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New Application of the 2nd&4th Commandments of Almighty God for explaining this Final Last Generation preserved to face the Final Population Mass Extinction during the Outpouring of the 7 Last Plagues in the Year 2024.Jesus is coming on October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m.Please share.

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1.AUSC shares Application of the First 4 Commandments of Almighty God for explaining this Final Last Generation preserved to face the Final Population Mass Extinction during the Outpouring of the 7 Last Plagues in the Year 2024.Jesus is coming on October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m.Please share.

2.You are advised to firstly listen and watch download and share the below YouTube Videos which give You an explanation of the current Final and Last Generation for Your better understanding of the following Mathematical Calculations to reveal in which exact Year the Final Generation will be visited by Almighty God for one Group of 4th Last Generation of the 4 Last Generations perishing during the Falling of 7 Last Plagues while an other Group of 6000 Years of 150th Generation will be lifted up to meet Jesus Christ in Air and be rewarded, during the 7th Last Plague on His 2nd Coming on Tuesday-October 22nd, 2024 at 1:59' a.m:

1)Behold A Pale Horse And The Fourth Generation Witnessing Bible Prophecies. Jesus Is Coming!

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I.The Promises of Almighty God are true and unmistakable deserving full trust and faithful people testify them all as based on His Full 10 Commandments among which the Roman Catholic Church Papacy led and keep leading deceived people to partake with Satan to desecrating the 1st, 2nd , 3rd and 4th Commandments which implyin Love People have towards their Creator Almighty God in Heaven Leading to formation of two Groups of Different Generations at the End of Earth History one inheriting rewards from Adam and Seth dating from 6000 Years ago and other one inheriting punishment God Visitation and perdition in a 4 Generationally cycle for the last one delivered from deniers of Millerites' Advent and Great Awakening Movements which marked the End of 2300 Prophetic Days of Daniel 8:1-14 on October 22nd, 1844 up to the falling of the 7 Last Plagues in the Year 2024 during which the 7th Last Plague will mark the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ on Tuesday-October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m:

1.Almighty God's 1st,2nd, 3rd and 4th Commandments contain a prepared Punishment of people with disobediences at 4th Generation and a Prepared rewarding of people with obedience up to the thousands Generation. Exodus 20:1-11.

2. Almighty God reserved both punishment and rewarding at the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ during the 7 Last Plagues as He will come during the 7th Last Plague. Revelation 22:12-15.

3. When Jesus was born it was in the 4000 Years and it was recorded that on His Baptism also was in the 4000 Years and as well as when He was crucified in AD 31 there was during 4000 Years after the sin came to this Earth, it revealed that it was recorded for the whole Generation , this Generation which has to count full 40 Years therefore started in 9BC.

Therefore, 4000 Years :40 Years= 100th Generally Generation.

4. Almighty God reserved to put an end on the whole Earthly Satanic Deceptive Kingdom for the 6000 Years accomplishing Almighty God's Plan for Salvation, which count for 6000:40=150 Generations, and rewarding will be at the 150th Generation.

5. Punishment therefore will be at the 150th Generation but comprising the Last Earthly 4 Successive Generation, which means 4X40=160, 4thGeneration.

6.To find the exact Year of falling of 7Last Plague which will take place during the Last Final Generation will be obtained by having an intersection of both 150th Generation completed after 6000 Years and the 4th Generation which was born from the Parents who denied and rejected the William Miller's Great Awakening Massage which was given to prepare the whole world for the ending of prophetic 2300 Years in Daniel 8:1-14, on October 22/10/1844.

7. From22/10/1844+160 Years= 22/10/2004.

This Last 4 Generations that have the 4th Generation to be visited by Almighty God during the 7 Last Plagues, will be counted from 22/10/1844+40Years=22/10/2044.

8. Therefore from 100th Generation to the the 150th Generation to reward there is also the 4 Successive Generations to be punished, which means 150-4=146Generations remaining to understand the Year when the 4 Last Generation started to be calculated, and it help us to identify the beginning and end point of the generation that will be rewarded at the full completed 6000 Years, by taking 146th Generation-100th Generation= 46th Generation, 46 GenerationsX40 Years= 1840.

9. Therefore while at the 100th Generation, Jesus was born in the Year -9 B.C and Crucified in the Year 31 A.D, the 146th Generation will be counted from years -9+1840=1831 and Years 31+1840=1871, this will allow to add the 4 Generations counted for 160 Years, from 1831+160=1991, and 1871+160=2031.

10. It is now easier than calculating 1+1=2:2=1!, which will help to calculate the intersection of the two obtained Generational Croups, One for Rewarding at end of 6000 Years from 1991 to 2031, and an other for punishment from 22/10/2004 to 22/10/2044,

II. Finding Intersection of 150th Generation of 6000 Years for rewarding and 4 Last Generations' Final 4th Generation for punishment according to Exodus 20:5-6 and Revelation 22:12-15:

We are expected to find at least 6 ways to determine in which Year the two Generations are meet in their intersection Year by which all 7 Last Plagues will be outpoured according to Revelation 18:8" All Plagues of Babylon will fall in one Day, a Day for a Year in Ezekiel 4:6 and Numbers 14:34 explaing punishment coming for the 4th Generation of final Last 40 Years, while in 2 Peter 3:8 a Year for 1000 Years applied for the 4th Commandment to understand 6 Days of Labouring equivalent to 6000 Years when the 150th Generation who kept all commandments of Almighty God will be rewarded:

1st Intersection

Identifying the Limit of Almighty God's Plan of Salvation in 6000 Years becomes the principal Generation of people who will be rewarded at its 150th Generation of 40 Years ranging from 1991 to 2031, then from 22/10/2004 to 22/10/2044, today we are in the intersection of Year 2021, from 1991 to 2021 is finished 30 Years, and remains 10 Years to have the full 40 Years be completed in the Year 2031, and from 22/10/2004 up to now in 2021 it is finished 17 Years, and remains 23 Years for 40 Years to be completed in the Year 22/10/2044, which gives the way to obtained the sum of remaining Years for each Generation to calculate the middle Year, taking 40 Years from principal Generation of people who will be rewarded started from 1991 to 2031 adding the remaining 27 Years from 22/10/2004 to 2031, considering also 23 Years from 2021 to 22/10/2044 to complete 40 Years from 22/10/2004 for the Generation of people who will be punished, the intersection is obtained by adding rewarding Generation's 

40 Years + 27 Years=67, 

and the intersection will be counted by dividing 


it will be calculated taking 1991+33.5=2024.5,

which means 2024 and 6 Months marked as intersection Year of both two Final Generations.

2nd Way uses:

2044-2031=13 Years,

2044-2021=23 Years,

2044-2004=40 Years,


2031-2004=27 Years,


2004-1991=13 Years,

2021-1991=30 Years,

2021-2004=17 Years.

Taking the intersection from 2004 to 2021 of 17 Years, and from 2031 to 2044 of 13 Years, the intersection Year will be obtained from taking 

17 Years-13 Years=4 Years,

giving the 2021 involved in the 4 Years obtained, therefore it remains 2022, 2023, 2024,

to have four Years completed in the Year 2024,

 which marks the Intersection Year of 7 Last Plagues falling to punish people of the 4th Generation counted from 22/10/2004 expected to be completed on 22/10/2004 and cut short for 20 Years until 22/10/2024 ,while it will not be allowed to pass the principal Generation for rewarding that started in 1991 expected to finish in 2031 also which was cut short to meet the generation for punishment in the Year 2024 in June.

3rd way, from above Calculations

2031-2004=27 Years having crossed this current Year 2021 and from 2021-1991=30 Years ,  the Year of intersection is obtained from taking 30 Years-27 Years=3 Years, and from this Year 2021 not included adding,

 3 Years= 2021+3 Years=2024 ,

being the intersection Year of both Two Final Last Generations both 150th Generation and the 4th Generation revealing that the Rewarding will be during the 7th Last Plague in which will take place the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ in the Year 2024.

4th way, from above Calculations,

2031-2004=27 Years, and 2044-2021=23 Years, and 2044-2031=13 Years, and 2004-1991=13 Years,

27+13=40 Years,

23+13=36 Years, and 40 Years-36 Years=3 Years, then 2021+3 Years=2024,

which intersection Year of both two final Generations.

5th Way, from above Calculations,

2031-2004=27 Years, and 2044-2021=23 Years,

27 Years-23 Years=4 Years, including 2021 the intersection is 2021 adding 4 Years until the Year 2024.

6th Way, from above Calculations,

2044-2021=23 Years, and 2031-2021=10 Years, 23 Years+ 10 Years= 33 Years, then 1991+33 Years= 2024,

which is intersectional Year 2024 of both two final Generations.

7th Way, from above Calculations,

Determining the Year from which the 4 Last Generations will have to be counted is obtained by taking the Intersection Year 2024-160 Years=1864, the 4 Last Generations had to start from 1864!

From October 22nd, 1844+20 Year=22/10/1864, the Intersection of both Two final Generations at the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ will be exactly obtained by October 22nd, 1864+160 Years=22/10/2024 at rewarding will take palace on the Heavenly Canaan receiving Crowns of Gold, Palm Tree Leaves, Harps for gold and be welcomed in the Holy City. Having to ascend to Heaven requests taking 7 Full Journey Days, then 22/10/1014-7 Days=October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m!

I. Introduction 2:

1. This article contains the great message of today with AUSC wishing all Readers A Happy SABBATH Preparation Day:6000Years now at end ,ready to enter 7000 Years' 1000 Years Millenium of Almighty God's 7th Day COSMIC Week SABBATH on Tuesday October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m.Repent, Remember The 7th Day Sabbath To Keep It Holy.Published on Friday-June 11th, 2021 at 5:59' P.M.

2. The best way of helping others to prepare for their rest during the upcoming 1000 Years 7th Day COSMIC SABBATH All Readers to this Article are invited to keep sharing daily at least to 7 New Peoples this Link below: [ ].

II. Mathematics to calculate the year of the 8 Months and 2 Days period of Falling of 7 Last Plagues at the beginning of Almighty God's 7th Day COSMIC SABBATH from February 15th, 2024 to October 15th, 2024:

1. From Genesis 2:1-3 in the Holy Bible, the Term SABBATH was declared as a 7th Day on which the Creator of Universe the Almighty God Rested on after completing Six Days of daily Creation and blessed It and made it a Holy Day, therefore the declaration made by Almighty God was from then valued by God Fearing People across Generations to Generations until today on Friday-June 11th, 2021 at 5:59' P.M.

2. However in this article, the reader is invited to consider the Divine meaning of a Day of Rest in the Spiritual View by which it helps to understand the meaning of 1000 Years Heavenly COSMIC SABBATH that Almighty God is now preparing in this 11th Hour that started in the Year 2009 as it is going to begin very very soon at the 12th Hour in the Year 2024, while during the Almighty God's Cosmic SABBATH Rest that will be covering the whole Millennium stated in Revelation 20:1-15, there must be no Living Souls still Walking on this Earth while SATAN  will be forced to Rest jailed by Almighty God in orderfor SATAN as well to rest on the Cosmic SABBATH due to His Vagabondage, as a SABBATH means to Rest completely from Working and Walking to Stop Activities and Involve OneSelf in Worship to the Heavenly HOLY FATHER Alone, and SATAN has completely refused to Worship Peacefully Our Heavenly HOLY FATHER.

3. At the ending 11th Hour today on Friday-June 11th, 2021 it is the duty of Human Beings to Seek for Peaceful 7th Day Rest and Worship to the Heavenly HOLY FATHER before the 12th Hour Begins in the 2024.

4. Peaceful Worship to the Heavenly HOLY FATHER begins with fully Submission of Self to the complete Obedience to All 10 Commandments of Almighty God that were clearly stated in Exodus 20:1-17 from which the 2nd and 4th Commandments were deleted by the Roman Catholic Church Popes in Order to deceive many Individuals across Generations to Generations until today on Friday June 11th, 2021 with no hope for them to cease this deceptive Catechism teachings the Roman Catholic Church seeks to Bring the whole World in Resting on a False 1st Day Papal Sabbath which is not Biblical and which is a Sun god day for worshiping SATAN Himself on Sundays and it was mentioned by Jesuit Pope Francis laying that On Sundays people rest to have Sundays unit them and Heal their Relationship with Almighty God while this deceptive LaudatoSI:237' Paragraph brings condemnation to the whole entire Jesuit Antichrist Encyclical SATANIC Document( LaudatoSI') , even if it was welcomed by All Global Nations under a transformed Document entitled Paris Climate Agreement from which the United Nations (U.N) gained advantage from United States of America (USA) under President Joe Biden on January 20th, 2021 who signed it and elevated it on National Security Consideration on January 27th, 2021 aiming to turn it into a US National Sunday Law that He wants to make a Universal Sunday Rest by Law under its US Congress Registered Bill entitled the U.S Climate Act of 2021 and that is the Real SATANIC Agenda of the Jesuit Pope Francis of Enacting and Enforcing the U.S Climate Act of 2021 in All Nations from U.S.A Embassies Worldwide through USAID to monitor its implementation and evaluation for realizations even by Force and it comprises the Climate Sundays Lockdowns similar to previous Covid-19 Lockdowns and these are what the Holy Bible calls the Worshiping the Image of the Beast and receiving the Mark of the Beast and while accepting to be injected with Covid-19 Vaccines is equivalent to receiving the Number of the Beast which is 666 in Revelation 13:1-18.

5. In a consistent manner , Almighty God ordered Human beings to respect a 7 Days Weekly Circle through out Generations where at every 7th Day those human beings who consider honoring Almighty God as their best choice should have to rest and worship Almighty God on the 7th Day SABBATH to Keep it Holy, remembering that the Creator Rested on the same day, and in 6 Days We Labor and receiving blessings of obedience to the 10 Commandments of Almighty God in each and evey 7th Day Sabbath(Saturday) by Keeping It Holy as we were instructed by Almighty God.

6. It is the same way, in 2 Peter 3:8 and Psalms 90:4 , Almighty God revealed that 1 day for Him is considered to be equal again to 1000 Years, and the Cosmic Week therefore will be completed after 7000 Years while the 7th Day will be comprising full 1000 Years a Biblical Millennium stated in Revelation 20:1-15 in Which All Human beings who disobey 10 Commandments or any of the 10 Commandments will be put in a sleeping state during the upcoming 7 Last Plagues in the Year 2024 by which Jesus Christ will come in the 7th Last Plague on October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m and His Mighty Angel will Tie SATAN Jailing Him for 1000 Year to force Him to Rest the 7th Day Holy COSMIC SABBATH to prevent Him for continuing His Vagabondage and disturbances that Almighty God Could not Tolerate during His Cosmic 7th Day Holy SABBATH Resting and Worship , while All Saints from Adam's Son Abel who died and those of Us who keep today the 7th Day Holy SABBATH and who Obey All 10 Commandments of Almighty God Justified by Faith in Jesus Christ's Blood Alone We be lifted to meet Jesus Christ in Air and go to Rest the 7th Day COSMIC SABBATH in Heaven together with Jesus Christ Our  Lord of the 7th Day Holy SABBATH of Luke 6:1-5 from Tuesday-October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m until October 22nd, 3024 after 1000 Years COSMIC 7th Day Holy SABBATH of Our Almighty God the Creator of the Whole Universe of Our Holy FATHER in Heaven.

7. This decade which began in 2020 that was supposed to end in the Year 2030 will not be allowed to finish and it contains Two distinctive fianal Last Generations Groups of individuals of this world which are being forming themselves built on two different foundations in the Holy Bible from the 2nd and 4th Commandments , One Last Generation began in the Year 1991 and was expected to end in the Year 2031 after completing 40 Years and has its implementation of Divine Promised forgiveness to the Generations of 1000 Years Cycle repeatedly beginning from their Grandfather Adam and obeying the 4th Commandment of Almighty God of remembering the 7th Day SABBATH to Keep It Holy and inheriting this merciful forgiveness from the Promise Made by Almighty God in the 2nd Commandment of Exodus 20:4-6 by Almighty God and receiving blessings of obedience to be lifted to meet Jesus Christ in the Air in Revelation 22:12-17 during the 7th Last Plague , while the other Group is considered to receive the Mark of the Beast and will be killed by the 7 Last Plagues in Revelation 14:9-12 and Revelation 16:1-21 due to refusing to worship peaceful the True Sabbath of Almighty God and will be punishment according to the 2nd Commandment in the 4th Generation of their Fathers of iniquities dated from 1831 to 1871 in their 40 Years Period of existence that was marked by their denied acceptance to the William Miller's October 22nd, 1844 Prophecy Fulfilment of the End of 2300 Biblical Years on Daniel 8:1-14 and Daniel 9:1-27 and this group has it Final Generation that started on October 22nd, 2004 expecting to complete its 40 Years by October 22nd, 2044 which is impossible because it surpasses the upper limit of 6000 Years dedicated to be counted for 6 Days of Lobor of the COSMIC Week ending by 2031 and the intersection of the Years allowed for two last generations obtained from adding 40 Years allowed for the Last Faithful Generation and adding 27 Years possible for the sinful Last Generation makes 40+27=67 Years and intersection found by dividing 67 by 2 gave 67:2=33.5 and 33.5 Years being added to the Lower Limit of the Last Faithful Generation beginning from 1991+33.5=2024.5 and this Year of intersection 2024.5 is the determining Year in which all 7 Last Plagues will take place and it gives the derivatives of its interval in Days and Months by which all 7 Last Plagued will fall , by delivering 2024.5 from Years(X) to Months (Y) and finally to Days(Z), we obtained X=2024, and Y=0.5 Years which are equivalent to Y=6 Months and 6 Months are delivered to give 6:2=3Months and 3 Months are delivered to give 3:2=1.5 Months and 0.5 Months are delivered to give 15 Days, and the full interval of which 7 Last Plagues will be falling during the Year 2024 is given be adding 3 Months + 1 Month= +/-4 Months and +/-15 Days and on each side from Left to Right of 6 Months We obtain 15 Days and 4 Months interval  during the year 2024 ,which means on right side remove from 6 Months the 15 Days and 4 Months we obtain 6 Montsh- 15 Days and 4 Months and it gives 2 Months and 15 Days and it is written in Date as From February 15th, 2024 for the Lower Limit of the beginning of Falling of the 7 Last Plagues , and to find the Upper Limit we take the same median of 6 Months + 15 Days and 4 Months it Gives 10 Months and 15 Days and this is written in Date as Until October 15th, 2024 for the Upper Limit of the Finishing of Falling of the 7 Last Plagues; Making the whole interval in which the whole 7 Last Plagues will Fall from February 15th, 2024 until October 15th, 2024, with this simple mathematics used here as intersection 2024.5 obtained is verified by the previous calculated 1177 Principal Repetition Number which gave as well 1847 as a Year of 7th Day SABBATH Vision to Madam Ellen Gould While ordered to be disseminated to the whole Final 4 Generations on this Earth until the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ on Tuesday-October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m  and links it to the Isaiah 66:23-24 New Earth 7th Day Holy SABBATH in 3024 obtained by adding 1847+1177=3024 while considering the 1000 Years COSMO 7th Day Holy SABBATH the 3024 Years-1000 Years=2024Years which indicates the Year of the Beginning of the Almighty God's COSMIC SABBATH at the end of 11th Hour on October 21st, 2024 and the beginning of the 12th Hour on October 22nd, 2024 counted from October 22nd, 1844 after full interval of 180 Years of the 1 Atonement Day of full 12 Hours of Laboring stated in Matthew 20:1-16 and John 11:9-12 confirmed in Leviticus 16, 19, 23, and Daniel 7,8 and 12 after 1335 Days from February 7th, 2021. Happy 7th Day COSMIC SABBATH Preparation to You All Readers of this Small but 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message Proclaimed Article. Listen More About: LaudatoSI's Great Reset and Road To COP26.

III. Precalculations quoted from an Open Letter to All Present Truth Preachers by the President and Founder of African Union Students' Council (AUSC)" For The Better Africa We Deserve ":

AUSC has been working tirelessly with fixed days of prayers and fasting to submit petitions to the Throne of Our Almighty God in Heaven who Alone new and promised to communicate both the Day and Hour of The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ in the book of Madam Ellen Gould White entitled "The Early Writings" in the subject entitled "My First Vision" it is said that Almighty God will allow to be known the day and hour of The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ, and this was completed on October 22nd, 2019 through Dr. Iraguha Bandora Yves when I was Fasting for 40 Days , I had prepared my points to submit petition on to the Throne of Almighty God in Heaven ,one of these points, I asked Almighty God to allow me to know and understand The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ based in the Bible Prophesy of Daniel and John the Revelator, I prayed to ask Almighty God to fulfill His promise that in Daniel 12:7-13 People of the Last Days will be able to understand what will be the End of everything that Daniel was not permitted to know and when I realized that the Climate Change Movement is taking a very serious step forward to bring the final event in the drama which is enforcement of Sunday Rest and worship by Law it was in that regard I decided to submit that petition to request Almighty God to send me His Holy Spirit to guide me in His Proper Word the Holy Bible and Spirit of Prophecy on October 22nd, 2019 I prayed that prayer and believed Almighty God will answer in Jesus Christ Name, very soon , I headed in my mind a number 180 , I was reading the Book of Genesis on the account of the Noah's Whole Experience, Almighty God couldn't not bring flood without communicating to Noah the exact specific Time it will Happen, He was given 120 Years and I though 180 is a period by which Jesus Christ will not go beyond during His Administration in the Holiest Apartment of the Heavenly Sanctuary, since October 22nd, 1844, and Adding 180, this gave me October 22nd, 2024.

Reading the First Vision of Ellen Gould White in Her Book"Early Writings" and in the "Book of Heaven" and Jesus Christ's Prophet Daniel related instructions for the last 150th generation of Saints to make Our eyes kept opened in Matthew 24:1-51 in Mark 13:1-37 and in Luke 12:1-59 , I noticed 7 Days are required to journey from Earth to Heaven taken from end extremity of 1335 Days of Daniel 12:1-13 that will end on Tuesday-October 22nd, 2024, then taking 22days I subtracted 7 Days, this gave me October 15th, 2024 as the Day of The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ, and reading in the Book Heaven of Madam Ellen Gould White it revealed that Jesus Christ will Appear in a Midnight past time and I managed to calculate from Australia to Chicago USA the whole period of Midnight Hour transition which required to calculate the median Hour of transition from 00:00'-59' a.m, 01:00'-59' a.m, 02:00'-59' a.m, to 03:00'-59' it gave me 1:59' A.M.  

The transitional hour 1:59' a.m(From 01:00'-1:59') is found in an intersection of 4 distinctive Biblical timelines given in Mark 13:35, and 2 distinctive Biblical timelines given in Luke 12:38 and 1distinctive Biblical specific timeline given in Matthew 24:43, these 3 Verses from Mark 13, Luke 12 and Matthew 24 has intersection in Matthew 24:43, and it links Matthew 24:43 to the timeline between 1:00' to 1:59' a.m. 

According to Ellen Gould White(Book of Heavenspecifically given Hour 00:00' a.m and this links 00:00' to 01:59' a.m fixing the time to begin becoming eyes open at 00:00' a.m in order to don't miss Our  welcoming of Our Luke 6:5 Lord of The 7th Day Holy Sabbath Savior Jesus Christ  for the following 4 distinctive Biblical timelines given in Mark 13:35 for all True 7th Day Adventists of this Last Final 150th Generation in Matthew 24:34 and Mark 13:30 to meet Jesus Christ in Air  on Tuesday-October 15th, 2024 during the Hour of intersection timeline we have explained above (1distinctive Biblical specific timeline given in Matthew 24:43 at 1:59' a.m).
Click on this Blue Text Here to Find the Count Down Alarm Already Fixed to Ring for You on Tuesday- October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m.

This All proved promise above is enough for Me to thank Almighty God in Isaiah 6:1-13 Our Holy Father in Heaven that He has responded to My October 22nd, 2019 Fasting Prayers. Amen.

However, as a 7th Day Adventist, I hold back myself to not communicate that Mysterious Divine understanding of the number 180 Years, also I worked again on Daniel 9:27 , I submitted again the petition to ask more understanding of current application of the Final Last Week because at the End of that Week there must be falling down of 7 Last Plagues which did not fell during stoning of Stephen in 34A.D, I understood that the Prince said who had to destroy the sanctuary is the Pope who will reign during the 7 Last Plagues period and as I measured speed of setting up the abomination of desolation which I considered to be the Laudato SI'237' signing in USA and I was praying for more understanding on that issue for our time application of Daniel 9:27 and the 2nd Beast Joe Biden became an evidence of a final Killer Ruler who had to come in the midst of this week, He came on January 20th, 2021, and this was supporting the idea I had before to link the Last week with the Great  Apostasy of the General Conference of SDA which calmed itself on the Names of Pastors and Elders and Leaders in its Different worldwide institutions including National Conferences who attended and signed A Reforming Catholic Confession on October 31st, 2017 I understood that was to reject the 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message  then a very deep Apostasy was linking the Prophecy of Apostle Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-7 for me this was the beginning of the Final Week from October 31st, 2017 to October 31st, 2024, again the Year 2024 was fixed in my mind as the Year of the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ.

Again, I was still shy to publicly announce the date of The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ until I had to become very sure Spiritual and Mathematically, I continued to submit more petitions to Almighty God through the whole Period of 40 Days of Fasting until October 31st, 2019 where at Least I was given an other assistance of understanding current application of Daniel 12:12-13 which said it will require Daniel who currently represent the Remnant like I was praying for that regard , to have to wait until the end of 1335 Days when Daniel will be resurrected and stand in His Position to receive His Rewards and while Holy Spirit guided me, He reminded me that during the calculation of William Miller from King Clovis of French 508 to 1843 for 1335 Years the Years Ended but Daniel was not yet resurrected which opened my mid that Daniel still will be resurrected after a certain period of 1335 Days not 1335 Years Again because Ellen Gould White strongly discouraged an other attempt to submit the long prophetic period in the Future as that could mislead the World to understand the beginning of the Judgement on October 22nd, 1844 which was obtained by using these sequential 1260 Years from 538 during Justinian Emperor, 1290 Years also on the same account and 1335 Days from King Clovis of French all Helped our SDA Pioneers to trust and continue the waiting of The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ on October 22nd, 1844 which was as well fixed as the Ending point of 2300 Years of Daniel 8:1-14 ,very exceptionally Daniel who was not resurrected still has to be resurrected  and receive His rewards after 1335 Days from a certain point in Daniel 12:11 when the Abomination of desolation will be fixed, I submitted more petitions to be given again more understanding on the starting point to calculate these final 1335 Days not Years, And linking the ends of both Last Week on October 31st, 2024 and End of 1335 Days which is equivalent to 15Days 8 Months and 3 Years , the two ends linked in calculation were used to fix the midst of the Last Week  prophetically where the Daniel 12:11 had to become specifically counted for 1260 Days not Years, 1290 Days not Years, 1335 Days not Years as they are required to have the Holy Bible apply its truth in our current period in an other application where the calculation resulted on having the Final Week divided into Two segments One from October 31st,2017 to February 7th, 2021 and an other from February 8th, 2024 until October 22nd, 2024, where adding 1335 Days which is 15Days8Months3Years to February 7th, 2021 resulted on October 22nd, 2024 and I thanked Almighty God as Daniel Who will be resurrected on October 15th, 2024 journeying together we will be given Harps of Gold and Palms of Victory and Crowns on the Gates of Heavenly Canaan together after 7 Days on October 22nd, 2024 without any doubt I was therefore going to be able to begin to announce the date and the hour of The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ, but I still had to submit more petitions to Almighty God through Prayers and Fasting until I was given an other Holy Spirit assistance to discover a Principal Repetition Number(PRN) 1177 and a little bit before I discovered this PRN 1177 in November 2019 I had to announce the day and hour of  The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ to my Mother at Home and to some few other SDAs feared to be punished by Almighty God due to continued resistance to have faith in the given understanding of the day and hour of The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ following a lesson I was given by the Holy Spirit while I was given to read of a punishment given to Ellen Harmon of 24 Hours becoming unable to speak due to Her complained resistance to have faith on the visions She received doubting that it was not given from Jesus Christ story in the Early Writings She ended up by spending full 24 Hours unable to talk and had to write on blackboard 50 Biblical Verses given during that 24 Hours Punishment and after recovering Her Speaking Ability She was determined to never again mistrust the Holy Spirit Guide She was given and was openly assisted to announce all Her Visions , I also after this discovered Principal Repetition Number 1177 I began to announce on November 19th, 2019 on the AUSC International Website announcing The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ a Day and an Hour (Tuesday-October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m) this required me to accept to be laughed and some people who blamed me that I become a False Prophet and while I was given this understanding I was also given different invitations from home based SDA Gathering and churches to explain for then about this Day and Hour, miraculously this 1177 PRN exposed the Great Apostasy of Our SDA General Conference and completed Ezekiel 9:1-11 condition of becoming Sealed, It was obtained by taking 2017-840(500+340 or 12X70)=1177, very significant for whole Period of Papacy to be exposed from Death of Constantine II in Year 340 A.D gave chance to Roman Bishop to gain power of Western Roman Empire of Constantine II and was from then becoming able to hold Pontifex Maximus Title added to Bishop of Rome=Pontiff of Rome"Pope of Rome " was generated and until comes the Reign of Justinian Emperor in 538 then dark ages began adding 1177 to 340 gave 1517 Year within which Martin Luther began Protestantism on October 31st 1517 and after 500 Years declared to be over on October 31st, 2017, adding 500 Years + 340 Years=840, made me understand role of 840 as a Number of Multiplied 12 Disciples in Luke 9, 12 Tribes of Israel in Exodus 24, 12 Months of a Year, it was then significant for its accompanied 70 Number of Disciples in Luke 10 , 70 Elders of Israel in Exodus 24, 70 Years of Sabbath rest of Land in Israel in 2 Chronicles 36:21 gave 12X70=840, using 840 discovered number from 2017-840= 1177, and as 1177 PRN was used to link 340 A.D birth of title Pontiff of Rome to Martin Luther's Initiated Protestantism on October 31st, 1517, then I submitted more petitions to Almighty God to let me understand if this 1177 PRN will link the Sabbath vision of Ancient Testament for New Earth Period in Isaiah 66:23-24 to the Sabbath Vision of New Testament on April 3rd, 1847, I managed to calculate, adding on 1847+1177=3024 resulted in the Year 3024 when We will be Resting the Sabbath in New Earth, and I applied Revelation 20:1-15 of 1000 Millennium subtracted 1000 Years from 3024 I obtained 3024-1000=2024 which again confirmed for me that the Year 2024 will be the 1st resurrection Year and The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ, I was very sure that I was not going to fail to announce publicly and widely this 1177 PRN which exposes origin of the title of Pontiff of Rome in 340 A.D , promoting also the beginning of Martin Luther's Protestantism in 1517 A.D, the Vision of 7th Day Sabbath to Ellen Gould White in 1847,  exhibiting the Great Apostasy of General Conference of SDA in 2017 , revealing The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ in 2024 Year, confirming Revelation 20:1-15 of 1000 Millennium Reign of All Saints in Heaven together with Jesus Christ and Isaiah 66:23-24 of End of 7000 Cosmic Week Years that link 2Peter 3:8 and Psalms 90:4 linking Exodus 20:8-11 to Genesis 2:1-3 and Exodus 31:12-18 to Isaiah 66:21-24, this also allowed me to accept my Divine given talent of understanding this Final Generation in the below Link to help You my Dears be not Shy to keep Your hardworking widely proclamation of this 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message which must swell from 3rd Angel's message to Loud Cry Message before falling of 7 Last Plagues in the Year 2024. Link:[].

I have published many articles on different other understandings that I keep receiving from the Holy Spirit that confirm the Year 2024 as the Last Year of Your Beings on this Planet Earth especially Tuesday - October 15th, 2024 which will mark the The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ:
1. Atonement Day had to be completed in one day of at least not beyond 12 Hours and Ezekiel 4:6 of 40 Days for 40 Years a Day for a Year, full 24 Hours Day given 24Hours=360 Days=1Year=1Day, and 1Hour=360:24=15Days, and 15Days=15Years, then 12 Hours of Atonement Day from October 22nd, 1844 will not go beyond 12 Hours Prophetically equivalent to 12HoursX15Years=180Years, from October 22nd, 1844+180Years=October 22nd, 2024 after completed whole cleansing of Heavenly Sanctuary as on October 15th, 2024 SATAN skeptic goat will be tied according to Revelation 20:1-3, and this confirmed as well 12th Hour of rewarding of Vineyard Labourers in Matthew 20:1-16 where these final 11th Hours Labourers started this 11th hour on October 22nd, 2009 to be ended on October 21st, 2024 after 15 Years, therefore, from October 22nd, 1844 at 6:00' a.m adding 15 Years resulted on October 21st, 1859 as the end of calling for people who had to begin to labour as SDA Members to proclaim the 3 Angels Message after the formation of this Organization SDA in 1860 as the 1st Hour began on October 22nd, 1859 in a sense of helping Jesus Christ to conduct Judgement according to the 10 Commandments including the 7th Day Holy Sabbath, the next call at 3rd Hour happened after 30 Years marking 2 Hours from 7:00'a.m to 8:59' a.m which means October 21st, 1889, and as from the Divine Vision was given to Waggoner and Jones in 1888 then it was used as a call for Labourers at the 3rd Hour which is October 22nd, 1889 at 9:00' a.m, and the next Call at 6th Hour at 12:00' a.m on October 22nd, 1934 this was accomplished by a widely spreading of SDA Organization in different Worldwide Nations it was from then where the next call at 9th Hour at 3:00' P.M or 15H00 on October 22nd, 1979 the SDA Gained a Youngest Movement"Adventist Youth(A.Y)" previously named MV" Missionary Volunteers " who pledged to use all means in all Worldwide Nations to begin mass community Gospel dissemination from which resulted the growing in Number of SDA Members Globally who continuously proclaimed 3 Angels Messages but in a Laodicean States until the next Call at 11th Hour at 5:00' P.M or 17H00' on October 22nd, 2009 where the SDA had to elect SDA General Conference President who had to release the Books of the Great Controversy worldwide to fall like leaves of Trees successfully independently many A.Y SDAs and Adults bought Real Book Copies in millions and Thousands were distributed worldwide during the followed Years despite Great Hope counterfeit of Great Controversy that Pastor Ted Wilson distributed instead of distributing the Real Great Controversy Copies, and in 15 Years from October 22nd, 2009 the 11th Hour Labourers will be having to be called at the 12th Hour at 6:00' P.M or 18H00' on October 22nd, 2024 at the Sea of Glass to receive Palms of Victory Crowns of Gold and Harps of Gold together with other all Saints who will have been resurrected on Tuesday - October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m to fulfill Leviticus 19:13 and 24:15 Almighty God will not break His Eternal Law of rewarding His Saints before the sun set before 18H00' as He will not delay rewarding Us until an other Hour that can be beyond 12th Hour as Jesus Christ in Matthew 20:1-16 has confirmed this Journey to the rewarding Day will be accomplished in only full 11 Hours in One Day of 12 Hours according to John 11:9-12 .

Dear Present Truth Preachers, From now You are as well again reached by the Holy Spirit to don't delay to urge people to prepare for The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ on Tuesday - October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m, taking consideration of the Falling of 7 Last Plagues in a Period of 8 Months and 2 Days from February 16th, 2024 until October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m as completely fulfilling Jesus Christ's Prophecy that it will be like during Noah's Times as the Flood came water lasted for as well 8 Months and 2 Days I calculated these two periods using Bible Prophecy of Daniel 12:7-13 and Revelation 13:5 and 5th Trumpet lasting for 5 Months in Revelation 9:4-5 seeking to punish those with Mark of the Beast in the 5th Last Plague will last for 5 Months from March 1st, 2024 until July 31st, 2024 which completes 1260 Days from February 7th, 2021 +1260 Days(42 Months or Time Times Half of Time period), while the 6th Last plague will last for 30 Days within which 15 Days will be used to destroy the Village of the 1st Beast in Revelation 9:12-21 reserved for 1 Month adding to 1260 Days+30Days=1290 Days from August 1st, 2024 to August 31st, 2024 which is counted from February 7th, 2021 + 1290 Days completed on August 31st, 2024 and the 7th Last Plague will Last for 45 Days from September 1st, 2024 until October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m and it is counted from February 7th, 2021 +1328Days to be completed on October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m while in order to have 1335 Days be completed on October 22nd, 2024 will be added 1328Days+7Days=1335 Days, however on Sabbath Day - October 19th, 2024  We will rest on the planet where lives Henoch, Elijah and Moses, to arrive on the sea of Glass on the 8th Day from Tuesday - October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m to Tuesday October 22nd, 2024.


I followed Your recent explanations of the Final Generation in which are living and some said it will End in 2031 exactly at the end of 6000 Years of the Great Controversy chapters on the Account of Prophecy Again TV and for Amazing Discoveries Africa 6000 Years seem to end in the Year 2027 and on the Account of Amazing Word Ministries the Final Generation will see The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ according to Matthew 24:34 as we live in Laudato SI'237' Generation, this is completely True and We are accountable for not urging People worldwide to prepare for the soon falling of the 7 Last Plagues that will weep and sweep away all human beings on this Earth noting that We are living in the Last Generation at the Verge ending of 6000 Years read to begin 1000 Millennium Reign in Heaven.

I spent therefore the Whole Friday Fasting and Praying on May 28th, 2021 submitting a Petition to the Throne of Almighty God last Friday asked Almighty God to help me to get an intersection of the Generation we know in Exodus 20:4-5-6 that will be rewarded descendants of Adam after 6000 Years and that One of the Final 4 Generations that will be punished during 7 Last Plague which must be a 4th Generation from Diners of Almighty God's Call through William Miller's Great Awakening at the End of 2300 Years of Daniel 8:1-14 , it was very difficult for human being alone to discover this intersection Mathematically, but Helped by the Holy Spirit the intersection was calculated I found that it gives still the Day and Hour of The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ on Tuesday - October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m , and it requires very tough and strong serious Faith to believe that the final 6000th Year Generation lays between 40 Years that will end in the Year 2031 and this started in the Year 1991 and I discovered this Generation as a Principal Generation that has origin from Adam and Seth His Son from where Obedient Grand Children of Adam who loved Almighty God will be rewarded according to Exodus 20:4-5 the 2nd Commandment after thousands of Years while Almighty God has priory fixed a Limit at 6000 Years then it is undefeatable that the last generation will be rewarded at a Year One of the the ending 40 Years(1 Final Generation) of 6000 Years but not exactly at the end of 6000 Years as it is explained by the reason why in the Great Controversy according to Prophecy Again TV 4000 Years were specifically repeated in different Chapters saying that Jesus was born after 4000 Years counted from Adam also saying that Jesus was Baptized in 27 A.D at 30 Years Old after 4000 Years counted from Adam and again saying that Jesus was Crucified in 31 A.D about 4000 Years counted from Adam as well as saying that during the Satan's Temptation in the Wilderness Jesus Christ was about 30 Years Old around 4000 Years counted from Adam this giving a Clear understanding to Prophecy Again TV to declare that it was said that 4000 Years from Birth of Jesus Christ to His Baptism and repeated in His Crucifixion as a Whole 1 Generation and being in my Fasting Day of Friday it became clear in the same way that 31 A.D is the end given justifiably by the Spirit of Prophecy in Revelation 10:10 for Me to understand the beginning of this Generation that ended in 31 AD which is specified for that day application in Matthew 24:34-35 it revealed that this Generation was started in 9B.C ending in 31 A.D and 4000 Years are otherwise helpful as helped to specify that Jesus Christ time Generation as the 100th Generation among the fixed already 150 Generation obtained from 6000 Years dividing with 40 Years that makes 1 full Generation and the final Generation is the 150th Generation which started therefore from 1991 expected to end in 2031 and it matches with Prophecy Again TV and Amazing Word Ministries overviews, while Amazing Discoveries Africa on its account specifically according to the Ellen Gould White's Book of Confrontation 4000 Years were completed in 27 A.D and the 2000 Years remaining Truly must end in 2027 no blame as it falls in the final Generation that began in 1991 expecting to end in 2031 and according to Amazing Discoveries Africa Jesus Christ probably has to return before that end of 6000 Years for a predicted Years after 1000 Years Millennium Reign in Heaven to be used by Satan to wage Final attempt to war against Almighty God and ,these Years are for that regard to be taken before the exact ending Year of 6000 Years which brings the Year of The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ before 2027 exactly still must be in the 40 Years of the Final Generation and that is obviously after this Year 2021 a very serious reason for Amazing Discoveries Africa to Call on Attentions of Worldwide Viewers of this Great Urgent Coming Mass Extinction before the Year 2027 according to Early Christian Church Members and Protestants Reforms and SDA Pioneers regarding end of 6000 Years for the final event to take place to accomplish the 6 Days of Working in Genesis 2:1-3 and rest in the 7th Day application of 2 Peter 3:8 and Psalms 90:4.
According to AUSC it is very clear that the Matthew 24:-34-35 final Generation application for us started in 1991 and is expected to finish in 2031 and We are in 2021 and only 10 Years remains and there must be a specific Year between 2021 and 2031 in which Revelation 22:12-15 will have to take place to fulfill Exodus 20:4-5 to have two distinctive Groups of People face 7 Last Plagues on the Account of obedient Last Generation in Matthew 24:34-35  We are accounted among 6000 Years Descendants of Adam who will be rewarded to survive 7 Last Plagues and be lifted to Meet Jesus Christ in the Air and the other Group of Disobedient Descendants of Cain are not to partake in the 6000 years final Generation inheritance, they were visited at every 4th Generational Cycle and the final 4th Generation to be visited by Almighty God has their Fathers of iniquities existed in the 146th Generation from Year 1831-1871 who comprised the rejection of The Great Awakening of William Miller and total denying of Daniel 8:1-14 Prophecy of Ending of 2300 Prophetic Years on October 22nd, 1844 and those Fathers of iniquities who existed in that Generation of full 40 Years from 1831 to 1871 are belonging to the 146th Generation, because Almighty God has only planned existence of 150 Generation, while 4th of the 150 Generations at the end will be visited according to their Fathers of iniquities evil doing that has been working tirelessly for the next 4 Generations and it had taken me to substrate 4 Final Generations from 150 Generations ,150-4=146 Generations and these 146 Generations are as well comprising first identified specific 100 Generations in which 1st Advent of Jesus Christ happened in the 100th Generation according to Matthew 24:34-35, thus making Me calculate 146 Generation subtracting 100 Generations resulted in 46 Generations while 46X40Years=1840 means it was to take 1840 Years to calculate the 164th Generation taken as 9BC+1840=-9+1840=1831 and 31AD+1840=1871, this is the 146th Generation in which on October 22nd, 1844 Almighty God visited all Sinners and diners of William Miller's Great Awakening Message of 1st and 2nd Angels Message in Revelation 14:6-8 giving me to determine the Group which has its 4 Next Generations to face 7 Last Plagues in their 4th Generation according to Exodus 20:4-5-6 and Revelation 22:12-16 and taking 4 Generations 4X40Years=160 Years, this required 160 Years to understand in which period of Years 150th Generation of Saints and the 4th Generation of Diners of William Miller's Great Awakening will be visited by Almighty God, it took me to start with 150th Generation of Saints from 1831+160=1991 and from 1871+160=2031 as 146th Generation will be followed by only 4 Generations to complete 150 Generations that are equivalent to full 6 Days of Labouring basing in Psalms 90:4 and 2 Peter 3:8 generated 6000 Years , while counting for the 4 Final Sinners Generations starting with October 22nd, 1844 +160 Years= October 22nd, 2004 obtained the beginning of the final 4th Last Generation of Sinners and on October 22nd, 2004 is where the 4th Generation of Sinners began expected to End on October 22nd, 2044 after 40 Years, however this their ending Year goes beyond the 6 Days of Labouring and it does not respect the 7th Day Sabbath of Cosmic Week of 7000 Years, therefore, their Visitation Year during 7 Last Plagues according to Revelation 22:12-15 will be at the same Year as the Visitation of the 150th Saints Generation of 6000 Years in Exodus 20:6 which therefore Mathematically called for an intersection Year of both Two Groups of Generations one from 1991 to end in 2031 and other from October 22nd, 2004 to October 22nd, 2044 and the intersection became June 2024 to October 22nd, 2024 and the falling of 7 Last Plagues will therefore as seen before take place during this intersection Year of 2024.

Existence of 40 Years Fully of Sinners of the 4th Generation from October 22nd, 2004 to October 22nd, 2044 passes the Given 6 Days of Labouring Order in Exodus 20:8-11 and Genesis 2:1-3 that doesn't match with the Cosmic Week of 7000 Years which has the Year of 2031 as a Limit Year of 6000 Years, while this Sinners' Generation from October 22nd, 2004 to October 22nd, 2044 for it to complete fully all 40 Years will not become possible due a Limit Year of 6000 Years that has its possible maximum end in the Year 2031.
However it brought me to find intersection Year in a Mathematical process 2044-2031=13 Years, 2004-1991=13 Years, 2031-2004=27 Years, which means this 4th Generation only was planned to never last beyond 27 Years counted from October 22nd, 2004 to 2031 of the redemption of the Adam's Descendants Saints' 150th Generation on which is the upper Limit of the 150 Generations of planned 6000 Years of the Cosmic Week dedicated for Labouring.
Therefore, intersection Year of both Two Generations was calculated taking the Saints' Final Generation 40 Years + 27 Years=67 Years, and intersection Year was calculated from 67 Years:2=33.5 Years , giving intersection Year by taking 1991 +33.5= 2024.5 which means the Year 2024 and 6 Months obtained to give a specific Period in which 7 Last Plagues will be falling in the Year 2024, and from October 22nd, 2004 to October 22nd, 2024 is the possible existence of the final 4th Generation of Sinners and it is not going to last until October 22nd, 2024 as Jesus Christ will come in the 7th Last Plague on October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m ,while the previous 6 Last Plagues will have been exterminating some of the Sinners beginning form February 16th, 2024 .
The current unrepentant people for October 22nd, 1844 Disobedient Descendants in their final 4th Generation in which Antichrist Pope Francis(666) and All Jesuits who completely dedicate their lives in pushing forward Enactment of this U.S Climate Act of 2021"Mark of the Beast" Globally from Laudato SI'237' s exposed Seven(7) Diabolical Action Planned Objectives set to be completed in 7 Years by Vatican from May 24th, 2021 to May 24th, 2027 makes the whole world's living souls falling in Our daily and nightly heavy duties to warn them via Proclamation of this 3rd Angel's Loud Cry Message of Revelation 14:9-12 and Revelation 18:1-5 from February 7th, 2021 in 3 Years up to February 7th, 2024 on Your Channels to urge people to prepare for the Soon falling of the 7 Last Plagues in the Year 2024 from February 16th, 2024 until October 15th, 2024  in order  to complete their final Judgemental punishment if they reject Our True 7th Day Sabbath Keeping 144,000 Biblical Saints warning in their communities Globally.

You can lead the wholeinformation about this Year 2024 of intersection in different calculation made with specific data produced in researches from November 19th, 2019 from AUSC International website : , finding the recent posted articles concerning application of the Great Controversy and the First 4 Commandments in this Final Generation inheritance .

Waiting to Hear from Your reception feedback soon.

May Almighty God bless You and Yours and Your Gospel Works in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Best regards.

AUSC Founder and President,
Rwanda-East Africa.
Tel +250781907002.

(I will never Use What's App Again, I follow What's Up Prof!). }.


1)The 1st Rewarding Generation during the ends of 6000 Years from Descendants of Adam and Seth will have 33 Years Old counted from the Year 1991 up to the Intersectional Year of both two final Generations in the very soon coming Year of 2024 in which the 7th Last Plague will be exactly marking the 2nd coming of Our Savior Lord of 7th Day Holy Sabbath Jesus Christ on Tuesday-October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m,

2) The 2nd Generation which is the Final Last Reserved for  the Punishment during the ends of 4 Last Iniquitous bound Generations from Descendants of Deniers of the William Miller's Great Awakening as saw in vision by Madam Ellen Gould White in the Book of Early Writings on the Title of the End of 2300 Years composing the Groups which She Saw was bowing in front of the Throne of Almighty God on besides which Satan poured over them the counterfeit holy ghost missing Love and Peace and Truth headed currently by Jesuit Pope Francis its 4th Generation people will perish at Age of 20 Years Old counted from October 22nd, 2004 to the Year 2024 during the 8 Months and 2 Days period of falling of the 7 Last Plagues  from February 16th, 2024 until October 15th, 2024 at 1:59' a.m at the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ Our Savior King of Kings son of King David.

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Remember the 7th Day Sabbath to keep It.Repent,repent.


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