Friday, January 27, 2017

AUSC Urgent Global Announcement for all Interested AUSC Leaders, Members ,Advisors ,Friends all wishing to participate in the AUSC Launching its first International Branch of African Students' International Development Fund (ASIDF)"For The Self- reliant Africa We Deserve" on February 7,2017, From 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm Kigali-Rwanda Local Time, At The Kigali Convention Center (KCC).

African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve"
AUSC President's Office.
Kigali-Rwanda-East African Region.

February 2nd,2017.
Subject: Announcement for Awareness raising for the AUSC Divisions .
Dear all AUSC Leaders ,Members ,Advisors, friends  
The Office of the President of the African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve " has been working for reaching all the corners of the Globe to reach the African Academicians and professional energetic and dynamic youth in Africa and African Diaspora .

Therefore,has successfully managed to be extended into big AUSC Divisions:

This means that our AUSC Family here is a property of all willing African and African rooted people young and old generations to be included inside the AUSC specified Divisions according to own wills .
Those divisions are mentioned as  :
1)AUSC-Economic Sciences Division ,which has emerged The African Students' International Development Fund(ASIDF),soon to raise the African Students' International Development Bank( ASIDB ).
While there are more  divisions which are:
2)AUSC-Political Sciences Division ,which has emerged the African Students' International Critical Thinkers Board (ASICTB)
3)AUSC-Social Sciences Division, which has developed the African Students' International Newsletters Board(ASINB) with a special initial Newsletter Named "THE AUSC ALIVE" the Newsletter which is soon going to be available online with its appropriate website for daily producing voices of African Students and professional Youth from Africa and Diaspora ,also including the AUSC Groups members opinions and Constructive chats and more current African and global news for effective media in this Division .
4)AUSC-Education Division ,which has emerged the International African Students' Education Loan Board(IASELB).
And more Etc.... In ways coming.
Thus,we are really saying much and non limited
Congratulations to each and every one who is contributing in this move in this continent of Africa trying to translate Digital thoughts into physical items and congratulations to the whole family of the African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve ".

Best regards .

Signed on February 2nd,2017.

AUSC President. 
Kigali-Rwanda-East African Region.
Click here to Visit>>>>>>>>Radisson Blu Hotel & Convention Centre, Kigali-RWANDA-EAST AFRICAN COMMUNITY.
AUSC President's Special Invitation to attend ECOBANK Special event of Africa's biggest digital Launching on February 7, 2017, At Kigali Convention Center, For  Launching ASIDF Digital Pan-Africa Initialization Contributions to host ASIDF inside the ECOBANK

African Union Students' Council(AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve"
AUSC President's Office.
Thursday ,February 2,2017.

AUSC President's Office releasing of the shifted Launching of the African Students' International Development Fund(ASIDF) and African Students' International Critical Thinkers Board(ASICTB).

Dear AUSC leaders ,Advisors, Members and Friends 

Good morning  ,

Due to logistics purpose, please allow me to announce the shifting of the recently communicated  African Union Students' Council (AUSC) Launching for the African Students' International Development Fund(ASIDF) in collaboration with ECOBANK Group's new brand of Africa's Biggest Digital Launching on February 7,2017 ,at Kigali Convention Center (KCC) .

Therefore, the event for Launching of ASIDF And ASICTB was shifted at Hill Top Hotel Kigali -Rwanda  for Event to take place on Friday March 31,2017, From 12:00' to 23:00'.

Kindly we request your continuous support to the ECOBANK new branding of the Africa's biggest digital launching on Tuesday February 7th,2017 as following the Invitation delivered to the AUSC President's Office allowing 35 AUSC delegates to attend this extraordinary event .

Thank you for your kind collaboration.

Best regards .

Signed ...✍🏿..on February 1st,2017

Mr Iraguha BANDORA Yves.
President of AUSC.
Tel &WhatsApp:+250736196204


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