Tuesday, August 8, 2017

AUSC International Communication Office Data base concerning this 1st All Afrikana First Youth Congress 2017, Updated list of all online registered 1st AAFYC 2017 delegates, August 8th, 2017.

AUSC International Communication Office Data base concerning this 1st All Afrikana First Youth Congress 2017, Updated list of all online registered 1st AAFYC 2017 delegates, August 8th, 2017.

Dear beloved delegate and special invitee to the 1st All Afrikana First Youth Congress (1st AAFYC 2017)  in Kigali-RWANDA-East African Region from October 15th to 18th 2017 ,
We are writing to you to request your quick reply to this e-mail in order to confirm your physical presence in Kigali-RWANDA-East African Region from October 15th to 18th 2017 and in order to confirm your  need to receive an Official  invitation to help you proceed with logistics and travel documents , provisional programme and Concept note of the congress from the Office of the President and Founder of African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve" .

Therefore, please,  reply to this e-mail with following required information:
1) Your  full names as appearing on your Passport or your National Identity Card including your current Country of Residence,
2) Your Organization in which you are applying from including the position and title you occupy in that Organization,
3) Your active WhatsApp telephone Number to be added in the 1st AAFYC 2017 delegates WhatsApp Group to be able to receive new updates and share your concerns accordingly and finally indicating international Code of Your Country of Residence,
4) For those who will pay registration fees at arrival in Kigali-Rwanda , you must mention it within your reply,
5) For those who wish to speak and conduct a group discussion, moderate in some round table meetings , exhibit some products  or represent your NGO or Institution on the main Banner of the congress or requiring a stand for regular exhibition purpose during the congress,  present any kind of paper or post presentation, become sponsor to this congress, any special concern , you must mention it within your reply,
6) For those who wish to pay with money transfer using the 1st AAFYC 2017 reserved ECOBANK ACCOUNT , those who wish to pay via online money transfer either with MTN Mobile money , Tigo Cash, M-Pesa, Money Gram, Western Union, Pay Pal , and etc.., you must attach the receipt or bank slip, and  you must mention it within your reply.
7) For those who what to become AUSC Leaders, You will have to attach your detailed Cv, your motivation letter including your position aspiring to be appointed for inside the AUSC.
8) For those who what to visit personally the Gorillas Volcanoes National Park on 18th October 2017 as this will require immediate booking for the guides and Rwanda Development Board visitors tickets costing at least $2000.00 USD including related affairs pocket money , you must understand that the payment is individual and visiting requires to get up earlier morning at least at 4:00' a.m Kigali Local time and the virunga Natioal Park is very very cold below 25 celicius degree at mid day and  located in higher altitude where Oxygen is not enough , and requires fitness and prepared warm clothing while a few number of visitors in small groups is permitted that is the main reason you must mention it within your reply.
9) For those who will require invitation written in French, or any other International language in order to help you reach your sponsors and institutions easily, you must mention it within your reply indicating your preferable International communication Language to be used during the congress.

NB: You can check and report in your reply if you are recorded more than one time or not recorded in the AUSC International Communication Office Data base concerning this 1st All Afrikana First Youth Congress 2017 from the attached document in excel format, it is totally prohibited to misuse any e-mail contact and information included to the attached document below.

Deadline to submit your confirmation reply and the day to release invitations is on August 14th, 2017, at 11:59' P.M, GMT.

For any burning questions and concerns , don't hesitate to contact the 1st AAFYC 2017 Logistics Committee via the AUSC International Communication Office e-mail: ausc.communication.office@gmail.com, or AUSC President and Founder's Office via e-mail: ausc.president.office@gmail.com, and WhatsApp: +250736196204, and keep visiting the Website for any new update concerning the 1st AAFYC 2017 via the link: www.africanunionsc.org

Best regards and hoping to receive your data as requested above as soon as possible.

Sincerely Yours,

AUSC International Communication Officer.
AUSC President and Founder' s Office.
Kagali-Rwanda-East African Region.

1.       Nathaniel mateko

2.       Iraguha Bandora Yves

3.       Elizabeth Anne Jones

4.       Andongabi Kenedy Abendong

5.       Alfred Kwesi Manyeh


7.       Kimberly pierre

8.       Jo Anne Bennett


10.   Winnie Choni Barawa

11.   Muteebwa Laban

12.   lydia

13.   LICKIBY Brusly Clichy

14.   Lilian Adhiambo Omondi

15.   Aaron Bizimana


17.   Peris Wanjiku Njoroge

18.   Waweru Susan Muchiku

19.   gilbert wechuli

20.   Kennedy Misiko Anyangu

21.   Lilian Kemuma Ondara

22.   duncan mandela mairura

23.   Vincent Otieno Obita

24.   maryanne nyongesa

25.   Nizeyimana sylvain rasan


27.   Josephine bosibori oyaro

28.   Derrick Juma Oyonjo



31.   RUVUGAMIGABO Aristide


33.   Ndayizigiye Thierry

34.   Josephine N Najjuma


36.   Oscar Amos Issangya

37.   Bittok Francis Kimutai


39.   Jean Claude RIVUZIMANA

40.   Alexis NIMUBONA

41.   irakoze laila

42.   Thaddée Uwimana

43.   Munyangabire Emmanuel

44.   BAMPORINEZA ildeohonse




48.   MWESIGYE David


50.   Piabezie Forsung Chi

51.   mbabazi ceaser


53.   Elyas Abdi Issa

54.   Norbert NIYONGIRA

55.   Sylvain Ndagiwenimana

56.   Eyoab Mathewos Massebo

57.   Wekesa Amos

58.   Ndayikengurukiye Aristide

59.   Dianarose Kinyua

60.   mursal anisa mohamed

61.   Jerusha

62.   Ali Rama Wendo


64.   Innocent NDIKUBWIMANA

65.   jerusha njua nyambura

66.   jerusha njua nyambura

67.   Getrude Atieno Orodo


69.   nyabuto clinton onyimbo

70.   Niyitegeka Desire

71.   Dorcas Tatenda Mutyavaviri

72.   william maloya

73.   Derrick Juma Oyonjo

74.   akunzirwe Rebecca

75.   basisi soulaya

76.   Jones Osore

77.   chekwech gaudencia

78.   Kelvin Kiplimo

79.   Ivony Kamala


81.   Alphonse MBARUSHIMANA

82.   Amina Ahmed abdillahi

83.   Amina Ahmed Abdillahi

84.   Sundus abdiweli jama

85.   Sundus abdiweli jama


87.   Justine Nabateregga

88.   Justine Nabateregga

89.   Dr. Kofi Agyapong

90.   Frankson Thuva Charo

91.   Patrick Ishimwe

92.   Amadu Bah

93.   manirumva evariste

94.   Haoua Moussa Dan Malam

95.   Ansumana M. Konneh

96.   Abubakar Muhammed

97.   Yahya Sowe

98.   Paulin NTIHEMUKA


100.                       OUSMANE KEITA

101.                       Peter Samson Peter

102.                       Felix NSABIMANA

103.                       Lawal Abdulhamid

104.                       LICKBY Brusly Clichy

105.                       IRAKIZA Jacques désiré

106.                       RUTAYISIRE François Xavier

107.                       Kalilu L. Konneh

108.                       Alpha Toubab MILLIMONO

109.                       moutik mbark

110.                       sano ousmane

111.                       sano ousmane

112.                       Chikamba Edmond

113.                       HASHIM BASHIR YAHYA

114.                       Sheriff Ahmed Al-hassan

115.                       Derrick Rugenge

116.                       Jeffery Bafo Ampofo

117.                       Samaher.taj@yahoo.com

118.                       John Nyakno Christopher

119.                       Abdiwasa Idiris Jelle

120.                       Musa Saidu

121.                       Mohammed mansour abaker

122.                       Shehu Ibrahim Muhammad

123.                       CITO MIDERHO

124.                       Marc André Bruno Abdoul wahab

125.                       Souleymane Niang

126.                       GIRANEZA Fanny

127.                       Souleymane Niang

128.                       Dikena Aboubacar Nanamou

129.                       Safiatou Chérif Souleymane Diawara

130.                       NTIHEMUKA Emmanuel

131.                       Serofo Motshekga

132.                       Fanta Chimere Diaw

133.                       Yahya Sowe

134.                       KONGNYU EMMANUEL RINGNYU

135.                       Souleyman sall

136.                       Mohammed mansour abaker

137.                       Sphamandla Njabulo Shezi

138.                       Twizere Aimee Pascaline

139.                       Innocent NDIKUBWIMANA

140.                       Daba Keita

141.                       Patrick Ishimwe

142.                       Abdul Karim B. Bah

143.                       Jasonta Farella Coker

144.                       Elvis Igirimbabazi

145.                       ABDUNUUR MOHAMED MWIMI

146.                       asmin napacho

147.                       Cooper Paasewe

148.                       Fatoumata KEITA

149.                       AFADODAN YAOVI

150.                       Zena Suleiman Mgwatu

151.                       Edmond Chikamba

152.                       Faith Shuaib

153.                       Gloria Frank Kasamala

154.                       McArthur Dennis Gbardyu

155.                       Faith Shuaib

156.                       Apolmida Haruna Tsammani

157.                       N'cho yapo chinin charlene grace

158.                       Agnes Marie-josee Abbet

159.                       Noowe Johnson

160.                       Ndayishimiye Léopold

161.                       Rawlins P. Jardia

162.                       Moses Paye, Jr.

163.                       FOLAHAN Didier Bolarinwa Atchabi

164.                       Abraham Aruho Bainomugisha

165.                       Bola Adedugbe

166.                       Naphtal TUYISABE

167.                       IDONGESIT MICHAEL EKPENYONG

168.                       KAGISHA Emmanuel

169.                       KONAN AMEA Michael

170.                       Ronald Chilufya Mutale

171.                       Sylvia kakyo

172.                       Hagenimana Godfrey

173.                       Reginald Saria

174.                       Njavwa Wila Simukoko

175.                       Njavwa Wila Simukoko

176.                       manirumva evariste

177.                       Willibard Butambala

178.                       Collins Nyong

179.                       Thatayaone Ntwaetsile

180.                       Baba Abou LY

181.                       Nyangubu Yessy Nyamsogoro

182.                       Babangida Ruma

183.                       Osuji kemas

184.                       sanusi umar

185.                       francis joram ntakije

186.                       frank philemoni

187.                       Muyambango kabubi

188.                       OKOUMILA-OLEMBE Descartes

189.                       Ojewola Olawale

190.                       Thiam Paul Omar

191.                       Boniphace A.Mutefunya

192.                       BIKORIMANA Sylvain

193.                       Enow Awah Georges Stevens

194.                       Valens Twizerimana

195.                       jibril adamu seze

196.                       Shehu Usman Salihu

197.                       Rabiu Umar Maska

198.                       Edward Williams

199.                       Walter Odemba

200.                       Rachel OPOTA

201.                       Evans Exaud

202.                       Suzane William mollel

203.                       BENEDICT A. MASAWE

204.                       Jonathan Sarwah Stewart

205.                       Flavia Nyadoi

206.                       Isimbi Shemsa

207.                       adesanya adekunle olatunde

208.                       Sano ousmane

209.                       Shedrack Juma Masine

210.                       Kenan Caleb

211.                       MUKANTWAZA Pierrette

212.                       Arlette ISHIMWE MAHORO

213.                       Lowestain Peter

214.                       Carlos Stephane Santos Roque Silva

215.                       JULIUS PATRICK KITING'ATI

216.                       David L. Horne

217.                       irakoze laila

218.                       Sano ousmane

219.                       Saa Bobo LENO

220.                       UWASE MARIE ANGE

221.                       Daria Imbukwa

222.                       Augusta Massare Watson

223.                       olugbola gubasavi

224.                       Samaher Tajeldin hasan Tajeldin

225.                       Aisha sami

226.                       Ibtihal Elsadid AbdElrhman Ridwan

227.                       Mohaned Ahmed Agabeldour

228.                       Badru Juma Rajabu

229.                       Okoye Robinson Chibuzo

230.                       Emmanuel Uwiringiyimana

231.                       Ndahimana Norbert

232.                       NKAFU KINGSLY

233.                       NKAFU KINGSLY

234.                       Cydya Williams

235.                       Pascal Rwema Muhamahoro

236.                       Ngwali Haji Makame

237.                       Remaz Mohamed Hussein Hammad

238.                       ntwari sadiki edwin

239.                       ntwari sadiki edwin

240.                       Araoye

241.                       Sinzinkayo Emmanuel

242.                       NDAGIWENIMANA sylvain

243.                       ngabonziza cedric

244.                       Elyas Abdi Issa

245.                       MAINGA MACHARIA COLLINS

246.                       Eric Wouabo Wafo

247.                       MUNEZERO JEAN DE DIEU

248.                       AHMED MOHAMMED ABIED ABDALLA

249.                       Christine muthoni

250.                       Olimatou B.Manneh

251.                       Abrar Hamouda Omer Sha-Eldeen

252.                       Fredrick Omondi  Kasuku

253.                       Joseph Magak

254.                       Khendi Martin Misigo

255.                       BENOIT SIBOMANA

256.                       OMONDI MARTIN OWILAH

257.                       OYENIYI DAVID

258.                       Elias Samuel Unekwu

259.                       Fathia Hassan Moussa

260.                       Niwemugore Djamila

261.                       Daba Keita

262.                       John MANIRAKIZA

263.                       Samuel Nibo

264.                       Shehu Ibrahim Muhammad

265.                       MUCKTARR RASCHID

266.                       MUKASHYAKA Noella

267.                       Utuza Marie Pascaline

268.                       Alimatu Jalloh

269.                       Maniriho Sylvere

270.                       KOUADIO KOUAME ROLAND ANDRE

271.                       Gloria Frank Kasamala

272.                       Suzane William mollel

273.                       Ngwali Haji Makame

274.                       Dianarose kinyua

275.                       Ahmed Mohammed Abied

276.                       manirumva evariste

277.                       Valens Twizerimana

278.                       BENOIT SIBOMANA

279.                       Houssem Abida

280.                       CHIBUZO ROBINSON OKOYE

281.                       Christine Muthoni muchiri

282.                       Elyas Abdi Issa

283.                       Alphonse MBARUSHIMANA

284.                       Nijimbere Tychique

285.                       Silwal Magak

286.                       francis joram ntakije

287.                       GEORGE MULINGI MUGABE

288.                       BARINZI J. M. Vianney

289.                       NDIZERA Vedaste

290.                       Kabiru Mukhtar

291.                       Mclarence Shungu Mandaza

292.                       Kabanda Umar

293.                       Richard EKODEU

294.                       BWISELELO Abedi

295.                       Tagwa gassem Hussin

296.                       maaza alzaki

297.                       Noowe Johnson

298.                       Mathias Wesamba Wafula

299.                       GANDONOU Noudéhouénou Marcellin

300.                       Ebabu Chekole Mengistu

301.                       Fikre germa

302.                       Abebe Fentahun Misiker

303.                       SAKAH Bernard NSAIDZEDZE

304.                       Vincent NKUNDABARAMYE

305.                       TUMURAMYE DENIS

306.                       SUGIRA NGABO GUSTAVE

307.                       pastor. joseph okidi

308.                       PALE SASSAN ANICET

309.                       Peter Samson Peter

310.                       Oyekunle Oluwayemisi Adebola

311.                       Peter Asare-Nuamah

312.                       Oluwatobi Oriyomi Raji

313.                       Amare Berhanu Altaseb

314.                       Traore Yacouba

315.                       ARINITWE RICHARD

316.                       Cwayita Swana

317.                       Nkosikhona Welcome Mpungose

318.                       Koudougou Kiswendsida Stanislas

319.                       Kopedi Alfred Ntabane

320.                       MIZERO Kévin

321.                       SISAY ABEBE

322.                       Okidi Joseph

323.                       Amb. Anas Sanusi Gusau

324.                       Muhammad Sagir

325.                       Hon. Nasir Babata

326.                       Aliyu Ibrahim Gadanga

327.                       Muhammad Abubakar Ladan

328.                       Abubakar Silame

329.                       Bala Kiga

330.                       Hon. Sanusi Sarki

331.                       Dr. Saad Ismail

332.                       Muhammad Kabir Husainj

333.                       Gambo Irmiya*

334.                       Hordofa Zekeria Sherif

335.                       KLA Gosso Olivier


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