Tuesday, October 27, 2020

7th Day Sabbath Success of Jesus Christ Lord of Sabbath being revealed at His Second Coming on Tuesday October 15th,2024 at 1h59' a.m , over Climate Sunday Common Good Failure of Gay Jesuit SATAN's Pope Francis from Thursday October 15th, 2020. A Full 4 Years' Daily bases Sequential Battle between Almighty God's 7th Day Adventists Purified Remnant Church and SATAN's Roman Catholic New World Oder Global Church.Remember the 7th Day Sabbath to Keep It Holy.

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Vatican's Gay Pope is a Satanic agent of promoting Homosexuality&Universal disobedience of 4th God's Commandment-Keep 7th Day Sabbath Holy.Instead Working For Satan,Vatican is promoting Universal Sunday Law through Climate Change Paris Agreement in all Nations.Catholic Joe Biden'll sign It:February 7th,2021-USA ParisAgreement&join Laudato SI'237 National Climate Sunday Law;Jesus comes On15/10/2024@1:59'a.m!"

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