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African Union Students' Counci l(AUSC) President and Founder H.E IRAGUHA BANDORA Yves ,is now following the SEM&BANKING AFRICA FORUM 2017 for unlocking the potential of African Businesses:13th-15th November2017 Kigali-Rwanda.Kigali Convention Center(KCC).All AUSC Leaders attend For Free. Shared by AUSC President and Founder's Office ,Kigali, November 13th, 2017

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Congratulations for successful African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve" for having been  invited by the Organizers of the SEM&BANKING AFRICA FORUM 2017 for unlocking the potential  of African  Businesses.
The below is the message with enthusiasm to involve Youth of Africa and particularly Academic Youth in Africa including Leaders of African Union Students' Council (AUSC) President and Founder,
African Union Students' Council l(AUSC) President and Founder H.E IRAGUHA BANDORA Yves ,is now  following the SEM&BANKING AFRICA FORUM 2017 for unlocking the potential  of African  Businesses:13th-15th November2017 Kigali-Rwanda.Kigali Convention Center.All AUSC Leaders attend For Free.
African Union Students' Council(AUSC)  exhibited the AUSC  International Action Plan 2016-2019 which has in its broad activities the creation of the 1st African Youth Bank called African Students' International Development Bank(ASIDB), from the African Students' International Development Fund(ASIDF) , also with a special Board to promote Education in Africa to  meet African Youth to access Education Loans for long term reimbursements named International African Students' Education Loan Board(IASELB), and the broad International News letters and Media Board for Youth to promote their Start Ups businesses and Activities aimed to make their Life change better to build a better Africa We all Deserve , the AFRICA WE WANT, the board is named African Students' International News Letters and Media Board(ASINMB) and The great Political based African Youth Platform and Analysis Board that is names African Students' International Critical Thinkers' Board(ASICTB).
H.E IRAGUHA BANDORA Yves has called all participants and Key Speakers to the SEM&BANKING AFRICA FORUM 2017 for unlocking the potential  of African  Businesses:13th-15th November2017 Kigali-Rwanda.Kigali Convention Center to participate in realization of the above Continental Economic Development based Initiatives up taken by African Youth in Academic Area,  in order to promote new Entrepreneurship and businesses  Ideas,  Innovations for new Job Creations in Africa by its Proper Youth , and All AUSC Leaders were granted to attend in this conference  For Free  of charge.
AUSC International Communication Office  have been advertising for this very interesting important conference, where the aim is to create more jobs from Africans to create Jobs will involve innovating new Entrepreneurship and bussiness Ideas , involving Youth who are the most effective energetic population of our beloved continent of AFRICA.

We therefore need to hear from all African Young Entrepreneurs and Innovators bringing their opinions in the contribution of this Champion .
 Therefore, African Union Students' Council (AUSC) Leaders are called to join this conference in three days at Kigali Convention Center , and follow the new sets ways to create jobs.

AUSC has made a lot on contributing to this champion during the Africa Talks Jobs(ATJ) in Ethiopia organized with the Cooperation of African Union Commission AU and European Union with Germany specifically with (GIZ). 

Organizers of the SME & BANKING AFRICA FORUM 2017 had faver to  All willing Youth Entrepreneurs to be part of this great conference for free of charge as AUSC Leaders and Other willing members all.


Recognized like the engine of the African growth and principal vector of job creation, the African companies, in particular SME, account for 90% of the private companies. They must have a favourable environment and innovating policies to accelerate their development.
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Hello H.E  Iraguha Bandora Yves President and Founder African Union Students' Council (AUSC)"For The Better Africa We Deserve"

Entrepreneurial Solutions Partners (ESPartners) has partnered with the SME & Banking Africa Forum to launch “La Finance s’Engage” Rwanda edition at this years SME & Banking Africa Forum.

The first edition for La Finance s’Engage raised a commitment of USD 2 billion for the Cote d’Ivoire SME sector.

The Rwanda edition will be launched at the forum which is being held on the 13 – 15 of November 2017 at the Kigali Convention Center, Rwanda.

Registration to attend the forum is open. Click here to register. Do not miss out on this critical forum for SME’s in Africa.

 "One in 5 SME's who have attended the forum have received funding as a result of the connections they have made. Compare this result to the struggle SME's face using traditional methods, and you will understand why our partners are true SME champions. La Finance S’Engage is opening up even more funding possibilities for the SME sector." Didier Acouetey, President and Founder of the AfricSearch Group | Forum Partners 

Who will be there?

SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) in Africa who need to:-

  • meet banks, investment fund, guarantee funds, and other financiers who specialize in SME development;

  • reach new markets by meeting other SMEs in Africa and large companies in search of partners SME;

  • increase their knowledge & skill in vital subjects & issues that are imperative to their success through expert led master classes.

Financial Institutions and Investors attend to:-

  • meet African SMEs in full growth and in search of financing to accelerate their development;

  • present their innovative SME financing products;

  • benefit from training and connecting with SME's on the most recent financing instruments

  • better understand of the SME markets in order to analyze the risk and the suitability of financing. 

The forum has become a pivotal stepping-stone for many SME's in Africa seeking funding as well as increased knowledge on topics that have a direct impact on their commercial success & survival in the forum's masterclasses.

Register today

Click here to register.

View this year's program here.

Find discounts on hotels & airline tickets through the forum's website too.


We will be very pleased to welcome you to this 4th edition of the SME & BANKING Africa Forum starting this Monday, 13th November at the Kigali Convention Centre. 
We have been preparing for this event with the goal of making your experience at the forum as effective and pleasant as possible. 
Registration will open on Monday at 7:30 AM and delegates will be seated in the conference room by 8:45 AM in order to start on time.
Kindly find attached the latest version of the Programme of the conference.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the forum.

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AUSC Calls to Attend a conference in Kigali-Rwanda:Update: More funding for SME's at the SME & Africa Banking Forum


You can follow the activities of this conference online from :

And get more assistance to join from: 
SME & BANKING Africa Forum :

SME & Banking Forum 2017:

Best Regards.

AUSC President and Founder's Office.



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