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AUSC President's Office with other Pan-Africanists are in deep struggle to accept the departing of our Brother Bankie F. Bankie,Brother Bankie F. Bankie is no more,06 August 2017 in Windhoek, NAMIBIA

AUSC President's Office with other Pan-Africanists are in deep struggle to accept the departing of our Brother Bankie F. Bankie,Brother Bankie F. Bankie is no more,06 August 2017 in Windhoek, NAMIBIA, Rest in Peace Dear Brother Bankie F. Bankie.

Shared from Himuvi Mbingeneeko:

Greetings Fellow Pan-Afrikanists on this progressive platform.
It is with sad heart that I am sharing the information on the passing on of my mentor, Brother Bankie F. Bankie.

One of the sterling advocates of Afrikan unity and solidarity is no more. He join the ancestors on 06 August 2017 in Windhoek, NAMIBIA. Brother Bankie is originally from Ghana but settled in Namibia since our independence in the 1990s. By googling his name one can surely get some of his writings and teachings on internet. Go well my Mentor, Go well the Great Pan-Afrikanist.

Himuvi Mbingeneeko
Windhoek, NAMIBIA


Afrika and Diaspora Institute:
Greetings Himuvi Mbingeneeko

It is with deep sadness we received the content of your e-mail. Our condolences to Brother Bankie’s family.

Bankie F. Bankie had been a friend and colleague of myself and our Organisation. Our regular e-mail communications, telephone conversation and meeting with him in London recently, in addition to our receiving regular research dispatches from his work as the  Founding Director of the Pan-African Institute for the Study of African Society (PAISAS), based in Windhoek, Namibia, since 2015. These gave no indication that he was ill.

Our work with Bankie was an inspiration. His focus, sincerity, generocity and deep commitment to Our Afrikan Cause were undeniable. His work in South Sudan is legendary.

May his Essence rest  in peace and  may the Ancestors receive him with delight and satisfaction, in that Brother Bankie had done his work well. And we hope that his re-placement is already working with us, taking the Pan Afrikan baton faster and farther, as we journey collectively to the final stage of that Journey – Afrikan Unity in Diversity, thus ensuring that Bankie F. Bankie and other nameless ones, who gone on to Our Ancestors before us, had not worked in vain.

Thank you Bankie for shouldering part of our load while you were with us in person. What is certain, if we were born, we will die. What makes the difference is our positive contributions to the service of Humanity, while we live. The evidence is clear, your contributions add to the legacy of Our Afrikan Inheritance.

Until we meet again, travel well.

Dr Vince Hines


The Vince Hines Foundation/Afrika and Diaspora Institute and The SWEP Collective

Baba Buntu
Executive Director
eBukhosini Solutions

I have rarely met, learned from and actively interacted with someone as practical as Elder Bankie F Bankie. His absolutism about Pan-Afrikan progress, ideological accuracy and revolutionary commitment was not only reflected in his speech and writing, but in every pore of his life. He was a huge provocation and upsetment to anyone who adores talking nonsense, pretending to be an activist and falsely projecting Afrikan progress. 

His undying commitment to Afrikan Youth was unquestionable and a HUGE challenge to "arrogant Pan-Africademics" who like to put youth at the back and reserve frontseats for themselves only. To Brother Bankie, young Afrikans belonged in front. Always. Also, his awakened analysis and positioning himself as a recurring alarm-system for Arab-led enslavement, anti-Black terrorism and Arabization was important beyond what many lenient Afrikans could comprehend.   
Many experienced his "rough" and non-negotiable stubbornness, but if you took time to study where that came from, the source was his impatience with our collective non-progress. Brother Bankie had no time for chatting, chilling and celebrating. His stance was no-rest, no-sleep, no-fear.

His passing is a HUGE loss to Afrikan Progress. Warrior Bankie was a Ph"DO" (rather than a PhD....) - an ultra-practical Pan-Afrikanist, having completely internalised the struggle and living an Afrikan urgency day and night. 

On behalf of eBukhosini Solutions in Johannesburg, myself and all entities I have engaged closely with him through, we want to say RISE IN POWER to our departed Brother, Elder, Father, Friend and Progressive Force. May his spirit continue to live through those of us who are still fearless, faithful and militant in our dedication to Afrikan Freedom. 

May his Ancestral Soul visit us relentlessly, trouble us, wake us up, challenge us, irritate us and PUSH us as hard as necessary - to continue the work that must be done. By ANY means necessary.

Peaceful Journey, Beloved Brother and Friend. 
The struggle does - INDEED - continue.
Your life was not in vain.
We'll take it from here.


Baba Buntu
Executive Director
eBukhosini Solutions

Afrikan Salutations, BABA BUNTU
Executive Director

My Skype: baba.buntu

Abdoulaye Bathily 
À galant , fearless and dedicated fighter for the noble ideals of Panafricanism has fallen . Bankie will remain with us in the struggle for independence  . Unity and prosperity of our beloved Continent ! 
Abdoulaye Bathily

M. Jalal Hashim
Dear Baba Buntu and all, I still find it very difficult to comprehend the fact that Bankie F. Bankie is no more with us living in flesh on this earth. There are some people you grow up believing without being aware of it that they are immortal. Once they pass away, things stop from being the same things you used to know; the world stops from being the same world. This is how I am feeling since our brother and friend Glenroy Watson broke out to me the sad news.

What can we say! Denying it? Bankie hated nothing more than living in denial of life facts. There is nothing that we can do better than keeping his torch aflame and pursuing the same ends and goals he spent his honourable life fighting to either fulfil or to eradicate. Bankie fought his honourable wars on two sides, on one side to make ends meet, such as the welfare of all black Africans; on the other side, to stop certain things, such as racism, from existing.

Hereby, I call upon you all: let us write about him and try to collect all his written materials he had sent us so as to see the possibility of compiling them in a book.

Further, let us all think of a way to annually commemorate his honourable life and departure.

All remain well. 

Mavis G. Biekman
It is always sad to share these kind of information, especially when it concerns someone who was an activist, warrior, revolutionist, a leader, with the aim to create awareness and concsiousness on his people, but also an empowerer for the youth!
It is also sad that people who are valuable for  the society live shorter than those people who are sowing destruction within civilization/societies and havoc in countries worldwide, or in their own backyard!
Brother Bankie has set an example for African societies, and I hope that they, especially youth, will follow his footsteps to bring the necessary CHANGE!!!!!
I wish his family, friends, fellow activists/warriors, you Baba and friends strength to carry this loss!!!
As you said Baba, MAY HE REST IN POWER!!!!

Professor Mammo Muchie
please read on our brother Bankie.. still deeply hurt he passed away.. there was a lot he would have contributed..
in deep grief  to a true brother I was lucky to have always truthful and honest advice

Samba Buri Mboup
Brother Jalal,
I wonder whether you still remember me, after such a long time after we met at UNISA, during the November 2009 Sudan Studies Conference?
I have just suggested on WhatsApp to, amongst others, look into the initiative of a Pan-African Leadership Development Institute in Juba, once discussed with Dr John Gai N Yoh, Minister P. Adwok Nyaba, Prof. S Gutto and others.
I don't even know whether the Institute was eventually established; but I think that it would be great to create it and name it after Brother Bankie.
What do you think?
If you agree with the idea, you then could, perhaps, look into that?

Best regards,
Samba Buri Mboup
(Cel./WhatsApp: +221 77 640 5023 / Skype: babasambamboup)

RIP Dear Brother Bankie F. Bankie
Approved by 
H.E Iraguha Bandora Yves
President and Founder
African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve"



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