Tuesday, March 21, 2017

AUSC International Communication Office shares the African Diaspora Network Announcement about the ADIS2017 Summary Report and Next Steps"INFORM - ENGAGE - ACT"

The African Union Students' Council(AUSC)" For The Better Africa We Deserve" International Committee in its high appreciation to the African Diaspora Network (ADN) support to the AUSC International delegation to participate in the African Diaspora Investment Symposium (ADIS2017) which took place in the United States of America(USA) in California ,would like to share with the rest of the world the results and summary of the report of the ADIS 2017 to keep inspiring the Pan-Africanism and hardworking African Societies from Across the Globe .
Congratulations to Mrs Almaz Negash the Founder and President of African Diaspora Network(ADN) to have provided the below thanks giving to all delegates and partners to this great symposium.
Event Pictures:

Left Hon.Miss Safiatu AUSC Niger National Office Southern Zone Representative, Middle Hon Mrs Almaz, Right Hon.Miss Daria AUSC USA Office  Representative

ADIS2017 Summary Report and Next Steps

On behalf of the board, team, and planning committee, I thank you for making ADIS 2017 engaging, informative, and enjoyable. The intellectual, emotional, and social connectedness that was at display at ADIS is inspiring. We appreciate your time, insight, support, and presence.

We know it will be hard to relive the emotion and excitement of the symposium; though we did our very best to capture it in the summary and next steps report, video, and testimonials.  We encourage you to read, view, and share widely.

In the weeks and months to come, we will update you on our progress on the outcomes of the symposium and other opportunities.

As always, thank you,
Almaz Negash

We are pleased to share the following post-ADIS 2017 materials:
c.      ADIS 2017 Brochure

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