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From IAM UBUNTU Na Uzulu (NY) to WADU (Ga) Minister P.D. Menelik, Co-Founder, Organizer
The Ubuntu na Zulu - Pan African Agenda (PAA) - News & Views for ACTION 1/15/17

In this PAA on MLK Day, please be reminded that without the formidable Pan African leadership in Africa in the 1960's much of the African world would never had achieved much equal rights, justice and self-determination by the 1960's. Family, those like Dr. King and Dr. Nkrumah were Pan African partners in the global struggle waged for the justice, dignity and empowerment of Black people worldwide. Dr. King at the height of African struggles in the world made it clear that Africans in the USA have a historic role to play in serving in the liberation and development of our "Ancestral" Homeland that has been "despoiled" by white supremacy. The African Diaspora became more mobilized in three decades of surge in the fight for Africa. Spearheaded by Cuba, Jamaica and Guyana in the Caribbean, these were bolstered by key organizations of the Diaspora and the USA with such leaders such as Rev. Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker of ACOA, Baba Brath of PLC, Kwame Ture of AAPRP, Randall Robinson of TransAfrica, and numerous other Africa groups and especially African liberation committees. 

However, as Africa attempted to celebrate its freedom by 1995 after southern Africa liberation, it had to face the stark reality of over 500 years of colonial wreckage on the African mind, body and soul. According to some African leaders, the destruction of Africa-ns after the post-colonial war was similar to near genocide of a people who were now in need of immediate assistance. From this deep dire situation the recently imprisoned and popular President Mandela made the historic blunder to betray African people by allowing the whites of South Africa to maintain control over the economic power structure of South Africa, of the most industrialized nation of Africa. This blunder followed another with the newly conscripted Black elite of South Africa becoming partners and fronts of the White imperial system of the world. By 2007, these colluded with others in the African elite, especially Nigeria's, against the new African Union Authority plan for a Central Government for Africa by rallying against African Federalism in the AU Ghana Grand Debate. 

Worse, by 2011, South Africa was too easily pressured by the first Black U.S. President and with the urging of Nigeria's leadership betrayed our Ancestors and people in the unprecedented EU-USA led military re-colonial attack on Libya. The invasion obliterated Libya, much of North Africa and a major part of Africa. Further, under this re-colonial fog of war on Africa rationalized as War on Terror and Humanitarianism, South Africa usurped control over the AU in 2012 and then colluded with other treacherous African leaders to severely degrade the original AU plan for any Central Government for at least the next 50 years. Under South Africa's leadership of the AU with others serving the empire, the AU was surrendered from a fast-track Garvey-Nkrumah plan for a Government to a 2063 Plan that is controlled by the foreign interests, especially the EU, USA, UK, and Saudia. Under this new re-colonial structure over Africa, the Pan African Movement like the AU was targeted with the support of colonial agencies to be hijacked and neutralized, Hayti and the Diaspora have been degraded and rejected from joining the AU and more African people are becoming landless, jobless, criminalized, refugees and re-enslaved in the new global imperial order spearheaded again by European imperialist powers. 

Family, long after the late 19th century call by Bishop McNeil Turner in the USA spearheading the Diaspora work for African repatriation, liberation and nationalism in South Africa and for global Africans, in this new era of the 21st century, South Africa and other African nations have since relented to re-colonization in the war for Africa by a Black President of the U.S. Africans. On this day as France takes full lead over the Francophone states, as African nations are rallied by their masters to attack another African nation (Gambia) for demoncracy, we are urging those of the King, Malcolm, Ture, Garvey, Nkrumah... legacy to rise and rally everywhere (Especially Nigeria, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Kenya...) in Second African Liberation Committees for the establishment of our Pan African Union Government viciously attacked by nations like France, USA, UK, Saudia, Qatar...   You can also help us to urge those like Cornel West, Ajamu Baraka, Dr. Jeremiah Wright, and others to begin building a new U.S. front to stop the war on Africans, everywhere. Let the battle cry be Ubuntu na Uzulu (Our Sacred World Community) for a Federal Government directed by the best of us. Min. Menelik

France Africa Summit - Museveni warns on foreign interventions in Africa..“African sovereignty must be protected from any external military and non-military interventions. You have all seen the chaos generated in Libya and the whole of the Sahel as a consequence of military action by foreigners against the express objection of the African Summit of Heads of State. Such a crime should never be tolerated again,” Museveni said. http://www.nigeriatoday.ng/2017/01/museveni-warns-on-foreign-interventions-in-africa/
America Has Compensated Other Groups, But Obama Opposes ... ...Obama’s deeply conservative, American-exceptionalist, fake-progressive, and Ronald Reagan-praising, Nineteen Sixties-dissing 2006 campaign book The Audacity of Hope is a case in point. The book’s title was stolen from a sermon given by his former Black pastor Jeremiah Wright, who candidate Obama would later toss under the bus in a speech suggesting that angry Black anti-racism was no longer appropriate in “post-racial” America...  http://atlantablackstar.com/2016/12/29/america-has-compensated-other-groups-but-obama-opposes-reparations-for-black-people-why/
Black Maroons Quit America
... The black political establishment, led by Obama, had shown over and over again that it was not capable of the most basic task: keeping black children alive. The young people would have to do it themselves. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/jan/13/barack-obama-legacy-racism-criminal-justice-system
Impact of Trumpism for Blacks...
Bidding Obama Dylann Roof Farewell


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Saturday/January 28, 2017/3:00 p.m.
The State of African Unification -
Black Health, Wealth & Education
Minister P.D. Menelik Harris
Secretary General/Organizer of WADU
With A Panel of Intellectuals, Leaders & Elders
Join us for Baba John H. Clarke “African at the Crossroads” Memorial Pilgrimage, GA  
WADU Key Dates in 2017
January-December 2017 - Hon. Marcus Garvey Church of Ubuntu  
May 2017 - WADU Pan African Lobby Advocacy in Washington, DC
July 2017 - WADU Strategic Action on W-AU Government
October 2017 - W-AU Government Action
 The IAM Ubuntu led the organizing of the African Diaspora as a Pan African sacred force starting in 1999 by pulling together some of the most powerful leaders like Freedom Fighter Baba Elombe Brath, with the High Priest MLK Fellow Dr. Ndugu T'Ofori-Atta, and later, even the "legendary" Ambassador Dudley Thompson to create WADU. The mission is to support the AU united states of Africa AU government. WADU has since led the way, but with Africa under siege and the hijacking of major global organizations through weapons of mass deceptions, threats, lies and bribes, we must redouble our efforts to save ourselves. We are urging you who are sacred to join IAMU or any other with the authentic Pan African spiritual force essential to reinforcing the Pan African Movement. Family, the current situation calls for Pan African repatriation teams for the building of the All Afrikan government for our "second liberation" as called by Baba Brath (2005) and recently by Baba Mugabe. Minister Menelik of IAMU/Co-Founder WADU

Approved on Tuesday January 17th, 2017


AUSC President.


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