid of the testimony of Jesus Christ right now. But what is the testimony of Jesus Christ?

II. The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy

John the Revelator wrote in Revelation 19:10: “And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Now you may say, “I understand how Christ is the light for He said it Himself, ‘I am the light.’ I understand how the Word of God is the light for the Bible says ‘Thy word is a light unto my path.” But how is prophecy a light?” The Apostle Peter wrote the following in 2 Peter 1:19, “We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts.” [Emphasis supplied] 

III. The Spirit of Prophecy was Manifested in the Life and Ministry of Ellen White

On November 26, 1827, on a farm in Gorham, Maine, a farmer by the name of Robert Harmon and his wife Eunice welcomed the seventh and eight additions to their family—twin baby girls. One they named Elizabeth; the other they named Ellen. Robert Harmon was a hatmaker whose business financially supported the family. The twins were the youngest of the Harmon children; little Ellen particularly loved the animals on the farm and she also enjoyed nature walks with her twin sister. Sometimes Ellen had to help her sister, Elizabeth, who was rather chubby, over the logs that would at times block their path.

Ellen was a very caring child. When the Harmon children would walk in the forest to gather hickory nuts, “Ellen, always compassionate, took with her a little cloth bag of corn. When she found a cache of nuts in a hole in a hollow tree, she eagerly retrieved her find and then substituted the corn she had brought, hoping that the exchange would not be too disappointing to the provident squirrels.” Squirrels are known to collect and hide nuts for future dining.  

Ellen’s life was by no means a charmed one. One afternoon while making her way home with Elizabeth and another friend, an incident changed her life forever. A girl who had become angry with them threw a rock that hit young Ellen in the face, just as she had turned to see how close the girl was to them. This incident left Ellen’s face quite deformed and she was in a coma for three weeks. Many thought she would not survive the incident. 

During this time Ellen’s father was away from home on a business trip to Atlanta, Georgia. When he returned he did not recognize little Ellen. When she had enough strength to get up, she approached a mirror to look at herself. One quick glance and she was horrified. Ellen wished that the incident had taken her life rather than leave her looking as she did. Who could blame her for feeling this way? She was only nine years old. 

Ellen Harmon had to leave school due to complications from the accident. This injury damaged her eyesight and she experienced difficulty writing, as her hands would shake whenever she picked up something. Writing about this many years later, she noted: “This misfortune, which for a time seemed so bitter and was so hard to bear, has proved to be a blessing in disguise. The cruel blow which blighted the joys of earth, was the means of turning my eyes to heaven. I might never have known Jesus, had not the sorrow that clouded my early years led me to seek comfort in Him.”

As a teen Ellen gave her heart to the Lord and was baptized into the Methodist Church. During this same time a preacher by the name of William Miller came to Portland, Maine, and preached about the second coming of Jesus Christ, which Miller believed was imminent. All of these meetings left Ellen feeling unsure whether she was in a suitable condition to meet her Creator, so she continually prayed that God would help her be ready when Jesus returned. In studying the prophecies related to Daniel 8:14 concerning the cleansing of the sanctuary, the Millerites believed that Christ would return on October 22, 1844. As we know all too well, Jesus did not return on that day. Today this day is known as The Great Disappointment, but even though it was a disappointment to many believers, Ellen recalled that the year preceding the proposed return of Jesus was the happiest year of her life. Why? She, along with many other people around the world, were preparing to meet Jesus when He came riding on the clouds!

             When Jesus did not return, the fallout from the disappointment splintered Millerite Advent movement into several groups. One group gave up religion altogether. Another group of believers returned to the churches from which they had come. Still another group believed that Jesus had come, but that He had done so in secret. A fourth group believed that the date was right, but the event was wrong. 

          The next day, a man named Hiram Edson was on his way to visit a gathering of disappointed and discouraged Adventists. Discouraged that Jesus had not returned the previous day, they were meeting together to comfort one another and to further study the Bible to see if they could figure out where they had gone wrong in their understanding of prophecy. As Edson walked through a cornfield, rehearsing to himself the services of the earthly sanctuary service and its prophetic implications, he came to a new understanding that led the believers that day to search the Scriptures carefully. A close study of the earthly sanctuary service revealed to them where they had gone wrong in their previous understanding of the second coming of Jesus. On the Day of Atonement, the earthly High priest would move from the holy place to the most holy place. This would initiate a time of judgment as the high priest interceded with God on behalf of the people. The ministration of the high priest in the most holy place would culminate in the cleansing of the sanctuary.

         The Advent believers soon saw that rather than returning to the earth on October 22, 1844, Jesus, our heavenly High Priest, had moved from the holy place of the heavenly sanctuary to the most holy place, there to begin the work of the investigative judgment and the cleansing of heavenly sanctuary on the great anti-typical Day of Atonement. It was at end of this cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary that Jesus would in fact return to earth to take the redeemed to heaven with Him.  

Also in 1844, at the age of 17, God called Ellen Harmon to be His messenger to His fledgling remnant church. God had given similar visions to two other men. William Ellis Foy, a Black, Millerite preacher, shared as best he could the messages he had received from God, but the racial climate in the United States at the time impeded his progress. Hazen Foss, another person to whom God spoke, refused the opportunity to speak concerning the things that God had shown him.   Later he regretted bitterly when the messages were taken from him. Consequently, it was with great apprehension that young Ellen Harmon answered God’s call to be His messenger.

The call of Ellen Harmon, later Ellen White after her marriage to James White, and the prophetic gift manifested in her life and ministry have informed the fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The eighteenth Fundamental Belief of the Seventh-day Adventist Church states: 

The Scriptures testify that one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is prophecy. This gift is the identifying mark of the remnant church and we believe it was manifested in the ministry of Ellen G White. Her writings speak with prophetic authority and provide comfort, guidance, instruction, and correction to the church. They also make clear that the Bible is the standard by which all teaching and experience must be tested. 

Note carefully that the Bible is the foundation of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its beliefs. The writings of Ellen White, the fruit of the Holy Spirit’s work in her life and ministry, do not replace nor supersede the Bible. In fact, Ellen White’s writings are a means of pointing readers back to the Bible. Her inspired counsels are among the most Christocentric of any Christian writer in any age. A close reading of her writings reveals some 840-plus names, titles, and appellations by which she referred to Jesus. She calls Him the Prince of Peace, Rose of Sharon, Divine One, Son of God, Heaven Light/Beauty, Shepard, the Tender One, Signature of Heaven, Loving One, Redeemer, King, Savior, and much more. 

Seventh-day Adventists thank God for the ministry of Ellen White. They are not ashamed of her life or ministry! Her books are among their most prized possessions and for many they are within easy reach—always available to offer some window on God, some word of hope, some bit of encouragement or counsel. While other Christian writers have enriched the lives of believers the world over, imagine the impact on the lives of those who follow Christ if they would spend some thoughtful hours with Steps to Christ, The Desire of Ages, Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing, or The Great Controversy. 

Ellen White’s writings are thoroughly biblical. One minister noted that Satan and his angels look for ways to destroy Ellen White’s writings because they know that their craftiness won’t fly unless they can dispose of the Spirit of Prophecy. Almost since the inception of Ellen White’s call, Satan has raised up men who cast aspersions on her character and ministry, some even disparaging her as a plagiarist and a liar. Even today, some within the Adventist Church continue to attack the writings of Ellen White. It is amazing to faithful readers of her books that church members who have been taught the fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and affirmed them publicly, and who also believe the gift of prophecy was manifested in the life and ministry of Ellen White, still end up denouncing Ellen White. This often happens when they, or others, visit anti-Ellen White sites on the Internet and social media. If we desire to be followers of Jesus, especially in these last days of earth’s history, we must put our faith in Jesus Christ and not in the misinformation circulated by a few disgruntled people on the Internet or social media.  

If the truth be told, many who despise the writings of Ellen G. White usually despise it because it has been misrepresented and misused by some of us. While some of us disregard the counsels altogether, others elevate them to the same level as the Bible or higher. Seventh-day Adventists should be excited that God has blessed the church with such a marvelous gift, and we should use it with sound principles of interpretation and great care. If we are not excited about and careful in our use of this special gift of truth, how can we expect others to be? 

It is sadly the case that those in the church who despise and reject the writings of Ellen White often lack something in their spiritual lives and this deficit inevitably leads them to reject the Bible as well. Ellen White believed that a study of Scripture and a willingness to obey it were critical to retaining one’s faith and trust in God. Ellen White once wrote: “If you had made God’s word your study, with a desire to reach the Bible standard and attain to Christian perfection, you would not have needed the Testimonies. It is because you have neglected to acquaint yourselves with God’s inspired book that He has sought to reach you by simple, direct testimonies, calling your attention to the words of inspiration which you had neglected to obey, and urging you to fashion your lives in accordance with its pure and elevated teachings.” Ellen White believed in the primacy of Scripture as the church’s supreme rule of faith and practice.

Another hindrance to the acceptance of Ellen White’s writings by some is the lack of “fruit” in the life of those who claim to read them. A minister once noted that people who choose not to accept the messages God sent through Ellen White is a global problem, but that those who will not accept it would be much more disposed to do so if they could see the fruits that the Spirit of Prophecy produces in the lives of those who accept it. 

Satan wants us to discount these sacred counsels at the very time we need them most. If the devil cannot cause us to reject these writings, he’ll simply cause us to be indifferent to them so that we are too busy to read and digest the truths therein. Second Chronicles 20:20 says, “Believe His prophets, and you will prosper.” But in order to believe the prophets, we must first read them. As our Scripture for today makes clear, blessed are those who read, hear, and keep the words that are written.

In one of her earlier visions Ellen White saw how people would come into opposition with her writings and she wept bitterly. She pleaded with God to remove the gift from her because many would hate her. Remember she was only a teenager at the time, but she felt burdened to share with others what had been revealed to her. Before dispensing with the writings of Ellen White, anyone who doubts that Ellen White was a messenger of God should read her writings, perhaps beginning with The Desire of Ages, a book that will draw readers into a closer and deeper loving relationship with Jesus. 


As we close, let us focus for a moment on Ellen White’s first vision. In that vision she saw Adventist believers walking up a narrow path leading to the city of God. A bright light shone behind them illuminating their path. Ellen White was shown that this light represented the Midnight Cry of those looking to see Jesus. Ahead of the band of believers was Jesus, leading them to the city. Ellen White noted that as long as they kept their eyes on Jesus, they were safe on their journey. Whenever they took their eyes off of Jesus they would grow weary, become discouraged, and complain that the city was a great way off. She further noted that many fell off the path into the peril of darkness. If only they kept their eyes on Jesus, they would make it safely to the kingdom. This focus on Jesus became the foundation of Ellen White’s 70-year ministry, and it is the recurring theme of the Bible as well. 

Our focus on Jesus was prefigured in the desert when the Israelites being bitten by venomous snakes were instructed to look at the bronze serpent which Moses erected (Numbers 21:4-9). In John 1:29, John the Baptist picked up the refrain when he told hearers on the day of Jesus’ baptism,  “Behold,”—keep our eyes on—“the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.” In John 3:14 Jesus Himself declared that just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, He was to be lifted up and all who would look to Him would be saved. 

We must look to Jesus and focus on Jesus! When the billows of life are tossing all around us, our only safeguard is to look to Jesus! When Peter kept his eyes on Jesus, he walked on water. When he averted his gaze, he began to slip beneath the waves (Matthew 14:22-33)! When Christianity’s first martyr faced certain death, he turned his eyes heavenward to focus on Jesus! As he did, he saw heaven open and Jesus standing there watching over Him in his great hour of trial (Acts 7:54). Because Stephen kept his eyes on Jesus, it did not matter what the world would do to him. His eyes were fixed on the Life-giver, the One who could call him back to life! 

We must keep our eyes on Jesus because He is coming soon!

It just takes one look at the Savior to change us! Some may think that a look is not enough, but it is a good start because as one minister enthused, “When I look I can’t take my eyes off of Him. When I look at Him, His loveliness entrances me. When I look at Jesus, I recognize who I am. Before looking at Jesus I might think that I am doing okay, but when I look at Jesus, and see myself in the X-ray vision of Jesus, I recognize that nothing in my hand I bring. Simply to the cross I cling!” 

Brothers and sisters, let’s keep our eyes fixed on Jesus! If you ever become discouraged along the way, if you ever grow weary, remember that if we only keep our eyes on Jesus we will make it home safely! One might ask, “Well, how do I keep my eyes on Jesus?” Jesus is revealed through His Word and His testimony. If we are to keep our eyes on Jesus, we must look for Him in our daily lives and see Him in His daily providences. We must read His Word and His testimony! We must also hear His Word and His testimony! Finally, we must obey His Word and His testimony!

Let us keep our eyes on Jesus. It’s the only way that we will make it home safely. Troubles, cares, and anxiety may come at us from all sides, but if our eyes are fixed on Jesus, we will make it home! Perhaps Ellen White summed it up best when she wrote:

Looking upon the crucified Redeemer, we more fully comprehend the magnitude and meaning of the sacrifice made by the Majesty of heaven. The plan of salvation is glorified before us, and the thought of Calvary awakens living and sacred emotions in our hearts. Praise to God and the Lamb will be in our hearts and on our lips; for pride and self-worship cannot flourish in the soul that keeps fresh in memory the scenes of Calvary. He who beholds the Saviour's matchless love will be elevated in thought, purified in heart, transformed in character. He will go forth to be a light to the world, to reflect in some degree this mysterious love. The more we contemplate the cross of Christ, the more fully shall we adopt the language of the apostle when he said, "God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world.” Gal. 6:14.

May God keep us until the day when our faith becomes sight, when we will be able to put our arms around the One for whom we have looked and longed!


Pastor Grant Lottering pastors two congregations in the Cape Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He also works as an assistant researcher for the Ellen G. White SDA-Research and Heritage Centre at Helderberg College of Higher Education in South Africa. .

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4)7=Itegeka rya 4=Iminsi 7=Itangiriro2:1-4"22/10/2020-1:59'_15/10/2024 to 22/10/2024-22/10/3024."
2.Imbabazi z' Imana kubeza Isabato mu Butumwa bwa marayika wa 3 ni 22/10/2020, abo muri baburoni ni nyuma y' Imyaka Itatu uhereye igihe Itegeko ry' I Icyumweru"Paris Agreement on Climate Change".
3. Gusinya Paris Agreement kwa USA ni bwo Itegeko ry' Icyumweru rizitwa Icyimenyetso cy' Inyamanswa aribwo "USA National Sunday Law" Izaba yamaze Gusinywa na Leta zunze ubumwe za Amerika(USA), byemejwe n' inama y' abadepite n' abasenateri bo mutekonshingamategeko ya USA, bigahita bitangarizwa abaturage ba USA ko kuva uwo munsi Umuntu wese agomba kujya aruhuka ku munsi w' Icyumweru nk' Itegeko ryemejwe na Leta ya USA, kunyungu zo kurengera Ibidukikije"Climate Change Action Now", bityo iryo tegeko rizahita rikwira ku isi yose, kuko abategetsi b' isi bose bazahita bafatira icyitegererezo kuri USA, abanyamadini nabo bagahita bahindura uwo munsi umunsi wo guterana basenga, Isabato y' Uwiteka bakayihindura umunsi wo gutera ibiti, no guhaha mumasoko, kwigisha abanyeshuli n' ibindi bikorwa bya Leta, bitemerera abakozi kubisiba mo uwo munsi, ni ko icyigeragezo kizaba giteye, kandi kizaba gikurikiranye no kurenganya, abadafite urukingo rwa COVID-19, Abateza Icyumweru uko bitegetswe, abatica Isabato muri gahunda za leta zo kurengera ibidukikije, abatumvira umunsi wahariwe amasengesho wo ku cyumweru mu gihe bateranye ku Isabato, ndetse n' abo ubutegetsi budashaka kumva babwiriza ubutumwa bwa malayika wa 3 mu ijwi rirenga babita ko babiba inzangano, amacakubiri, no kudindiza aiterambere n' amajyambere y' igihugu n' ayisi yose, banavuga ko aribo bakururira isi kuguhura n' ibyago n' ibyorezo bitandukanye, n' ubukene baganisha abantu kudakora iminsi yose no ku Isabato harimo! Ibyo byose n' ibindi byinshi bigiye kwisukiranya, biraganisha kugutesha agaciro Itegeko rya 4 ryo Kweza Isabato y' Umunsi wa 7 burundu kuri iyi Si, kandi uwishe itegeko rimwe ryo Kweza ISATATO ryonyine azaba afatwa ko yishe amategeko yose 10, uwo niwe uzaba arikuramya inyamanswa ' n' igishushanyo cy' inyamanswa, n' umubare w' izina ry' inyamanswa "666", n' icyimenyetso cy' inyamanswa gishyizwe mubwenge bwe"mu ruhanga" cyangwa mu cyiganza"Kwemera ko kudakora ku cyumweru ari itegeko ry' Imana" Ikimenyetso cy' Inyamanswa.
4.Ikimenyetso cy' Inyamanswa uza cyemera wese n' uzumvira ubutegetsi bumuyobora kukuramya"gukurikira buhumyi" imitegekere irwanya itegeko rya 4 ryo kweza Isabato yo ku Munsi wa 7 kub wo gutinya ibihano bya leta, cyangwa kuko azaba ariko abyemera, uwo ariwe wese kandi azaba arindirijwe na Satani  gusukwa ho ibyago birindwi by' imperuka ari mu ri byo Umujinya w' Uwiteka Imana uzuzurira ukaganisha no kukurimbuka kw' ibifite umubiri kuri iyi si byose, kuva 16/2/2024 kugeza Yesu agarutse kubicy nijoro saa 1h59' tariki 15/10/2024, mu Cyago cya 7, nk' uko mubyiyumvira muri ibyo byigisho biri hepfo mu majwi.

II. Ahangaha urahasanga ibyigisho mu majwi:

Ukanda kuri buri Kigisho, ugakurikiza amabwiriza usanga kurubuga rubika amajwi, twayakubikiye ho.

Urararikirwa, kutihugira ho, ngo wibagirwe ko hari abantu benshi cyane, babayeho batabona uko bagera kuri Interineti, bityo, gerageza ukure ayo majwi y' ibyigisho kuri enterineti(Download) uyabike kuri flash disck, memory card, telephone, laptop, cyangwa computer ,n' ubundi buryo bwose wakoresha, ugerageza kuzayumva bitagusabye kuba uri kuri enterineti, ukanayumvisha abandi , batabasha kuyasanga aho twayababikiye, ikindi kandi, ushobora gusenga Uwiteka Imana, umusaba kuguha impano yo kubwiririsha ubutumwa bwiza amajwi y' abigisha bayobowe n' Umwuka w' Imana,

Ubwo buryo ni bwo buryo bushyashya busa n' ubwari bumenyerewe bwo Kubwiririrsha ubutumwa Ibitabo, ntibushobora kukunanira, ntibwakwinjiriza amafaranga, kandi bwakwandikisha imirimo yabwo wakoze mubitabo byo mu Ijuru.

Muhaguruke , tuburire Abatuye Igihugu cy' U Rwanda , ndetse n' abandi batuye ibindi bihugu, dukoresheje ububuryo bushya, buzabashisha gutsinda amayeri ya Satani, kuko ubu ibwiriza Butumwa, ry' Imana ryabujijwe umudendezo mubantu biturutse kumigambio mibi ya SATANI n' ubuyobozi bw' Ibihugu bwunze ubumwe n' Ubutegetsi bwa Vatikani, ngo bakore imiyoborere bise iy' Isi nshya( New World Order cg One World Governement cg Agenda21) kandi irararikira abategetsi b' isi kwibumbira hamwe muma gurupe icumi (10) ibihugu bikaba bibarirwa muri ayo magurupe(10 Regional Groups) bigahabwa umuyobozi umwe umwe muri buri gurupe ubitegeka nka Perezida wabyo, maze, ayo magurupe yose hamwe uko ari 10 agategekera hamwe n' ubutegetsi buhagarariye inyungu y' Ubwami bw' Abaromani(Pontifex Maximus) ubu buyoborwa n' Umupadiri w' Iroma uhagarariye kiriziya gaturika y' i Roma(Bishop of Rome) uwo niwe wiyita Pontif of Rome cyangwa se Papa w' i Roma, ni we uzaba ayobora iyo One World Government cg New World Order abiheshejwe na leta zunze Ubumwe za Amerika(USA) n' umuryango w' abibumbye(United Nations) byose bakaba barikubikora bifashishije intwaro ya COVID-19 na Paris Agreement on Climate Change na Kigali Amendment on Montreal Protocol mu rwego rwo gushakisha uburyo , haba mu byo kwizera Imana, Ubuyobozi bw' iyo si nshya buzahitamo imisengere ishingiye kukuruhuka no gusenga ku Cyumweru(Ikimenyetso cy' Inyamanswa) ihuriweho n' abaturage b' isi bose , mugihe kandi nanone ubwo butegetsi nk' Uko bwahanuwe mu Ibyahishuwe 13:1-18 buzica kandi bukarenganya abatazaburamya ngo babukeze , bakazarenganywa, ibyo bisobanuye ko bazaba babarega ko barwanya iterambere ry' Isi Nshya Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) rigomba kuba ryagezwe ho bitarenze umwaka wa ibihumbi 2030, icyo kigeragezo kizibasira abazaba bararinze imibiri yabo kutinjijwa mo inkingo za COVID-19 kandi bakaba barahisemo kutazeza itegeko ry' Icyumweru kubera ko Isabato yo mu Itegeko rya 4 mu Kuva 20:8-11 ari yo yonyine Uwiteka yategetse abatuye isi bose kujya baruhukira mo, bakayeza, buri munsi wa Karindwi uri muri Luka 23:52-56 babambuye Intumbi ya Yesu ku wa gatanu wa Leta, Barayihamba, bajya kwitegura isabato, Isabato iba Intumbi ya Yesu iri Mugituro ku wa gatandatu wa Leta, Yesu azuka ku wa Mbere w' Iminsi irindwi ariho ku Cyumweru mugitondo Luka 24:1-53. Isabato rero, iba ari ku Munsi wa Karindwi 7 wa karendari y' Imana yo muri Edeni, iyo ubutegetsi bw' ubupapa bw' i Roma bwaje kuzavuguruza iby' Ibihe Imana yashyizeho mu Iremwa ry' Isi n' Ijuru bukanavuguruza Amategeko 10 y' Imana nk' uko biri muri Daniyeli 7:25; itegeko rya 2 bukarikura murutonde rw' amategeko 10 y' Imana bigisha ababatijwe umubatizo w' ubuyobe wo kumena utuzi kugahanga, barangiza bakita itegeko rya 4 irya gatatu, bagacamo kabiri irya 10 bakarishyira mumwanya w' itegeko rya 9 n' i rya 10!!!!  Ariko Saturday cg ku wagatandatu wa leta ni wo Munsi wa 7 wo kuri karendari y' Uwiteka yatangijwe n' Uwiteka kuva Akimara kurema ibiriho Byose, iyo uwo munsi ujyeze, uwukurikiye witwa Umunsi wa Mbere w' Iminsi irindwi akaba ariwo ikigirwamana k' i Roma kitwa Apollo cy' itirirwa Izuba bagisengaga ho bawitirira umunsi w' Izuba(Sunday) ni nacyo cyimenyetso cy' ubutegetsi bwa Roma-Inyamanswa'Ibyahishuwe 14:9-12"-(Pontifex Maximus).

Kugira ngo ugere kuri uru rubuga bitakugoye, ubashe gukurikira ubuhanuzi , uko ubushakashatsi tubakorera buba bubyerekana mu kuri kwose kwa bwo,Wakanda izi nyuguti enye(4): AUSC, ukaziganda muri Google search umwanya wagenewe kwandika mo no gushakisha kuri enterineti, warangiza ukagera ahanditse: ( 

AUSC Presidential Team Members; AUSC 5 Different Affairs Representatives Team Members; AUSC 5 Regional Representatives Team Members; AUSC 5 ...

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Ugakanda aho handitse: AFRICAN UNION STUDENTS' COUNCIL (AUSC)  , ukaza gushakisha amapaje twashyize ho ahanditse:  HOME , cyangwa kuruhande rw' iburyo ahanditse: AUSC ARCHIVE , ugahitamo ukurikije Ukwezi ushaka gusura ngo usome ibyigisho n' amapaje y' ubushakashatsi bwakozwe muri uko kwezi, bityo bityo , uko ujyenda ushaka kunguka byinshi, ujya no mumyaka yabanje , uhereye mu mwaka wa 2019.

A) Kanda hano uryoherwe n' ibyigisho by' Ijwi Rirenga mu majwi:

1)Igice cya 1-Ijwi Rirenga by Dr Bandora,1/10/2020-10h01'23''

2)Igice cya 2-Ijwi Rirenga by Dr Bandora,1/10/2020-10h01'23'' .

3)Igice cya 3-Ijwi Rirenga by Dr Bandora,2/10/2020-21h08'11''

4)Igice cya 4-Ijwi Rirenga by Dr Bandora,2/10/2020-21h08'11''

5) Igice cya 5-Ikigisho:CORONAVIRUSI(COVID-19) Ni igihuha, ntuzirirwe ufata urukingo rw' Indwara itarabayeho ruteganijwe gukoreshwa kuva 2021-yesu azaza kuwa 15/10/2024-saa 01:59' a.m, Uwiteka yagabanije ho imyaka 7 kuri Agenda 2030 y' Umuryango w' abibumbye(UN Agenda for SDG2030) kugirango abajezuwite bayobowe na papa francis batazaba baramaze ho abeza Isabato by' ukuri, Dadiyeli 12:1-13; Matayo 24:15-22, mweze isabato yo mu itegeko rya 4 yesu naza azabacungura abatwarane n' abandi bazaba barabigishije aya mategeko y' Imana yo mu Kuva 20:1-8-11-17. Musohoke mumijyi, muve no mubirorero , mwige ubuzima bw' icyaro buciriritse cyaneee tuzanezererwa mu ijuru by' iteka ryose, muhumure yesu agiye kugaruka.


B) Kanda Hano KU MAJWI  Ufungure Ibiganiro byo ku itariki 26/9/202 ,bivuga ku kurangira kw' Imbabazi kubeza Isabato , 22/Ukwakira 2020, no gusukwa kw' Imvura y' Itumba:

1) Amajwi ya Mbere 

2) Amajwi ya Kabiri

3) Amajwi ya Gatatu

4) Amajwi ya Kane

C) Kanda Hano KU MAJWI  Ufungure Ibiganiro byashyizwe hano  ku itariki 30/9/2020 ,bivuga ku:

1) Guhangana na Baburoni usohoka mu Cyumweru no kwinjira Mu Ijuru unyuze mu Isabato

2) Gusobanukirwa Ubuhanuzi bw' Iminsi 1335 bwo muri Daniyeli 12:7-13 no kugaruka kwa Yesu tariki 15/10/2024, saa 1h59'by Dr.Bandora&Wife.

3) Uko Uwiteka yigishije Isabato muri Bibiliya:

 i) Icyigisho cya 1"Kiriziya gaturika n' amadini ya giporotestanti asenga ku cyumweru ni Amadini ya SATANI yarayobye ni Baburoni, Ntashobora Kubwiriza Ubutumwa bwa marayika wa gatatu Yesu ashaka Kuko ari Umwami w' Isabato, kuko Satani yanze Kuvakera Kuramya Yesu akiri no mu Ijuru.

ii) Icyigisho cya 2"Kiriziya gaturika n' amadini ya giporotestanti asenga ku cyumweru ni Amadini ya SATANI yarayobye ni Baburoni, Ntashobora Kubwiriza Ubutumwa bwa marayika wa gatatu Yesu ashaka Kuko ari Umwami w' Isabato, kuko Satani yanze Kuvakera Kuramya Yesu akiri no mu Ijuru.

iii) Icyigisho cya 3"Kiriziya gaturika n' amadini ya giporotestanti asenga ku cyumweru ni Amadini ya SATANI yarayobye ni Baburoni, Ntashobora Kubwiriza Ubutumwa bwa marayika wa gatatu Yesu ashaka Kuko ari Umwami w' Isabato, kuko Satani yanze Kuvakera Kuramya Yesu akiri no mu Ijuru.

D) IBYIGISHO MU MATSINDA 2019 by Habimana Chadrack-Rusororo, and Aimable:

1) Icyigisho cya '1',

2) Icyigisho cya '2'

3) Icyigisho cya '3'Eliya ari Imbere y' Umwami, urugero rw' Abeza Isabato.

4) Icyigisho cya '4', Abadiventisite b' Umunsi wa 7 bashyizwe ku isi nk' abarinzi.,

5) Icyigisho cya '5'Icyimenyetso cy' Imana ni Isabato, n' Umudive Biramureba.

6)  Icyigisho cya '6'Ikigisho cy' Ubuturo bwera uko Inyama tutemerewe Kuzirya.

7) Icyigisho cya '7'Abana b' Imana Mu "Ibyaduka byo Muminsi y' Imperuka"1888.

8) Icyigisho cya '8'Ubuhanuzi bwo Kugaruka kwa Yesu bwa Henoki uri mu Ijuru.

Uwabishyize mu majwi haruguru no mu nyandiko ikurikira ahangaha ni: 


Saba inyandiko zijyanye n'iyi n'ibi byigisho ndetse n' ibindi, kuri address ikurikira ya E-mail:,

Pope Francis removed his title"Vicar of Jesus Christ!"

Copy and paste to share to 7 people /Sangiza n' abandi bantu 7,Yesu yaje twatashye:2020-06-06:14h41'51''Inama y' Agakiza Yesu i Getsemani itangiranye n' itariki ya 1Nzeri2020 kugeza kw' Itegeko ry' Icyumweru 15Gashyantare 2021,Yesu azagaruka 15 Ukwakira 2024,Isaha yageze,Mwiyeze Imbabazi Z'Imana Kubeza Isabato ni 22Ukwakira 2020. Imvura y'itumba n'ihembura rizamara amezi 3 n' iminsi 15, bizahuza na Gashyantare 7th-17th, 2020.Twatashye Yesu Yaje,Mwige Ikigisho cya 42 Intambara Ikomeye, musome Yesaya 12:1-6, Musome 1 Abami 81:66, Mubihuze na Yohana 17:1-26"17:17"Ubereshe Ukuri, Ijambo Ryawe niryo Kuri:1)Inyandiko:  ,2) Amajwi: , 3) YouTube updates on Sunday Law movements:
Yesu asengana umubabaro ari i Getsemani (Mat 26.36-46; Luka 22.39-46) 32. Kanda hamwe mu byigisho bine-4 bikurikira wige una bidawunirodinge ubikwirakwize muri bene data mubike ubusobanuro mu majwi:
5)Inyandiko y 'ICYIGISHO CYO GUTSINDISHIRIZWA' n'ITEGEKO RY'ICYUMWERU MU RWANDA May 24th 2020 kugeza February 7th, 2021. Mwitegure Akarengane gakomeye Cyane gatangizwa n'itariki 1 Nzeri 2020 kugeza tariki 4 Ukwakira 2020 biganisha ku Itegeko ry' Icyumweru tariki 7 Gashyanare 2021, Yesu agaruke nyuma y' Iminsi 1335 kuya 15/ Ukwakira/2024,01h59' Mu Gicuku cy' Ijoro, Ezekiyeli Dr.Iraguha Bandora Yves,MG,MD,RN,BScN(Hons)
6)AUSC Founder and President is giving this Public Warning to every person on this Earth to Remember the Sabbath Day to Keep It Holy,for We are Serving our Lord of 7th Day Holy Sabbath Jesus Christ as written in Luke 6:1-5 by sharing these Chronological Holy secrets of the Four22nds, One15th, 5Octobers, 3Tuesdays,1 Thursday and 1 Friday: 22 October 3024, 22 October 2024, 15 October 2024 ,22 October 2020, 22 October 1844 as the  United Sates of America (USA) has set this date on the National Calendar "October 22, 2020" for Popular Holidays & Observances Worldwide!! We still have by now 130 days to get on 22 October 2020.
7)Igitabo cy' Intambara Ikomeye mu majwi kuri interineti,Umva ibice byose , ubikurure ho ubibike ,ubisangize n' abandi;14/06/2020
8)Ikigisho, Menya Yesu,Ubugingo Buhoraho[2020-06-16-17h22'26'',Ikigisho, Menya Yesu,Ubugingo Buhoraho ]
9)Ikigisho, Menya uko wasenga n' Iminsi isigaye  ukakira Umwuka Wera wasezeranywe Mbere yo gushyirwaho kw' itegeko ry' icyumweru "Imvura y' Itumba"[2020-06-16-17h06'14''),Ikigisho, Menya Yesu,Ubugingo Buhoraho ]
10)19.(Intambara ikomeye: Chap 19-KUVA MU MWIJIMA UJYA MU MUCYO: Kinyarwanda),
20.(Intambara ikomeye: Chap 20-IVUGURURA RIKOMEYE MU ITORERO: Kinyarwanda),
21.(Intambara ikomeye: Chap 21-UKUBURIRWA KUTITAWEHO Kinyarwanda),
 40.[Chapter 40—God's People Delivered/The Great Controversy-Audio],(Kinyarwanda)=Aba JESUITS n'abeza Icyumweru bapfa , Abeza Isabato DUCUNGURWA.
41.[Chapter 41—Desolation of the Earth/The Great Controversy-Audio in English],(in Kinyarwanda), 42.[Chapter 42—The Controversy Ended/The Great Controversy-Audio in English],(in Kinyarwanda). INAMA y' AGAKIZA.
Bagera ahitwa i Getsemani, maze abwira abigishwa be, ati “Nimube mwicaye hano mbanze nsenge.” 33.  Ajyana Petero na Yakobo na Yohana, atangira kumirwa no guhagarika umutima cyane. 34.  Arababwira ati “Umutima wanjye ufite agahinda kenshi kenda kunyica, mugume hano mube maso.” 35.  Yigira imbere ho hato, yubama hasi, arasenga ngo niba bishoboka icyo gihe kimurenge. 36.  Ati “Aba, Data, byose biragushobokera, undenze iki gikombe, ariko bye kuba uko jyeweho nshaka, ahubwo bibe uko wowe ushaka.” 37.  Araza asanga basinziriye, abaza Petero ati “Simoni, urasinziriye? Harya ntubashije kuba maso n’isaha imwe?[Isaha1=15 iminsi ya gihanuzi, Iyi ni isaha izatangirana na tariki 1/9/2020" Creation Sunday" hatangijwe Season of Creation] 38.  Mube maso musengemutajya mu moshya. Umutima ni wo ukunze, ariko umubiri ufite intege nke.” 39.  Yongera kugenda arasenga, avuga amagambo amwe n’aya mbere.[Iyi ni indi saha1=15 iminsi ya gihanuzi] 40.  Yongera kugaruka asanga basinziriye kuko amaso yabo aremereye, ntibamenya icyo bamusubiza. 41.  Agaruka ubwa gatatu[Iyi ni indi saha1=15 iminsi ya gihanuzi] arababwira ati “Noneho nimusinzire muruhuke. Birarangiye. Igihe kirasohoye, dore Umwana w’umuntu agambaniwe mu maboko y’abanyabyaha.[Iyi ni indi saha1=15 iminsi ya gihanuzi] 42.  Nimubyuke tugende, dore ungenza ari hafi.” Bafata Yesu (Mat 26.47-56; Luka 22.47-53; Yoh 18.3-12 43.  Akibivuga, Yuda umwe muri abo cumi na babiri azana n’igitero gifite inkota n’inshyimbo, giturutse ku batambyi bakuru n’abanditsi n’abakuru. 
Yesu yasabye Abigishwa gusenga inshuro eshatu , ukongeraho inshuro eshatu Yesu yasenze ari muri Getsemani buri saha mu masaha atatu, biduha imibare isaha1 ingana n'iminsi15 ya gihanuzi X 3 inshuro Yesu yasenze muri Getsemani buri saha 1= 45 Iminsi abatsindishirijwe bagomba gusenga nkuko Yesu yasenze mugihe kingana n'inshuro 1 abigishwa birengagije twe tutagomba kwirengagiza ubu ngo tubashe kugera ikirenge mu cya Yesu Kristo ngo tubone Imbaraga yokutubashisha gushira amanga mugihe Ubugambanyi nk' Ubwa Yuda bwa Creation Sunday buzaba butangiye 1/9/2020.
Nk'uko Yesu yari yasabye Intumwa ze Gusenga Inshuro eshatu zose ntibasenze, bituma bagwa mu moshya bara mwihakana baratatana, ibyo tubihinduza Gusenga Inshuro Yesu yabasabye ntibazisenge, kuko izo nshuro zagombaga kubageza ku iherezo ry'igihe bari bari bumare muri Getsemani cyirangira i gitero cyizanywe na Yuda Kihageze, twebwe mukinyuranyo cy'izo ntumwa zari zisinziriye ntizisabe Imbaraga ya Mwuka Wera  tugomba guharanira Gusenga ubudasiba dusaba Imvura y'Itumba kuva 1/9/2020 kugeza igihe igitero cy' abagambanyi cyizaba cyiziye 7/2/2021 , bivuze ko ari igikorwa cyigomba gukorwa mugihe kigereranywa n' amasaha 3 Yesu n'abigishwa be bamaze muri Getsemani , 45iminsi X inshuro 3 ku munsi= 135 iminsi/kumasengesho. Bingana no gufata 30+15,30+15,30+15,bigatanga 30+30+30+30+15= Amezi 4 n' Iminsi 15, bikava 1/9/2020 + Amezi 4 n' Iminsi 15= 15/2/2021 aho abatsindishirijwe beza isabato bagomba kuba basenga ubudasiba bafata ibihe bidasanzwe byo kwiyiriza Ubusa.
Icyitonderwa, igihe itegeko ry' Icyumweru rizaba ritangajwe mucyumweru cyo kuva 7/2/2021 kugeza 15/2/2021 hazaba hashize amezi 3 n' iminsi 15 imbabazi z' Imana zikuwe k' Ubeza isabato bapfushije ubusa igihe baburiwe mo cyo gushakisha Imbabazi z' Imana mubutumwa bwo gutsindishirizwa n' ubuntu kubwo kwizera, bivuze ku imbabazi zizarangira mumezi ane 4 ari imbere tariki 15-22/10/2020. 
Igihe ni iki cyo kwiha Yesu, no guharanira guhabwa kwezwa na We.

Satani yahoze ari umumarayika w’umunyacyubahiro mu ijuru, akurikiye Yesu mu cyubahiro. Mu maso he, kimwe n’ah’abandi bamarayika, hari hakeye kandi hagaragara umunezero. Uruhanga rwe rwari rukenkemuye kandi rugaragaza ubwenge buhambaye. Yari afite igihagararo gitunganye; yitwaraga neza kandi afite icyubahiro giheranije. Ariko igihe Imana yabwiraga Umwana wayo iti: “Tureme umuntu agire ishusho yacu, ase natwe,” Satani yagiriye Yesu ishyari. Yifuzaga ko nawe yagombye kugishwa inama mu byerekeye kurema umuntu, bityo kubera ko atayigishijwe, yuzuwe n’igomwa, ishyari n’urwango. Yifuzaga ko ari we wahabwa icyubahiro kuruta abandi bose mu ijuru akaba ukurikiye Imana. IZ 125.1
Kugeza icyo gihe, ijuru ryose ryarangwagamo gahunda, ubwumvikane no kumvira ubuyobozi bw’Imana. Kwigomeka kuri gahunda y’Imana n’ubushake bwayo cyabaye icyaha ndengakamere. Ijuru ryose ryabaye nk’irihungabanye. Abamarayika bose bari bagabanyijwemo imitwe, buri mutwe wari uyobowe n’umumarayika ukomeye. Satani wari ufite imigambi yo kwikuza kandi akaba atarashakaga kuyoboka ubutegetsi bwa Yesu, yakoranaga amayere agamije kurwanya ubuyobozi bw’Imana. Bamwe mu bamarayika bifatanyije na Satani muri uko kwigomeka kwe, ariko abandi baharanira bidasuburwaho icyubahiro n’ubwenge Imana yagaragaje igihe yahaga Umwana wayo ububasha. Hagati y’abamarayika ubwabo habayeho kutumvikana. Satani n’abambari be bakoraga uko bashoboye ngo barebe ko bahindura ubuyobozi bw’Imana. Bifuzaga kwinjira mu bwenge bwayo butabasha kugenzurwa, no kumenya impamvu yatumye Imana ikuza Yesu ikamuha ububasha n’ubuyobozi nk’ubwo bitagira aho bigarukira. Bigometse ku butware bwa Yesu. Ingabo zo mu ijuru zose zarahamagawe ngo zize imbere ya Data wa twese kugira ngo ingingo yose ifatirwe umwanzuro. Aho ni ho hafatiwe umwanzuro ko Satani n’abamarayika bose bifatanyije na we mu kwigomeka bacibwa mu juru. Noneho mu ijuru haba intambara. Abamarayika bitabira urugamba; Satani yashakaga gutsinda Umwana w’Imana hamwe n’abumviraga ubushake bwe. Ariko abamarayika beza kandi b’indahemuka baratsinze, maze Satani n’abamuyobotse birukanwa mu ijuru. IZ 125.2
Nyuma y’aho Satani n’abacumuranye nawe baciwe mu ijuru, kandi amaze kubona ko amaze gutakaza burundu ubutungane n’ikuzo by’ijuru, yaricujije maze yifuza ko yakongera agasubizwa mu ijuru. Yashakaga gusubira mu mwanya yahozemo cyangwa se agahabwa undi mwanya uwo ari wo wose yagenerwa. Ariko ntibyari bigishobotse; ijuru ntiryagombaga kujya kwishyira mu kaga. Iyo agarurwa mu ijuru, ijuru ryose ryajyaga kwandura kuko ari we icyaha cyari cyakomotseho kandi imbuto zo kwigomeka zari zimurimo. Satani n’abamuyobotse bararize, binginga basaba ko bagarurwa imbere y’Imana. Nyamara icyaha cyabo (urwango rwabo, igomwa n’ishyari byabo) cyari gikabije cyane ku buryo Imana itajyaga kucyibagirwa ngo igihanagure. Cyagombaga kugumaho kugeza ubwo kizahabwa igihano cyacyo giheruka. IZ 125.3
Ubwo Satani yasobanukirwaga mu buryo bwuzuye ko bitakimushobokeye kongera gusubizwa imbere y’Imana, ubucakura bwe n’urwango byatangiye kwigaragaza. Yagiye inama n’abamarayika be maze bacura umugambi wo gukomeza kurwanya ubutegetsi bw’Imana. Igihe Adamu na Eva batuzwaga mu busitani bwiza bwa Edeni, Satani yacuraga umugambi wo kubarimbura. Nta buryo na bumwe uyu muryango wari unezerewe wajyaga kubuzwa umunezero wawo iyo uza kumvira Imana. Iyo badasuzugura Imana kandi ngo bakerense ubuntu bwayo, imbaraga ya Satani ntiyari kubahangara. Kubw’ibyo rero umugambi wagombaga gucurwa kugira ngo Adamu na Eva batezwe kutumvira bityo bikururire uburakari bw’Imana maze Satani n’abamarayika be babigarurire. Satani yafashe ingamba zo kwiyoberanya kandi akererekana ko yitaye ku muntu. Yagombaga kurwanya ukuri kw’Imana kandi agatuma habaho gushidikanya ko ibyo Imana yavuze ari ko bisobaye koko. Noneho kandi yagombaga kubatera amatsiko maze bagatangira gushaka kwinjira mu migambi itarondoreka y’Imana ( ari nacyo cyaha Satani ubwe yakoze) ndetse bagashaka kumenya impamvu Imana yababujije kurya ku giti kimenyekanisha icyiza n’ikibi. IZ 126.1
Abamarayika baziranenge bahoraga basura ubusitani bwa Edeni, bakigisha Adamu na Eva uburyo bagomba kwita kuri ubwo busitani kandi bakabigisha ibijyanye n’uburyo habayeho kwigomeka kwa Satani no gucumura kwe. Abamarayika baburiye Adamu na Eva ko bagomba kwirinda Satani kandi babaha amabwiriza y’uko batagomba gutandukana mu byo bazaba bakora byose, kuko baramutse babikoze bajyaga guhura n’uwo mwanzi wacumuye. Nanone kandi abamarayika babihanangirije ko bagomba gukurikiza amabwiriza Imana yabahaye badakebakeba, kuko bajyaga kugira umutekano ari uko bumviye rwose. Kubw’ibyo, uyu mwanzi wacumuye ntiyari gushobora kubigarurira. IZ 126.2
Satani yatangiriye umurimo we kuri Eva, amuteza kutumvira. Eva yatangiye ajya kuzerera kure y’umugabo we, noneho akurikizaho gutambagira ahakikije igiti bari babujijwe, maze amaherezo agera aho atega amatwi ijwi ry’umushukanyi ndetse ahangara gushidikanya ibyo Imana yavuze ngo: “Umunsi mwakiriyeho no gupfa muzapfa.” Eva yatekereje ko ahari ibyo Imana yavuze atari byo yari igambiriye kubabwira, maze arihandagaza arambura ukuboko kwe, asoroma ku mbuto za cya giti maze ararya. Izo mbuto zari zinogeye amaso kandi ziryoshye bitangaje. Icyakurikiyeho ni uko Eva yagize ishyari yibwira ko Imana yari yarababujije ibyari bibabereye byiza, nuko aha n’umugabo we kuri izo mbuto, maze aba aramushutse. Yatekerereje Adamu ibyo inzoka yamubwiye byose maze amugaragariza uko yatangajwe n’uko inzoka yari ifite ubushobozi bwo kuvuga. IZ 126.3
Nabonye mu maso ha Adamu huzuye umubabaro. Yagaragaye afite ubwoba kandi yumiwe. Yasaga n’ufite intambara mu ntekerezo ze. Yumvise adashidikanya ko ari wa mwanzi bari baraburiwe kuzirinda, kandi ko umugore we agomba gupfa. Bagombaga gutandukana. Urukundo yakundaga Eva rwari rukomeye cyane, maze kubwo gucika intege bikabije yiyemeza gupfana na we. Yafashe urwo rubuto ahita arurya vuba vuba. Nuko Satani arishima.Yari yarigomekeye mu ijuru, kandi yari yarabonye abifatanya nawe bamukundaga ndetse bamukurikiye muri uko kwigomeka kwe. Yari yaracumuye maze atuma n’abandi bacumurana nawe. Satani yari yashutse umugore atuma atiringira Imana, amutera kwibaza ku bwenge bwayo ndetse ashaka kwinjira mu migambi yayo yuje ubwenge butarondoreka. Satani yari azi ko umugore atazacumura wenyine. Bitewe n’urukundo Adamu yakundaga Eva, yasuzuguye itegeko ry’Imana maze acumurana n’umugore we. IZ 127.1
Inkuru yo gucumura k’umuntu isakara mu ijuru. Inanga zose zacurangwaga ziracecekeshwa. Kubera umubabaro, abamarayika biyambura amakamba yo ku mitwe yabo maze bayajugunya hasi. Ijuru ryose rirakangarana. Inama iraterana kugira ngo hafatwe umwanzuro w’ikigomba gukorerwa Adamu na Eva bacumuye. Abamarayika batinyaga ko Adamu na Eva barambura ukuboko kwabo maze bakarya ku giti cy’ubugingo bityo bakaba bahinduka abanyabyaha badapfa. Nyamara Imana yavuze ko izirukana mu busitani abo bacumuye. Abamarayika bahise boherezwa bajya kurinda inzira ijya ku giti cy’ubugingo. Byari umugambi wizwe neza wa Satani ko Adamu na Eva bagomba gusuzugura Imana, ikabazinukwa, maze noneho bakanarya ku giti cy’ubugingo bigatuma baramira mu cyaha no mu kutumvira, maze icyaha kikazahoraho iteka ryose. Ariko abamarayika boherejwe kujya kubasohora mu busitani bwa Edeni ndetse no gufunga inzira yerekeza ku giti cy’ubugingo. Buri wese muri abo bamarayika bakomeye yari afite ikintu cyasaga n’inkota irabagirana mu kuboko kwe kw’iburyo. IZ 127.2
Noneho Satani yari atsinze. Kubwo gucumura kwe yatumye abandi bagira umubabaro. Yari yarirukanwe mu ijuru, none n’abandi bari birukanwe muri Paradiso. IZ 127.3

Ubwo byagaragaraga ko umuntu azimiye kandi ko n’isi Imana yari yararemye igiye kuzurwaho n’ibiremwa bipfa bigomba guhura n’imibabaro, uburwayi n’urupfu, ndetse ko nta makiriro umunyabyaha afite, agahinda n’umubabaro byuzuye ijuru ryose. Umuryango wose wa Adamu wagombaga gupfa. Noneho nabonye Yesu mwiza maze mbona mu maso he hagaragara impuhwe n’agahinda. Bidatinze namubonye yegera umucyo urabagirana cyane wari ugose Data wa twese. Marayika twagendanaga yaravuze ati: “Ari kugirana na Se ikiganiro gikomeye.” Igihe Yesu yaganiraga na Se, abamarayika barushijeho guhagarika umutima. Wa mucyo urabagirana ugose Data wa twese wadukingirije Yesu incuro eshatu, maze ku ncuro ya gatatu arasohoka ava kwa Se nuko turamubona. Mu maso ye hari hatuje, nta gihangayikishije cyangwa ikibabaje cyaharangwaga, kandi harabagiranaga ubwiza butasobanurwa mu magambo. Yamenyesheje ingabo zo mu ijuru ko umuntu wacumuye yabonewe icyanzu cyo gukiriramo. Yazibwiye ko yahoze yinginga Se ndetse ko yagambiriye gutanga ubugingo bwe kugira ngo bube incungu, yishyireho igihano cy’urupfu, bityo kubwe umuntu abashe kubona imbabazi; ndetse kubw’amaraso ye no kubwo kumvira amategeko y’Imana, abantu babashe kubona imbabazi z’Imana kandi bazagarurwe muri bwa busitani bwiza, barye no ku mbuto z’igiti cy’ubugingo. IZ 127.4
Mbere na mbere abamarayika ntibashoboraga kwishima; kuko Umugaba wabo atashoboraga kugira icyo abahisha, ahubwo yababwiriye ku mugaragaro iby’inama y’agakiza. Yesu yabwiye abamarayika ko agiye guhagarara hagati y’umuntu wacumuye n’uburakari bwa Se. Yababwiye ko azemera kwishyiraho icyaha (ubugome) no gusuzugurwa, nyamara ko bake ari bo bazamwakira nk’Umwana w’Imana. Hafi y’abantu bose bajyaga kumwanga no kumwamagana. Yajyaga gusiga ikuzo rye ryose mu ijuru, akaza ku isi ari umuntu, akicisha bugufi nk’umuntu, we ubwe kubyo yagombaga kunyuramo agahura n’ibigeragezo binyuranye byajyaga kwibasira umuntu kugira ngo amenye uko atabara abajyaga kugeragezwa, maze ku iherezo, ubwo yari kuzaba arangije umurimo we nk’umwigisha, atangwe mu maboko y’abana b’abantu, yihanganire ubugome hafi ya bwose n’imibabaro yose Satani n’abamarayika be bashoboraga kwigisha abantu babi ngo bayimuteze. Yajyaga gupfa urupfu rw’agashinyaguro rurenze izindi mpfu, akabambwa hagati y’isi n’ijuru nk’umunyabyaha ruharwa. Yababwiye kandi ko azagerwaho n’amasaha ateye ubwoba y’umubabaro ukaze n’abamarayika ubwabo batashoboraga kubura amaso ngo barebe ahubwo bari kuzapfuka mu maso yabo ngo batabireba. Ntiyajyaga kuzagerwaho n’umubabaro w’umubiri gusa, ahubwo yagombaga no kubabazwa mu ntekerezo ku buryo uwo mubabaro utajyaga kuba wagereranywa na gato n’uw’umubiri. Uburemere bw’ibyaha by’abari ku isi bose bwajyaga kumugerekwaho. Yabwiye abamarayika ko azapfa maze akazuka ku munsi wa gatatu, kandi ko azazamuka akajya kwa Se kugira ngo asabire umunyabyaha utumvira. IZ 128.1
Abamarayika bikubise imbere ye baramuramya. Bemeye gutanga ubugingo bwabo. Yesu yababwiye ko kubwo urupfu rwe azakiza benshi, ko ubugingo bw’umumarayika butabasha kwishyura umwenda w’icyaha. Ubugingo bwe bwonyine nibwo bwashoboraga kwemerwa na Se kugira ngo bube incungu y’umuntu. Yesu kandi yanababwiye ko hari uruhare nabo bazagira, ari rwo rwo kuba hamwe nawe kandi bakazajya kumukomeza mu bihe binyuranye. Yababwiye ko azambara kamere y’umuntu wacumuye, ndetse ko imbaraga ze zitazaba zingana n’izabo ubwabo; ko bazibonera gusuzugurwa kwe n’imibabaro ye ikomeye; ndetse ko nibabona imibabaro ye n’urwango abantu bazamugirira bazagira agahinda kenshi maze kubera urukundo bamukunda bakifuza kuza kumutabara ngo bamukize abo bicanyi. Nyamara yababwiye ko batagombaga kugoboka ngo bagire icyo babuza gukorwa. Yabamenyesheje ko bazagira uruhare mu izuka rye, ko umugambi w’agakiza wamaze gutegurwa ndetse ko Se yamaze kuwemera. IZ 128.2
Yesu yuzuye agahinda kuje ubuziranenge, yahumurije kandi akomeza abamarayika maze abamenyesha ko ku iherezo azabana n’abo agiye kuzacungura ndetse ko kubw’urupfu rwe azaba incungu ya benshi kandi akarimbura ufite imbaraga z’urupfu. Kandi ko Se azamuha ubwami bwo munsi y’ijuru no gukomera kwabwo bukazaba ubwe iteka ryose. Satani n’abanyabyaha bazarimburwa burundu ubutazongera guhungabanya ijuru cyangwa isi izaba yagizwe nshya itunganye. Yesu yasabye abamarayika gufatanya na we muri uwo mugambi Se yari yemeye kandi bagashimishwa n’uko kubw’urupfu rwe umuntu wacumuye azongera kuzamurwa kugira ngo ababarirwe n’Imana ndetse yishimire kuba mu ijuru. IZ 129.1
Ubwo ni bwo ibyishimo bitavugwa byasakaye ijuru ryose, maze ingabo zo mu ijuru ziririmba indirimbo zo kuramya no gusingiza. Bafashe inanga zabo maze bacuranga ijwi riranguruye birenze uko bari barigeze gucuranga bitewe n’imbabazi z’Imana zitagerwa ndetse no kwicisha bugufi kwayo bigaragariye mu gutanga Umwana wayo ikunda kugira ngo apfire ubwoko bw’ibyigomeke. Nuko mu ijuru hasakara ibisingizo no kuramya kubwo kwiyanga kwa Yesu n’igitambo cye, ubwo yemeraga kuva mu gituza cya Se maze agahitamo ubuzima bw’imibabaro n’agahinda ndetse n’urupfu rw’agashinyaguro kugira ngo abashe guhesha abandi ubugingo. IZ 129.2
Marayika yaravuze ati: “Mbese mutekereza ko Data wa twese yatanze Umwana we akunda cyane bitamugoye? Oya, oya rwose.” Byari bikomereye Imana yo mu ijuru kuba yareka abanyabyaha bakarimbuka cyangwa gutanga Umwana wayo ikunda akabapfira. Abamarayika bari bitaye cyane ku gakiza k’umuntu ku buryo muri bo hajyaga kubonekamo abemera guhara icyubahiro cyabo maze bagatangira ubugingo bwabo umuntu wari ugiye kurimbuka. Marayika twagendanaga yaravuze ati: “Ariko ibyo ntacyo byajyaga kugeraho.” Icyaha cyari cyakozwe cyari gikomeye cyane ku buryo ubugingo bwa marayika butajyaga kwishyura umwenda wacyo. Nta kindi uretse urupfu rw’Umwana w’Imana no gusabirwa na we, ibyo byonyine ni byo byajyaga kwishyura umwenda no gukiza umuntu wazimiye bikamuvana mu bwihebe n’ubuhanya. IZ 129.3
Ariko umurimo abamarayika bahawe wabaye uwo kuzajya bamanuka kandi bakazamuka mu ijuru bazanywe no gukomeza no guhumuriza Umwana w’Imana mu mibabaro ye kandi bakanamukorera. Umurimo wabo kandi wagombaga kuba uwo kurinda no kwita ku bagiriwe ubuntu, bakabarinda abamarayika babi n’umwijima uhora ubagota woherejwe na Satani. Neretswe ko bitashobokaga ko Imana yahindura amategeko yayo kugira ngo ikize uwazimiye, umuntu wari ugiye kurimbuka. Kubw’ibyo, yemeye gutanga Umwana wayo ikunda kugira ngo apfe kubw’icyaha cy’umuntu. IZ 129.4
Kubwo gutera umuntu gucumura, Satani yongeye kwishimana n’abamarayika be ko ashoboye gutuma Umwana w’Imana amanuka akava mu mwanya we w’icyubahiro. Yabwiye abamarayika be ko Yesu naramuka yiyambitse kamere y’umuntu wacumuye azamutsinda bityo akaburizamo isohozwa ry’inama y’agakiza. IZ 130.1
Neretswe Satani nk’uko yahoze kera akiri marayika unezerewe kandi ufite icyubahiro. Nongeye kandi kumwerekwa uko ameze ubu. Aracyafite ishusho ya cyami. Ikimero cye kiracyahebuje nubwo ari umumarayika waguye. Ariko mu maso he huzuye ishavu, gutentebuka, umubabaro, ubugome, urwango, kudatuza, ubushukanyi, n’ububi bw’uburyo bwose. Nabonye by’umwihariko rwa ruhanga rwe rwahoze rurabagirana. Uruhanga rwe rwari rwaratangiye kuzinga iminkanyari uhereye ku maso ye. Nabonye ko ingeso ze zose zahoze ari nziza bitangaje zangiritse bitewe no guhora yibwira ibibi igihe kirekire, kandi ibimenyetso by’ikibi cyose byamurangwagaho. Amaso ye yari yuzuye ubucakura kandi atyaye. Yari mugari mu gihagararo, ariko umubiri wo ku maboko ye no mu maso he wasaga n’udafashe. Ubwo namwitegerezaga, ukuboko kwe kw’ibumoso kwari gufashe ku kananwa. Yasaga n’uri kwibaza cyane byimbitse. Mu maso he hagaragaje kumwenyura, ariko uko kumwenyura kwanteye guhinda umushyitsi kuko kwari kuzuye ibibi n’ubucakura bwe. Iyo nseko ni yo agira mbere y’uko acakira uwo yibasiye, kandi iyo abohera umuhigo we mu mitego, iyo nseko ihinduka mbi bitavugwa. IZ 130.2
The Book Great Controversy in Audio: Igitabo Intambara Ikomeye mu majwi
0.[Chapter 00- Introduction/The Great Controversy-Audio],(Chap 0-IJAMBO RY'IBANZE in Kinyarwanda )
Mariko 14:1-72
Bajya inama yo kwica Yesu (Mat 26.1-5; Luka 22.1-2; Yoh 11.45-53)
Hari hasigaye iminsi ibiri hakabaho iminsi mikuru ya Pasika, ari yo bariramo imitsima idasembuwe. Abatambyi bakuru n’abanditsi bashaka uburyo bwo koshyoshya Yesu, ngo babone uko bamufata bamwice,
ariko baravuga bati “Twe kumufata mu minsi mikuru, bidatera abantu imidugararo.”
Yesu asigirwa amavuta mu nzu ya Simoni w’umubembe (Mat 26.6-13; Yoh 12.1-8)
Ubwo Yesu yari i Betaniya mu nzu ya Simoni umubembe yicaye arya, haza umukobwa ufite umukondo w’amavuta meza y’igiciro cyinshi cyane, ameze nk’amadahano y’agati kitwa narada, nuko amena umukondo amavuta ayamusuka ku mutwe.
Bamwe muri bo bararakara bati “Aya mavuta apfushirijwe iki ubusa,
ko yajyaga kugurwa idenariyo zisaga magana atatu zigahabwa abakene?” Baramwivovotera.
Ariko Yesu arababwira ati “Nimumureke! Muramuterera iki agahinda ko angiriye neza cyane?
Abakene bo muba muri kumwe na bo iteka, kandi aho mwashakira mwabagirira neza, ariko jyeweho ntituzahorana iteka.
Akoze uko ashoboye, abanje kunsiga amavuta ku mubiri, kuwutunganiriza guhambwa.
Ndababwira ukuri yuko aho ubutumwa bwiza buzigishirizwa hose mu isi yose, icyo uyu mugore ankoreye kizavugirwa kugira ngo bamwibuke.”
Yuda agambanira Yesu (Mat 26.14-16; Luka 22.3-6)
Nuko Yuda Isikariyota wari umwe muri abo cumi na babiri, asanga abatambyi bakuru ngo abamugambanireho.
Babyumvise baranezerwa, basezerana kumuha ifeza. Ashaka uburyo yamubagenzereza.
Yesu n’abigishwa be basangira ibya Pasika (Mat 26.17-25; Luka 22.7-14,21-23; Yoh 13.21-30)
Nuko ku munsi wa mbere w’iyo minsi y’imitsima idasembuwe, ari wo babagiraho umwana w’intama wa Pasika, abigishwa be baramubaza bati “Urashaka ko tujya he ngo tugutunganirize ibya Pasika ngo ubirye?”
Atuma babiri mu bigishwa be arababwira ati “Mujye mu murwa, umugabo muri buhure wikoreye ikibindi cy’amazi mumukurikire.
Aho ari bwinjire mubwire nyir’urugo muti ‘Umwigisha arababaza ngo: Icumbi rye riri hehe, aho ari busangirire ibya Pasika n’abigishwa be?’
Nuko ari bubereke icyumba cyo hejuru gishashwemo giteguwe, abe ari mo mudutunganiriza.”
Abigishwa baragenda bajya mu murwa, babisanga uko yabibabwiye, batunganya ibya Pasika.
Bugorobye azana n’abo cumi na babiri.
Bicaye barya, Yesu arababwira ati “Ndababwira ukuri yuko umwe muri mwe, uwo dusangira ari bungambanire.”
Batangira kubabara bamubaza umwe umwe bati “Ni jye?”
Arabasubiza ati “Umwe muri mwebwe cumi na babiri, uwo duhuriza amaboko ku mbehe, ni we uwo.
Umwana w’umuntu aragenda nk’uko byanditswe kuri we, ariko uwo muntu ugambanira Umwana w’umuntu azabona ishyano! Ibyajyaga kumubera byiza ni uko aba atavutse.”
Yesu atanga Ifunguro ryera (Mat 26.26-30; Luka 22.14-20; 1 Kor 11.23-25)
Bakirya yenda umutsima, amaze kuwushimira arawumanyagura, arawubaha arababwira ati “Nimwakire, uyu ni umubiri wanjye.”
Yenda igikombe, amaze kugishimira arakibaha banywera ho bose.
Arababwira ati “Aya ni amaraso yanjye y’isezerano rishya, ava ku bwa benshi.
Ndababwira ukuri yuko ntazongera kunywa ku mbuto z’imizabibu, kugeza umunsi nzasangirira namwe vino nshya mu bwami bw’Imana.”
Bamaze kuririmba barasohoka, bajya ku musozi wa Elayono.
Yesu ahanura ko Petero ari bumwihakane gatatu (Mat 26.31-35; Luka 22.31-34; Yoh 13.36-38)
Maze Yesu arabwira ati “Mwese muri bugushwe, kuko byanditswe ngo ‘Nzakubita umwungeri, intama zisandare.’
Ariko nimara kuzurwa, nzababanziriza kujya i Galilaya.”
Ariko Petero aramubwira ati “Naho bose bari buhemuke, ariko jye sindi buhemuke.”
Yesu aramubwira ati “Ndakubwira ukuri yuko muri iri joro rya none, inkoko itarabika kabiri, wowe ubwawe uri bunyihakane gatatu.”
Ariko we arirenga arahamya ati “N’aho byatuma mpfana nawe, sindi bukwihakane na hato.” Nuko bose bavuga batyo.
Yesu asengana umubabaro ari i Getsemani (Mat 26.36-46; Luka 22.39-46)
Bagera ahitwa i Getsemani, maze abwira abigishwa be, ati “Nimube mwicaye hano mbanze nsenge.”
Ajyana Petero na Yakobo na Yohana, atangira kumirwa no guhagarika umutima cyane.
Arababwira ati “Umutima wanjye ufite agahinda kenshi kenda kunyica, mugume hano mube maso.”
Yigira imbere ho hato, yubama hasi, arasenga ngo niba bishoboka icyo gihe kimurenge.
Ati “Aba, Data, byose biragushobokera, undenze iki gikombe, ariko bye kuba uko jyeweho nshaka, ahubwo bibe uko wowe ushaka.”
Araza asanga basinziriye, abaza Petero ati “Simoni, urasinziriye? Harya ntubashije kuba maso n’isaha imwe?
Mube maso musenge, mutajya mu moshya. Umutima ni wo ukunze, ariko umubiri ufite intege nke.”
Yongera kugenda arasenga, avuga amagambo amwe n’aya mbere.
Yongera kugaruka asanga basinziriye kuko amaso yabo aremereye, ntibamenya icyo bamusubiza.
Agaruka ubwa gatatu arababwira ati “Noneho nimusinzire muruhuke. Birarangiye. Igihe kirasohoye, dore Umwana w’umuntu agambaniwe mu maboko y’abanyabyaha.
Nimubyuke tugende, dore ungenza ari hafi.”
Bafata Yesu (Mat 26.47-56; Luka 22.47-53; Yoh 18.3-12
Akibivuga, Yuda umwe muri abo cumi na babiri azana n’igitero gifite inkota n’inshyimbo, giturutse ku batambyi bakuru n’abanditsi n’abakuru.
Ariko umugambanira yari yabahaye ikimenyetso ati “Uwo ndi busome, ni we uwo. Mumufate, mumujyane mumukomeje.”
Nuko asohoye, uwo mwanya aramwegera aramubwira ati “Mwigisha”, aramusomagura.
Baramusumira, baramufata.
Maze umwe mu bahagaze aho akura inkota, ayikubita umugaragu w’umutambyi mukuru amuca ugutwi.
Yesu arababaza ati “Harya muhurujwe no kumfata nk’uko muzira umwambuzi, mufite inkota n’inshyimbo?
Iminsi yose nahoranaga namwe mu rusengero nigisha ko mutamfashe? Ariko ibi bibereyeho kugira ngo ibyanditswe bisohore.”
Maze abe bose baramuhana barahunga.
Nuko umusore umwe amukurikira yifubitse umwenda w’igitare, baramufata
basigarana umwenda we, ahunga yambaye ubusa.
Abatambyi bacira Yesu urubanza rwo gupfa (Mat 26.57-68; Luka 22.54-55,63-71; Yoh 18.13-14,19-24)
Bajyana Yesu ku mutambyi mukuru, nuko abatambyi bakuru bose n’abakuru n’abanditsi bamuteraniraho.
Petero amukurikira arenga ahinguka, agera no mu rugo rw’umutambyi mukuru, yicarana n’abagaragu yota umuriro.
Nuko abatambyi bakuru n’abanyarukiko bose bashaka Yesu ho ibirego ngo babone uko bamwica, barabibura.
Nubwo abamubeshyeraga bari benshi, amagambo yabo ntiyari ahuye.
Bamwe barahaguruka baramubeshyera bati
“Twumvise avuga ati ‘Nzasenya uru rusengero rwubatswe n’intoki, nubake urundi mu minsi itatu rutubatswe n’intoki.’ ”
Nyamara n’ayo magambo yabo ntiyari ahuye.
Umutambyi mukuru arahaguruka ahagarara hagati, abaza Yesu ati “Mbese ntiwiregura na hato? Ntiwumvise ibyo aba bakureze?”
Aricecekera ntiyagira icyo amusubiza. Umutambyi mukuru yongera kumubaza ati “Mbese ni wowe Kristo koko, Umwana w’Imana idahinyuka?”
Yesu aramusubiza ati “Ndi we, kandi muzabona Umwana w’umuntu yicaye iburyo bw’ubushobozi bw’Imana aje ku bicu byo mu ijuru.”
Umutambyi mukuru abyumvise atyo ashishimura imyenda ye ati “Turacyashakira iki abagabo?
Dore noneho mwiyumviye kwigereranya kwe. Muratekereza iki?” Bose bamucira urubanza, ngo akwiriye kwicwa.
Bamwe baherako bamucira amacandwe, bamupfuka mu maso, bamukubita ibipfunsi bati “Hanura.” N’abagaragu bamukubita inshyi.
Petero yihakana Yesu (Mat 26.69-75; Luka 22.56-62; Yoh 18.25-27)
Ubwo Petero yari akiri hanze mu rugo haza umwe mu baja b’umutambyi mukuru,
abonye Petero yota umuriro, aramwitegereza aramubwira ati “Nawe wari kumwe na Yesu w’i Nazareti.”
Na we arabihakana ati “Ibyo uvuze sinzi ibyo ari byo, kandi simbimenye”, maze arasohoka. Ageze mu bikingi by’amarembo inkoko irabika.
Umuja amubonye aherako yongera kubwira abahagaze aho ati “Uyu ni uwo muri bo.”
Na we yongera kubihakana. Hashize umwanya muto, abahagaze aho bongera kubwira Petero bati “Uri uwo muri bo rwose kuko uri Umunyagalilaya.”
Na we atangira kwivuma no kurahira ati “Sinzi uwo muntu muvuga uwo ari we.”
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Muri ako kanya inkoko ibika ubwa kabiri. Petero yibuka ijambo Yesu yari yamubwiye ati “Inkoko itarabika kabiri, uri bunyihakane gatatu.” Ariyumvira, agira agahinda kenshi ararira.

1.Kinyarwanda Version Holy Bible:
 Ibyahishuwe 13:1-18 ,Daniyeli 12:1-13,:"New World Order" to begin 7th February 2021. Kubwiriza ubutumwa bwa Marayika wa Gatatu mu ijwi rirenga bivuze ku rwanya Ubutegetsi bwa New World Order ishingiye ku Itegeko ry' Icyumweru rizaturuka muri leta zunze ubumwe za Amerika (USA) kuva 7 Gashyantare 2021 kugeza iherezo ry'iminsi 1260, 1290, 1335 Yesu akagaruka kurangiza Ubugome bw' ubupapa n'ubuyobozi bwa leta zose zo kwisi bukorera inyungu za Vatikani muguhatira abaturage bazo kwica Itegeko rya 4 ryo Kuruhuka Umunsi werejwe Uwiteka w' isabato yo ku munsi wa 7. Ubugome bw'iyi Si Ihurijwe mu kuruhuka Umunsi wa mbere w'icyumweru cyirema ariwo Ku Cyumweru cyatojwe isi yose na Vatikani butesha agaciro itegeko rya 4 ryo muri Bibiriya Kuva 20:8-11, Bizatuma abatuye Isi bose bacumurira icyarimwe mu maso y'Imana biheshe akaga ISI yose hatangire Ibyago 7 by'Imperuka mumwaka wa 2024 mukwezi kwa Gashyantare, Icyago cya 5 mu ibyahishuwe 9:1-12 Yesu yise Ishyano rya Mbere cyizamara amezi 5 kizarangira itariki ya 31/7/2024 ku iherezo ry' iminsi 1260 ingana n'amezi 42 yo mu ibyahishuwe 11:1-4 no mu ibyahishuwe 13:5 bingana Igihe Ibihe n' Igice cy' Igihe yo muri Daniyeli 12:7 bingana n' imyaka 3 n' amezi 6 abarwa uturutse itariki 7/2/2021, Icyago cya 6 mu ibyahishuwe 9:12-21 Yesu yise Ishyano rya Kabiri cyizamara ukwezi 1 kizarangira itariki ya 31/8/2024 ku iherezo ry' iminsi 1290 ingana n'amezi 43 yo muri Daniyeli 12:11 cyizarangiza ubutegetsi bwa New World Order bushingiye kukwica Itegeko rya 4 ry'Imana buhatira abatuye isi kuruhuka Icyumweru buzarangirira mu cyago cya 6 gitangira kuva 1/8/2024 kugeza 31/8/2024 ku iherezo ry' iminsi 1290 yo muri Daniyeli 12:11, hagatangira Icyago cya 7 mu ibyahishuwe 11:1-19 Yesu yise Ishyano rya Gatatu cyizamara ukwezi 1 n' iminsi 15 kizarangira itariki ya 15/10/2024 ku iherezo ry' iminsi 1335 ingana n'amezi 44 n' iminsi 15 yo muri Daniyeli 12:12 aho umuhanuzi Daniyeli yabwiwe ko agomba kwigendera akaba aruhuka agategereza ku iherezo ry'iyo minsi 1335, kuko iyi minsi 1335 itangira hashyizweho Icyizira cy' umurimbuzi w' Umujezuwite w' i Roma ariwe papa Francis ngo asimbuze icyumweru ikiruhuko cyerejwe uwiteka Isabato yo mumategeko 10 y' Imana bitere isi yose kwica amategeko yose icyarimwe 10 kuko iyo wishe itegeko rimwe gusa uba wishe amategeko yose 10 bigatuma Imana ikwanga urwango nk' urwo yanze Satani uwo mwanzi wayo wishe Umwana w'Imana uzafatikanya n' Abeza icyumweru bose igihano cy'icyaha iyo minsi 1335 nirangira 15/10/2024 ubwo umuhanuzi Daniyeli azahagarara mu mwanya we , nk'uko yesu kristo yasabye Abeza isabato bose bamutegereje ko uzasoma ibijyanye n'Icyizira cy' umurimbuzi azabyitondera nk'uko byanditswe n' umuhanuzi daniyeli abyitondeye Matayo 24:15 ihura n' Ibyahishuwe 13:18 inyamanswa ifite umubare w' Inyamanswa "666" w' izina ry' ubutegetsi ryitwa umusimbura w' umwana w' Imana ku ISI ikomora ku bwami bwa Gipagani bw' Abaromani bwategetse is yose kugeza uyu munsi  bivuga kwiga neza ibijyanye n' ubutegetsi bw' inyamanswa ya 4 aho ubutegetsi bwayo bwose buboneka mugitabo cya Daniyeli no mugitabo cy' Ibyahishuwe, ndetse no kwiga ibyiyo nyamanswa ikorera mumyaka yayo yose yashize n' isigaye ngo ubutegetsi bwayo burangizwe n' Ibuye ritaranduwe n' intoki z' Umuntu ngo ubutegetsi bwose bwo ku isi buharwe Abera Beza isabato y' Umwami w'Isabato ubwo azaba agarutse 15/10/2024 kuko ubaze neza iyo tariki ariyo igeza kubuhanuzi busohora bwose ariryo herezo ry'ubwo buhanuzi yategetswe gufatanisha ikimenyetso, aricyo cy' imeneyetso cy' Imana cyivuga Amasabato yose abaho muri buri byumweru byose kuva isi yaremwa kugeza isi irangiye Yesu Agarutse Ubwo Daniyeli azahagarara mu mwanya we tariki 15/10/2024 nyuma y' iminsi 1335 ibarwa uturutse itariki 7/2/2021 itegeko ry' icyumweru rishyizwe ho kuruhuka, ku batuye isi bose aho kweza Isabato ariyo kimenyetso cy' Imana isumba byose umuremyi w' Isi n' Ijuru mu Kuva 31:13-18, Ezekiyeli 20:12, Ezekiyeli 20:20:
Yesu yahaye Umuja wayo Elina Wayiti isezerano ko hari abantu ibihumbi 144000 bazaba bakiriho ubwo isi izaba yinjiye mubuhakanyi buheruka bwa new World Order bushingiye kukwicisha abatuye isi itegeko rya 4 ryo kweza isabato y'Uwiteka umuremyi w'Isi n' Ijuru kungufu z' ubutegetsi bw' Ibihugu byabo bitoreye bubarenganyiriza kuba batumviye itegeko rya Satani ryo kwica Isabato ngo bayisimbuze itegeko ry' icyumweru rya himbwe na Kiriziya gaturika y' i Roma, mbere yo gusukirwa umwuka wera wasezeranyijwe kubazavuga Ubutumwa bwa marayika wa 3 mu ijwi rirenga mumyaka 3 izatangira 7/2/2021 igihe itegeko ry' icyumweru rizaba ryamaze kwemezwa, hazaba hashize amezi 3 n' iminsi 15 imbabazi z' Imana ziraangiye kubeza isabato bose bamwe bazihawe basukirwe Umwuka wera mu mvura y' itumba bazaba bamaze igihe gito babwiwe kandi basobanukiwe n'isaha n'umunsi wo kugaruka kwa yesu kristo, abatazibonye bose bezaga isabato bazifatanya n' abeza icyumweru mumigambi yabo yose idahesha icyubahiro itegeko rya 4 bakurweho Umwuka wera kubwo kuba batarahisemo gutsindishirizwa no kwiyeza mbere y'itariki 22/10/2020 ubwo hazaba hashize ukwezi n' igice isi yose itangije Ubugambanyi ,bwiswe Creation Sunday muri gahunda y'urwifatanye rw' amadini yiswe "Season of Creation" izatangira kuva itariki ya 1/9/2020 kugeza itariki 4/10/2020 , izakurikirwa no gushyira mubikorwa insanganya matsiko ya yubire y'imyaka 50 ishize isi itangije umunsi mpuza mahanga wahariwe Isi, wabereye rimwe n'Umunsi wamavuko y'igitabo cy'ubuyobe bw'ubutegetsi bw'umurimbuzi w'i Roma papa francis cyiswe Lawudato Si' kunshuro yayo ya 5 byahurijwe ku itariki ya 24/5/2020 itangize gahunda yo gukuraho Amadeni muma banki yabatuye isi bose, no gutangira kwita kubakene babaha ubufasha munkunga y' amafaranga ya Vatikani ifite ubukire bubarirwa hejuru ya 60% y' amafaranga yose aba muri banki y' Isi, ngo bahagarike ibiza biterwa n' abantu biturutse kukwangiza ibidukikije binyuze muguhuriza hamwe kw' abategetsi b'ibihugu by' iyisi basinye amasezera no y' i parisi yokurengera ibidukikije bashyiraho itegeko ryo kuruhuka byibuze umunsi umwe mu cyumweru indi minsi yose bakayikora mo ubutaruhuka, uwo munsi bemeje ko ugomba kuba ari ku Cyumweru, naho iminsi yogukora ku itegeko ikaba ibarirwa mo n' umunsi nyirizina Imana yategetse kutagira umurimo wose ukorwa ho n'Umuntu wese ariwo Isabato Yera , aricyo Cyimenyetso cy'Imana ishobora byose, aho niho hashingiye akarengane k' abana b'Imana bitondera amategeko yayo yose 10 n' Isabato irimo batsindishirijwe biyanze kubyabahuzaga na sanani bagahitamo gukurikiza icyitegererezo cya Yesu kristo wiyanze ari Igetsemani akishyira mu mushake bw'Imana isumba byose, Satani akamwicisha urupfu rw' agashinyaguro akoresheje Ubutegetsi bwa leta y'abaromani ba Gipagani, n' Ubuyobozi bw' abayahudi n' ubw' idini. 
soma neza Inyandiko z' ibanze, iyerekwa rya mbere rya Elina wayiti iby' uko Umunsi n'Isaha Yesu azagarukiraho twemerewe kubimenya(Sciences yabyo irimo kubibara neza ukoresheje ubuhanuzi buri mu Ibyahishuwe, Daniyeli, Matayo no mu inyandiko z' Ibanze, nyuma hakabaho kubisobanukirwa hakurikijwe ibimenyetso by' ibibera muri iyi si muri iyi minsi y'imperuka kugihe Abayobozi b' amadini yose mu isi yose ya Gikirisito yihakanye ukwera kw' Amategeko y' Imana ivuguruza itegeko ry' icyumweru no kwica umugambi w' Ubuturo bwera byakozwe na Kiriziya gaturika ya vatikani y' i Roma bakaba barasinye isezerano ry'Ubwiyunge no gushyiraho iherezo kubutumwa buhakana inyigisho ipfuye ya Kiriziya gaturika y' I Roma nk'uko iryo sezerano bise A Reforming Catholic Confession barisinye tariki ya 31/10/2017 n' abadivantisiti b'umunsi wa karindwi basinyiwe n' abayobozi b' idini murwego rw' izina ryacu tutabishyigikiye nk' abeza isabato bose bazi icyo bashinzwe muri iyi Si ko ari ukubwiriza abatuye isi ubugomwe bwa kiriziya gaturika yasenye ubuturo bwera ariyo nzira yo gutsindishirizwa, iganisha abantu kujya mu ijuru, ibyo byatangije icyumweru cyo muri Daniyeli 9:27 gisoza ibyumweru 70 birangiza Icyaha ku isi , icyo cyumweru cyingana n' Iminsi 7, umunsi umwe ungana n'Umwana 1 mu buhanuzi, bitanga imyaka 7, ibarwa kuva 31/10/2017 kugeza 31/10/2024 aribwo ubutegetsi bw' Inyamanswa bwategekewe kuzarangira, mugihe icyo cyumweru cyagombaga kugera hagati Uwo Mutegetsi witwa inyamanswa agashyira ho icyizira cye aricyo Cyumweru ngo kiruhukwe kugahato k'itegeko rya reta kuva tariki 7/2/2021 aribwo icyo cyumweru kigera hagati, wakongeraho iminsi 1335 ya muri Danieli 12:12 daniyeli akazuka hamwe n' abandi bera bose basinziriye mugitaka bakazuka, maze Abobantu 144000 batsindishirijwe basukiwe Umwuka Wera ElinaWayiti yeretswe bakazamurwa badapfuye gusanganira Yesu Kristo ku bicu, aribwo Isi ishaje irangira, uru gendo rutugeza ku Nyanja y' Ibirahure rukamara iminsi 7 kugeza ku itariki 22/10/2024 Dukinguriwe Amarembo ya Y'Isiyoni yo mu Ijuru. Isi yarangiye, Yesu yaje, mwiyeze, mwitegure   :

Nk’uko Imana yanyeretse urugendo rw’abategereje Kristo berekeza mu Murwa Wera ikanyereka n’ingororano y’igiciro cyinshi izahabwa abategereje kugaruka k’Umwami wabo avuye mu bukwe, bishobora kuba ari inshingano yanjye kubatekerereza muri make ibyo Imana yampishuriye. Abera bakundwa bafite ibigeragezo byinshi bagomba kunyuramo. Ariko imibabaro yacu yoroheje, nubwo ari iy’akanya gato, izaturemera ubwiza burushaho gukomera kandi bw’iteka ryose — kuko tutareba ibigaragara, kubera ko ibigaragara ari iby’igihe gito, ariko ibitaragaragara bihoraho iteka ryose. Nagerageje kuzana inkuru nziza n’amahundo make yo muri Kanani yo mu ijuru, ari yo yatumye benshi bashaka kuntera amabuye nk’uko byabaye igihe iteraniro ryose ryashakaga gutera Yosuwa na Kalebu amabuye kubw’inkuru bari bazanye. (Kubara 14:10). Ariko benedata na bashiki banjye muri Kristo, ndabahamiriza ko ari igihugu cyiza, dushobora kuzamuka tukagihindura. IZ 34.1
Igihe nasengeraga ku gicaniro cy’umuryango, Umwuka Wera yanjeho, maze mera nk’uzamuwe hejuru, nkuwe ku isi y’umwijima. Mpindukirira kureba abategereje kugaruka kwa Yesu bari ku isi; ariko sinababona ari nabwo ijwi ryambiraga riti: “Ongera urebe, kandi urebe hejuru biruseho hato.” Numvise ibyo nubura amaso, mbona inzira igororotse kandi ifunganye iturutse ku isi. Ako kayira ni ko abategereje banyuragamo berekeza mu murwa wari ku iherezo ry’iyo nzira. Inyuma yabo ku itangiriro ry’iyo nzira hari umucyo urabagirana ubamurikira, uwo mucyo marayika yambwiye ko ari wo rusaku rwa mu gicuku. Uyu mucyo warabagiranaga mu nzira yose kandi ukaboneshereza ibirenge byabo kugira ngo badasitara. Iyo bakomezaga guhanga amaso kuri Yesu wari uri imbere yabo abayobora ku murwa, babaga amahoro. Ariko bidatinze bamwe batangiye kunanirwa, maze bavuga yuko umurwa uri kure cyane, bibwira yuko bari bakwiriye kuba bamaze kuwinjiramo. Hanyuma Yesu abakomeresha gushyira hejuru ukuboko kwe kw’iburyo gukomeye, maze mu kuboko kwe havamo umucyo wamurikiraga iryo tsinda ry’abategereje, maze bararangurura bati: “Haleluya.” Abandi bihakana vuba wa mucyo wari inyuma yabo maze bavuga yuko Imana atariyo yabayoboye ngo ibageze aho. Wa mucyo wari inyuma yabo urazima, basigara bashyize ibirenge byabo mu mwijima w’icuraburindi, barasitara, babura icyapa cyo kubayobora kandi babura Yesu, bateshuka inzira bagwa mu mwijima no mu isi mbi byari hasi yabo. Bidatinze twumva 30 ijwi ry’Imana(15/10/2024, 01:59') rimeze nk’amazi menshi asumamaze iryo jwi ritubwira umunsi n’isaha Yesu azagarukiraho(01:59',15/10/2024). Abera bari bakiriho bagera ku bihumbi 144(12X12x1000=144000) bamenya kandi basobanukirwa n’iryo jwimu gihe abanyabibi bo bibwiye yuko ari uguhinda kw’inkuba n’igishitsi cy’isiUbwo Imana yavugaga iby’igihe cyo kugaruka kwa Yesuyadusutseho Umwuka Wera(Intambara Ikomeye Chap 39-IGIHE CY'UMUBABARO,Intambara Ikomeye Chap 38-IMIBURO IHERUKAIntambara Ikomeye Chap 40-GUCUNGURWA K'UBWOKO BW'IMANA )maze mu maso hacu hatangira kurabagiranishwa n’ikuzo ry’Imana, nk’uko Mose yari ameze ubwo yamanukaga umusozi wa Sinayi. IZ 34.2
Ba bantu ibihumbi 144 bose bari bashyizweho ikimenyetso kandi bunze ubumwe rwose. Ku ruhanga rwabo hari handitsweho, “Imana na Yerusalemu Nshya,” kandi hariho n’inyenyeri irabagirana iriho izina rishya rya Yesu. Igihe twari tunezerewe, turi mu mwanya wera ba banyabibi baraturakariye kandi bashakaga kudusumira ngo batujugunye mu nzu y’imbohe. Ubwo ni bwo natwe twazamuraga amaboko yacu mu izina ry’Uwiteka maze ababi bagwa hasi barambaraye batagira ubaramira. Ubwo ni bwo abo mu isinagogi ya Satani bamenye ko Imana yadukunze twebwe abashoboraga kozanya ibirenge kandi tukaramukanya na bene Data mu ndamutso yera, maze bikubita ku birenge byacu bararamya. IZ 35.1
Mu kanya gato twerekeza amaso yacu iburasirazuba, kuko twari tubonye agacu gatoya kirabura, kangana n’igice cy’ikiganza, maze twese tumenya ko ari ikimenyetso cy’Umwana w’umuntu. Twese dutumbira ako gacu dufite ituza cyane kuko uko karushagaho kwigira hafi ari na ko karushagaho kugira umucyo, gafite ubwiza, kandi kakarushaho kugira ubwiza kugeza ubwo kabaye igicu kinini cyera. Ku ruhande rwo hasi cyasaga n’umuriro; hejuru y’icyo gicu hari umukororombya, naho impande hari abamarayika ibihumbi cumi, baririmba indirimbo y’agahebuzo; kandi kuri icyo gicu ni ho Umwana w’umuntu yari yicaye. Umusatsi we wari umweru kandi utendera ku ntugu ze; ndetse ku mutwe we hari hatamirijwe amakamba menshi. Ibirenge bye byasaga n’umuriro; kandi mu kuboko kwe kw’iburyo yari afite umuhoro utyaye; mu kw’ibumoso afite impanda yacuzwe mu ifeza. Amaso ye yasaga n’ibirimi by’umuriro, yashakishaga abana be aho bari hose. Nuko mu maso yose haracya, naho mu ya ba bandi banze Imana hacura umwijima. Nuko twese turangururira icyarimwe tuti: “Ni nde ubasha guhagarara adatsinzwe? Mbese aho umwambaro wanjye uraho utagira ikizinga?” Hanyuma abamarayika bareka kuririmba, habaho umwanya wo guceceka guteye ubwoba, ubwo ni bwo Yesu yavugaga ati: “Abafite amaboko atanduye n’imitima iboneye ni bo bazabasha guhagarara badatsinzwe; Ubuntu bwanjye burabahagije.” Ibyo bituma mu maso hacu harabagirana, maze imitima yose isabwa n’umunezero. Ubwo igicu cyarushagaho kwegera isi, abamarayika bongeye guhanika indirimbo. IZ 35.2
Noneho igihe Yesu yamanukaga ku bicu agoswe n’ibirimi by’umuriro, ya mpanda ye y’ifeza yaravuze. Yerekeza amaso ye ku bituro by’abera basinziriye, nuko yubura amaso ye azamura n’amaboko ayatunga ku ijuru, ararangurura ati: “Nimukanguke! Nimukanguke! Yemwe abasinziriye mu mukungugu mwe, nimuve mu bituro.” Nuko habaho igishyitsi gikomeye, ibituro birakinguka abapfuye bavamo bambaye kudapfa. Ba bantu 144.000 babonye incuti zabo bari baratandukanyijwe n’urupfu maze batera hejuru bati: “Haleluya.” Muri ako kanya turahindurwa tujyananwa na bo gusanganirira Umwami mu kirere. IZ 36.1
Twese tujyanwa mu gicu, kandi tumara iminsi irindwi tuzamuka twerekeje iyo ku nyanja y’ibirahuri. Nuko Yesu azana amakamba, ayatamiriza ku mitwe yacu n’ukuboko kwe kw’iburyo. Aduhereza inanga z’izahabu n’imikindo yo kunesha. Kuri iyo nyanja y’ibirahuri ni ho ba bantu 144000 bahagaze bayikikije mu buryo bunogeye amaso. Bamwe muri bo bari bafite amakamba arabagirana cyane, abandi bafite atarabagirana cyane. Amakamba amwe yagaragaraga ko aremerejwe n’inyenyeri nyinshi zitatsweho, naho andi ariho inyenyeri nke. Bose bari banyuzwe rwose n’amakamba yabo. Kandi bose bari bambaye igishura byera kuva ku ntugu kugera ku birenge. Ubwo twagendaga twerekeje ku nyanja y’ibirahuri tugana ku irembo ry’umurwa, abamarayika bari badushagaye. Yesu arambura ukuboko kwe gukomeye kw’ubwiza, afata kuri ya marembo arimbishijwe imaragarita, akingura urugi rwikaraga ku mapata yarwo arabagirana, maze arwigizayo aratubwira ati: “Mwameshe ibishura byanyu mu maraso yanjye, mwahagarariye ukuri kwanjye mutajegajega, nimwinjire.” Twese turinjira maze twiyumvamo uburenganzira busesuye muri uwo murwa. IZ 36.2
Muri uwo murwa twahabonye igiti cy’ubugingo n’intebe y’ubwami y’Imana. Ku ntebe y’Imana haturukaga uruzi ruboneye rw’amazi y’ubugingo, kandi hakurya no hakuno y’urwo ruzi hari igiti cy’ubugingo. Ku nkengero imwe y’urwo ruzi hari igiti cy’inganzamarumbo no ku yindi hari ikindi. Byombi byari byiza kandi bitatswe izahabu irabagirana. Ku ikubitiro nibwiye ko nabonye ubwoko bubiri bw’ibiti. Nongeye kwitegereza mbona ko ibyo biti bifataniye mu bushorishori bwabyo bikaba igiti kimwe. Icyo cyari igiti cy’ubugingo cyari hakurya no hakuno y’uruzi rw’ubugingo. Amashami yacyo yari abogamiye aho twari duhagaze, kandi imbuto zacyo zari nziza cyane; zisa n’izahabu ivanze n’umuringa. IZ 36.3
Twese tujya munsi y’icyo giti turicara kugira ngo turebe ubwiza bw’aho hantu. Muri icyo gihe abavandimwe bacu Fitch na Stockman 31 bari barabwirije ubutumwa bwiza bw’ubwami, kandi Imana ikaba yari yaremeye ko bipfira kugira ngo ibakize, baje kudusanga, batubaza ibyo twanyuzemo mu gihe bari basinziriye. Twagerageje kwibuka amakuba akomeye twanyuzemo ariko yari angana urwara agereranyijwe n’ikuzo rihoraho kandi ritarondoreka byari bituzengurutse ku buryo tutabasha kubivuga, maze twese turarangurura tuti: “Haleluya, ijuru ni iry’igiciro cyinshi.” Maze inkomanizo z’imiryango y’ijuru ziranyeganyega. IZ 37.1
Yesu aturangaza imbere twese turamanuka tuva mu murwa twerekeza kuri iyi si, ku musozi munini cyane kandi w’icyubahiro. Uwo musozi ntiwashoboye kwihanganira Yesu wari uwuhagazeho, maze usadukamo kabiri, haba ikibaya kinini cyane. Hanyuma turebye hejuru tubona ururembo runini, rufite imfatiro cumi n’ebyiri, n’amarembo cumi n’abiri, atatu atatu kuri buri ruhande, kandi kuri buri rembo hari umumarayika. Twese turarangurura tuti: “Ururembo, ururembo rukomeye, ruraje, ruje ruturuka mu ijuru ku Mana.” Maze ruraza, ruhagarara aho twari duhagaze. Nuko dutangira kwitegereza ibyiza byari hanze y’urwo rurembo. Muri rwo nahabonye amazu meza cyane yasaga n’ifeza, atewe inkingi enye zishyizweho imaragarita zifite ubwiza buhebuje bwo kurebwa. Muri yo ni ho abera bajyaga gutura. Mu nzu yose harimo ububiko busizwe zahabu. Nabonye benshi mu bera binjira muri ayo mazu, bakuramo amakamba yabo arabagirana, bayashyira kuri ubwo bubiko, nuko barasohoka bajya mu murima wari ukikije inzu kugira ngo bagire ibyo bakora ku butaka, bitari nk’uko dukora hano mu isi. Oya rwose! Umucyo utangaje warabagiranaga ku mitwe yabo bose, kandi bakomezaga kurangurura basingiza Imana. IZ 37.2
Nabonye undi murima wuzuyemo uburabyo bw’amoko yose, kandi ubwo nabucaga nararanguruye nti: « Ntibuzigera bwuma. » Hafi aho nahabonye umurima urimo ibyatsi birebire binogeye amaso. Byahoraga bitoshye kandi uko byahungabanaga byitegeye ubwiza bw’Umwami Yesu, byavagaho umucyo usa n’ifeza n’izahabu. Hanyuma twinjira mu wundi murima urimo inyamaswa z’ubwoko bwose. Intare, umwana w’intama, ingwe, n’ikirura byose byari bibanye mu mutekano. Tuzinyura hagati, maze zidukurikira zituje. Hanyuma twinjira mu ishyamba ritari nk’ishyamba ricuze umwijima ryo muri iyi si; ahubwo ryari ishyamba ryuzuye umucyo n’ubwiza buhebuje. Amashami y’ibiti byo muri ryo yahungabaniraga hirya no hino, maze twese turarangurura tuvuga tuti: « Tuzigumira muri iri shyamba, twiryamire muri ibi biti. » Duca iryo shyamba, kuko twerekezaga ku musozi Siyoni. IZ 38.1
Ubwo twari mu rugendo, twahuye n’itsinda ry’abantu na bo batumbiriye ubwiza bw’aho hantu. Nuko mbona inshunda z’imyambaro yabo zitukura; amakamba yabo arabagirana; kandi amakanzu yabo yeraga nk’urubura. Tubaramukije mbaza Yesu abo ari bo. Ambwira yuko ari abishwe ari we bazira. Bari bari kumwe n’abana batagira ingano; nabo bari bafite inshunda zitukura ku myambaro yabo. Umusozi Siyoni wari imbere yacu, kandi kuri uwo musozi hari urusengero rwiza cyane, kandi rwari rukikijwe n’indi misozi irindwi yari iriho indabo nziza za roza n’amaroma. Mbona twa twana duterera, cyangwa twashaka tukagurukisha utubaba twatwo, tukagwa mu mpinga z’iyo misozi maze tugaca ubwo burabyo budateze kuma na rimwe. Iruhande rw’urwo rusengero, hari ibiti by’amoko yose birimbishije aho hantu, birimo imizabibu, imikomamanga, imyerayo, imitini n’imikindo. Ndetse amashami y’imitini yari acuramye hasi aremerewe n’imbuto zawo. Ibyo byose byatumaga aho hantu hose haba ah’igikundiro. Maze tugiye kwinjira mu rusengero, Yesu arangurura ijwi rye ryiza cyane aravuga ati: “Abinjira aha hantu ni abantu 144,000 gusa;” maze natwe turangurura tuvuga tuti: “Haleluya.” IZ 38.2
Urwo rusengero rwari rufashwe n’inkingi ndwi, kandi zose ari izahabu irabagirana, zitatsweho imaragarita nziza cyane. Ibyo bintu bitangaje nahabonye sinashobora kubisobanura. Iyo mbasha kuvuga ururimi rw’i Kanani, nari kubasha gusobanura bike mu byiza byaho. Nahabonye ibisate by’amabuye byanditsweho amazina ya ba bandi ibihumbi 144. Kandi yari yanditswe mu nyuguti z’izahabu. Tumaze kwitegereza ubwiza bw’urwo rusengero, twarasohotse, maze Yesu aradusiga ajya mu rurembo. Bidatinze twongera kumva ijwi rye rinezeza rivuga riti: “Bwoko bwanjye nimuze, mwavuye mu mubabaro ukomeye, kandi mwakoze ibyo nshaka; mubabazwa babampora, nimwinjire dusangire, kuko ngiye gukenyera, nkabahereza.” Natwe turangururira rimwe tuti : “Haleluya! Ikuzo ribe iry’Imana!” Nuko twinjira mu rurembo. Maze mbona ameza akozwe mu ifeza nziza; yari afite uburebure bwa kilometero nyinshi, ariko amaso yacu yabashaga kuyareba akayaheza. Mbona imbuto z’igiti cy’ubugingo, manu, imbuto z’imitini, imizabibu, amakomamanga, amaseri y’imbuto n’andi moko menshi y’imbuto. Nasabye Yesu kunkundira kurya kuri izo mbuto. Yaramwiye ati: “Si ubu. Abariye kuri izi mbuto ntibaba bagisubiye mu isi ukundi. Ariko nuba umukiranutsi, hasigaye igihe gito ukazarya ku mbuto z’igiti cy’ubugingo kandi ukanywa ku mazi ya ya soko.” “Kandi arambwira ati: “Ukwiriye kongera gusubira ku isi maze ukabwira abandi ibyo naguhishuriye.” Nuko marayika angarurana ubwitonzi kuri iyi si y’umwijima. Rimwe na rimwe njya nibwira ko ntakwiriye kuguma kuri iyi si ukundi kuko ibyaho byose ari umwaku. Kandi ndi mu bwigunge kuri iyi si bitewe n’uko nabonye igihugu kirushijeho kuba cyiza. Iyo ngira amababa nk’ay’inuma, mba ngurutse nkigira kwiruhukira! IZ 38.3
Nkimara kuva mu iyerekwa, nabonye ibintu byose byahindutse; umwijima wabuditse kubyo nabonaga. Mbega ukuntu nabonaga ko iyi si ari umwijima w’icuraburindi! Ubwo nibonaga kuri iyi si naraboroze, kandi numva mfite urukumbuzi. Nabonye isi irushaho kuba nziza, bityo yatumye iyi iba umwaku. Natekerereje ibyo nabonye rya tsinda rito ry’abo twasenganaga i Portland, maze bizera badashidikanya ko byavuye ku Mana. Icyo cyari igihe gikomeye. Ubwiza bw’ibizahoraho bwakomeje kuba kuri twe. Hashize icyumweru mpawe iryo yerekwa, Umwami yongeye kumpa irindi yerekwa maze anyereka ibigeragezo ngomba kuzanyuramo, kandi ko ngomba kujya kubwira abandi ibyo yampishuriye, ndetse ko nzahura n’abandwanya bityo kubwo kugenda nkazagira umubabaro mu buryo bw’umwuka. Ariko marayika yarambwiye ati: ‘Ubuntu bw’Imana buraguhagije kuko izagukomeza.’ Nkimara kuva muri iryo yerekwa, nahuye n’akaga gakomeye. Ubuzima bwanjye ntibwari bumeze neza na hato kandi icyo gihe nari mfite imyaka cumi n’irindwi gusa. Nari nzi ko abantu benshi bagiye bagwa kubwo gushyirwa hejuru, bityo menya ko iyo nanjye njya gushyirwa hejuru mu buryo ubwo ari bwo bwose, Imana yajyaga kundeka maze nkazimira ntakabuza. Nasanze Imana nsenga maze nyisaba ko uwo mutwaro yawuha undi. Byasaga n’aho njye ntawushoboye. Nubitse umutwe igihe kirekire, ariko umucyo nashoboraga kubona wari uwambwiraga ngo: ‘Menyesha abandi ibyo naguhishuriye.’ IZ 39.1
Mu iyerekwa ryakurikiyeho nasabye Imana nkomeje ko niba ngomba kugenda nkavuga ibyo yanyeretse, ikwiriye kuzandinda kwishyira hejuru. Noneho inyereka ko isengesho ryanjye ryasubijwe, kandi ko ningwa mu kaga ko kwishyira hejuru, ukuboko kwayo kwari kunkoraho bigatuma ndwara. Marayika yarambwiye ati: “Nutanga ubutumwa nk’uko buri, kandi ukihangana ukageza ku iherezo, uzarya ku mbuto z’igiti cy’ubugingo kandi uzanywa no ku mazi y’uruzi rw’ubugingo.” IZ 39.2
Bidatinze, inkuru yasakaye hose ko ibyo neretswe ari ingaruka yo gutwarwa Intekerezo 32 kandi Abadiventisiti benshi bari biteguye kubyemera no gukwirakwiza iyo nkuru. Umuganga umwe wari icyamamare muri uko gutwara intekerezo z’abantu bakaba nk’abatewe ikinya yambwiye ko ibyo mvuga ari ingaruka yo gutakaza ubwenge, ko ndi umuntu woroheje cyane, ko nawe ashobora kungenza uko ashaka maze agatuma mpangwaho n’imyuka. Namubwiye ko Imana yanyeretse ko gutwara abantu ubwenge bakaba nk’abatewe ikinya bituruka kuri sekibi ikuzimu, kandi ko bidatinze azajugunyanwayo n’abakomeje gukoresha ubwo buryo. Namuhaye uburenganzira bwo kugerageza kuntwara intekerezo niba yabishobora. Yagerageje igihe gisaga igice cy’isaha, akoresha uburyo bunyuranye, nyuma biramunanira arazibukira. Kubwo kwizera Imana, nabashije guhagarara ntsinda imbaraga ze ku buryo zitashoboye kugira icyo zinkoraho na gito. IZ 39.3
Iyo mpererwa iyerekwa mu iteraniro, benshi bajyaga kuvuga ko ari ugutwarwa kandi ko hari umuntu wanyobeje ubwenge nk’uwanteye ikinya. Hanyuma nagiye njya mu ishyamba ahiherereye ndi njyenyine, aho nta jisho ryabashaga kumbona cyangwa ngo hagire umuntu unyumva maze ngasenga bityo rimwe na rimwe Imana ikahampera iyerekwa. Icyo gihe narishimaga maze nkababwira ko Imana yambonekeye ndi jyenyine, aho nta muntu upfa washoboraga kugira icyo ankoraho. Ariko hari abantu bamwe bambwiye ko ari njye ubwanjye witesheje ubwenge maze nkihangishaho. Naratekereje nti: ‘Mbese bigeze aho abasanga Imana bataryarya kugira ngo bayisabe kubasohoreza amasezerano n’agakiza kayo bashinjwa ko ibyo barimo ari ubupfapfa kandi ko batwawe n’imbaraga yo gutesha abantu ubwenge?’ ‘Mbese twaba dusaba umugati Data wa twese udukunda uri mu ijuru, maze akaduha ibuye cyangwa inzoka?’ Ibyo bintu byakomerekeje intekerezo zanjye, bituma umutima wanjye ugira agahinda gasaze, uri hafi kwiheba mu gihe hari benshi banyizezaga ko nta Mwuka Muziranenge ubaho, kandi ko ibyabaye ku bera b’Imana byari uguta ubwenge gusa cyangwa bikaba byari ubushukanyi bwa Satani. IZ 40.1
Muri iki gihe, muri Maine hari ubwaka. Abantu bamwe baretse rwose gukora kandi bitandukanya n’abantu bose batemeye ibitekerezo byabo ku byerekeranye n’iyo ngingo ndetse n’ibindi bintu bafataga ko ari inshingano z’iby’iyobokamana. Ayo makosa yose Imana yayampishuriye mu iyerekwa maze irangije inyohereza ku bana bayo bayobye kugira ngo nyavuge. Nyamara benshi muri bo bamaganye ubwo butumwa bivuye inyuma, maze banshinja ko nisanisha n’ab’isi. Ku rundi ruhande, abari Abadiventisiti ku izina banshinje kuba umwaka maze abantu bamwe b’abanyabibi bamvuga ibinyoma ko ndi umuyobozi w’ubwo bwaka kandi mu by’ukuri narakoraga kugira ngo bukosorwe. Ibihe byinshi byagiye bishyirwaho bavuga ko Umwami azagaruka kandi babyemezaga abavandimwe bacu mu kwizera. Nyamara Umwami yanyeretse ko ibyo bihe byose bigomba guhita, kuko hagomba kubanza kubaho ibihe by’amakuba mbere yo kugaruka kwa Kristo, kandi ko igihe cyose cyashyizweho kigahita cyagombaga gusa gucogoza ukwizera k’ubwoko bw’Imana. Kubera ibyo, nashinjwe kuba nka wa mugaragu mubi wibwiye mu mutima we ati: ‘Umwami wanjye atinze kugaruka.’ Ibyo bintu byose byaremereye umutima wanjye cyane, maze muri urwo rujijo rimwe na rimwe nkageragereshwa gushidikanya kubyo nanyuzemo. Igitondo kimwe ubwo nari mu masengesho y’umuryango, imbaraga y’Imana yatangiye kunzaho, maze muri njye haza igitekerezo cy’uko byaba ari uguhangwaho birimo guta ubwenge bituma nyirwanya. Ako kanya nahise mpinduka ikiragi kandi mara akanya ntashobora kumenya ibiri iruhande rwanjye byose. Hanyuma mbona icyaha cyanjye cyo gushidikanya imbaraga y’Imana, kandi mbona ko kubw’uko gushidikanya nagizwe ikiragi ndetse ko ururimi rwanjye rutazagobodoka hatarashira amasaha makumyabiri n’ane. Nabonye imbere yanjye hari urupapuro ruriho amagambo yandikishijwe izahabu yo mu bice n’imirongo mirongo itanu 33 byo mu Byanditswe Byera. Mvuye muri iryo yerekwa, nasabye urubaho maze nandikaho ko nabaye ikiragi, ndetse nandika n’ibyo nabonye kandi ko nifuzaga Bibiliya nini. Nafashe Bibiliya maze mpita ndeba ya masomo yose nabonye ku rupapuro. Namaze umunsi wose ntashobora kuvuga. Mu gitondo cya kare cy’umunsi wakurikiyeho umutima wanjye wuzuye ibyishimo, maze ururimi rwanjye ruragobodoka mpimbaza Imana. Nyuma y’ibyo, sinongeye guhangara gushidikanya imbaraga z’Imana cyangwa ngo ngire n’akanya gato ndwanya imbaraga y’Imana kabone n’ubwo abandi bagira uko bantekereza. IZ 40.2
Mu 1846, ubwo nari ahitwa Fairhaven ho muri Leta ya Masashiseti (Massachusetts), murumuna wanjye (wakundaga kumperekeza aho ngiye hose), umuvandimwe A, na musaza wanjye G., twese twafashe ubwato twerekeza mu kirwa cy’Uburengerazuba ngo dusure umwe mu miryango yaho. Igihe twatangiraga urugendo, hari mu gicuku. Ubwo umuraba wahagurukaga ukadutungura, twari tumaze kugenda urugendo rugufi. Warahoreye kandi imirabyo irarabya, maze imvura itangira kutunyagira imeze nk’amasoko adudubiza. Byagaragaraga neza ko tugomba kurohama keretse gusa turamutse dutabawe n’Imana. IZ 41.1
Napfukamye mu bwato maze ntangira gutakambira Imana ngo iturokore. Maze aho kuri iyo mivumba yadukozaga hirya no hino ubwo amazi yari yazamutse yenda kurengera ubwato twarimo, najyanwe mu iyerekwa maze mbona ko bidatinze agatonyanga kose kagiye gukama ntiturohame kuko ari bwo umurimo wanjye wari utangiye. Nkimara kuva mu iyerekwa, ubwoba bwose nari mfite bwarayoyotse maze turaririmba dusingiza Imana. Ka kato kacu gato kahindutse nk’urusengero rw’abasare rureremba. Umwanditsi w’ikinyamakuru cyitwaga Integuza yo kugaruka kwa Yesu 34 yavuze ko amayerekwa yanjye ari ayaturutse ku gukorerwaho gahunda zituma umuntu ata ubwenge. Ariko ndamubaza nti, “Ni ayahe mahirwe yariho yari gutuma hakorwa izo gahunda mu gihe cyari kimeze nka kuriya?” Umuvandimwe wanjye G. yari afite uburyo bwose bwo kwita kuri ubwo bwato. Yagerageje gutsika ubwato ariko birananirana. Igihe ka kato kacu gato kateraganwaga n’umuraba kandi kagatwarwa n’umuyaga hari hijimye ku buryo tutashoboraga kureba ku mpera z’ubwato. Bidatinze, igitsikabwato cyarafashe maze umuvandimwe G. aratabaza. Kuri icyo kirwa hari inzu ebyiri gusa, maze tubona turi hafi y’imwe muri zo nyamara siyo twifuzaga kugeraho. Ab’umuryango bose bari bagiye kuryama uretse ko kubw’amahirwe umwana muto yumvise ijwi ritabariza mu mazi. Bidatinze se yaje kudutabara, maze adushira mu kato gato atujyana ku nkombe. Twamaze hafi iryo joro ryose dushima Imana kandi tuyisingiriza ineza itarondoreka yatugiriye. IZ 41.2
2.English Version Holy Bible: Revelation 14:1-20 


Soma usangize n' abandi ba 7 icyi cyigisho: Umwuka w' Ubuhanuzi ni Umurage w' Itorero ry' abasigaye bitondera Amategeko y' Imana bakagira guhamya kwa Yesu. Audio Zoom predication by Dr. Iraguha Bandora Yves, 17/10/2020"  record2020/10/17-11h08'07'' "

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[God's Last Day 7th Day Adventist Church from 31/10/2017 to 15/10/2024, a representative of Ancient wilderness Israel Church led by Moses whose Headquarters later become Jerusalem Where they Crucified Jesus Christ is represented in the Same Evil ways currently by Apostate General Conference of 7th day Adventist Church headed by Pastor Ted Wilson bringing the End 15/10/2024[31/10/2017-840=1177,1847+1177=3024,3024-1000=2024,31/10/2017 +3.5years=7/2/2021,7/2/2021+1335Daniel 12:12 days=15/10/2024,2nd Coming of Jesus Christ]. ][Chapter 7—Luther's Separation From Rome/The Great Controversy-Audio ],[Chapter 8—Luther Before the Diet/The Great Controversy-Audio ].


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