Tuesday, January 17, 2017

AUSC School and Non School Clubs massive establishment and registration in Africa and Diaspora .

Honorable Mr Saa Bobo Leno the AUSC Republic of Frence-Africa Diaspora Office Representative Meeting with Honorable Miss Alimatu The AUSC Conakry Guinea National Office Representative.

African Union Students' Council (AUSC)" For The Better Africa We Deserve "

AUSC President's Office.
Kigali-Rwanda-East Africa.

Tuesday ,January 17,2017.

Subject: AUSC School and Non School Clubs massive  establishment and registration in Africa and Diaspora .

Dear interested Academicians from across African continent .
The AUSC International Committee has published the beginning of the 2nd Period of the AUSC International Action Plan 2016-2019 which is totally Financially Related and which will be benefiting the registered Members of the AUSC School Clubs and AUSC partner NGOs, Associations ,Clubs ,Groups ,Chapters ,unities and Private Societies equally ,by joining the permanent membership of the AUSC established First ever existed African Students' International Development Fund (ASIDF) ,this Fund will be a permanent property of all Contributed Members where the fund will keep generating associated Students' Bank in different African Regions ,Countries and Different Diaspora Countries ,the African Students' International Development Bank (ASIDB).
Therefore,  the office of the AUSC President is  calling all proactive students from different Universities,High Schools ,Primary Schools and private Non Academic People ,including disabled people academic and professional  institutions, private and public Institutions and Organizations  ,those who would like to appear on the list AUSC Leaders , those who would be able to establish the AUSC School Clubs at School level for all AUSC Students Members Clubs and AUSC District Clubs at District level for all AUSC non Students members Clubs . Therefore establishing AUSC Club is allowed to every person as such as will be interested without taking much consideration of AUSC International recognition of the establishing individuals ,only 10 to 20 people are accepted to represent and initiate an AUSC Club recruit more club members and elect the Club Representative who will be allowed to submit the List of Members and their Contacts on WhatsApp and e-mails for official confirmation of the Club activities, also who will be allowed to register that AUSC Club inside the AUSC International Communication Office Database . Whoever will establish AUSC Club will have to name it according to the Location of the Official Address of that AUSC new Club (example: AUSC Makerere University Club for AUSC School Level Clubs must including the nae of the School , and for example AUSC Nairobi District Club for AUSC non School Clubs (AUSC District level Clubs) and will have to submit all Members List with members  full addresses  and the established AUSC Club Location full Address to be submitted to the AUSC International Communication Office via e-mail :ausc.communication.office@gmail.com, copy to the Office of the AUSC President via e-mail: ausc.president.office@gmail.com, .
Thus the new Club shall be approved for an official  existence of that AUSC Club Leadership from the Office of the AUSC President.

The Officially approved AUSC Club shall be  reported  to the appropriate AUSC  National and AUSC Regional Offices .
However, where there will be having no AUSC National Office , the Representative person who established that AUSC Club  will be Automatically appointed for the Position of AUSC National Office Representative  inside the AUSC .

Therefore, every individual is concerned by joining AUSC and to keep Circulating and sharing this information to all African Nations to have access to the AUSC International Decentralized Leadership .
All confirmed AUSC Clubs their Official  Club Representatives will have to register their Independent AUSC Clubs  inside the AUSC International Communication Office database using this link: http://www.africanunionsc.org/2017/01/ausc-international-committee-is-calling.html

Best wishes to you all .

AUSC President's Office.
AUSC WhatsApp Groups link: WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/LumKcUYNNZAG70BhGaB42T
Kigali-Rwanda-East African Region.


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