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AUSC Presidency's announces the success of the 7th AFRICANA POST-GRADUATE ACADEMY (AGPA),17 August 2017,South Africa.

AUSC Presidency's announces the success of the 7th AFRICANA POST-GRADUATE ACADEMY (AGPA),17 August 2017,South Africa.
 AUSC Presidency's announces the success of the 7th AFRICANA POST-GRADUATE ACADEMY (AGPA),17 August 2017, South Africa.
The 7th AGPA Organizers and special guests on the Group Photo, happy for success of the 7th Africana Post-Graduate Academy (AGPA) At the Business School TUT, August 17th, 2017.
 The 7th Africana Post-Graduate Academy was held on August 17, 2017. The postgraduate students came from all the human, social, natural and engineering sciences. The lectures started with Prof. Mammo Muchie  strongly arguing why in countries like South Africa there is a need to establish a continuous researching and learning process with the establishment and inclusion of all universities in South Africa through consolidating , resourcing and activating the Africana post-Graduate Academy(AGPA). It is the best way to create an avenue for creating high quality and inspired graduates by removing any supervision deficit in all the universities both in South Africa and in much of the rest of Africa.

The lecture started   by analyzing and critically reviewing the different approaches of cognition of science and knowledge. Dr. Diran started with the journey of discovering the different ways of knowing and researching. He critically  and reflectively  presented on ontology, epistemology, axiology, pragmatism,  positivism,constructivism, normativism, interpretivism,  by relating these concepts  with contextual considerations such as experience, ,  reason, thoughts, beliefs, fears, imagination, revelation and a variety of  variables that continue to   influence  how researchers embark on the journey of discovering  the relevant ways of knowing.  The students fully responded with total engagement   demonstrating in the process to all of us very insightful questions and feedbacks.

The second lecture was delivered by Dr. Geci. It was truly a very    moving account of the personal journey on how she completed her doctorate by starting in TUT and finally completing her thesis in Wits University. She brought out incredibly touching accounts of how a journey to a doctorate research is not easy; but no matter how much obstacles and zigzags the researcher faces on the way everything can be overcome. In her own case she worked on an original research of applying innovation to the township transformation in Gauteng province and revealed how her translator whom her supervisor also met during her field work time sadly got murdered whilst he continued to do the work of translation with   another researcher after he finished with hers. There were amazing accounts she openly and frankly explained her difficult journey she successfully has overcome. Her presentation truly moved all the students.

After her presentation the opportunity was open on how to undertake research using quantitative and qualitative research methods. What came out clearly is how both methods have their strength and weaknesses and what was truly fascinating was the unstoppable response that the presentations generated by inspiring the students. Dr. Mulatu did an excellent presentation on quantitative methods, and Dr. Shambere was represented by a scholar who delivered so ably on the qualitative research methods. It emerged what we achieve in terms of knowledge creation with quantitative or qualitative research methods have their own limitations that require proper recognition.

After lunch we had two critically important presentations on how to publish in highly rated and high impact factor journals. Prof. Sunday Ojo did amazing research that stimulated all the students. Prof. Mammo Muchie complemented his presentation.

Most of the students that joined the APGA were at the stage of writing research proposals, and as I luckily as a matter of coincidence the series of the day’s lectures they were exposed to by APGA was timely and relevant. They all wrote feedback where they found the day very educational and productive. They would like to even establish a google group for APGA and continue actively to have the opportunity to run APGA more regularly. Their feedback was fully inspiring. We had students coming all the way from Namibia participating in the 7th AGPA.

Overall the 7th APGA was a great success. All the power point presentations will be uploaded on the SARChI website (www.sarchi-steid.org.za)

Honorable Professor Mammo Muchie, The AUSC Presidency's Special Advisor For African Union Focal Point delivered the special Opening Remarks to the 7th AGPA.
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The keynote speech abstract and a short bio is uploaded in the website.
Important note to Read concerning the 1st All Afrikana First Youth Congress to take place in Kigali-Rwanda-East Africa.

Motivation note to the AUSC President and Founder from the AUSC President's Special Advisor for African Union Focal Point :
My Dear dynamic  President,
Keep on doing this great work.
Please let us discuss how to frame an excllent and productive programme
Be good we discuss
Please connect with me on what is up and viber
On my usual telephone number.
Remain blessed and keep doing the great work
With My Warmest brotherly Regards Ever,



Dear special invitees, the earth has multiple opportunities reserved for you including the prepared 1st All Afrikana First Youth Congress (1st AAFYC 2017) in which today you are invited with special invitation to attend and participate in this 1stAUSC annual congress. The 1st All Afrikana First Youth Congress (1st AAFYC 2017) is the historical 1st congress organized by the African Union Students’ Council (AUSC)”For The Better Africa We Deserve” to take place at Kigali Hilltop Hotel in Kigali-Rwanda-East African Community from October 15th to 18th , 2017. The congress was innovated from the AUSC President’s Office by Honorable Professor MAMMO Muchie the AUSC Presidency’s Special Advisor For The African Union Focal Point, and the idea was generated during the 6th Commonwealth Summer School in August 2016 which was organized by the Association of the Commonwealth Universities(ACU) at the University of Rwanda in Kigali-Rwanda. The purpose of the congress was to bring together all appointed leaders of AUSC from across the continent of Africa and from African Diaspora and involved other Youth interested in the Pan-African Movement in order to seat dawn to discuss important issues that hindered the successful  building of the better Africa we deserve as young generation in past years  in order to find research based and experience based solutions that will be driving the youth today in shaping the better Africa We all Deserve both old and young generations of today  as deserving our next Generations on this Continent of AFRIKA.
The congress will be held in four consecutive days in which the 1st Day on 15th October 2017 is reserved for congress delegates’ logistics related affairs that include arrival in Kigali, accreditation and registration for accommodation and related fees payments to be followed by an organized culture night show. The 2nd Day on 16th October 2017, delegates will follow the scientific conference in parallel sessions with set panels and key notes addressing by different invitees and guest of Honor Opening Remarks. The 3rd Day on 17th October 2017, delegates in before noon will follow the Congress in parallel sessions designed with different round table meetings by different participating organizations and institutions , group discussions guided by different speakers, and  the 1st AUSC General assembly designed for AUSC International Committee 2016-2017 which will be involving all physically present and Online participating AUSC Leaders and Advisors; And in the afternoon there will be an  Official Closure of the congress with public speakers delivering summaries of outcomes of all activities conducted in two days followed by closing remarks. The 4th which is the last Day of the congress on 18th October 2017 will be reserved for departure in afternoon; while the whole before noon will be reserved for planned parallel groups Kigali tours visits to different selected four important places including the GISOZI Memorial Site for the 1994 Genocide against TUTSI, Kigali Economic Zone, Presidential Palace and Kigali Convention Center. There will be four possible self-paid individual organized sightseeing across the country to different preferred four important places including visiting Gorillas in Virunga Volcanoes National park, CANOPI Bridge of Nyungwe National Park, Helicopter tour of Akagera National Park for Lions, Elephants, and Crocodiles in Ihema Lake, Zebras and Lake Kivu Methane Gas extraction Site. The fundamental requirements to participate in this International congress includes self-sponsored round trip airfares and Visa Payment to enter in RWANDA, while fees for individual conference materials, accommodation, local transportation, meals and planned parallel groups Kigali Tours Visits are included in the registration fees that must be paid on arrival at the Congress logistics committee desk at the Hotel, Kigali Hilltop Hotel.
Registration fee is $250.00USD for all Rwandan National Students delegates, all AUSC Leaders and all AUSC advisors all.  However registration fee changes to $400.00USD for all International Students and Rwandan National Professionals who are not AUSC Leaders. International Professionals delegates and partners pay $800.00USD to register for the whole congress.
For more information on the preparation of your Travel, arrival, VIP Hotel Booking for special Accommodations and Registration Fees Payment, you are allowed to contact the congress logistics committee via AUSC International Communication Office from October 1st, 2017 on e-mail: ausc.communication.office@gmail.com, telephone: +250781464604, while important updates will be published on 1st AAFYC 2017 delegates what Sapp group of all delegates :joined via +250736196204 and to the AUSC International Website: www.africanunionsc.org

For more information on AUSC International Action Plan 2016-2019, you can contact the office of the AUSC President and Founder on e-mail: ausc.president.office@gmail.com, Telephone: +250787384244, or on what Sapp: +250736196204.
Warm welcome to the cleanest African City Kigali in a country of a thousand hills RWANDA.

2)  Registration Fees and Sponsorship transfer:

We are very much thankful for your interest in receiving the full information  regarding registration fees transfer in order to participate in the 1st All Afrikana First Youth Congress In Kigali-Rwanda from October 15th to October 18th, 2017.

Account Number: 0010093812905901 in ECOBANK-RWANDA.
Ecobank Rwanda Swift Code : ECOCRWRW
Join other delegates on whatsapp group to easily access your invitation and get your registration fees sracture; You will be added after writing to the administrator's Whatsapp number :+250736196204.

You can contribute at least USD 1.000.00 to fund-raise  at Least USD 100.000.00 to support the students delegates and whole 1st All Afrikana First Youth Congress: http://www.africanunionsc.org/p/our-galerry.html

3) CONTACT US from the AUSC HQs.

AUSC President and Founder: 
E-mail: ausc.president.office@gmail.com  
And E-mail: rnsso.representative@gmail.com
Tel&Whatsapp: +250736196204

AUSC  International Communication officer
Honorable Mr RUTAYISIRE Francois Xavier 
and E-mail: rutayisirefx@gmail.com
Call or Whatsapp on +250722198296

AUSC International executive secretary
Honorable Mr NIYONSENGA Norbert  
E-mail: ausc.communication.office@gmail.com
and E-mail:  ausc.executivesecretary.po@gmail.com 
Call or Whatsapp: +250784048478

Special Invitation from the Office of AUSC President  and Founder for 1st AUSC International General Assembly during the 1st AAFYC 2017 in Kigali-Rwanda.

Dear all,
We are calling for any AUSC appointed Leader ,advisor , online fan ,observer or friend  who needs fundraising and Invitation letter to physically attend and participate in the 1st AUSC Generation Assembly during the 1st AUSC Congress (1st All Afrikana First Youth Congress in Kigali-Rwanda October 15th to 18th ,2017) ,Please send here (ausc.communication.office@gmail.com): your Names as appears on your International passport or National Identity Card for East African Community delegates, Your Email, Your Country of Residence , the proposed amount of money in USD to cover your Transport to Kigali-Rwanda from Your home and back to your Country/Area of Residency, include the function in our/Your Organization or Institution .

Check online if you are on the list :http://www.africanunionsc.org/2016/10/call-for-abstracts-7th-african-unity.html
If you are not on the list above,You can register on the link below till October 10th, 2017; 11:59' p.m. GMT:
We are very much thankful for your interest in receiving the full information  regarding registration fees transfer in order to participate in the 1st All Afrikana First Youth Congress In Kigali-Rwanda from October 15th to October 18th, 2017.

Account Number: 0010093812905901 in ECOBANK-RWANDA.
Ecobank Rwanda Swift Code : ECOCRWRW

Join other 1st AAFYC 2017 delegates on whatsapp group to easily access your printable individual and invitation, Fundraising Recommendation Letter and get your registration fees sracture.

You will be added after writing to the administrator's Whatsapp number :+250736196204.

Welcome to Kigali-Rwanda

Please keep sharing this invitation.

Best regards.
AUSC President and Founder.


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