Wednesday, January 18, 2017

AUSC 1st Congress and Constitution distribution on National and Diaspora Level Offices.

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African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve "

Wednesday, January 18, 2017.

Good morning, Good afternoon, Good night the World .

Dear all AUSC Leaders ,

you are instructed to check your Facebook Profiles , as soon as possible for your emergency  need to update your personal  Facebook Profiles to include your appointed AUSC Position and Titles while the AUSC International Communication Office started an auditory  checking and has found many of AUSC Leaders have not updated their Facebook profiles accordingly .
Moreover ,we remind all AUSC Leaders that there is a close deadline for submission of all Abstracts before January 30th,2017 that all willing  AUSC Leaders  will be presenting during the 1st All Afrikana First Youth Congress (1st AAFYC) organized by the AUSC Presidency to take place in Kigali -Rwanda,October 15-18,2017 at the Hill Top Hotel,Kigali.

Soonest possible ,the AUSC Presidency will call for participants to the different committees of the organizers of this Congress and Conference ,the Organizing Committee ,The Ambassadors for delegates ,the Scientific Committee that will be assigned the Abstracts collections ,and selections ,Fundraising Committee, Marketing Committee ,every thing about this 1st AUSC Congress is going to be the occupation of every AUSC Office from this January until you all get here in Kigali and have our 1st General Assembly ,in October ,2017.
This event has different sponsors and adults NGOs based Pan-Africanists who will be presenting different Projects and designing policies for generating a United African States Governance .
All interested AUSC Leaders need each and every one to prepare an abstract ,matching with the required themes as published online via the link: ,.

Thus , AUSC Presidency  will give time to present all Selected Abstracts orally ,and Posters presentations .

The Congress will provide all possible guidelines on everything for Sustainable Development of the Continent of Africa in general ,also for all AUSC Offices across the world in Africa and Diaspora .

Therefore, the AUSC Presidency will soon be sharing AUSC Constitution  to all AUSC Established Offices to update it according to your National Non Governmental Organizations guidelines to facilitate all AUSC offices to register AUSC National and Diaspora Offices  in the  Government and proceed with fundraising for all AUSC Members ' financial supports to be able to attend this congress .

The AUSC Constitution is available in English and French versions as International Languages  and  was ratified according to the Rwandan Guidelines for Non Governmental Organizations to include the Kinyarwanda Version .

Therefore, for every Country in Africa and Diaspora  AUSC Leaders will be adjusting it with small modifications and to include their local Languages and input the AUSC National Executive Committee Leaders  to be done with this recommendation provided by the AUSC Presidency to make it match with Different  Governments Needs for their Registered  NGOs .

All AUSC Regional Offices Leaders ,AUSC Different Affairs Representatives ,AUSC National Offices Leaders including AUSC Zonal ,Districts and School Clubs Representatives  and Diaspora Offices Leaders ,as well as AUSC Presidential Team (AUSC Presidency ) Leaders in each Country  will be appearing to the List of Singed AUSC Leaders to the AUSC Notarized Constitution to appear as permanent AUSC National/Diaspora Executive Committee Leaders as being considered as AUSC Co-Founders of the AUSC National/Diaspora Chapter accordingly . 

All AUSC signing Leaders on the ratified AUSC Constitution from each Country across Africa and Diaspora will not have to exceed 20 people to limit the Number of AUSC National/Diaspora Executive Committee Members ,and however, they will not have to go below 5 people to secure the Management of AUSC on International Level.

The process to ratify AUSC National/Diaspora Constitution will be done in an AUSC National General Assembly brining together all ready AUSC Leaders on National Level (Diaspora Level ) to attend that General Assembly which will be making all concerned  AUSC Leaders to contribute little amount of money that will serve to pay the Bill for General Assembly and Notarization of the AUSC Statutes in each Country or Diaspora in order to register AUSC Chapters as  Independent Civil Society NGO.

The process will benefit the  Signed Team members on National or Diaspora Level  to become automatically members of the "AUSC International Advisory and Mentorship Board" that will be established at the end of the AUSC International Action Plan 2016-2019 from January 1st, 2019 to June 30th, 2019 to be published  before handing over to the new Leaders of the AUSC International Executive Committee 2019-2022. More details via the link:
Therefore, all the AUSC Leaders who are going to sing on the AUSC Constitution everywhere ,must be prepared  from  today to contact the AUSC National Office for their names to  be appearing on the final list of AUSC National /Diaspora Office that must be submitted  before January 25th,2017 expecting to be received by the AUSC International Communication Office via, to be exchanged with a submission of the AUSC Constitution to the AUSC National/Diaspora Office that has provided the Final List of AUSC Leaders who will be allowed to sign on the AUSC Constitution from that Office .

The to be submitted AUSC Leaders List must contain members full  names, full Address ,and Appointed Position inside AUSC  that will be submitted as the AUSC National/Diaspora executive Committee 2016-2019 to be considered   in the AUSC  International Transitional Committee 2016-2019 . 

Regards .

Signed by

His Excellency Mr IRAGUHA BANDORA Yves,
The President of AUSC"For The Better Africa We Deserve"
The Office of the President of AUSC,
Kigali- Rwanda- East African Region
WhatSapp: +250736196204


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