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Welcome to the Official page of Medical Care Center For Excellence in Kigali-Rwanda.

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Welcome to the Medical Care Center For Excellence in Kigali-Rwanda.
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Medical Care Center For Excellence in Kigali-Rwanda was founded on Monday 18th December , 2017 by H.E Dr. IRAGUHA BANDORA Yves, MD,BScMedSurg(Hons), BScN(Hons),RN..

After seeing the gap existing in provision of health care professional expertise , consultancy and accountable ethical medical and surgical care delivery to the community in our surroundings, there has come an idea to create the first ever health  care Professional Company  named Medical Care Center For excellence with below detailed vision , mission, objectives and values using a methodological approach that maintains international health professionalism and ethical consideration of client  Centered care delivery  to operate on clients who present with  existing conditions and diseases worldwide.
I.                    The Company name:  Medical Care Center For Excellence (MCCE)”Rise and Shine”.
II.                  Full Address of the Office of the Company:  Nyarugunga Sector- KICUKIRO District
III.                P.O. Box: 6998 Kigali-RWANDA
IV.                Call: +250787384244
V.                  E-mail: mcce.information@gmail.com
VI.                Website: www.mcce.life
VII.              Names of Managing Director: H.E Dr. IRAGUHA BANDORA Yves, MD,BScMedSurg(Hons), BScN(Hons),RN.
VIII.            Names of Founder: H.E Dr. IRAGUHA BANDORA Yves, MD,BScMedSurg(Hons), BScN(Hons),RN.

I.                    Vision:  To excel in running trustable and efficient medical care center for delivering Specialized Medical and Surgical Scientific, logistics and marketing expertise and consultancy  to our clients.

II.                  Mission: To indemnify preventable, curable and inhabitable life condition and diseases for maintaining a healthier community around the globe.

III.                Objectives:

1)      To Prevent Disease and Disabilities.

2)      To Promote Cure to Communicable and Non-communicable Disease.
3)      To Rehabilitate Post Traumatic, surgical, Medical and Natural Disasters affected Patients.
4)      To Provide Counseling and Group Therapy related to Psycho-Social Complaints.
5)      To provide advertisement and marketing space for Medico-surgical Services, Items and related maintenance.
6)      To provide trust-able and effective expertise and Consultancy related to Specialized Medical and Surgical Scientific, logistics and marketing Information.
7)      To provide Medico-Surgical mentor-ship and empowerment programs to our Clients.
8)      To conduct workshops, conferences and training In Medical Care Services Delivery.
9)      To bring opportunities to our clients on Health Sciences Education, research and Practice.
10)   To elaborate and establish Health care business policies for income generating services   .
11)   To promote innovation, creativity and Job creation.
12)   To maintain  originality , integrity  and dignity of Health care services delivery  and Professionalism inside Medical Care Center for Excellence (MCCE)”Rise and Shine”.
13)   To provide in Hospital and Home Patients Nursing and Medical care services.
14)   To work as Professional Commissionaires to provide Medical, Nursing and other Health Sciences Professionals Staffs.
15)   To provide ethical and forensic Medical and Nursing Services .
IV.                MCCE Values:
1)      Respect our clients
2)      Be Humble , true and trustable Health Care professional friends to our clients
3)      Always serve to prevent , cure and rehabilitate our Clients from Diseases and Disabilities
4)      Keep ethical  Health Care  professionalism
5)      Work on time and after time to excel in health care services delivery to our clients.
6)      Maintain Patriotism principals for maintaining clinical moral behavior to our clients.
V.                  Target Population; both gender considered:
1)      Pediatrics Clients.
2)      Adolescents and post-adolescent clients.
3)      Pregnant and post-menopausal clients.
4)      Elderly and Palliative care Clients.
5)      Both gender
VI.                Methodology on MCCE Client considerations:
1)      Individual Clients
Read more from MCCE website online:  http://www.mcce.life/2017/12/what-is-mcce.html


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